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Series Listing for: Jeff Regan, Investigator

    Catalog Number: MP20522

    Series: Jeff Regan, Investigator

            Stars: Jack Webb as "THE LION'S EYE"

            Volume 1

               Episode 02   07-17-48  "The Prodigal Daughter"

               Episode 03   07-24-48  "The Lonesome Lady"

               Episode 04   07-31-48  "The Lady With The Golden Hair"

               Episode 05   08-07-48  "The Man Who Liked The Mountains"

               Episode 06   08-14-48  "The Diamond Quartette"

               Episode 07   08-21-48  "The Man Who Came Back"

               Episode 08   08-28-48  "The Man In The Door"

               Episode 09   09-04-48  "The House By The Sea"

               Episode 10   09-11-48  "Cain & Able And The Santa Maria"

               Episode 12   09-25-48  "The Lady With No Name"

    Catalog Number: MP20523

    Series: Jeff Regan, Investigator

            Stars: Jack Webb as "THE LION'S EYE"

            Volume 2

               Episode 13   10-02-48  "The Man With The Key"

               Episode 14   10-09-48  "Too Many Mrs. Rogers"

               Episode 15   10-16-48  "The Lost Lady"

               Episode 18   11-06-48  "The Lady With Too Much Hair"

               Episode 19   11-13-48  "The Guy From Gower Gulch"

               Episode 20   11-20-48  "The Pilgrim's Progress"

               Episode 21   11-27-48  "The Man Who Fought Back"

               Episode 22   12-04-48  "The Lawyer And The Lady"

               Episode 23   12-11-48  "The Gambler And His Lady"

               Episode 24   12-18-48  "The Man Who Live Dowm By The Sea"

    Catalog Number: MP20524

    Series: Jeff Regan, Investigator

            Stars: Frank Graham as "THE LION'S EYE"

            Volume 3

               Episode 3    10-19-49  "The Lady From Brazil"

               Episode 4    10-26-49  "The Lady Who Wanted To Live"

               Episode 5    11-02-49  "The Man In Black" (Rehearsal)

               Episode 6    11-09-49  "The Little Man's Lament"

               Episode 7    11-16-49  "The Two Little Sisters"