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     Post or Modify Date: October 9, 06
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        MUSIC: David Rose
        STARS: Maxine Gray, Art Tatum (till 7-11-40)
        ANNOUNCER: Bill Gordon
86252A   "MEET DAVE ROSE"                  1  03-28-40  :29:30  Intro Of New Series and intro of Dave
                                                                Rose as the new Music Director of KHJ,
                                                                Los Angeles.  With Betty Jane Rhodes
                                                                "All In Fun" "Trapped In The Mood" "I
                                                                Get A Kick Out Of You" "Love Here in
                                                                the Scarlett Hour" "All the Things You
                                                                Are" "Summertime" (Porgy and Bess).
                                                                This was a combination Audition and
                                                                First program.

86252B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 2"     2  04-18-40  :29:30  "Last Night's Gardinias" "It's De
                                                                Lovely" "Gaucho Serenade" "It Ain't
                                                                Necessarily So" "All the Things You
                                                                Are" "Alice Blue Gown" "How Deep is
                                                                the Ocean" "Get Happy"

86253A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 3"     3  04-25-40  :29:30  "Lady Be Good" "Say It" "Beautiful
                                                                Love" "Humoresque" "Dianne" "Rain On
                                                                The Roof" "Down Mexico Way" "The
                                                                Shout" "Irish Washer Woman"

86253B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 4"     4  05-02-40  :29:30  "It's a Blue World" "Let There Be
                                                                Love" "Indefinite Rhythm" "Tea For
                                                                Two" "Exactly Like You" "Lullaby In
                                                                Rhythm" "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams"
                                                                "A Soprano's Nightmare"

86254A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 5"     5  05-09-40  :29:30  "How High the Moon" "The Singing
                                                                Hills" "Begin the Beguine" "Ellegy"
                                                                "Yesterday" "All In Fun" "If I Had
                                                                You" "All the Things You Are"

86254B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 6"     6  05-16-40  :29:30  "Devil May Care" "My My" "Temptation"
                                                                "I Got Rhythm" "Lotus Land" "Secrets
                                                                In The Moonlight" "Sweet Loraine"
                                                                "Swing A Tune"

86255A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 7"     7  05-30-40  :29:30  "Blue Room" "Twilight In May"
                                                                "Moonlight On The Ganghi" "Memories of
                                                                You" "Yours Is My Heart Alone"
                                                                "Goodnight Sweetheart" "Yes We Have No
                                                                Bananas" "It Had To Be You" "This
                                                                Can't Be Love"

86255B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 8"     8  06-06-40  :29:30  "The Carioca" "You And Who Else" "My
                                                                Heart Stood Still" "The Hour of
                                                                Parting" "Imagination" "Serenade in
                                                                Blue" "Dark Eyes" "Getting Nowhere
                                                                Fast Without an Elephant and Four Gun
                                                                Bearers Lullaby"

86256A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 9"     9  06-13-40  :29:30  "Beyond the Blue Horizon" "Six Lessons
                                                                From Madam Lazonga" "Dear Old
                                                                Southland" "Louise" "Summer Nights"
                                                                "Let There Be Love" "Gaucho Serenade"
                                                                "Rosetta" "Minuet in G".

86256B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 10"   10  06-20-40  :29:30  "Somebody Loves Me" "Say It" "In a
                                                                Sentemental Mood" "I Thought About
                                                                You" "The Contenental" "Fools Rush In"
                                                                "The Gorman" "Too Marvelous For Words"
                                                                "The Musicians Cause"

86257A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 11"   11  06-27-40  :29:30  "Dardenella" "Under A Blanket Of Blue"
                                                                "Blue Love Birds" "Stompin' At The
                                                                Savoy" "The Man I Love" "I'm Stepping
                                                                Out With A Memory Tonight" "'S
                                                                Marvelous" "I'll Never Be The Same"
                                                                "Golden Wedding"

86257B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 12"   12  07-04-40  :29:30  "Devil May Care" "With The Wind And
                                                                The Rain In Your Hair" "Fame" "Where
                                                                Or When" "Night And Day" "You Can't
                                                                Brush Me Off" "What Is There To Say?"
                                                                "Humoresque" "The Easter Time Is The
                                                                Time For Eggs, The Time For Eggs Is
                                                                The Easter Time".

