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Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments

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 Series: "CANDY MATSON, YUKON 28209"


        STARS: Natalie Masters, Henry Leff, Jack Thomas

        PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Monty Masters



86331A   "THE DONNA DUNHAM CASE"         AUD  04-04-49  :26:30  Candy is nearly the victim of jealous

                                                                lover-murderer.  Audition Show uses

                                                                "EXBROOK 29994" instead of "YUKON


*na*     "DONNA DUNHAM CASE"               1  06-30-49  :29:30* Candy is nearly the victim of jealous

                                                                lover-murderer. (same script as


86331B   "THE CABLE CAR CASE"              2  07-07-49  :29:30  Candy, with Watson's help, solves

                                                                murder by sharp shooter

*na*     "ADRIANNE LARUE CASE"             3  07-14-49  :29:30* Candy's client is a fashion designer

*na*     "OLIVE FRENTRUPP CASE"            4  07-21-49  :29:30* This mystery involves Bay City art


*na*     "ON TOP OF MOUNT SHASTA"          5  07-28-49  :29:30* A mountain murder mystery for Candy

                                                                and Mallard

*na*     "HALF MOON BAY MERRY-GO-ROUND"    6  08-04-49  :29:30* Watson tries to avoid Demon Rum and

                                                                dry out

*na*     "BERKELEY SWITCH BOARD"           7  08-18-49  :29:30* Candy and Mallard find danger at

                                                                scientist's cocktail party

*na*     "RUSTY DALE CASE"                 8  08-22-49  :29:30* Candy and Rembrandt discover trouble

                                                                at a prize fight

*na*     "THE COOPER CASE"                 9  09-05-49  :29:30* A deaf mute talks to Candy

*na*     "LONG DRIVE TO CARMEL"           10  09-12-49  :29:30* Candy and Rembrandt hope for pleasant

                                                                day of gold at Carmel

*na*     "LUTHER BRADLEY CASE"            11  09-19-49  :29:30* A man's wife does not return from her


*na*     "RALPH OSBORNE CASE"             12  09-23-49  :29:30* Candy investigates a shipboard murder

*na*     "THE BODY ON THE TRAIL"          13  09-26-49  :29:30* Candy is warned to forget a body she

                                                                found while hiking.

86335B   "THE FORT ORD STORY"             14  10-03-49  :29:20  Candy is the Queen of NCO Ball, but

                                                                double murder occurs

86332A   "THE DEVIL IN THE DEEP FREEZE"   15  10-10-49  :29:30  Murder leads Candy from restaurant to

                                                                the opera

*na*     "PHOTO SHOOT MURDERS"            17  10-17-49  :29:30* Rembrandt's photo shoot has a murder

                                                                for Candy to solve

*na*     "NELDA MCHAVEN CASE"             18  10-24-49  :29:30* Rich client hires Candy to solve a


*na*     "ALEX WARBURTON CASE"            19  10-31-49  :29:30* An old friend of Watson's is Candy's


*na*     "THE DEVIL IN THE DEEP FREEZE"   20  11-07-49  :29:30  Candy and Mallard find murder at

                                                                police conference

*na*     "BEN MURDOCK CASE"               21  11-14-49  :29:30* Night club owner hires Candy when his

                                                                partner makes trouble

*na*     "THE ROOF FIRE"                  22  11-21-49  :29:30* Trouble begins when Watson has

                                                                visitors from Philadelphia

*na*     "ALLISON GRAY CASE"              23  11-28-49  :29:30* aka: "The Fortune Teller"  A medium

                                                                and murder.?

*na*     "FLASHBACK TO '39"               24  12-05-49  :29:30* Origin story of how Candy first met

                                                                Mallard and Watson

*na*     "MISSING JEWELS CASE"            25  12-12-49  :29:30* A famous actress needs Candy's help to

                                                                find gems

86332B   "JACK FROST"                     26  12-19-49  :29:20  Santa's helper has disappeared,

                                                                resulting in a Christmas murder

                                                                CHRISTMAS PROGRAM

86333A   "VALLEY OF THE MOON"             27  12-26-49  :29:30   

86333B   "NC9-8012"                       28  01-02-50  :29:20  Candy investigates small plane crash

                                                                at local airport

*na*     "PAT ENNIS CASE"                 29  01-09-50  :29:30  Disc jockey's troubles require Candy's


*na*     "HARVEY FORESTER CASE"           30  01-16-50  :29:30  Wealthy client wants Candy to

                                                                investigate his niece

*na*     "NEL BERQUIST CASE"              31  01-23-50  :29:30  A friend of Watson's thinks she will

