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Series Listing for: Command Performance

    Catalog Number: MP20145
    Series: Command Performance
            AFRS Production
            Volume 1
               Episode 01  03-01-42  Eddie Cantor, Bea Wain, Danny Kaye, Dinah Shore
               Episode 02  03-09-42  Fred Waring, Joe E. Lewis, Tallulah Bankhead
               Episode 03  03-13-42  Kate Smith, Henny Youngman, Barry Wood, Ed Gardner
               Episode 04  03-18-46  Fred Allen, Madeleine Carroll, Kenny Baker
               Episode 05  03-29-42  George Jessel, Joan Edwards, Carmen Marinda
               Episode 06  04-01-42  Kay Kyser, Bea Wain, Lou Holtz, Wendy Davis
               Episode 07  04-12-42  Gene Tierney, Betty Hutton, Gary Cooper
               Episode 08  04-16-42  Clifton Fadiman, Basin Street Music Society
               Episode 09  04-19-42  Shirley Temple, Martha Tilton, Ceferino Garcia
               Episode 10  04-23-42  Pat O'brien, Sammy Kaye, Maxie Rosenbloom
               Episode 11  04-28-42  Adolph Menjou, Fibber McGee & Molly, Red Sk
               Episode 12  05-07-42  Betty Grable, Judy Canova, Robert Benchley

    Catalog Number: MP20479
    Series: Command Performance
            AFRS Production
            Volume 2
               Episode 13   05-14-42  Edward G. Robinson, Hedy Lamarr, Parkyakarkas, Mi
               Episode 14   05-18-42  George Raft, Brenda & Cobina, Deanna Durbin, Mead
               Episode 15   05-13-42  Marlene Dietrich, Eddie Peabody, Bob Moonan Orche
               Episode 16   06-02-42  Mickey Rooney, Betty Hutton, Bob Burns, Amos & An
               Episode 17   06-11-42  Don Ameche, Merry Macs, Max Baer, Carole Landis
               Episode 18   06-18-42  William Powell, Martha Tilton, Lou Bring Orchestr
               Episode 19   06-23-42  Loretta Young, Ella Fitzgerald, Ransom Sherman
               Episode 20   06-30-42  Spencer Tracy, Mary Lee, Lou Forbes
               Episode 21   07-07-42  Bob Hope, Lena Horne, Victor Young
               Episode 22   07-14-42  Edward Arnold, Ethel Waters, Reginald Beane
               Episode 23   07-21-42  Pat O'brien, Francis Langford, Alfred Newm
               Episode 24   07-28-42  Cary Grant, Shirley Ross, Walter Scharf

    Catalog Number: MP20480
    Series: Command Performance
            AFRS Production
            Volume 3
               Episode 25   08-04-42  Clark Gable, Cass Daley, Nat Finston & The Mgm St
               Episode 26   08-11-42  Walter Pidgeon, Mills Brothers, Leo Forbstein
               Episode 27   08-18-42  Cary Grant, Virginia O'brien, Joan Davis, Charles
               Episode 28   08-25-42  Red Skelton, Betty Hutton, Alfred Newman
               Episode 29   09-04-42  Tallulah Bankhead, Joan Edwards, Colonal Stoopnag
               Episode 30   09-11-42  Bing Crosby, Connee Boswell, Bert Wheeler, & Hank
               Episode 31   08-30-42  Bing Crosby, Kay Kyser & Company, Hedy Lamarr
               Episode 32   09-22-42  Don Ameche, Vivian Blaine, Hanley Stafford & Fann
               Episode 33   09-29-42  Bob Burns, Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Count Basie
               Episode 34   10-07-42  Cary Grant, Spike Jones & His City Slickers
               Episode 35   10-09-42  Bob Hope, Claudette Colbert, Judy Garland
               Episode 36   10-13-42  Bing Crosby, Mary Martin, Dinah Shore

    Catalog Number: MP20481
    Series: Command Performance
            AFRS Production
            Volume 4
               Episode 37   10-21-42  Francis Langford, Bob Burns, Don Wilson, Jimmy Do
               Episode 38   10-24-42  Linda Darnell, Red Skelton, Virginia O'brien, Zer
               Episode 39   10-27-42  Rita Hayworth, Cass Daley, Hall Johnson Choir, Sp
               Episode 40   11-03-42  Betty Grable, Freddy Slack Orchestra With Ella Ma
               Episode 41   11-10-42  Jack Benny, Alice Faye, Cass Daley, Marlene Finge
               Episode 42   11-15-42  Leopold Stokowski & The NBC Symphony Orchestra
               Episode 42a  12-09-42  Dinah Shore, Merry Macs, Ethel Waters, Tommy Dors
               Episode 45   01-02-43  Linda Darnel, Inkspots, Cass Daley, Jascha Heifet
               Episode 46   01-06-43  Robert Taylor, King Sisters, Joan Davis
               Episode 47   01-10-43  Joan Blondell, Florence George, Connie Hai
               Episode 48   01-16-43  Jeanette Macdonald, Virginia O'brien

