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The Marriage

    Catalog Number: MP20077

    Series: The Marriage

            Volume 1

               Audition    10-24-52  "How They Met and Married"

               Episode 01  10-04-53  "PTA 5th Grade Volunteer"

               Episode 03  10-18-53  "Emily's First Formal"

               Episode 04  10-18-53  "An Old Friend of Liz's In Town"

               Episode 06  11-08-53  "Ben's Shady Client"

               Episode 07  11-15-53  "Liz Fights for a Traffic Ticket"

               Episode 08  11-22-53  "Fred Hertzell Visits From Kanzas"

               Episode 09  11-29-53  "Emily Pledges Omega Chi"

               Episode 10  12-06-53  "Liz Takes up Painting"

               Episode 11  12-13-53  "Ben Represents Stan In Juvenile Court"

               Episode 12  12-20-53  "Liz Gets Christmas Job at Perfume Counter"

               Episode 13  12-27-53  "Ben and Liz Recall How the First Met"

    Catalog Number: MP20078

    Series: The Marriage

            Volume 2

               Episode 14  01-03-54  "Liz Paints the Appartment and Ben Meets Judy"

               Episode 15  01-10-54  "Ben and Liz Spend Weekend in Vermont"

               Episode 16  01-17-54  "The Grandfather Clock"

               Episode 17  01-24-54  "Liz Gets to Know Bobby Logan"

               Episode 18  01-31-54  "Liz Decides to Get a Job"

               Episode 19  02-07-54  "Ben's Father Comes for Three-Week Visit"

               Episode 20  02-14-54  "Ben's Law Firm is Desolving"

               Episode 22  02-28-54  "Is Liz Pregnant?"

               Episode 23  03-07-54  "Filling Out Income Tax Forms"

               Episode 24  03-14-54  "Individuality"

               Episode 25  03-21-54  "Emily Worships Her Father"

               Episode 26  03-28-54  "Ben Arranges Date For Emily With Harold"