                                                                be murdered

*na*     "ERNST MITTNACHT CASE"           32  01-30-50  :29:30  Candy gets a frantic call from a man

                                                                about his wife

*na*     "FLORA KIRKLAND CASE"            33  02-06-50  :29:30  Candy's client is a famous actress

86334A   "ERIC SPAULDING CONCERT"         34  02-13-50  :29:30  Candy's mystery case involves symphony


*na*     "PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION"      35  02-27-50  :29:30  Candy goes to Watson's photo exhibit

*na*     "KILKENNY PLAYLAND"              36  03-03-50  :29:30  Homeowners hire Candy to find missing

                                                                water supply

*na*     "WHEELS FOR WATSON"              37  03-06-50  :29:30  Rembrandt buys a car from pal,

                                                                Diogenes Murphy

*na*     "HIGH SEA SMUGGLERS"             38  03-13-50  :29:30  Candy's doctor recommends a sea

                                                                vacation for her exhaustion

*na*     "MONA BRYANT CASE"               39  03-20-50  :29:30  Candy meets a ship at Pier 50 to help

                                                                a friend

*na*     "TONY RAFIELLO CASE"             40  03-27-50  :29:30  Mallard gets Watson to ask Candy to

                                                                help him

*na*     "SHARP POINT MYSTERY"            41  04-10-50  :29:30  Candy and Watson save woman in the


*na*     "KILLER ON FLIGHT 14"            42  04-17-50  :29:30  Candy and Mallard wait at airport for

                                                                a murderer

*na*     "WEEKEND CRUISE"                 43  04-24-50  :29:30  Candy and Watson are invited on a

                                                                weekend cruise

*na*     "GRASS VALLEY CASE"              44  05-01-50  :29:30  An old fellow, who's wounded,  gets a

                                                                ride from Candy

*na*     "CIRCUS CHERRY PIE"              45  05-08-50  :29:30  A famous old clown asks Candy for


*na*     "TELEGRAM FROM A FRIEND (PART    46  05-15-50  :29:30  Candy seems to be killed in plane

         1)"                                                    crash

*na*     "TELEGRAM FROM A FRIEND (PART    47  05-22-50  :29:30  Candy's chum, Laura, wants her to fly

         2)"                                                    to Seattle

*na*     "INTRODUCTIONS ANONYMOUS"        48  05-29-50  :29:30  Watson gives Candy a new case

                                                                involving a social group

*na*     "A BLACK CAT"                    49  06-05-50  :29:30  Dying man gives Candy an envelope to

                                                                deliver for him

*na*     "CURTIS COLFAX CASE"             50  06-12-50  :29:30  Politician hires Candy to investigate

                                                                threats against him

86334B   "SYMPHONY OF DEATH"              51  06-19-50  :29:30  Famous composer is going to die and

                                                                his relative calls Candy

                                                                ANNOUNCEMENT: "Candy Matson is San

                                                                Francisco's most popular program".

                                                                Final Show of the First season

*na*     "OLIVE BECKER CASE"              52  07-03-50  :29:30  House is blown up to revenge a woman

                                                                convicted on Candy's testimony

*na*     "FUGITIVE ON TELEVISION"         53  07-10-50  :29:30  Candy sees a wanted man while she is


*na*     "CANDY BEHIND BARS"              54  07-24-50  :29:30  Candy goes undercover in prison to

                                                                find source of narcotics

*na*     "THE FATAL FALL"                 55  07-31-50  :29:30  When a woman falls to her death from

                                                                horse, is it accident or murder?

*na*     "LO JUNG CASE"                   56  08-07-50  :29:30  Asian restaurant owner found dead by

                                                                Candy and Watson

*na*     "SOCIETY MATRON MURDER"          57  08-14-50  :29:30  Candy is shot at while investigating

                                                                murder of society matron

*na*     "MURDER AT THE NETWORK"          58  08-21-50  :29:30  Candy investigates a murder for NBC

*na*     "THE BURNING HOUSE"              59  08-28-50  :29:30  House catches on fire and Candy is

                                                                prevented from helping

*na*     "DEATH IN SACRAMENTO"            60  09-04-50  :29:30  While in Sacramento, Candy and Mallard

                                                                find corpse in river

86335A   "THE MOVIE COMPANY"              61  09-11-50  :29:30  Murder occurs on set of film being

                                                                shot in Candy's neighborhood    First

                                                                Show of the Second Season    Show

                                                                moves to Mondays

*na*     "THE BIG FRAME"                  62  09-18-50  :29:30* Art dealer in Carmel need Candy's


86336A   "THE EGYPTIAN ARMULET"           63  10-23-50  :29:40  Candy takes a risk to help Mallard

                                                                solve a local murder

*na*     "DEATH IN THE RING"              64  10-30-50  :29:30* A wrestler's death brings Candy in to

                                                                solve the case

*na*     "MYSTERY ON THE FAIRWAY"         65  11-06-50  :29:30* Watson caddies for Candy, but danger

                                                                finds them

*na*     "STADIUM MURDER"                 66  11-13-50  :29:30* Candy and new boy friend, HI Waters,

                                                                discover corpse at football game.