86258A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 13"   13  07-11-40  :29:30  "Relax" "Blue Love Birds" "La Conga"
                                                                "Body And Soul" "Lotus Land" "Rain On
                                                                The Roof" "Tonight" "I Cried For You"
                                                                "Get Me Out Of This Trunk"  Final Show
                                                                with Art Tatum

*na*     "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 14"   14  07-18-40  :29:30*  

86258B   "GEORGE GERSHWIN SALUTE"         15  07-25-40  :20:40  Tribute to George Gershwin on the 3rd
                                                                anniversary of his death.   "Oh! Lady
                                                                Be Good" "The Man I Love" "It Ain't
                                                                Necessarily So" "The Main Floor" "Do,
                                                                Do, Do, What You've Done Before, Baby"
                                                                "Love Walked In" "Summertime".   Discs
                                                                1 & 3 only (Disc 2 missing).

86259A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 16"   16  08-01-40  :29:30  "Midnight In Paris" "Big Ben"
                                                                "Dreaming Out Loud" "Indefinite
                                                                Rhythm" "Whispers In The Dark" "With
                                                                My Concertina" "This Is The Beginning
                                                                Of The End" "Wintergreen For
                                                                President"  Final Show of the season.

86259B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 17"   17  09-21-40  :29:30  First show of the 1941 season  "Get Me
                                                                Out Of This Trunk" "The Breeze And I"
                                                                "Angel Beware" "Major Theme From
                                                                Rocmananoff Seventh Concerto" "The
                                                                Washboard Blues" "I Can't Resist You"
                                                                "Fable Of The Rose" "Minuet in G"

*na*     "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 18"   18  09-26-40  :29:30*  

86260A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 19"   19  10-04-40  :29:30  "Melody In F" "My Heart Stood Still"
                                                                "I'm Stepping Out With A Memory
                                                                Tonight" "Dance Of The Sugarplum
                                                                Fairy" "I'll Never Smile Again Until I
                                                                Smile At You" "Angel Beware" "The Call
                                                                Of The Canyon" "Perfidia" "Dance

86260B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 20"   20  10-11-40  :29:30  "Sometimes I'm Happy" "Strange
                                                                Enchantment" "Do, Do, Do" "Alice Blue
                                                                Gown" "The Tango" "Poinciana" "'S
                                                                Wonderful" "Just A Few Thrills Ago"
                                                                "Cielito Lindo" "A Sorprano's

86261A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 21"   21  10-19-40  :29:30  "Valencia" "Your's Is My Heart Alone"
                                                                "Lullaby In Rhythm" "Hour Of Parting"
                                                                "Yes We Have No Banana's" "If I Could
                                                                Be With You One Hour Tonight" "The
                                                                Same Old Story" "I Get A Kick Out Of
                                                                You" "All The Things You Are"

86261B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 22"   22  10-26-40  :29:30  "Ain't Misbehavin'" A Small Hotel" "I
                                                                Can't Resist You" "The Rhumba" "Blue
                                                                Love Birds" "Camptown Races" "Hands
                                                                Across The Table" "Moonlight On The
                                                                Gangis" "Peter, Peter, Pumkin Eater"

7006 C1  "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 23"   23  11-02-40  :10:00* "Dreaming Out Loud"    Incomplete -
                                                                Missing Discs 1 & 3

86262A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 24"   24  11-09-40  :29:30  "Dardenella" "Dream Souvenir"
                                                                "Rendezvous In Rio" "You Forgot To
                                                                Remember" "The Continental" "How Deep
                                                                Is The Ocean" "Dot Si Suelo" "Somebody
                                                                Loves Me" "The Golden Wedding"

86262B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 25"   25  11-16-40  :29:30  "Wintergreen For President" "Two
                                                                Dreams Met" "Angel Beware" "The Fable
                                                                of the Rose" "It Ain't Necessarily So"
                                                                "I'd Climb The Highest Mountain"
                                                                "There I Go" "The Rhumba" "Honeysuckle

86263A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 26"   26  11-23-40  :29:30  "Viela" "Moon Of Monacura" "So! You're
                                                                The One" "Feather Suite" "Temptation"
                                                                "Blue Love Bird" "Night & Day"

