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A L Alexander's Board Of Mediation 470105 Epxxx Meddling in Daughter's Business A L Alexander's Mediation Board 461020 Ep027 Case #39817 A L Alexander's Mediation Board 461208 Ep036 Case #39415 ABC Mystery Time 560501 Ep002 Sherlock Holmes-The Case Of The Speckled Band Adlai Stevenson 561023 Madison Square Garden Speech on CBS
Adlai Stevenson Address Accepting the Presidential Nomination 520804 EpSpec. Democratic Convention Arizona Joe xxxxxx Ep104 Arizona Joe xxxxxx Ep105 Arizona Joe xxxxxx Ep108 Arizona Joe xxxxxx Ep109
Arizona Joe xxxxxx Ep116 Arizona Joe xxxxxx Ep117 Blondie 481027 Ep474 Blondie And The Halloween Spirit Blondie 481110 Ep476 Blondie's Historical House Blondie 481222 Ep482 Blondie Helps With A Christmas Party
Blondie 490126 Ep487 Uncle Kermit's Inheritance Blondie 490202 Ep488 Blondie's Spare Room Breakfast At Sardi's 411029 Epxxx Breakfast Club 571225 - AF-SLC57 Christmas Program Buddies 32xxxx Ep001 Butch & Slim Go To Paris, Get Offers To Become Detectives
Buddies 32xxxx Ep005 Butch, Slim, & Pirot Find Miss Perry In Tunnel Cali-Bama Co-Eds 31xxxx Ep001 On the Train to Carlton Cali-Bama Co-Eds 31xxxx Ep002 English Quiz Cali-Bama Co-Eds 31xxxx Ep003 Girls buy a Piano, Dora Gets a Date Cali-Bama Co-Eds 31xxxx Ep007 Betty Jane Cuts Class, Girls Plan a Party
Cali-Bama Co-Eds 31xxxx Ep009 All Have Dates for the Junior Prom Cali-Bama Co-Eds 31xxxx Ep010 At the Prom, White Mule Kicks Lou's Date Cali-Bama Co-Eds 31xxxx Ep012 Have Donald Over to Help Them Study for Finals Cali-Bama Co-Eds 31xxxx Ep013 Senior Graduation, Summer Jobs Secured at Hotel Captain Midnight 431217 Epxxx Island of Mystery
CBS 1952 Premiere Program Preview 52xxxx EpSpec Side A CBS 1952 Premiere Program Preview 52xxxx EpSpec Side B CBS Radio Workshop 561223 Ep048 All Is Bright Christmas Carols & Scriptures 57xxxx AF Christmas Special Basil Rathbone & the Randall Sisters Christmas Opera 561223 AFSpec Dick Haymes
Christmas Spectacular 561225 AFSpec Eddie Cantor, George Jessel, Edgar Bergen, June Havoc, more Columbia Workshop 410817 Ep015 Old Testament Trilogy Part 2 'Esther' Community Theater Of The Air 380427 Epxxx Make Believe Counterspy 461215 Epxxx Housing Commission Leak Cowboy Hit Parade 450515 Epxxx
Dave Garroway Show 480711 Epxxx Guest-Peggy Lee Dick Aurandt Show 511213 Epxxx Guest-Sam Coslow DNC Paid Political Ad for Adlai Stevenson 561105 JFK Emcee KCBS Version A DNC Paid Political Ad for Adlai Stevenson 561105 JFK Emcee KCBS Version B Dr IQ 401216 Ep089 Albee Theater, Cincinnati
Dr IQ 401223 Ep090 Albee Theater, Cincinnati Dr IQ 410804 Ep122 Dr IQ 460325 Ep416 Which Of These Men Is The President Of Brazil Dr IQ 460506 Ep422Suppose You Were Standing In A Line For The Theater Duffy's Tavern 450323 Ep164 Guest-Dame May Whitty
Duffy's Tavern 450330 Ep165 Guest-Alan Mobray E. Power Biggs - xxxxxx AFxxx 571222 French Christmas Music Eddie Cantor Show 430127 Ep099 Guests-Rudy Vallee, Jimmy Mchugh, Betty Hutton Eddie Cantor Show 431013 Ep123 Guest-Ida Lupino Eddy Howard Band Remote 461012 Epxxx ABC Casino Gardens, Ocean Park, CA