                                                                Supporting cast: Edward Perry, Jack

                                                                Cahlll, Lu Tobin

*na*     "CANDY'S BIRTHDAY SURPRISE"      67  11-20-50  :29:30* Mallard creates a mock kidnapping and

                                                                murder for Candy to solve on her

                                                                birthday. (Natalie's actual birthday

                                                                was Nov 23rd) Supporting cast: Lu

                                                                Tobln, Mary Mllford, Jack Cahlll

*na*     "NORVELLO THE GREAT"             68  11-27-50  :29:30* Magician seeks Candy's help when his

                                                                life Is threatened. Supporting cast:

                                                                Lu Tobln, Hal Burdlck, Helen Kleeb

*na*     "PAUL DRAKE'S CURTAIN CALL"      69  12-04-50  :29:30* Movie actor poisoned and Candy solves

                                                                his murder. Plot Includes another date

                                                                with Hi Waters. Supporting cast: Jack

                                                                Carrington, Jane Bennett, Lu Tobln

*na*     "DEATH IN THE ALLEY"             70  12-11-50  :29:30* Pin setter In bowling alley Is

                                                                homicide victim. Supporting cast: Jack

                                                                Cahill, Mary Milford, Lu Tobln

86336B   "SAN JUAN BATISTA"               71  12-18-50  :29:20  Candy and Mallard solve deadly mystery

                                                                at old mission. Supporting cat: Hal

                                                                Burdick, Lu Tobln, Jane Bennett

                                                                Connells     Christmas Program

*na*     "WHAT IN THE DLCKENS?"           72  12-25-50  :29:30* Mysterious groans and rattling chains

                                                                scare old man In his residence.

                                                                Supporting cast: Lu Tobln , Helen


*na*     "PALM SPRINGS VACATION"          73  01-01-51  :29:30* Candy ordered to take vacation by her

                                                                physician but ends up with killer in

                                                                the open sea. Supporting cast: Harry

                                                                Bechtel, Mary Milford, Jack

                                                                Carrington, Lu Tobln

*na*     "HOMICIDE ON ICE"                74  01-08-51  :29:30* Candy and HI Waters go Ice-skating but

                                                                murder follows. Supporting cast:

                                                                Edward Perry, Harry Bechtel, Jack


*na*     "CRIME ON THE WATERFRONT"        75  01-15-51  :29:30* Candy requested to solve yacht

                                                                burglaries but soon finds corpse.

                                                                Supporting cast: Jerry Walter, Jack

                                                                Carrington, Harry Bechtel

*na*     "MOON OF MADNESS"                76  01-22-51  :29:30* Mallard Is jealous when Candy goes to

                                                                dinner with HI Waters. She tells HI of

                                                                her first case (in flash back) where

                                                                she solved a murder on a movie set.

                                                                Supporting cast: Edward Perry, Jack

                                                                Carrington, Jerry Walter, Mary Milford

*na*     "SEA CLIFF MYSTERY"              77  01-29-51  :29:30* Candy called to solve series of

                                                                burglaries at mansion of eccentric,

                                                                old lady. Supporting cast: Helen

                                                                Kteeb, Jerry Walter, Mary Milford

*na*     "DEATH AT THE DRIVE-IN"          78  02-05-51  :29:30* Mallard and Candy see a western at the

                                                                drive-in movies and discover corpse in

                                                                the car next to them. Supporting cast:

                                                                Jane Bennett, Lu Tobln 2-12-51

                                                                "Rusty Dale" This is a repeat of the

                                                                8-22-48 episode involving a prize

                                                                fight between Dale and Castelone, but

                                                                no cast list appears at end.

*na*     "DEATH DRIVES DANGEROUSLY"       79  02-18-51  :29:30* Rembrandt and Candy go to auto track

                                                                for photo shoot and witness crash and

                                                                death of driver. Supporting cast:

                                                                Harry Bechtel, Lu Tobln, Jack Cahlll,

                                                                Fred Gadette

*na*     "CASE OF THE MISSING BROTHER"    80  02-26-51  :29:30* Devious businessman asks Candy to

                                                                locate his brother. Supporting cast:

                                                                Patty Pritchard, Lu Tobin, Hal Burdlck

*na*     "MYSTERY AT THE MORGUE"          81  03-05-51  :29:30* Female corpse Identified as Candy

                                                                based on contents of purse. At end of

                                                                episode, funeral director tails Candy

                                                                that Natalie Masters plays her on

                                                                radio. Supporting cast: Stafford A.

