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Series Listing for: Ann of the Airlanes

    Catalog Number: MP21345
    Series: Ann of the Airlanes
            1935 Kids Action Adventure Serial
            Volume 1
               Episode 7   "Ann Wants To Be An Air Hostess"
               Episode 8   "Aunt Hattie Stows Away"
               Episode 9   "Jack's Brother Tries To Help"
               Episode 10  "Doc Heads A Smuggling Ring"
               Episode 11  "Just Before The Hurricane"
               Episode 12  "The Hurricane Hits"
               Episode 13  "Is Jack Working For The Secret Service?"
               Episode 14  "Jack Needs The Secret Radio Frequency"
               Episode 15  "The Secret Runway In The Everglades"
               Episode 16  "Ann Meets Up With Jack"
               Episode 17  "Pete Takes Off"
               Episode 18  "Ann Is Lost In The Everglades"
               Episode 19  "Zeb Makes  A Parachute Jump"
               Episode 20  "Jack Wonders Who Was In The Parachute"
               Episode 21  "Ann Hides In The Plane"
               Episode 22  "Pete Suspects Doc"
               Episode 23  "The Foreigner Who Walks With A Limp"
               Episode 24  "Overhearing A Message"
               Episode 25  "Ann Is Discovered"
               Episode 26  "Ann And Jack Prisoners"

    Catalog Number: MP21346
    Series: Ann of the Airlanes
            1935 Kids Action Adventure Serial
            Volume 2
               Episode 27  "The Piece Of Paper"
               Episode 28  "Is Doc Really The Head Of The Smuggling Ring?"
               Episode 29  "Jack Lands The Plane"
               Episode 30  "Carp In The Ocean"
               Episode 31  "Jack And Ann Stranded On A Small Island"
               Episode 32  "Diamond Smugglers"
               Episode 33  "Flying Through The Fog!"
               Episode 34  "Scuttling The Aircat Plane"
               Episode 41  "Ann Captured By Natives"
               Episode 42  "The Hidden Airfield"
               Episode 43  "On Their Way To Africa"
               Episode 44  "Flying In The Aircat"
               Episode 45  "Landing In Trinidad"
               Episode 46  "The Deserted Transport Ship"
               Episode 47  "Landing On Inaccessible Island"
               Episode 48  "The Bottomless Volcano Pit"
               Episode 49  "Zeb Gets The Gasoline"
               Episode 50  "Capetown, South Africa"
               Episode 51  "Doc Goes To East Angola"
               Episode 52  "The Talking Drums"

    Catalog Number: MP21347
    Series: Ann of the Airlanes
            1935 Kids Action Adventure Serial
            Volume 3
               Episode 53  "Making Kobu Talk Again"
               Episode 54  "Ann Diagnoses Kobus Problem"
               Episode 55  "Arriving In East Angloa"
               Episode 56  "Bobby Disappears"
               Episode 57  "Bobby Is With Swanga"
               Episode 58  "Bobby And Swanga Trapped"
               Episode 59  "Rescued From The Lion Pit"
               Episode 60  "Bobby Is Reunited With Friends"
               Episode 61
               Episode 62
               Episode 63
               Episode 64
               Episode 65