86263B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 27"   27  11-30-40  :29:30  "Just One Of Those Things" "Perfidia"
                                                                "My, My" "How High The Moon" "The
                                                                Daring Young Man On His Flying
                                                                Trapeze" "Tea For Two" "It Serves Me
                                                                Right" "Gaucho Serenade" "Pagan Love

86264A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 28"   28  12-07-40  :29:30  "Midnight In Paris" "A Pretty Girl Is
                                                                Like A Melody" "I Gave You My Word"
                                                                "The Nightingale Sang I Barkley
                                                                Square" "Summer Night" "The Conga"
                                                                "It's De Lovely" "Intermezzo" "Dear
                                                                Old Southland"

86264B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 29"   29  12-14-40  :29:30  "The Barkerell" "I Hear A Rapsody"
                                                                "Cheriberriben" "Kiss Me Again" "When
                                                                Day Is Done" "As We Sit Brooding"
                                                                "Rain On The Roof" "Plantation Moods"
                                                                  Jan Rubini Guests

86265A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 30"   30  12-21-40  :29:30  ""Up To My Heart In Love" "Ande Lucia"
                                                                "Up To My Heart In Love" "Irish
                                                                Washerwoman" "Waltz Vienese" "Over The
                                                                Wave" "The Same Old Story" "Big Ben"
                                                                  Maxine, David and Bill wish everyone
                                                                a Merry Christmas at end of show.

*na*     "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 31"   31  12-28-40  :29:30*  

86265B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 32"   32  01-04-41  :29:30  "Overture To A Wild Rose", "We Could
                                                                Make Such Beautiful Music Together"
                                                                "El Marasaro" "Can't Ya' Tell"
                                                                "Dancing With You" "The Bowery" "There
                                                                I Go" "Memento Antique"

86266A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 33"   33  01-11-41  :29:30  "Hymn To The Evening Star" "Time Stood
                                                                Still" "Hymn To The Sun" "It All Comes
                                                                Back To Me Now" "Perfidia" "Slavic
                                                                Dance #10" "So You're The One" "Silver
                                                                Threads Among The Gold"

86266B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 34"   34  01-18-41  :29:30  "Martha" "Deserted City" "Walkin By
                                                                The River" "The Old Oaken Bucket"
                                                                "Pavane" "All I Desire" "Ukelele

86267A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 35"   35  01-25-41  :29:30  "Juanita" "Years From Now" "Valse
                                                                Triste" "Can't Ya' Tell" "La Paloma"
                                                                "Ruby" "Frenisi" "Opus 6, Number 6 -
                                                                Jitterbug Fantasy"

86267B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 36"   36  02-01-41  :29:30  "Do I Worry" "Come Down To Earth My

86268A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 37"   37  02-08-41  :29:30  "There'll Be Some Changes Made" "It
                                                                All Comes Back To Me Now"

86268B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 38"   38  02-15-41  :29:30  "Walkin' By The River" "Let's Dream
                                                                This One Out"

86269A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 39"   39  02-22-41  :29:30  "Fishin'" "Keep An Eye On Your Heart"

86269B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 40"   40  03-01-41  :29:30  "Humoresque" "Intermezzo" "Do I Worry"
                                                                "Old Folks At Home" "Can't You See"
                                                                "Siesta Time In Monterey" "Get Me Out
                                                                Of This Trunk"

86270A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 41"   41  03-08-41  :29:30  "Bestla Juba" "Here In The Velvet
                                                                Night" "Red Moon Of The Carabe -
                                                                Rhumba Con Carne" "There'll Be Some
                                                                Changes Made" "Loch Lomand" "High On A
                                                                Windy Hill" "Eratic Interlude"

86270B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 42"   42  03-15-41  :29:30  "Liebestrum" "Two Hearts That Passed
                                                                In The Night" "Up To My Heart In Love"
                                                                "Slavonic Dance #10" "The Bowery" "May
                                                                I Never Love Again" "Dance Boem"

86271A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 43"   43  03-22-41  :29:30  "Dear Old Southland" I Love Thee"
                                                                "4:20 am" "Love Is" "Chopin's Prelude
                                                                #2" "Danse Macabre" "Perfidia" "A
                                                                Salute To Big Ben"

86271B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 44"   44  03-29-41  :29:30  "Twist Of The Wrist" "Love And I"