    Catalog Number: MP20482
    Series: Command Performance
            AFRS Production
            Volume 5
               Episode 49   01-23-43  Bob Hope, Joan Blondell, Lena Horne, Ginny Simms
               Episode 50   01-30-43  Dinah Shore, Chill Wills, Ann Miller, Kathryn Gra
               Episode 51   02-06-43  Rita Hayworth, Betty Hutton, George Burns & Graci
               Episode 52   02-13-43  Bing Crosby, Richard Crooks, Pat O'malley, Merry
               Episode 53   02-20-43  Olivia De Haviliand, Allan Jones, Frances Langfor
               Episode 54   02-24-43  Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore, Carmen Mirand
               Episode 55   02-27-43  Betty Grable, Marian Andreson, Pat O'malley, Char
               Episode 57   03-13-43  Dinah Shore, Cornelia Otis Skinner, Allan Jones
               Episode 58   03-20-43  Judy Garland, John Charles Thomas, Kenny Baker
               Episode 59   03-27-43  Kay Kyser, Lennie Hayton, Hedda Hopper
               Episode 60   04-01-43  Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore, Charioteers

    Catalog Number: MP20483
    Series: Command Performance
            AFRS Production
            Volume 6
               Episode 61   04-03-43  Bob Hope, Judy Garland, Johnny Mercer, Lee Sweetl
               Episode 62   04-17-43  Dinah Shore, Fay Mckenzie, Glen Gray & The Casa L
               Episode 63   04-24-43  Ann Sheridan, Paul Whiteman, Gracie Allen, Jose I
               Episode 64   05-01-43  Kate Smith, John Charles Thomas, Cass Daley, Fred
               Episode 65   05-05-43  Ginny Simms, Gene Autry & Trios: Eddie & Jimmie D
               Episode 66   05-08-43  Martha Raye, Chief Petty Officer Rudy Vallee
               Episode 67   05-15-43  Joan Blondell, Dick Powell, Rochester, Judy Canov
               Episode 68   05-22-43  Dinah Shore, Sportsmen's Quartet, Bill Thompson
               Episode 69   06-05-43  Betty Hutton, Amos & Andy, Jose Iturbi
               Episode 70   06-12-43  Bob Crosby, Count Basie Orchestra
               Episode 71   06-19-43  Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore, Fanny Brice
               Episode 72   06-26-43  Fred Macmurray, Alice Faye, Bea Benaderat

    Catalog Number: MP20484
    Series: Command Performance
            AFRS Production
            Volume 7
               Episode 73   07-03-43  Kay Kyser, Orchestra, Gertrude Niesen, Alan Carne
               Episode 74   07-10-43  Ronald Colman, Jeanette Macdonald, Ginny Simms, E
               Episode 75   07-11-43  Bing Crosby, Betty Grable, Harry James, Artur Rub
               Episode 76   07-24-43  Dinah Shore, Tommy Dorsey, Robert Benchley, Rise
               Episode 77   07-31-43  Katharine Hepburn, Jesters (Buy Bonham, Red Latha
               Episode 78   08-07-43  Greer Garson, Gloria Warren, Nelson Eddy, Cass Da
               Episode 79   08-14-43  Rosalind Russell, Carlos Ramirez, Jimmy Wakeley
               Episode 80   08-21-43  Ginger Rogers, Frank Sinatra, Mel Blanc, Alice Fa
               Episode 81   08-28-43  Jimmy Durante, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland
               Episode 82   09-09-43  Marlene Dietrich, Shirley Ross, Solito De Sol
               Episode 83   09-06-43  Dinah Shore, Jeanette Macdonald, Garry Moo
               Episode 84   09-11-43  Ginny Simms, Andrews Sisters, Mitch Ayres

    Catalog Number: MP20485
    Series: Command Performance
            AFRS Production
            Volume 8
               Episode 85   09-18-43  Ronald Colman, Jascha Heifetz, Rise Stevens, Lena
               Episode 86   09-25-43  Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Frances Langford, Tony Rom
               Episode 87   10-02-43  Don Ameche, Betty Hutton, Vagabonds, Al Dexter, K
               Episode 88   10-09-43  Bob Young, Tex Ritter, Salty Holmes, Cass Daley
               Episode 89   10-16-43  Bette Davis, John Charles Thomas, Garry Moore, Ri
               Episode 90   10-23-43  Bob Hope, Carole Landis, Shirley Ross, Vronsky &
               Episode 91   10-30-43  Judy Garland, Dinah Shore, Shirley Ross, Ginny Si
               Episode 92   11-13-43  Bob Hope, Jimmy Durante, Betty Hutton, Judy Garla
               Episode 93   11-20-43  Ida Lupino, Phil Harris, Gracie Fields
               Episode 94   11-27-43  Herbert Marshall, Bob Wills & Tommy Duncan
               Episode 95   12-04-43  Dinah Shore, Lulu Belle & Scotty, Fats Wal
               Episode 96   12-11-43  Bob Hope, Martha Raye, Frances Langford

