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Yes, More Programs Have Been Added

Included herein are RealAudo© sound clips from a variety of different programs. A few of these will be standard programs known and enjoyed by all of you. Most will be unique shows and most likely will be new to you. This area is designed to acquaint you with a wide variety of programs. The clips run between 7 and 15 minutes.  A few are complete shows and are so designated as such.

Remember as you listen to these samples, that they have been encoded in RealAudio and as such have all of the bad sound quality characteristics of any Internet or compressed sound format. This does not adequately represent the actual quality of the shows in my collection.

If you have any particular clips you'd like to see here please E-mail me

With that in mind, Please sit back now and enjoy the programs.
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"Broadway Is My Beat"
"Val Dane"
Episode 7,  8-25-49
"Clara, Lu and Em"
"Real Estate"
Audition Show from 1930
Order #
"The Laurel and Hardy Show"
"Mr. Slater's Poultry Market"
NBC Audition Show from 3-6-44
"Don Winslow of the Navy"
Audition Show from 1937
"The Milton Berle Show"
"Salutes the Great Game of Politics"
Episode 54 from 3-16-48
"The O'Neils"
From 6-8-43
Order #
Here you get the Audition and first three episodes of the wierd adventures of "The Wonderful White Winged Warrior"
Order #
"Baby Rose Marie"
Episode 1 from 3-14-38
Stars Rose Marie Curley
of The Dick Van Dyke Show
"Premier Performance"
"Mary Worth"
Stars Fay Bainter
"Meet Corlis Archer"
"Sweetheart of the Year"
From 4-6-47
Stars Janet Waldo
"Bunco Squad"
"The Case of the Bookworm"
CBS Auditon Show
from 4-15-50
"Police Woman USA"
"The Red Rose Murder"
CBS Audition Show
from 6-22-50
"Judy and Jane"
"The Marijuana Plot"
Syndicated Auditon Show
from 3-25-42
This is a complete program
"The Jo Stafford Show"
With The Russ Case Orchestra and Bob Crosby
"The Cobbs"
"The Hot Water Heater"
CBS Audition Show
from 5-4-54
"Train Time"
"The Golden State Limited"
Host: Hal Sawyer
Announcer: Dick Joy
"United States Postal Inspector"
"Audition Show"

from 2-26-47
"Hollywood Showcase"
"ABC Audition Show"
From 6-15-48
Hosted by Mickey Rooney
"Deadline Mystery"
"Frightened Tenants"
ABC Audition Show
from 9-10-52
"Casebook of Gregory Hood"
"The Murder of Gregory Hood"
Mutual From 6-17-46
"Dark Venture"
"Elizabeth Is Frightened"
ABC Audition Show
from 7-22-47
Stars Joan Banks
"A Canticle For Liebowitz"
"NPR Science Fiction Thriller"
From 10-11-81
In Stereo
"Red Skelton Show"
"This is a special tribute to Red recorded by my friend Ray Kemper right after Red's final CBS Show.
This is a Complete Program
"Adventures of Captain Courage"
"Audition Show"
Stars Ted de Corsia
"Cabin B-13"
"Bill and Brenda Leslie"
CBS Episode 1
From 7-5-48
"Candy Matson, Yukon 28209"
"The Movie Company"
NBC Episode 50
From 9-11-50
Stars Natalie Masters
"The Croupier"
"The Roman"
ABC Episode 1
From 9-28-49
Stars Vincent Price
"The Hollywood Story"
"The Clean White Slate"
ABC Episode 90
From 5-2-47
"The Night Owl Radio Mystery Theatre"
An original Radio drama produced by Jim Sedgwick
To read Jim's script, click here
"The Short Sweet Life of Lee Chow Soon"
KVI Episode 1
From 9-26-72
"The Olsen and Johnson Show"
"The Dill Pickle"
NBC Episode 1
From 7-7-32
"The Yellow Cab Storyteller"
"Aaron Lieberger Story"
CBS From 12-9-44
With Ray Lewis
"The Count of MonteCristo"
"The Black Horse Band"
From 6-5-47
"The Coca Cola Top Notchers"
From 3-19-30
With Graham Macnemee and Grantland Rice
Includes rare interview with Ty Cobb
"The House by the Side of the Road"
Variety Music Show
Stars Tony Wons
Episode 1 From 9-2-34
"The Passing Parade"
From 10-8-36
Stars John Nesbitt
"The Voice from the Housetop"
Variety Music Show
"Brunswick Breviaties"
From 1929
Burnswick Radios
"George Washington, American"
Stars Orson Welles
WNEW 2-22-41
Special Celebration of George Washington's 209th Birthday
"Maytag Minstrel Sbow"
From 1929

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