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I Love Adventure

    Catalog Number: MP20152

    Series: I Love Adventure

            Carleton E. Morse Production

               Episode 01  04-25-48  "The China Coast Incident"

               Episode 02  05-02-48  "The Great Airmail Robbery"

               Episode 03  05-09-48  "The Devil's Santuary"

               Episode 04  05-16-48  "The Pearl of Great Price"

               Episode 05  05-23-48  "The Hundred Million Manhunt"

               Episode 06  05-30-48  "The Finishing School Kidnapping"

               Episode 07  06-06-48  "But Grandma, What big Teeth You Have"

               Episode 08  06-13-48  "The Man With the Third Green Eye"

               Episode 09  06-20-48  "The Girl in the Street"

               Episode 10  06-27-48  "The Kwan Moon Dagger"

               Episode 11  07-04-48  "Assignment with a Displaced Person"

               Episode 12  07-11-48  "Hearse On the Highway"

               Episode 13  07-18-48  "The Ambassador Ricardo Santos Affair"