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Series Listing for: Christmas Programs

    Catalog Number: MP20186

    Series: Christmas Reunion

            NBC  Sustained  Christmas Day, 1943

               Shortwave broadcast from around the World including Bethlehem.

               HOST: Robert St. John

               STARS: Mitchell Boys Choir, Jose Iturbi,

               Freeman Gosdon, Charles Correll (Amos & Andy)

               Includes many interviews with soldiers.

               Christmas Reunion  12-25-43   Part 1

               Christmas Reunion  12-25-43   Part 2

               Christmas Reunion  12-25-43   Part 3

               Christmas Reunion  12-25-43   Part 4

               Christmas Reunion  12-25-43   Part 5

               Christmas Reunion  12-25-43   Part 6

    Catalog Number: MP20605

    Series: Christmas Programs

            Mixed Series

            Volume 1

               Anthology  12/19/54  "Poetry For Christmas"

               Campbell Playhouse  12/24/39  "A Christmas Carol"

               Campbell Playhouse  12/23/38  "A Christmas Carol"

               Command Performance  12/24/42  "1942 Christmas Special"

               Command Performance  12/25/43  1943 Christmas Special"

               Empire Builders  12/22/30  "Columbia River"

               Red Skelton Show  12/19/51  "The Little Christmas Tree"

    Catalog Number: MP20606

    Series: Christmas Programs

            Mixed Series

            Volume 2

               Command Performance  12-25-44  "1944 Christmas Special"

               Command Performance  12-25-45  "1945 Christmas Special"

               Lux Radio Theater  03-10-47  "It's A Wonderful Life"

               Lux Radio Theater  12-24-51  "Alice In Wonderland"

               Lux Radio Theater  12-25-53  "Peter Pan"

    Catalog Number: MP20607

    Series: Christmas Programs

            Mixed Series

            Volume 3

               Andrews Sisters  12-19-45  Guest: Ray Noble

               Bing Crosby Show  12-25-46  "Christmas Show"

               Dragnet  12-22-49  "Twenty-Two Rifle For Christmas"

               Jimmy Durante Show  12-24-47  Guest: Victor Moore

               Nero Wolfe  12-15-50  "Case Of The Slaughtered Santas"

               Red Skelton Show  12-25-45  "Christmas Trees"

               Best Of All  12-20-54  "The Small One"

               New Edgar Bergan Hour  12-25-55  "Santa Claus' Helper"

               Lux Radio Theater  12-22-47  "Miracle On 34th Street"

    Catalog Number: MP20608

    Series: Christmas Programs

            Mixed Series

            Volume 4

               CBS Radio Mystery Theater  12-24-75  "A Christmas Carol"

               Escape  12-17-50  Episode 20  "The Cave"

               Escape  12-24-47  Episode 20  "Back For Christmas"

               Helen Hayes Theater  12-22-46  "A Child Is Born"

               Lux Radio Theater  12-22-41  "Remember The Night"

               Screen Director's Playhouse  12-21-50  "Miracle On 34th Street"

               Screen Director's Playhouse  12-23-49  "Miracle On 34th Street"

               Vouage of the Scarlet Queen  12-24-47  "Wise Guy From the East"

    Catalog Number: MP20609

    Series: Christmas Programs

            Mixed Series

            Volume 5

               CBS Radio Workshop  10-19-56  "The Legend Of Annie Christmas"

               CBS Radio Workshop  12-23-56  "The Story of Silent Night"

               Herold Peary Show  12-20-50  "Christmas In Connecticut"

               Life With Luigi  12-06-49  "Christmas Present for Mama"

               Life With Luigi  12-14-48  "Santa Claus Luigi"

               Life With Luigi  12-25-51  "Christmas Present For Pasquale"

               Screen Director's Playhouse  05-08-49  "It's A Wonderful Life"

               Screen Guild Theater  08-05-46  "Christmas In Connecticut"

               Screen Guild Theater  12-22-40  "The Juggler Of Notre Dame"

               Six Shooter  12-20-53  "Britt Ponset's Christmas Carol"

               Theater Guild  12-24-50  "David Cooperfield"

    Catalog Number: MP20610

    Series: Christmas Programs

            Mixed Series

            Volume 5

               Bing Crosby Show  12-20-53  "Christmas Program"

               Kraft Music Hall  12-07-44  "Kraft Choral Christmas Program"

               Life With Luigi  12-19-50  "Christmas Present For Pasquale"

               Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show  12-18-49  "Christmas Tree In the Mountains"

               Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show  12-19-48  "Hiring a Santa Claus"

               Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show  12-25-49  "Annual Christmas Show"

               Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show  12-26-48  "No Presents From Rexall"

               Roy Rogers Show  12-25-52  "The Night Before The Night Before Christmas"

               Suspense  12-21-50  "Christmas For Carol"

               Suspense  12-21-53  "The Night Before Christmas"

               Tales of the Texas Rangers  12-23-51  "Christmas Payoff"

               Tales of the Texas Rangers  12-24-50  "Christmas Present"

    Catalog Number: MP20611

    Series: Christmas Programs

            Mixed Series

            Volume 6

               Bing Crosby Show  12-25-52  "Christmas Program"

               Candy Matson  12-19-49  "Jack Frost"

               Christmas Special  12-25-49  "The Man Who Came To Dinner"

               Hallmark Playhouse  12-23-48  "The Story of Silent Night"

               Jack Benny Show  12-24-44  "Trimming A Christmas Tree"

               Jack Carson Show  12-11-46  "Dennis Morgan's Christmas Gift"

               Jack Carson Show  12-4-46  "The Christmas Tree"

               Let's Pretend  12-12-53  "The Snow Queen"

               Let's Pretend  12-19-53  "The Night Before Christmas"

               Night Beat  12-21-51  "Five Days Off For Christmas"

               Railroad Hour  12-24-51  "The Happy Prince"

    Catalog Number: MP20612

    Series: Christmas Programs

            Mixed Series

            Volume 7

               Aldrich Family  12-24-52  "Christmas Eve With the Family"

               Candy Matson  12-12-50  "San Juan Batista"

               Command Performance  12-25-48  "Christmas Special"

               Front Page Drama  12-24-33  "The Christmas Eve Ghost"

               Great Gildersleeve  12-20-50  "A Present For Kathryn"

               Jack Benny Show  12-17-39  "Christmas Shopping"

               Jack Benny Show  12-24-39  "Christmas Open House"

               Jack Carson Show  12-25-46  "Christmas Preparations"

               Studio One  12-23-47  "Painted Veils"

    Catalog Number: MP20613

    Series: Christmas Programs

            Mixed Series

            Volume 8

               Elgin's Annual War-Time Christmas Party  12-25-44

               Fibber McGee and Molly  12-19-39  "Package From Uncle Sycamore"

               Great Gildersleeve  12-12-51  "Leroy Selling Christmas Trees"

               Great Gildersleeve  12-19-51  "Christmas Program"

               Great Gildersleeve  12-24-52  "Gildy and Leroy Alone for Christmas"

               Great Gildersleeve  12-26-51  "Opening Late Christmas Presents"

               Plot To Overthrow Christmas  12-3-93  Norman Corwin Special

               Red Skelton Show  12-24-46  "Christmas Stories"

               Red Skelton Show  12-26-51  "The Day After Christmas"

    Catalog Number: MP20614

    Series: Christmas Programs

            Mixed Series

            Volume 9

               Christmas Spectacular  12-25-56  Host-Eddie Cantor

               Fibber McGee and Molly  12-10-42  "Mailing Christmas Packages"

               Fibber McGee and Molly  12-12-44  "The Radio Quiz Show"

               Fibber McGee and Molly  12-19-44  "Early Christmas Presents"

               Fibber McGee and Molly  12-24-42  "The Radio-Phonograph"

               Fitch Bandwagon  12-21-47  "Annual Christmas Show"

               Lux Radio Theater  9-17-45  "Christmas Holiday"

               Romance of the Ranchos  12-24-41  "Christmas At San Gabriel"

               Sherlock Holmes  12-24-45  "The Night Before Christmas"

               Wild Bill Hickok  12-23-51  "Sir Tommy, The Silver Knight"

    Catalog Number: MP20615

    Series: Christmas Programs

            Mixed Series

            Volume 10

               Author's Playhouse  12-21-41  "Christmas By Injunction"

               Cavalcade of America  12-25-44  "America For Christmas"

               Christmas Eve At The Front  12-24-43  Special

               Fred Waring Show  12-15-45  "T'was The Night Before Christmas"

               Greatest Story Ever Told  12-21-47  "No Room at the Inn"

               Lux Radio theater  12-20-48  "Miracle On 34th Street"

               Lux Radio theater  12-25-50  "The Wizard of Oz"

               O'Henry Playhouse  "The Gifr of the Magi"

               Special  12-24-53  "A Christmas Carol" Laurence Olivier