Elroy Hirsch Sports Show 520812 EpAud Guest-Bud Wilkinson, Oklahoma University Football Coach Este Es Mexico 481205 Epxxx Fountain of Fun 431219 Epxxx Freddy Martin Band Remote 461012 Epxxx ABC Cocoanut Grove Great Gildersleeve 511205 Ep421 Bullard Objects To Babs Studying With Leroy
Guest Star 580605 Ep585 Jill Corey Guest Star 580615 Ep586 Dixieland Band Gunsmoke 561223 Ep246 Beeker's Barn Handel's Messiah 61225 AF-SLC57 Worcester, MA Oratorial Society Hollywood Star Playhouse 500918 Ep022 A Question Of Time
Hollywood Star Playhouse 501113 Ep030 Exhibit A Hollywood Star Playhouse 510115 Ep039 Statement In Full Hollywood Star Playhouse 510205 Ep042 Calculated Risk Hollywood Star Playhouse 510305 Ep046 The Unknown Hollywood Star Playhouse 510326 Ep049 You'll Never Know When
Hollywood Star Playhouse 510423 Ep053 Father's Day Hollywood Star Playhouse 510528 Ep058 They Call Me Lucky Hollywood Star Playhouse 510611 Ep060 On A Windy Night Hollywood Star Playhouse 510702 Ep063 The Envelope Hollywood Star Playhouse 510726 Ep001 I'm A Coward
Hollywood Star Playhouse 520103 Ep024 You're Driving Me Crazy Hollywood Star Playhouse 520110 Ep025 The Frontier Hollywood Star Playhouse 520518 Ep013 Safari Hollywood's Open House 480401 Ep018 Guests-Peter Donald, Jane Withers How To 511007 Ep006 Panal-Anita Martell, Huntz Hall, Art Linkletter
I Want To Come Back 410801 EpAud01 Audition Show A I Want To Come Back 410801 EpAud02 Audition Show B I Want To Come Back 410801 EpAud03 Audition Show C I Want To Come Back 410801 EpAud04 Audition Show D Jack Benny 450325 Ep026 Alan Ladd Murder Mystery
Jam Session - WBS 40556 Miff Mole & Pete Johnson Jam Session - WBS 40557 Charlie Shavers & Stuff Smith Jimmy Durante-Garry Moore Show 451130 Ep012 The Boys Try To Find A House Joy Forever 450501 Epxxx Jubilee 450212 Ep120 Billy Eckstine, Sarah Vaughn
KMJ Farm Reporter 500929 Epxxx Knuckles O'Toole Honky Tonk Piano 55xxxx Epxxx Lear Radio Show 450916 Ep001 Movie, A Bullfight And Korea Lear Radio Show 451021 Ep005 Small Child In China, The Confusiion Machine Lear Radio Show 451125 Ep010 Orson Blasts Lobbying
Let's Go To Town xxxxxx Ep147 Russ Morgan, Rosemary Clooney Let's Go To Town xxxxxx Ep148 Russ Morgan, Rosemary Clooney Liberace Radio Program 54xxxx Ep015 The Story Of Liberace's Career Liberace Radio Program 54xxxx Ep016 Salute to Canada And Latin America Listen To A Love Song 460803 Ep016 Guest-Victor Borge
London String Quartet 470221 Coolidge Auditorium Lux Radio Theater 370531 Ep135 The Plainsman Lux Radio Theater 380110 Ep158 Enter Madame Lux Radio Theater 381114 Ep193 The Buccaneer Lux Radio Theater 381212 Ep197 The Scarlet Pimpernel
Lux Radio Theater 381219 Ep198 Kid Galahad Lux Radio Theater 390102 Ep200 The Perfect Specimen Lux Radio Theater 390109 Ep201 Mayerling Lux Radio Theater 390116 Ep202 Front Page Woman Magic Island 35xxxx Ep007 Pulled By A Magnetic Force