86272A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 45"   45  04-05-41  :29:30  "So Sweet" "Fishin'"

86272B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 46"   46  04-12-41  :29:30  "#10 Lullaby Lane" "Frenesi" "High On
                                                                A Windy Hill"

*na*     "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 47"   47  04-19-41  :29:30*  

86273A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 48"   48  04-26-41  :29:30  "With A Twist Of The Wrist" "It All
                                                                Comes Back To Me Now" "Dark Eyes"

86273B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 49"   49  05-03-41  :29:30  "These Things You Left Me" "Everything
                                                                Happens To Me Now"

86274A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 50"   50  05-10-41  :29:30  "All Through the Night" "Who, Sho,
                                                                Who" "Lake Windemere" "My Sister And

86274B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 51"   51  05-17-41  :29:30  "As I Remember You" "Amapola"

86275A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 52"   52  05-24-41  :29:30  "Do, Do, Do" "Is It So"

86275B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 53"   53  05-31-41  :29:30  "People Like Me" "Sombody Loves You"
                                                                "Hollywood Blvd" "I Can't Get Started
                                                                With You"

86276A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 54"   54  06-07-41  :29:30  "Love Is The Greatest Thing" "Million
                                                                Dollar Baby"

86276B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 55"   55  06-14-41  :29:30  "Goodnight Sweetheart" "You Stepped
                                                                Out Of A Dream" "Flamingo" "Lady Be
                                                                Good" "The Very Thought Of You"
                                                                "Limehouse Blues" "Yesterdays"

86277A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 56"   56  06-21-41  :29:30  "Beyond The Blue Horizon" "Judy"
                                                                "Amapola" "Afternoon of the Fawn"
                                                                "Elegy" "I Understand" "Play, Fiddle,

86277B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 57"   57  06-28-41  :29:30  "Yours" "Si I Like You Very Much"

86278A   "HOLLYWOOD BLVD - MAXINE IS      58  07-05-41  :30:00  "Sorcerer's Apprentice" "Apple Blossom
         ILL"                                                   Time" " Tale Of The Young Prince &
                                                                Princess" "Walk Me Down To The
                                                                Chitlands" "Vienese Waltz" "Hollywood
                                                                Blvd" & Award

86278B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 59"   59  07-12-41  :29:30  "S' Wonderful" "Do, Do, Do"

86279A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 60"   60  07-19-41  :29:30  "Fishin'" "Bewitched"   (Last Show Of
                                                                The Present Series)      Disk Is Very
                                                                Badly Damaged - Playable

86279B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 61"   61  08-16-41  :29:30  "The Things I Love" " Perfidia"  (1st
                                                                Show Of The New Series)

86280A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 62"   62  08-23-41  :29:30  "Faniqule, Faniquli" "Where In The
                                                                World" "Make My Day Complete" "Fall
                                                                Duet" "Chinese Conga" "You And I"
                                                                "Bewitched" "Lotus Land"

86280B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 63"   63  08-30-41  :29:30  "Minnie From Trinidad" "Somehow It
                                                                Changes The Mood" "Your Dangerous"
                                                                "Babalu" "If It's You" "Peter, Peter
                                                                Pumpkin Eater" "You Stepped Out Of A
                                                                Dream" "Begin The Beguine"

86281A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 64"   64  09-06-41  :29:30  "You And I" "I Went Out Of My Way"

86281B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 65"   65  09-13-41  :29:30  "Love Me A Little Little" "Yours"

86282A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 66"   66  09-20-41  :29:30  "Angel Beware" "Concerto For Two"

86282B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 67"   67  09-27-41  :29:30  "Wasn't It You" "There'll Be Some
                                                                Changes Made"

86283A   "NURSARY RHYMES"                 68  10-04-41  :29:30  "Everybody Step" "Easy Street" "I'll
                                                                Wait For You" "Nobody Knows The
                                                                Trouble I've Seen" "Judy" "At 4:20
                                                                A.M." "Siesta Time In Monterey"
                                                                "Nursary Without Rhyme"

86283B   "THE SONGS OF HAROLD ARLEN"      69  10-11-41  :29:30  "I Love a Parade" "Somewhere Over The
                                                                Rainbow" "You're A Builder Upper"
                                                                "Blues In The Night" "Stormy Weather"
                                                                Says Who, Says You, Says I" "I Got A
                                                                Right To Sing The Blues" "Last Night
                                                                When We Were Young"

