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Series Listing for: The Author Meets the Critics

   Catalog Number: MP20114

    Series: The Author Meets the Critics

            Volume 1

               01-29-45  "The Troubled Midnight"

               02-05-45  "The Secret History of the War"

               02-12-45  "Anything Can Happen"

               02-19-45  "Youngin"  (Incomplete-1st half only)

               02-28-45  "Brainstorm"

               08-03-47  "Belvedere"

               08-10-47  "Richer by Asea"

               08-17-47  "Vespers In Vienna"

               08-24-47  "The Harder They Fall"

               08-31-47  "Star Spangled Mikado"

               09-07-47  "You're The Boss"

               09-28-47  "Adversary In The House"

    Catalog Number: MP20115

    Series: The Author Meets the Critics

            Volume 2

               10-05-47  "Or Forfeit Freedom"

               10-12-47  "Grenadine Etching"

               07-04-48  "Miracle of the Bells"

               07-11-48  "A Guide To Confident Living"

               07-18-48  "Baseball"

               07-25-48  "The Time of Your Life"

               08-08-48  "The Comics, Very Funny"

               08-22-48  "Tomorrow Will Be Better"

               08-29-48  "So This Is New York"

               09-05-48  "Gertrude Stein"

               09-12-48  "Family Circle"

               09-19-48  "The Crusaders"

    Catalog Number: MP20116

    Series: The Author Meets the Critics

            Volume 3

               09-26-48  "I didn't Know It Was Loaded"

               10-03-48  "An Affair Of State"

               10-10-48  "The Schmo"

               10-17-48  "The Wild Country"

               10-24-48  "The Sealed Verdict"

               11-07-48  "The Wayfaring Stranger"

               11-14-48  "Our New National Labor Policy"

               11-21-48  "Autobiography Of Sol Bloom"

               11-28-48  "The Whole Of Their Lives"

               12-05-48  "We're All In It"

               12-12-48  "Warlords Of Washington"

               12-19-48  "So Far So Good"

    Catalog Number: MP20117

    Series: The Author Meets the Critics

            Volume 4

               12-26-48  "A Man Called White"

               01-02-49  "Larks In The Popcorn"

               01-09-49  "An Act Of Love"

               01-16-49  "The Flesh of Mary Duncan"

               01-23-49  "The Embers Still Burn"

               01-30-49  "China, The Land And The People"

               02-06-49  "American Argumernt"

               02-13-46  "Shalom Means Peace"

               02-20-49  "The Mad Woman of Chaillot"

               02-27-49  "No Place To Hide"

               03-20-49  "The Fires of Spring"

               03-27-49  "A Treasury of the Spoken Word"