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Old Radio Programs in mp3 on CDROM

All mp3 files are sampled at 44.1 Khz and encoded at 256 Kbps Bitrate.

These are very high quality files and are all first generation encodes directly from our restored CD Masters. None have ever been encoded previously and no downloads have been used. For further information on mp3 files and the encoding process, please click here.

The Bickersons

    Catalog Number: MP20132

    Series: The Bickersons

            Volume 1  Drene Time with Jim Ameche

               Episode 01  09-08-46  Premiere Show

               Episode 03  09-22-46  "Amos' Deep Sea Treasure Enterprise"

               Episode 04  09-29-46  "Everybody Has a Baby"

               Episode 05  01-12-47  "Allergic To Dogs"

               Episode 11  02-23-47  "Amos, The Driving Instructor"

               Episode 12  03-02-47  "Blanch Has A Stomach Ache"

               Episode 14  03-16-47  "John's New Fishing Pole"

               Episode 19  04-20-47  "The Bachelor Party"

               Episode 23  05-18-47  "Clams Are Healthy"

    Catalog Number: MP20133

    Series: The Bickersons

            Volume 2  With Lew Parker                    Stereo

               Episode 01  06-05-51  "The Fatal Anniversary Present"

               Episode 02  06-12-51  "The Mink Coat"

               Episode 06  07-10-51  "The Goosby Vacation"

               Episode 07  07-17-51  "Blanche's Expensive Injury"

               Episode 12  08-21-51  "John's Snoring Dilemma"

               Episode 13  08-28-51  "John The Shoplifter"