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Series Listing for: The Big Story

    Catalog Number: MP20718
    Series: The Big Story
               Episode 027  10-01-47  "The Case Of The Counterfeit Coins"
               Episode 029  10-15-47  "The Bobby Sox Kid From Bayonne"
               Episode 035  11-26-47  "The Case Of The Unfinished Love Song"
               Episode 037  12-10-47  "The Case Of The Final Curtain"
               Episode 038  12-17-47  "The Case Of The Ambitious Hobo"
               Episode 041  01-07-48  "Manhunt In Manhattan"
               Episode 058  05-05-48  "Pillars Of Society"
               Episode 060  05-19-48  "Murder Victim Buried Alive"
               Episode 067  07-21-48  "Reporter Gambles His Life To Clean Up Lottery"
               Episode 091  01-05-49  "16 Year Old Misfit Kills Out Of Fear"
               Episode 119  07-20-49  "Death And Hate Can Be Partners"
               Episode 188  11-15-50  "The Highland Park Murder (Dropped Pencil)