    Catalog Number: MP20486
    Series: Command Performance
            AFRS Production
            Volume 9
               Episode 097  12-18-43  Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore, The Charioteers, Ukie
               Episode 098  12-20-43  Fred Allen, Ginny Simms, Lauritz Melchior, Golden
               Episode 099  12-21-43  Fred Waring, Orchestra, Kate Smith, Orson Welles,
               Episode 100  01-08-44  Shirley Ross, Harry James Orchestra, Carmen Miran
               Episode 101  01-15-44  Frances Langford, Virginia O'brien, The Revuers
               Episode 102  01-22-44  Bob Hope, Benny Goodman Orchestra, Dennis Day, Jo
               Episode 103  01-31-44  Robert Young, Glenn Miller, Mary Martin, Kate Smi
               Episode 104  02-01-44  Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dinah Shore
               Episode 105  02-05-44  Jerry Colonna, Fibber Mcgee & Molly, Ethel Waters
               Episode 106  02-12-44  Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland
               Episode 107  02-19-44  Loretta Young, Frances Langford, Ginny Sim
               Episode 108  02-26-44  Dorothy Lamour, Virginia O'brien

    Catalog Number: MP20848
    Series: Command Performance
            AFRS Production
            Volume 10
               Episode 109  03-04-44  Ginger Rogers, George Murphy, Jimmy Durante, Virg
               Episode 110  03-11-44  Frank Sinatra, Dinah Shore, Ginny Simms
               Episode 111  03-18-44  Bea Wain, Luboshultz, & Nimenoff, Charioteers
               Episode 112  03-25-44  Don Ameche, Cass Daley, Carmen Miranda, Fay Mcken
               Episode 113  04-01-44  Ginny Simms, Irene Manning, Catherine Craig, Lena
               Episode 115  04-15-44  Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore, Yehudi Menuhin, Lula Be
               Episode 116  04-22-44  Gene Tierney, Roy Acuff, Martha Tilton
               Episode 117  04-29-44  Olivia Dehavilland, Bob Crosby Orchestra, Merry M
               Episode 118  05-06-44  Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Betty Hutton, Gypsy
               Episode 119  05-13-44  Dinah Shore, Helen Forrest, Lena Horne
               Episode 120  05-20-44  Paulette Goddard, Anita Ellis, Louis Armst

    Catalog Number: MP20849
    Series: Command Performance
            AFRS Production
            Volume 11
               Episode 121  05-27-44  Dick Haymes, Virginia O'brien, Louis Jordan Dinah
               Episode 122  06-03-44  Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Jerry Colon
               Episode 123  06-03-44  Connie Haines, Shirley Ross, Lena Horne, Lotta Le
               Episode 124  06-10-44  Bette Davis, Marilyn Maxwell, Arti Shaw, Jimmy Du
               Episode 125  06-17-44  Jack Benny, Bing Crosby, Harpo Marx, Gary Cooper
               Episode 126  06-24-44  "All Western Command Performance"
               Episode 127  07-01-44  Maxine Sullivan, Neslon Eddy, Garry Moore
               Episode 128  07-08-44  Claudette Colbert, Alan Hale, Jimmy Durante
               Episode 129  07-15-44  Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Andrews Sisters
               Episode 130  07-22-44  Ronald Colman, Ginny Simms, Ida Lupino
               Episode 131  07-30-44  Barbara Stanwyck, Dick Haymes, June Allyso
               Episode 132  08-05-44  Ginger Rogers, George Murphy, Jimmy D

    Catalog Number: MP20850
    Series: Command Performance
            AFRS Production
            Volume 12
               Command Performance 440812 Ep133  Gloria De Haven, Lois Butler, Johnny M
               Command Performance 440819 Ep134  Helen Forrest, Judy Garland, Lauritz M
               Command Performance 440826 Ep135  Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Rochester,
               Command Performance 440902 Ep136  Betty Grable, Florence Gill, Beatrice
               Command Performance 440909 Ep137  Groucho Marx, Gloria De Haven, Frank M
               Command Performance 440913 Ep138  Bob Hope, Johnny Mercer, Gloria De Hav
               Command Performance 440923 Ep139  Martha Raye, Jack Carson, Jane Wyman
               Command Performance 440930 Ep140  Deanna Durbin, Jack Benny, Martha Tilt
               Command Performance 441007 Ep141  Dinah Shore, Ed Gardner, Kay Th
               Command Performance 441014 Ep142  Ken Carpenter,  Bob Hope, Lena
               Command Performance 441021 Ep143  Eddie Cantor, Loumell Morgan Tr
               Command Performance 441026 Ep144  Clark Gable, Winged Victor