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All mp3 files are sampled at 44.1 Khz and encoded at 256 Kbps Bitrate.
These are very high quality files and are all first generation encodes directly from our restored CD Masters. None have ever been encoded previously and no downloads have been used. For further information on mp3 files and the encoding process, please click here.

Series Listing for:
First Ladies of Radio
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    Catalog Number: MP21570
    Series: First Ladies of Radio
            Volume 1
               Episode 1   1973  "Ruth Etting"
               Episode 2   1973  "Vaughn De Leath"
               Episode 3   1973  "Jessica Dragonette"
               Episode 4   1973  "Peg Lynch"
               Episode 5   1973  "Kate Smith"

    Catalog Number: MP21571
    Series: First Ladies of Radio
            Volume 2
               Episode 6   1973  "Carlotta Dale"
               Episode 7   1973  "Ethel Waters"
               Episode 8   1973  "Connee Boswell & The Boswell Sisters"
               Episode 9   1973  "Julia Sanderson"

    Catalog Number: MP21572
    Series: First Ladies of Radio
            Volume 3
               Episode 10  1973  "Irene Wicker"
               Episode 11  1973  "Helen Morgan"
               Episode 12  1973  "Helen Kane"
               Episode 13  1973  "Annette Hanshaw & May Breen"

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