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Series Listing for: Frank Watanabe and the Honorable Archie

    Catalog Number: MP20229

    Series: Frank Watanabe and the

            Honorable Archie

               Episode 001  05-21-34  "Dressing For a Date"

               Episode 002  05-22-34  "Discovers Torn Pants"

               Episode 005  05-28-34  "Try To Pass a Cop In Disguise"

               Episode 006  05-29-34  "A Visit From Mr. Hiperwater"

               Episode 011  06-06-34  "Discuss Golf Game Score"

               Episode 012  06-07-34  "A Visit by Mr. Abernathy"

               Episode 021  06-25-34  "In Mexaco-Rescued by Schutter & Hiperwater"

               Episode 022  06-26-34  "Mr. Hiperwater Complaines About His Wife"

               Episode 023  06-27-34  "Archie is a Decoy for a Trap"

               Episode 024  06-28-34  "Mrs. Schutter & Mrs. Hiperwater Visit"

               Episode 025  07-02-34  "Mrs. Schutter & Hiperwater Show up Drunk"

               Episode 026  07-03-34  "Cleopatra Martin Visits"

               Episode 029  07-09-34  "Hiperwater Wants Son-in-law; Archie"

               Episode 030  07-10-34  "May Move-Frank Overstocks"

               Episode 199  "Aunt Anabella Arrives"

               Episode 200  "Watch Aunt Anabella Excerise"

               Episode 001  10-20-39  "Archie Arrives"

               Episode 002  10-24-39  "Archie Accused of Stealing"

               Episode 001  "Archie Interviews With the Nettlefold's"

               Episode 006  "Archie Tutors Wolfgang"