86284A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 70"   70  10-18-41  :29:30  "Easy Street" "I Don't Want To Set The
                                                                World On Fire"

86284B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 71"   71  10-25-41  :29:30  "Time Was" "Two Other People"

86285A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 72"   72  11-01-41  :29:30  "S' Wonderful" "I Got It Bad And That
                                                                Ain't Good"

86285B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 73"   73  11-08-41  :29:30  "You Still Belong To Me" "Concerto For

86286A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 74"   74  11-15-41  :29:30  "Humpty Dumpty Heart" "I Don't Want To
                                                                Set The World On Fire"

86286B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 75"   75  11-22-41  :29:30  I'm Thrilled" "Time Was"

86287A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 76"   76  11-29-41  :29:30  "Rosie O'Day" "White Cliffs Of Dover"

86287B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 77"   77  12-06-41  :29:30  "Pocopacapetal" "I Got A Right To Sing
                                                                The Blues"

86288A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 78"   78  12-15-41  :29:30  "Do You Care" "Little Man With A Great
                                                                Big Lollypop"

86288B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 79"   79  12-20-41  :29:30  "Humpty Dumpty Heart" "Christmas
                                                                Special"   Christmas Program

86289A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 80"   80  12-27-41  :29:30  "A Season's Presence" "I Miss You"

86289B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 81"   81  01-03-42  :29:30  "I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good"
                                                                "White Cliffs Of Dover"

86290A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 82"   82  01-10-42  :29:30  "Lullaby In Rhythm" "I Like To Make

86290B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 83"   83  01-17-42  :29:30  "Smiling" "Rose O'Day"

86291A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 84"   84  01-24-42  :29:30  "Pocopacapetal" "This Love Of Mine"

86291B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 85"   85  01-31-42  :29:30  "Right In Their Own Back Yard" "Miss

86292A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 86"   86  02-07-42  :29:30  "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" "Ill
                                                                Wind" "How About You" "Alice Blue
                                                                Gown" "Ancient Arabian Cake-Walk"
                                                                "Blues In The Night" "Blue Moonlight"

86292B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 87"   87  02-14-42  :29:30  "Begin The Beguine" Memories Of You"
                                                                "How Long Did I Dream" "String Of
                                                                Pearls" The Flower Song (Carmen)" "The
                                                                Shrine Of Saint Cecilia" "This Song Is
                                                                For You"

86293A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 88"   88  02-21-42  :29:30  "I Don't Want To Walk Without You"
                                                                "Make My Day Complete"

86293B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 89"   89  02-28-42  :29:30  "I Said No" "How Do I Know It's Real"

*na*     "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 90"   90  03-07-42  :29:30*  

86294A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 91"   91  03-14-42  :29:30  "I'll Never Forget" "Deep In The Heart
                                                                Of Texas"

86294B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 92"   92  03-21-42  :29:30  "Somebody Loves Me" "Who" "The Shrine
                                                                Of Saint Cecilia"

86295A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 93"   93  03-28-42  :29:30  "Sometimes" "How About You"

86295B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 94"   94  04-04-42  :27:30  "Miss You" "Winsokie"

86296A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 95"   95  04-11-42  :27:30  "Thou Swell" "If You Are But A Dream"
                                                                "How Do I Know It's Real" "The Last
                                                                Spring" "Embraceable You" "Wintergreen
                                                                For President"

86296B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 96"   96  04-18-42  :27:30  "Samson And Delilah" "Poor Little Rich
                                                                Girl" "Let There Be Love" "Trees"
                                                                "Brasil" "The Man I Love"

86297A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 97"   97  04-25-42  :27:30  "I Got A Right To Sing The Blues"
                                                                "You're A Builder Upper"

86297B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 98"   98  05-02-42  :27:30  "This Time The Dream's On Me"
                                                                "Strictly Instrumental"

86298A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW 99"   99  05-09-42  :27:30  "I Remember You" "Don't Sit Under The
                                                                Apple Tree"

86298B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      100  05-15-42  :27:30  "Sky Lark" "One Dozen Roses"

