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Series Listing for: Betty And Bob


    Catalog Number: MP21116
    Series: Betty And Bob
            Volume 1
               Episode xx   01-22-37  "Bob Cracks Under The Strain Of His Job"
               SYNDICATED SERIES
               Episode 01   06-16-47  "Betty And Bob Arrive In Small Community Of Waalt
               Episode 02   06-17-47  "A Neighbor Shot At Deputy Sheriff And Is Barrica
               Episode 03   06-18-47  "Chet Andrews Comes Home With The Drakes, Meets C
               Episode 04   06-19-47  "Anita Roosak Has Escaped Her Father's Home"
               Episode 05   06-20-47  "Chet Andrews Is Falling For Claire Evans"
               Episode 06   06-23-47  "Betty Tells Chet About Claire's Situation"
               Episode 07   06-24-47  "Ex-Police Chief Henderson Visits The Drakes"
               Episode 08   06-25-47  "Corruption In City Government"
               Episode 09   06-26-47  "Bob Is Anxious To Take Control Of His New
               Episode 10   06-27-47  "Chet Comes To Visit Claire"
               Episode 11   06-30-47  "Bob's Returning To Monroe To Fight C
               Episode 12   07-01-47  "Betty Has Found A House For The Drak
               Episode 13   07-02-47  "The Drakes Are Out With Ellsworth Ja
               Episode 14   07-03-47  "Henderson Has News About The City Co
               Episode 15   07-04-47  "Margaret Jamerson's Run Down Young G
               Episode 16   07-07-47  "Betty Visits Ellsworth Jamerson"

    Catalog Number: MP21117
    Series: Betty And Bob
            Volume 2
               Episode 111  11-24-47  "Betty Wants Bob To Convince Evelyn Lewis To Leav
               Episode 112  11-25-47  "Bob Takes Evelyn Lewis To Dinner"
               Episode 113  11-26-47  "Sam Has Proposed To Evelyn"
               Episode 114  11-27-47  "Betty Talks With Evelyn About Sam"
               Episode 115  11-28-47  "Evelyn Lewis Decides Not To Marry Sam"
               Episode 116  12-01-47  "Evelyn Heads For Martin Anderson's Office"
               Episode 117  12-02-47  "Evelyn's Conversation With Hap"
               Episode 118  12-03-47  "Betty And Bob Discuss Evems Surrounding Sam"
               Episode 119  12-04-47  "Evelyn Purposely Encounters Bob Near His Office"
               Episode 120  12-05-47  "Betty Doesn't Trust Evelyn's Story"
               Episode 121  12-08-47  "Martin Anderson And Hap Discuss The Drake
               Episode 122  12-09-47  "The Newspaper's Financial Problems Increa
               Episode 123  12-10-47  "Evelyn Visits Bob At His Office"
               Episode 124  12-11-47  "Sam Is Impressed With Bob's Determin
               Episode 125  12-12-47  "Betty And Her Mother Discuss Bob's P
               Episode 126  12-15-47  "Betty And Bob Discuss Their Newspape
               Episode 127  12-16-47  "The Drakes Have Taken Claire To The
               Episode 128  12-17-47  "Claire Has Given Birth To A Boy"
               Episode 129  12-18-47  "Someone Has Broken Into Newspaper's
               Episode 130  12-19-47  "Drakes Suspect Martin Anderson Guilt