Magic Island 35xxxx Ep008 Joan Is Found On Euclidia Magic Island 35xxxx Ep059 Island Gets Ready To Move Magic Island 35xxxx Ep060 Chamber Filling With Water Masters of Melody 571224 AF-SLC57- Christmas Eve Special Masters of Melody 571225 AF-SLC57 Christmas Day Program
Matty Malneck Show 390307 Matty Malneck Show 390330 Misadventures Of Si & Elmer 1933 Ep078 Elmer Runs Newspaper Ad For Elmer Peabody Ski Club Misadventures Of Si & Elmer 1933 Ep079 Si Plans To Teach Kalsomine Tricks, Sheriff Introduces Gregory Case Misadventures Of Si & Elmer 1933 Ep080- Sheriff Briefs Si & Elmer & Tests Gregory's Radio
Misadventures Of Si & Elmer 1933 Ep081 Si, Elmer & Sheriff Listen To Gregory's Radio Misadventures Of Si & Elmer 1933 Ep086 Sheriff Comes Over To Scare Elmer Misadventures Of Si & Elmer 1933 Ep087 Si & Elmer Sit With Mr Gregory, Hear Mysterious Voice Mr District Attorney 440913 Ep326 Blackface Comedian Killed At Vaudeville Show Music By Malneck 390608 Ep002 3 Little Fishes
Music For You 520305 Epxxx Music Millions Love 460314 AF0116 Guest-Lily Pons Musical Grab Bag 500929 Epxxx God Bless The USA NBC Symphony Orchestra 381029 EpxxxBeethoven's Symphony #5 NBC Symphony Orchestra 381126 EpxxxThe Bartered Bride
Negro College Choir 561225 AF-SLC57 Houston Tilletson Choir News In Advertising 470727 Epxxx Alligator Cigarettes Nick Harris, Detective 340214 Epxxx The Case Of The Avenging Angel Nick Harris, Detective 340220 Epxxx The Avenging Angel Strikes Again Nick Harris, Detective 380701 Epxxxx The Young Shoplifter-Part (1)
Nick Harris, Detective 380708 Epxxxx The Young Shoplifter-Part (2) Nick Harris, Detective 380715 Epxxxx Fatal Ace Of Spades Nick Harris, Detective 380722 Epxxxx Drops Of Blood Nick Harris, Detective 381106 Epxxxx Murder In A Hospital Nick Harris, Detective 381127 Epxxx The Meanest Murderer Of Them All
Nick Harris, Detective 390523 Epxxx A Woman's Wrath Nick Harris, Detective 390530 Epxxx The Alter Of Sacrifice Nick Harris, Detective 390627 Epxxx Murder On Impulse Nick Harris, Detective 390704 Epxxx On The Stroke Of Eight Nick Harris, Detective 400317 Epxxx Law In Action
Nick Harris, Detective 400407 Epxxx The Female Ogre Old Gold Time-The Bickersons 471126 Ep010 John Is In The Hospital Old Gold Time-The Bickersons 471203 Ep011 The Pink Slip Old Gold Time-The Bickersons 471224 Ep014 Christmas Eve at the Bickersons Old Gold Time-The Bickersons 480213 Ep021 Valentine's Day, The Accident Insurance Policy
Old Gold Time-The Bickersons 480227 Ep023 The Movie Old Gold Time-The Bickersons 480306 Ep024 Second Honeymoon Old Gold Time-The Bickersons 480604 Ep037 Eight Wedding Anniversary Old Gold Time-The Bickersons 480611 Ep038 Income Tax Refund Old Letters 380322 EpAud Audition Show 'Snow White Dental Creme'
One Night Stand Ep2728 510515 Bernie Cummings Orson Welles Forum On the World of Tomorrow 450527 Ep005 France, China, Pro-Russia Plantation Jubilee 490902 Ep032 When You're Smiling Proudly We Hail 500806 Ep096 Dedicated Proudly We Hail 500813 Ep097 The Teacher Had A Principal