86299A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      101  05-23-42  :27:30  "Tangerine" "You Stepped Out Of A
         101"                                                   Dream" "Hitch Old Dobbin"

86299B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      102  05-30-42  :27:30  "Skys Are Clear Again" "Who Wouldn't
         102"                                                   Love You"

86300A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      103  06-06-42  :27:30  "What Do You Think I Am" "Don't Blame
         103"                                                   Me"

86300B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      104  06-13-42  :27:30  "Three Little Sisters" "Sombody's
         104"                                                   Thinking Or You"

86301A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      105  06-20-42  :27:30  "One Dozen Roses" "I Remember You"
         105"                                                   "Falling In Love With Love"

86301B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      106  06-27-42  :27:30  "Was It Worth It" "I'll Keep The Love
         106"                                                   Light Burning"

86302A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      107  07-04-42  :27:30  "Three Little Sisters" "Sky Lark"

86302B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      108  07-11-42  :27:30  "But Not For Me" "Do It Again"   (End
         108"                                                   Of 2nd Season)

86303A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      109  08-22-42  :27:30  "I Met Him On Monday" "Wonder When My
         109"                                                   Baby's Coming Home" (3rd Season

86303B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      110  08-29-42  :27:30  "Silver Wings" "Strictly Instrumental"

86304A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      111  09-05-42  :27:30  "Conchita, Marquita, Lolita,..Lopez"
         111"                                                   "Be Careful, It's My Heart"
                                                                "Indefinite Rhythm"

86304B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      112  09-12-42  :27:30  "My Devotion" "I'm Dreaming Of A White
         112"                                                   Christmas"

86305A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      113  09-19-42  :27:30  "Hitch Old Dobbin" "He's My Guy"

86305B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      114  09-26-42  :27:30  "I Met Him On Monday" "Serenade In
         114"                                                   Blue"

86306A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      115  10-03-42  :27:30  "Take Me" "This Is The Army"
         115"                                                   (Disc Is Heavily Damaged)

86306B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      116  10-10-42  :27:30  "My Devotion" "In Kalamozoo"

86307A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      117  10-17-42  :27:30  "Ninka" "That Night In Stalingrad"

86307B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      118  10-24-42  :27:30  "More Than You Know" "Clancy" "Mr.
         118"                                                   Five By Five" "Perfidia"

86308A   "DAVE ROSE LAST SHOW - JOINS    119  10-31-42  :27:30  "Summertime" "Wind & Rain" "Small
         ARMY"                                                  Hotel" "All In Fun" "Dance Of The
                                                                Spanish Onion" "All The Things You
                                                                Are"  (This Show Was Dedicated To All
                                                                Of David Rose' Favorite Songs)"

*na*     "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      120  11-04-42  :29:30*  

86308B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      121  11-11-42  :27:30  "This Is The Army, Mr. Jones" "This Is
         121"                                                   Worth Fighting For" (Al Sack Takes
                                                                Over As Music Director From Departed
                                                                David Rose)

86309A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      122  11-18-42  :27:30  "Brazil" "Grand Old Flag" "String Of
         122"                                                   Pearls" "Mary"

86309B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      123  11-25-42  :27:30  "Everything I've Got Belongs To You"
         123"                                                   "Take A Chance"

86310A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      124  12-02-42  :27:30  "A Nightingale" "Day Break" "Smoke
         124"                                                   Gets In Your Eyes" "Dance, Gypsy,
                                                                Dance" "I Had The Craziest Dream"

86310B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      125  12-09-42  :27:30  "Weekend In Havana" "Embraceable You"
         125"                                                   "Danny Boy" "I'm Getting Tired, So I
                                                                Can Sleep"

*na*     "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      126  12-16-42  :29:30*  

86311A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      127  12-23-42  :27:30  "Winter Wonderland" "When The Lights
         127"                                                   Go On Again" "Jingle Bells"
                                                                Christmas Program

86311B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      128  12-30-42  :27:30  "Stormy Weather" "Ten Little Soldiers
         128"                                                   On A Ten Day Leave"

86312A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      129  01-06-43  :27:30  "There Are Such Things" "Why Don't You
         129"                                                   Fall In Love With Me"

86312B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      130  01-13-43  :27:30  "I Had The Craziest Dream" "Everything
         130"                                                   I've Got Belongs To You"