                                                                Repp, Lu Tobln, Jerry Zinnoman

*na*     "MONEY IN THE MATTRESS"          82  03-12-51  :29:30* Husband steals $ 50 K from his wife's

                                                                mattress. Mallard agrees to marry

                                                                Candy....on her 83rd birthday.

                                                                Supporting cast: Lu Tobln, Helen

                                                                Kleeb, Mary Milford

*na*     "GHOST OF GROGAN'S GULCH"        83  03-19-51  :29:30* Mysterious killing In Sierra ghost

                                                                town require a solution by Candy.

                                                                Supporting cast: Lu Tobin, Stafford A.

                                                                Repp, Clancy Hayes.

*na*     "MURDER AT 10,000 FEET"          84  03-26-51  :29:30* Candy flies back home from Reno, but

                                                                is asked to solve the murder mystery

                                                                of a passenger on her flight.

                                                                Supporting cast: Harry Bechtel, Mary

                                                                Milford, Lu Tobln

*na*     "THE STINSON BEACH MYSTERY"      85  04-02-51  :29:30* Machine that can harness power of

                                                                ocean waves is key to three murders.

                                                                Supporting cast: Lu Tobin, Helen

                                                                Kleeb, Harry Bechtel

*na*     "JOLLY JAILBIRDS"                86  04-09-51  :29:30* Candy and Rembrandt thrown in paddy

                                                                wagon with two singing drunks. Later

                                                                Candy solves mystery of homicides of

                                                                gambling winners. Supporting cast: Lu

                                                                Tobin, Jane Bennett Connell, Jack

                                                                Cahill, Harry Bechtel

*na*     "ROLLER COASTER MYSTERY"         87  04-16-51  :29:30* Woman, under post hypnotic suggestion,

                                                                falls from roller coaster to her

                                                                death. Supporting cast: Lu Tobln, Paul

                                                                Speegle, Harry Bechtel

*na*     "NOVEL APPROACH TO BURGLARY"     88  04-23-51  :29:30* Female mystery novelist asks Candy to

                                                                prevent her jewelry from being stolen.

                                                                 Supporting cast: Mary Milford, Ogdon

                                                                Miles, Lu Tobln

*na*     "MURDER ON THE MOUND"            89  04-30-51  :29:30* Mysterious death of pitcher in ball

                                                                game requires Candy's solution.

                                                                Supporting cast: Lu Tobln, Barbara


*na*     "VOLTAIRE IS WHERE?"             90  05-07-51  :29:30* Old lady hires Candy to find her

                                                                missing spaniel, Voltaire. Supporting

                                                                cast: Harry Bechtel, Dale Wrights,

                                                                Helen Kleeb.

*na*     "THE GANG'S ALL HERE"            91  05-14-51  :29:30* Mallard convinces Candy to go

                                                                undercover as a boy thief to penetrate

                                                                a gang of burglars and pickpockets.

                                                                Supporting cast: Jerry Walter, Dale

                                                                Wrights, Harry Bechtel.

86337A   "CANDY'S LAST CASE"              92  05-21-51  :29:50  aka: "Cape Hatteras Diamond"  Double

                                                                murder and missing diamond lead

                                                                ndirectly to Mallard proposing

                                                                marriage to Candy who promptly

                                                                accepts. Supporting cast: Jerry

                                                                Walter.John Grover, Helen Kleeb.

                                                                FINAL SHOW OF THE SERIES

 Series: "CANDY MATSON, YUKON 38309"


        STARS: Natalie Masters

        PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Monty Masters



86337B   "THE FORTUNE TELLER"             93  09-21-52  :28:50  This is an audition for a series

                                                                revival that never happend.  For some

                                                                reason the Phone Number was changed to

                                                                YUKON 38309.  This is the third time

                                                                it was changed--I think someone must

                                                                have had a phone number fetish. Also

                                                                the theme music changed (not for the

                                                                better).  Helen Clive, Curt Martell,

                                                                Earl Lee, Tony Barrett. Tudor Owen,

                                                                Whitfield Conner.


    Total Number of Titles:   93

    Total Number of Programs: 93

    Total Possible Episodes:  93        Missing Programs: 79      Total Programs in Collection: 14


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