Rhapsody In Rhythm 35xxxx Ep041 Lazy Bones Rhapsody In Rhythm 35xxxx Ep042 It's A Sin To Tell A Lie Rogue's Gallery 470720 Ep072 Buried Treasure Saga 550809 Ep052 They Bet Their Lives Saga 550819 Ep060 Night of Terror
Songs Of Tito Guizar 390521 Epxxx Songs Of Tito Guizar 390702 Epxxx Stingiest Man In Town 561221 AF-NBC Musical Version of 'A Christmas Carol' Basil Rathbone, Vic Damone, Patrice Munsel Suspense 460110 Ep175 460110 This Was A Hero Suspense 460627 Ep199 Return Trip
Suspense 571013 Ep720 Well-Dressed Corpse Suspense 571027 Ep722 Country Of The Blind Suspense 571110 Ep724 The Pit And The Pendulum Suspense 571117 Ep725 The City That Was Suspense 571124 Ep726 Star Of Thessaly
Suspense 571201 Ep727 Jet Stream Suspense 571208 Ep728 Speed Trap Suspense 571215 Ep729 An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge Suspense 580112 Ep733 The Island Suspense 580914 Ep768 Command
Suspense 581011 Ep772 Treasure Chest Of Don Jose Suspense 581018 Ep773 Three Skeleton Key Suspense 581123 Ep778 Dear Niece Suspense 581207 Ep780 Tom Dooley Suspense 581214 Ep781 For Old Times Sake
Tandem Productions Advertising Campaign 521008 EpSpec Judy Canova, William Gargan, Red Skelton Tide Show 520610 Ep083 Believe It Beloved Tide Show 520612 Ep084 Get Away For A Day In The Country Treasury Song For Today Programs 25, 26, 27 Treasury Song For Today Programs 28, 29, 30
Treasury Song For Today Programs 35, 36 Treasury Song For Today Programs 37, 38 Treasury Song Parade Programs 9-12 Treasury Song Parade Programs 13-16 Treasury Star Parade xxxxxx Ep231 Duke Ellington
Treasury Star Parade xxxxxx Ep232 Duke Ellington Treasury Star Parade xxxxxx Ep233 Tonight I Shall Sleep Treasury Star Parade xxxxxx Ep234 Nola Treasury Star Parade xxxxxx Ep343 Ginny Simms Treasury Star Parade xxxxxx Ep344 Dennis Day
Treasury Star Parade xxxxxx Ep347 Dinah Shore Treasury Star Parade xxxxxx Ep348 Ginny Simms True Stories Of The Sea 340417 Ep014 The Medusa True Stories Of The Sea 340424 Ep015 Windy Bill True Stories Of The Sea 340501 Ep016 The Disappearance Of Theodora Burr-Allston
True Stories Of The Sea 340508 Ep017 The Frigate Essex True Stories Of The Sea 340529 Ep020 The Star of Scotland True Stories Of The Sea 340605 Ep021 Story Of Two Deep Sea Divers True Stories Of The Sea 340626 Ep024 USS Constitution True Stories Of The Sea 340703 Ep025 US Submarine S-5 - 1920
Tums Hollywood Theater 511218 Ep014 Sitting Duck Tums Hollywood Theater 520205 Ep021 Boiler Room Two For the Money 56xxxx AF107 Two For the Money 56xxxx AF108 Two For the Money 56xxxx AF115
Voice of Firestone 561217 AF-SLC57 Christmas Program What's The Matter With Father 460301 EpAud Audition (1) What's The Matter With Father 460312 EpAud Audition (2) Woolworth Hour-Portraits In Music 57xxxx - AF074 Folk Songs-Camptown Races Woolworth Hour-Portraits In Music 57xxxx AF0073 Manana
Woolworth Hour-Portraits In Music 57xxxx AF0081 Californ-i-a Woolworth Hour-Portraits In Music 561224 AFxxxx Santa Claus is Coming to Town Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar 551123 Ep270 Amy Bradshaw Matter

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