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Included herein are RealAudo© sound clips from a variety of different programs. A few of these will be standard programs known and enjoyed by all of you. Most will be unique shows and most likely will be new to you. This area is designed to acquaint you with a wide variety of programs. The clips run between 7 and 15 minutes.  A few are complete shows and are so designated as such.

The times shown in Parenthesis ( ) are the actual running times of the programs themselves, not those of the clips. Several people have asked me to include this information ... so I did.

Remember as you listen to these samples, that they have been encoded in RealAudio and as such have all of the bad sound quality characteristics of any Internet or compressed sound format. This does not adequately represent the actual quality of the shows in my collection.

If you have any particular clips you'd like to see here please E-mail me

With that in mind, Please sit back now and enjoy the programs.
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Order #
"One Out Of Seven"
"Senator Theadore Bilbo"

Episode 1 ... 2-6-46 (15:00)
Stars: Jack Webb, who does all of the charactor's voices
Stories taken from news of the past week.
Order #
"Best Plays"
"Elizabeth The Queen"

Episode 19 ... 11-952 (1:00:00)
Stars: Eva LaGallienne, Richard Waring
Host: John Chapman
Order #
"The Cass Daley Show"
Guests: Diana Lynn, Wally Brown & Alan Carney

Episode 10 ... 8-18-44 (30:00)
Announcer: Harlow Wilcox
Stars: Cass Daley, Charlie Ruggles, Carlos Ramirez, Williams Brothers Quartet, Carmen Dragon Orchestra
Order #
"The Tex and Jinx Show"
Guest: Fred Allen

11-24-54 (1:00:00)
Stars: Tex McCrary and Jinx Falkenburg
Husband and wife breakfast talk show.
Order #
"The Majestic Theater of the Air"
Episode 53 ... 5-10-32 (13:00)
Majestic Radio Corporation
This is a complete Program
Order #
"Majestic's Master Of Mystery"
"The Phantom Spoilers"

Episode 1 ... 12-30-33 (13:00)
Majestic Radio Corporation
Serial complete in 7 episodes
This is a complete Program
Order #
"The Melody Hour"
"Sometimes I'm Happy"

Episode 199 ... 7-7-47 (30:00)
Stars: Buddy Clark, Percy Faith Orchestra and The Charioteers
Order #
"The Amazing Mr. Tutt"
"Advice To A Young Lawyer"

Episode 1 ... 12-30-33 (30:00)
The story of "America's Most Beloved Lawyer"
Stars: Will Wright and John Beal
Order #
"The Amazing Mr. Smith"
"The Case Of The Hooting Owls"

Audition Show ... 11-5-46 (27:30)
Stars: Alan Joslyn and Ed Brophy
Order #
"Big Jim McLain"
"Poisoned G.I. Food"

Audition Show ... 11-5-57 (26:30)
Host: John Milton Kennedy
Stars: Jim Arness (TV Gunsmoke's Matt Dillon), Will Wright, Carlton Young, Sheperd Menkin, Bill Bouchet, Joe Forte
Order #
"Front Page Drama"

Episode 31 ... 11-26-33 (15:00)
Syndicated by Hurst American Magizine
Also Known as The American Weekly Program"
Requested by Tony Baechler
Order #
"Red Book Dramas"
"The Goat Of Private Hibbs"

Episode 6 ... 6-30-32 (14:30)
Syndicated by Radio Presentations Inc.
Editor: Edwin Balmer
Author: Peter B. Kyne
Order #
"Life With Luigi"
"A Day In New York With rank Sinatra"

Episode 102 ... 10-10-50 (29:40)
CBS - Sponsored by Wrigley Gum
Stars: J. Carrol Naish, Alan Reed, Jody Gilbert, Mary Shipp, Hans Conried, Joe Forte, Ken Peters, Gil Stratton
Requested by Jody Fischer
Order #
"Red Ryder"
"Riata Springs"

Episode 38 ... 4-30-42 (29:50)
STARS: Reed Hadley, Tommy Cook, Arthur Q. Bryan, Horace Murphy
Order #
"The Cinnamon Bear"
"Judy & Jimmy Write Letters To Santa"

Episode 1 ... 11-29-37 (14:15)
Syndicated Christmas Serial
STARS: Buddy Duncan, Verna Felton, Barbara Jean Wong, Joseph Kerns, Hanley Stafford, Howard McNear, Elvia Allman, Elliot Lewis, Lou Merrill, Frank Nelson, Cy Kendall, Gale Gordon, Ted Osborne, Ed Max, Joe DuVal, Martha Wentworth, Dorothy Scott, Bud Thompson
This is a complete Program
Order #
"Jonathan Thomas And His Christmas On The Moon"
Episode 1 ... 11-29-38 (12:00)
26 Episode Christmas Serial aired every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas
This is a complete Program
Order #
"I Was A Communist For The FBI"
"American Kremlin"

6-11-52 (30:00)
STARS: Dana Andrews as MATT CVETIC who infiltrated top ranks of the Communist Party.
Order #
"Information Please"
Guest: Alfred Hitchcock

Episode 246   1-22-43 (29:30)
NBC Lucky Strike
Clifton Fadiman
PANEL: Franklin P. Adams, John Kieran
"Howie Wing, A Saga of Aviation"
"Getting Serum To Randolph Field"

Episode 77   1938 (14:50)
Syndicated by World Broadcasting System
This is a complete Program ...
Thanks to Kathy Hammel
"Boy's Town"
"The Story of Lucky"

Episode 2   1-12-41 (29:30)
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