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Series Listing for: The Green Valley Line

    Catalog Number: MP20288
    Series: The Green Valley Line
            26-episode 1934 Railroad Adventure Serial
               Episode 01  "The Green Valley Line May Be Sold"
               Episode 02  "A $160,000 Mortgage On The Railroad Is Due In Three Months"
               Episode 03  "A Chance For The Railroad To Get A Mail Contract"
               Episode 04  "Planning For The Mail Race"
               Episode 05  "An Offer From The C.K. And W. To Buy The Green Valley Line"
               Episode 06  "The Race Begins, But Sabotage Is Possible"
               Episode 07  "The Mail Arrives Ahead Of Schedule"
               Episode 08  "The Green Valley Line Wins The Race"
               Episode 09  "A Celebration Dance Is Held"
               Episode 10  "Green Valley Line Workers Are Quitting"
               Episode 11  "Carrie Graham Goes To Work For Green Valley Line"
               Episode 12  "Lost Time And A New Engineer"
               Episode 13  "The Dispatcher's Office Is Wrecked"
               Episode 14  "Possible Take Over And A Stock Holders Meeting"
               Episode 15  "Intrigue At The Stockholders Meeting"
               Episode 16  "An Attempt To Get Into The Railroad Safe"
               Episode 17  "Bill Reid And Judge Merrick Escape"
               Episode 18  "A Near Riot"
               Episode 19  "Bill Threatens To Quit"
               Episode 20  "Problems With The $70,000 Mortgage Payment"
               Episode 21  "A Gold Mine Sale To Raise The Mortgage Payment"
               Episode 22  "Bill Has Some Good News"
               Episode 23  "The New Fireman, Rufus Porter"
               Episode 24  "Plans Sabotaged To Trick the C.K. And W. Railroad"
               Episode 25  "The Mortgage Is Made"
               Episode 26  "Secret Wedding Plans Are Known"