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Series Listing for: The Falcon

    Catalog Number: MP20272

    Series: The Falcon

            Volume 1

               Episode 01  09-03-50  "The Case Of The Quarrelsome Quartet"

               Episode 07  10-15-50  "The Case Of The Careless Client"

               Episode 08  10-22-50  "The Case Of The Double Nephews"

               Episode 09  10-29-50  "The Case Of The Double Exposure"

               Episode 10  11-05-50  "The Case Of The Rich Racketeer"

               Episode 11  11-12-50  "The Case Of The Widow's Gorilla"

               Episode 12  11-19-50  "The Case Of The Puzzling Pinup"

               Episode 13  11-26-50  "The Case Of The Stooge's Errand"

               Episode 14  12-03-50  "The Case Of The Harried Husband"

               Episode 15  12-10-50  "The Case Of The Raw Deal"

               Episode 16  12-17-50  "The Case Of The Baby Brother"

               Episode 18  01-07-51  "The Case Of The Invisible Thug"

    Catalog Number: MP20273

    Series: The Falcon

            Volume 2

               Episode 19  01-14-51  "The Case Of The Happy Hoodlum"

               Episode 20  01-21-51  "The Case Of The Substitute Target"

               Episode 21  01-28-51  "The Case Of The Bellicose Boxer"

               Episode 22  02-04-51  "The Case Of The Neighbor's Nightmare"

               Episode 23  02-11-51  "The Case Of The Mighty Muscle"

               Episode 24  02-18-51  "The Case Of The Superfluous Murder"

               Episode 25  02-25-51  "The Case Of The Practical Choker"

               Episode 26  03-04-51  "The Case Of The Gangster's Girl"

               Episode 27  03-11-51  "The Case Of The Un-Silent Butler"

               Episode 28  03-18-51  "The Case Of The Witty Widow" (1st half only)

               Episode 29  03-25-51  "The Case Of The Talented Texan"

               Episode 30  04-01-51  "The Case Of The Worried Wife"

               Episode 31  04-08-51  "The Case Of The Carved Ham"

    Catalog Number: MP20274

    Series: The Falcon

            Volume 3

               Episode 32  04-15-51  "The Case Of The Shopkeeper's Gun"

               Episode 33  04-22-51  "The Case Of The Missing Miss"

               Episode 34  04-29-51  "The Case Of The Big Talker"

               Episode 35  05-06-51  "The Case Of The Flaming Club"

               Episode 36  05-13-51  "The Case Of The Dutch Doll"

               Episode 37  05-20-51  "The Case Of The Curious Cop"

               Episode 38  05-27-51  "The Case Of The Unwelcome Wife"

               Episode 39  06-06-51  "The Case Of The Proud Papa"

               Episode 40  06-13-51  "The Case Of The Sweet Swindle"

               Episode 41  06-20-51  "The Case Of The Broken Fingerprint"

               Episode 42  06-27-51  "The Case Of The Nervous Shakedown"

               Episode 43  07-04-51  "The Case Of Everybody's Gym"

    Catalog Number: MP20275

    Series: The Falcon

            Volume 4

               Episode 44  07-11-51  "The Case Of The Vanishing Varmint"

               Episode 45  07-18-51  "The Case Of The Cautious Cousin"

               Episode 46  07-25-51  "The Case Of The Plenty Twenty"

               Episode 47  08-01-51  "The Case Of The Hypocritical Patient"

               Episode 49  08-15-51  "The Case Of The Loose Lip"

               Episode 50  08-22-51  "The Case Of The Beautiful Bait"

               Episode 69  02-14-52  "The Case Of The Missing Patient"

               Episode 70  02-21-52  "The Case Of The Gold Ring"

               Episode 71  02-28-52  "The Case Of The Natural Seven"

               Episode 72  03-06-52  "The Case Of The Killer's Key"

               Episode 73  03-13-52  "The Case Of The Grand Gamble"

               Episode 74  03-20-52  "The Case Of The Murdering Misses"

    Catalog Number: MP20276

    Series: The Falcon

            Volume 5

               Episode 76  04-03-52  "The Case Of The Deadly Dame" (1st half Only)

               Episode 77  04-10-52  "The Case Of The Handy Helpmate"

               Episode 78  04-17-52  "The Case Of The Jumping Jack"

               Episode 79  04-24-52  "The Case Of The Weeping Willow"

               Episode 80  05-01-52  "The Case Of The Fatal Fix"

               Episode 81  05-08-52  "The Case Of The King Of Hearts"

               Episode 82  05-15-52  "The Case Of The Falling Star"

               Episode 83  05-22-52  "The Case Of The Happy Hoodlum"

               Episode 84  05-29-52  "The Case Of The Burning Bridges"

               Episode 85  06-05-52  "The Case Of The Dirty Dollar"

               Episode 87  06-19-52  "The Case Of The Vanishing Visa"

               Episode 88  06-26-52  "The Case Of The Menacing Mamselle"

    Catalog Number: MP20277

    Series: The Falcon

            Volume 6

               Episode 89  07-03-52  "The Case Of The Babbling Brooks"

               Episode 90  07-10-52  "The Case Of The Running Waters"

               Episode 91  07-17-52  "The Case Of The King Of Clubs"

               Episode 92  07-24-52  "The Case Of The Broken Key"

               Episode 93  07-31-52  "The Case Of The Lonely Hunter"

               Episode 94  08-07-52  "The Case Of The Rolling Stones"

               Episode 95  08-14-52  "The Case Of The Gorgeous Greek"

               Episode 96  08-21-52  "The Case Of The Silent Butler"

               Episode 97  08-28-52  "The Case Of The Careless Corpse"

               Episode 98  09-07-52  "The Case Of The Jack Of Diamonds"

               Episode 99  09-14-52  "The Case Of The Strawberry Blonde"

    Catalog Number: MP20278

    Series: The Falcon

            Volume 7

               11-27-45  "Murder Is A Family Affair"

               11-01-48  "Murder Is A Bad Bluff"

               02-20-49  "Murder Is A Knockout"

               05-14-50  "The Case Of The Amorous Bookkeeper"

               08-30-50  "The Case Of The Disappearing Doll"