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    Post or Modify Date: November 14, 16
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
________ _____________________________  _____  ______   _____   ______________________________________
======== ==============================  ===  ======== =======  ======================================

 Series: "RADIO GUILD"
80240    "RICHARD II"                         11-14-35  :60:00*  

43097    "KING HENRY IV PART I"               12-05-35  :60:00*  

43098    "KING HENRY IV PART II"              12-12-35  :60:00*  

43099    "KING HENRY IV PART II               12-19-35  :60:00* Eustace Wyatt, John Barclay, Buford
         CONTINUED"                                             Hampden

43100    "KING HENRY V"                       12-26-35  :60:00* Morgan Farley, Harold West, T. Coofin
                                                                Cooke, Louis Hector, Franz Benston,
                                                                Eustace Wyatt, Sheila Hayes, Jan Owen,
                                                                Henry Morrell, William Shelley,
                                                                Charles Warburton, John McGovern,
                                                                Henry Herbert, J. Malcolm Dunne,
                                                                Charles Bellen, John Barclay, Burford
                                                                Hampden, Susanne Colbay, Alfred
                                                                Shirley, William Podmore

         "KING HENRY VI"                      01-16-36  :60:00*  

71719    "MADAME SANS GENS"                   04-29-38  :59:45  Selena Royle, Louis Hector, Alfred
                                                                Shirley, Charles Webster, William
                                                                Thornton, Fran Nessen, Richard
                                                                Janover, Joan Brewster, Neal O'Malley,
                                                                Burford Hampden, Julie Bonnell,
                                                                William Podmore, Jan Owen, Marie
                                                                Curtis, Natasha Lewis   Opening

71720A   "BACK NUMBER UP"                     05-07-39  :29:34  Parker Fennelly, Effie Parker, Arthur
                                                                Allen, John Milton, Ian MacAllaster,
                                                                Douglas McMullen, Harold Gould, Roy

80241A   "THE MAN WHO WAS TOMORROW"           05-14-39  :29:46  Eric Dressler, Peter Donald, Barbara
                                                                Weeks, Alan McItyre, William Thornton
                                                                Writen by: Ranald MacDougall

111      "TOWERS OF HATRED"                   06-04-39  :29:38  Author: Albert N. Williams.  Narrator:
                                                                Arnold Moss.  Composer: Tom Bennett.
                                                                Conductor:  Joseph Stopak

71720B   "THE PIPER"                          06-11-39  :29:34  Walter Tetley, Thomas Dylan, Ian
                                                                Martin, John Carmody, Clement
                                                                O'Laughlin, Walter Kinsella, George
                                                                Coulouris, Ralph Cullinan

111      "THE SHRINKING MR. PERTWIE"          11-29-39  :29:50  Robert Strauss, Peggy Allen

    Total Number of Titles:   12
    Total Number of Programs: 12
    Total Possible Episodes Are Unk     Missing Programs: None    Total Programs in Collection: 12
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