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The Continental Celebrity Club

    Catalog Number: MP20140

    Series: Continental Celebrity Club

            Host: John Daly

               Episode 05  01-05-46  Guest: Gregory Ratoff

               Episode 06  01-12-46  Guest: Ann Rutherford

               Episode 07  01-19-46  Guest: Dianna Lynn

               Episode 12  02-23-46  Guest: Linda Darnell

               Episode 13  03-02-46  Guest: Constance Bennett (Inc-Last 15 min only)

               Episode 14  03-09-46  Guest: Pat O'Brien

               Episode 15  03-16-46  Guest: Carole Landis

               Episode 16  03-23-46  Guest: Bonita Granville

               Episode 17  03-30-46  Guest: Walter Abel

               Episode 22  05-04-46  Guest: Dorothy Lamour

               Episode 25  05-25-46  Guest: Hildegarde

               Episode 26  06-22-46  Guest: Peter Lawford