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Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments

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        CBS   AMERICAN BAKER'S ASSOCIATION      Sunday 6:00pm

        Continuation of "HOLLYWOOD STAR PLAYHOUSE"



*na*     "THE GUARDSMAN"                   1  02-22-53  :30:00* Joan Fontaine, John Dehner, Jeannette

                                                                Nolan, Harry Bartell, Edgar Barrier

85544A   "THE MANGO TREE"                  2  03-01-53  :29:50  Joseph Cotten, Joan Banks, John

                                                                Dehner, Larry Dobkin, Parley Baer, Don


85544B   "MAIL ORDER BRIDE"                3  03-08-53  :30:00  Robert Taulor, Parley Baer, Jeanne

                                                                Bates, John Dehner, Harry Bartell,

                                                                Larry Dobkin, Will Wright, Merry


*na*     "THE TOKEN"                       4  03-15-53  :30:00* Dana Andrews, Georgia Ellis, Jeanne

                                                                Bates, Theodore Von Eltz, Harry

                                                                Bartell, John Dehner

85545A   "IMPRESSARIO"                     5  03-22-53  :30:00  Vincent Price, Fay Baker, John Dehner,

                                                                Edgar Barrier, Don Diamond, Georgia

                                                                Ellis, Harry Bartell

*na*     "SPRING THAW"                     6  03-29-53  :30:00* Macdonald Carey, Lillian Buyeff, Larry

                                                                Dobkin, Parley Baer, William Conrad

*na*     "PLOUGH AND CANDLE"               7  04-05-53  :30:00* Anne Baxter, John Dehner, Larry

                                                                Dobkin, Jack Kruschen, Ralph Moody,

                                                                Parley Baer

85545B   "THE NEW MAN"                     8  04-12-53  :30:00* Ronald Reagan, Georgia Ellis, John

                                                                Dehner, Larry Dobkin, Parley Baer,

                                                                Vivi Jannis, Donna Hanor

*na*     "TAOS INCIDENT"                   9  04-19-53  :30:00* Claire Trevor, Larry Dobkin, John

                                                                Dehner, Jaenette Nolan, Richard Beals,

                                                                Don Diamond, Edgar Barrier, Harry


*na*     "THE LONG RUN"                   10  04-26-53  :30:00* Dan Dailey, John Dehner, Larry Dobkin,

                                                                Georgia Ellis

*na*     "LET THERE BE HONOR"             11  05-03-53  :30:00* Ann Blythe, Larry Dobkin, Jeanette

                                                                Nolan, Degar Barrier, Parley Baer,

                                                                John Dehner

85546A   "THE REMARKABLE TALENT OF        12  05-10-53  :30:00* Frank Lovejoy, Joan Banks, William

         EGBERT HAW"                                            Conrad, Jay Novello, John Dehner, Jack

                                                                Kruschen, Byron Kane, Lou Krugman, Lee

                                                                Millar, Howard McNear, John McGovern

*na*     "THE APPLE TREE"                 13  05-17-53  :30:00* Van Heflin, Georgia Ellis, Ellen

                                                                Morgan, John Dehner, Ben Wright, Bill

                                                                Oyler, Jeanne Bates, Larry Dobkin


    Total Number of Titles:   13

    Total Number of Programs: 13

    Total Possible Episodes:  13        Missing Programs: 8       Total Programs in Collection: 5


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