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Five After The Hour
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    Catalog Number: MP21611
    Series: Five After The Hour
            Volume 1
               Episode 1    05-16-45  "The Life And Times Of A Happy Man"
               Episode 2    05-23-45  "The Man Without A Face"
               Episode 4    06-06-45  "The Song Of The River"
               Episode 5    06-13-45  "A Man Around The House"
               Episode 6    06-20-45  "Amid The Blaze Of Noon"
               Episode 7    06-27-45  "Murder Has No Tongue"
               Episode 8    07-04-45  "Foxhole Conversation Piece"
               Episode 9    07-11-45  "Make Out With A Poem"
               Episode 11   07-25-45  "The Course Of True Love Of Course"
               Episode 12   08-01-45  "The Tickled Rib"

    Catalog Number: MP21612
    Series: Five After The Hour
            Volume 2
               Episode 13   08-08-45  "Child Of Ignorance"
               Episode 14   08-15-45  "The Day's Long Toil"
               Episode 15   08-22-45  "The New Suit"
               Episode 16   08-29-45  "Primer For Prejudice"
               Episode 17   09-05-45  "There Was This Waltz"
               Episode 18   09-12-45  "Forty Winters"
               Episode 19   09-19-45  "A Matter 0f Conjecture" (Incomplete-Very Poor Qu
               Episode 20   09-26-45  "Cinderella: Part Two" (Incomplete)
               Episode 22   10-10-45  "An Author's Odyssey"
               Episode 23   10-17-45  "The Light Wife"

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