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Included herein are RealAudo© sound clips from a variety of different programs. A few of these will be standard programs known and enjoyed by all of you. Most will be unique shows and most likely will be new to you. This area is designed to acquaint you with a wide variety of programs. The clips run between 7 and 15 minutes.  A few are complete shows and are so designated as such.

The times shown in Parenthesis ( ) are the actual running times of the programs themselves, not those of the clips. Several people have asked me to include this information ... so I did.

Remember as you listen to these samples, that they have been encoded in RealAudio and as such have all of the bad sound quality characteristics of any Internet or compressed sound format. This does not adequately represent the actual quality of the shows in my collection.

If you have any particular clips you'd like to see here please E-mail me

With that in mind, Please sit back now and enjoy the programs.
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"Homocide O'Kane"
"The Killer Who Returned From the Dead as the Clock Struck the Hour"
From 3-2-43 (29:50)
"The Court of Human Relations"
"For Love of Me"
NBC From 12-17-37 (30:00)
"The A and P Gypsies"
With Frank Parker and Harry Horlick's Orchestra
NBC From 1929 (37:10)
"Kaltenmeyer's Kindergarten"
"A Letter to Santa"
NBC From 12-12-36 (29:50)
Christmas Program
"The Phil Baker Show"
NBC Blue from 7-5-35 (28:00)
"Li'l Abner"
Episode 90
NBC From 3-22-40 (14:40)
"Theatre USA"
"Hay Fever"
Stars: Jan Peerce, Colonal Stoopnagle, Joan Loring, Juanita Hall, Richard Nagg, Mary Boland, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis
ABC Episode 33 From 6-23-49 (29:30)
"The Chase and Sanborn Hour"
"The Haunted House"
NBC From 10-30-38 (20:00)
This is the "Charlie McCarthy Show" which played opposite the infamous Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" MERCURY THEATER production
CBS Episode 257 From 9-18-47 (30:00)
Stars: Donald O'Connor
By request of Lindsay Milligan
"The Visitor"
CBS Episode 262 From 8-14-47 (30:30)
Stars Donald O'Connor
By request of Lindsay Milligan
"The Shadow"
"Gang Doctor"
Mutual Episode 11 From 11-24-47 (30:00)
Stars: Bret Morrison & Grace Matthews
"Hit That Ball!"
"Chicago White Sox vs. The Yankees Sports Writers"
Mutual Episode 1 From 5-19-39 (29:50)
HOST: Stan Lomax with Tom Slater
"Murder Clinic"
"The Scrap of Lace"
Mutual From 9-22-42 (30:00)
"Riding High"
NBC Blue Episode 1 From 4-1-37 (14:50)
Guest: Frank Parker
"It's a Living"
"Bozo the Clown" With Pinto Colvig
Flea Circus
Mutual From 8-27-48 (29:50)
HOST: Ben Alexander
"One for the Money"
CBS From 8-16-39 (28:50)
HOST: Mel Allen
"Your Crossword Quiz"
ABC From 5-1-48 (28:50)
HOST: David Gillmore
Order # CD40412
"The Tooth Fairy"
From the folks that brought you "Chicken Man," here's the first four episodes of "The Molar Marauder" ... FUNNY STUFF!
"Screen Guild Theater"
"Irish Eyes are Smiling"

Episode 288 from 3-11-46 (30:00)
Stars Dick Haymes and June Haver
This is a complete Program
"The lady in Blue"
NBC Episode 1 from 5-5-51 (12:00)
By request of Tony D.
This is a complete Program
Order #
"The Little Matchmaker"
"Loan from a Monkey"

Audition Show from 8-22-52 (29:30)
Stars Chico Marx and Sheldon Leonard
Order #
"Jack and Jill"
Episode 1(14:30)
1932 serial
"Meet Miss Sherlock"
"Wilmer and the Widow"

Episode: 11 ... 9-12-46 (30:00)
Stars Sondra Gair, Bill Conrad, Joe Petruzzi
Order #
"Blueberry Hill"
Audition Show ... 3-24-43 (31:10)
Stars: Hattie McDanial, Shadrack & Mantan Morlan, Lou Mal Morgan trio, Ernest Whitman, The Charioteers, Benny Carter Orchestra.
"The Black Flame of the Amazon"
Episode: 11 ... 1938 (15:00)
SYNDICATED SERIAL BY RADIO MERCHANDISERS. Featuring "Harold Noice, Famous Explorer, in person."
"Magic Island"
Episode 1 ... 1936 (13:00)
Excellent Children's serial ... Children of all ages, that is.
Requested by Rod Lewis
Order #
"Daisy Discovers America"
Audition Show ... 5-26-50 (31:30)
STARS: Ella Logan, Sheldon Leonard
Order #
"What's With Herbert?"
Audition Show ... 7-25-50 (31:10)
NBC SUSTAINING STARS: Phil Foster, Ruth Perrott, Hal March. Lou Bring's Orchestra
Order #
"Streamlined Shakespeare"
("John Barrymore Theatre")
"Taming of the Shrew"

Episode 6 ... 7-26-37 (45:20)
NBC SUSTAINING ... STARS: John Barrymore, Hans Conreid, Hanley Stafford, Elaine Barry, Henry Hunter, Lou Merrill
Order #
"Mary Pickford and Company"
"The Church Mouse"

Premiere Show ... 10-3-34 (30:30)
NBC ROYAL DESERTS ... STARS: Mary Pickford, Gale Gordon, Jeanette Nolan, Theodore Osborne.
Order #
"The Beulah Show"
"Is Beulah writing about the Family?"

2-5-54 (14:40)
NBC POSTUM ... STARS: Amanda Randolph, Hugh Studebaker, Mary Jane Croft, Ernest Whitman, Ruby Dandridge, Frank Nelson
Order #
"The Thompsons of America"
"The Pox Strikes"

5-14-48 (14:30)
Order #
"Final Week for NBC"

3-20-45 (14:40)
NBC DASH ... STARS: Betty Winkler
Order #
"Columbia Workshop - Columbia Presents Corwin"
"The Lonesome Train"

Episode 3 ... 3-21-44 (30:00)
Dedicated to Carl Sandburg, poet and biographer of Abraham Lincoln. STARS: Raymond Massey, Burl Ives.
Order #
"First Piano Quartet"
"Spinning Top"

1-25-43 (14:30)
Four Men Playing Four Pianos
Order #
"Mozart's Own Piano"

8-21-37 (30:00)
NBC Special with music played on Mozart's actual Piano from Salzburg, Austria via Shortwave. With; Robert Scholtz, Heinz Scholz, Gina Van Der Veer.
Order #
"The Philadelphia Opera"
"The Old Maid And The Thief"

2-11-43 (1:00:00)
Host: Milton Cross
An American Opera in English.
Order #
"The NBC Orchestra"
"Welcome Back To Jessica Dragonet

8-21-37 (30:00) NBC SUSTAINED    Host Graham McNamee
Popular Jessica Dragonet returns to the show after a three year extensive concert tour.
Order #
"Look And Listen"
Guest: Virginia Mayo

1948 (15:00)
Host: Jack Roarke
News of Hollywood Personalities.
Order #
"Night Beat"
"Lost Souls"

Stars Frank Lovejoy
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