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Hawaiian Fantasies
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    Catalog Number: MP21629
    Series: Hawaiian Fantasies
            Volume 1
               Episode 1   1930s  "Flight Into The Pacific"
               Episode 2   1930s  "Paipai, Volcano Goddess"
               Episode 3   1930s  "The Magic Pipes"
               Episode 4   1930s  "Carefree Hawaiian Life"
               Episode 5   1930s  "King Kamahamaha Stops"
               Episode 6   1930s  "Mahielai Loves A Mortal"
               Episode 7   1930s  "Sun's Strange Habit"
               Episode 8   1930s  "Song Of Moikaiha"
               Episode 9   1930s  "Legend Of The Bread Fruit Tree"
               Episode 10  1930s  "Legend Of The Kami Kau"
               Episode 11  1930s  "Race Of Warriors"
               Episode 12  1930s  "Legend Of Lenore"
               Episode 13  1930s  "Legends Of The Ghost Dance"
               Episode 14  1930s  "King Kamahamaha"
               Episode 15  1930s  "Legend Of The Water Of Life"
               Episode 16  1930s  "Spirit Of The Sea"
               Episode 17  1930s  "Bringing Of Fire"
               Episode 18  1930s  "Rock Of Kau Ali"
               Episode 19  1930s  "Prince Of Spear Throwers"

    Catalog Number: MP21630
    Series: Hawaiian Fantasies
            Volume 2
               Episode 20  1930s  "Puna And The Dragon Goddess"
               Episode 21  1930s  "Ha Taya Falls In Love"
               Episode 22  1930s  "Legend Of The Shark God"
               Episode 25  1930s  "Maui Lifts Up Sky"
               Episode 26  1930s  "Maui's Catch"
               Episode 27  1930s  "The Story Of Hai Ku"
               Episode 28  1930s  "Woman In The Moon"
               Episode 29  1930s  "Strongest Boy In The World"
               Episode 30  1930s  "Story Of Aloa Kaya"
               Episode 31  1930s  "Maui Seeks Immortality"
               Episode 32  1930s  "Story Of Twins"
               Episode 33  1930s  "Legend Of Naanihuni"
               Episode 34  1930s  "Island Home Of Beauty"
               Episode 35  1930s  "Feather Cloak"
               Episode 36  1930s  "Legend Of The Rainbow God"
               Episode 37  1930s  "Ku And Keela"
               Episode 38  1930s  "Hawaii Calls To You"
               Episode 39  1930s  "Last Show Of Series"

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