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Series Listing for: The Jack Kirkwood Show

    Catalog Number: MP20674

    Series: The Jack Kirkwood Show

               05-24-44  "Home For Former Radio Actors"

               05-30-45  "Darkest Africa" (Very heavy disc noise)

               06-06-45  "The Buried Electric Light Bulb"

               06-07-45  "Way Down Thar In Them Old Kentucky Hills" (Very heavy disc no

               11-09-45  "No Matter How Hungry A Horse May Be, He Shouldn't

               11-14-45  "Queenie, Here's Mud In Your Eye"

               02-14-46  "The True Story Of King Arthur"

               07-01-46  Guest: Connie Haines

               08-05-46  "The Concert Pianist"

               09-30-46  "At The Movies"

               12-06-51  "A Visit To The Movie Theater"

               12-13-51  "The Count Of Monte Cristo"

               07-18-52  "The Life Of Jack Kirkwood"

               07-25-52  "The Prison Warden"

               05-04-53  "The Frobisher Neep Expedition"

               Episode 742  "Clothing Store"

               Episode 743  "The Flat Man"

               Episode 749  "The Robert Fulton Story"