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Series Listing for: It Pays To Be Ignorant

    Catalog Number: MP20947
    Series: It Pays To Be Ignorant
               Episode 51   10-04-43  "What Beverage Comes From Tea Leaves?"
               Episode 69   02-07-44  "What Is A Breadknife Used For?"
               Episode 99   08-25-44  "What Is The Habitat Of The Bengal Tiger"
               Episode 105  10-06-44  "Why Do People Eat Garlic?"
               Episode 106  10-13-44  "Do Married Men Live Longer Then Single Men?"
               Episode 107  10-20-44  "Robert Benchley"
               Episode 109  11-03-44  "Guest: Shirley Booth"
               Episode 110  11-10-44  "Guest: Adolphe Menjou"
               Episode 131  04-06-45  "Where Did The Old Woman Who Lived In A Sh
               Episode 176  02-15-46  "What City Are The Chicago Stockyards In?"
               10-23-48  "Who Painted Rembrandt's Self-Portrait?"
               10-30-48  "Name A President That Started Life As Baby"