86313A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      131  01-20-43  :27:30  "I'm Getting Tired So I Can Dream"
         131"                                                   "Day Break"

86313B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      132  01-27-43  :27:30  "Can't Get Out Of This Mood" "I've
         132"                                                   Heard That Song Before"

86314A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      133  02-03-43  :27:30  "That Soldier Of Mine" "As Time Goes
         133"                                                   By"

86314B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      134  02-10-43  :27:30  "Because There Are Such Things"
         134"                                                   "Chinese Lullaby"

86315A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      135  02-17-43  :27:30  "Why Don't You Fall In Love With Me"
         135"                                                   "Dearly Beloved"

86315B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      136  02-24-43  :27:30  "Russian Lullaby" "Moonlight Becomes
         136"                                                   You"

*na*     "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      137  03-07-43  :29:30*  

86316A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      138  03-10-43  :27:30  "Prisoner Of The Sea" "That Old Black
         138"                                                   Magic" "Got A Touch Of Texas" "For Me
                                                                And My Gal" "Brig Fair" "Louisiana
                                                                Hayride" "Take A Chance" "Idaho"

86316B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      139  03-17-43  :27:30  "La Quito" "The Irish Washerwoman"
         139"                                                   "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue
                                                                Sea" "Six-Pence" "Someone To Watch
                                                                Over Me" "Deep Night" "Dearly Beloved"
                                                                "Danny Boy"   Saint Patrick's Day
                                                                Program - Irish songs.

86317A   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      140  03-24-43  :27:30  "Adios" "Your's Is My Heart Alone" "So
         140"                                                   Beats My Heart For You" "I Can't Get
                                                                Out Of This Mood" "Briggs Fair"
                                                                "Honeysuckle Rose" "I Only Have Eyes
                                                                For You" "Hors Stacato"

86317B   "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      141  03-31-43  :27:30  "La Ink Tierjo" "I Can't Give You
         141"                                                   Anything But Love, Baby" "It Must Be
                                                                True" "Spring Song" "Lover" "La
                                                                Ditana" "My Dream And I" "That Old
                                                                Black Magic"

   Total Number of Titles:   141                              * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 141
   Total Possible Episodes:  141        Missing Programs: 8       Total Programs in Collection: 133

        MUTUAL DON LEE/KHJ      SUSTAINING       Frank De Vol, Les Paul Trio
          ANN: Tony La Frano
8427 C2  "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      142  04-07-43  :30:00* "Dancing In The Dark"

8427 C3  "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      143  04-14-43  :30:00* Marlene Dietrich "Babalu"

8427 D1  "GUEST: MARLENE DIETRICH"       144  04-21-43  :30:00* "Taboo"

8427 D2  "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      145  04-28-43  :30:00* "Kimbamba"

8427 D3  "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      146  05-05-43  :30:00* "Perfidia"

8427 A1  "GUEST: KANTO KARABELI"         147  05-19-43  :30:00*  

*na*     "CALIFORNIA MELODIES  SHOW      148  05-26-43  :30:00*  

8427 A3  "PRISONER OF THE SEA"           149  06-02-43  :30:00*  

8427 B1  "GUEST: LES PAUL"                    06-24-44  :30:00* "Kiss in the Dark"

8427 B3                                       07-08-44  :30:00* "Dancing Tamborines"

86318A   "SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM"          12-24-44  :30:00  This Is Actually A Special Version Of
                                                                "California Melodies" But With "Music
                                                                Depreciation" Cast And Time Slot
                                                                Christmas Program

   Total Number of Titles:   10                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 11
   Total Possible Episodes:  11         Missing Programs: 1       Total Programs in Collection: 10

        STARS: The Little Sisters and Leo Dukorn
        MUSIC: Harry Zimmerman
86318B   "GUEST: RAY ANTHONY"                 02-18-48  :30:00  "Oklahoma", "But None Like You",
                                                                "Chi-Chi Castinega", "My Cousin
                                                                Louella", "Lucky To Be Me", "My Bill",
                                                                "One Familiar Moment At The
                                                                Candlelight Cafe", "Love Is So

   Overall Series Totals
    Total Number of Titles:   152
    Total Number of Programs: 153
    Total Possible Episodes:  149       Missing Programs: 9       Total Programs in Collection: 144
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