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Series Listing for: Famous Escapes

    Catalog Number: MP20687

    Series: Famous Escapes

            Australian Artranza Syndication

               Episode 01  1945  "The Man The Couldn't Hang"

               Episode 02  1945  "Catherine Of Russia"

               Episode 03  1945  "Hardy Jones, Confederate Soldier Escapes Hanging"

               Episode 04  1945  "The Kelly Gang"

               Episode 09  1945  "Countess Rackendorf, White Army Spy Escapes Firing Sq

               Episode 10  1945  "Convict Escapes To Australian Outback"

               Episode 11  1945  "Lord Nihsdale Escapes From The Tower Of London"

               Episode 14  1945  "Mary, Queen Of Scots Escapes From An Island Prison"

               Episode 15  1945  "The Keegan Gang Of Australia"

               Episode 16  1945  "The Dryfus Case"

               Episode 17  1945  "Napoleon Escapes Fron Elba"

               Episode 19  1945  "Robert Bruce Escapes The English"

               Episode 21  1945  "Stanley Saves Livingstone's Life In Afric

               Episode 22  1945  "King Charles Ii Escapes From The Roundhea

               Episode 23  1945  "Bonnie Prince Charlie Escapes From The Re

               Episode 24  1945  "Escape From Robespiere"