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Series Listing for: The Mayor of the Town

    Catalog Number: MP21234
    Series: The Mayor of the Town
            Stars Lionel Barrymore and Agnes Moorehead
            Volume 1
               Episode 1    09-06-42  "Tom Williams Wants To Enlist"
               Episode 2    09-13-42  "Holly Has A Crush On John Andrews"
               Episode 3    09-20-42  "Amy Lou Goes To War"
               Episode 4    09-27-42  "`Papa Dear' Contest"
               Episode 1    10-07-42  "Mayor Takes In An 11-Year-Old War Orphan"
               Episode 3    10-14-42  "A Baby Is Abandoned At The Mayor's Doorstep"
               Episode 6    11-04-42  "The Mayor Helps A Discredited Surgeon"
               Episode 10   12-02-42  "The Mayor Helps A Musician Who's Going Deaf"
               Episode 11   12-09-42  "Enemy Agents Try To Steal A Cane With Hid
               Episode 13   12-24-42  "A Christmas Carol"
               Episode 15   01-06-43  "Janie Williams' Baby"

    Catalog Number: MP21235
    Series: The Mayor of the Town
            Stars Lionel Barrymore and Agnes Moorehead
            Volume 2
               Episode 21   02-17-43  "Finding Mary Meyer"
               Episode 23   03-03-43  "Dick Miller's Submarine Accident"
               Episode 26   03-24-43  "A Fraud Painter Tries To Steal Valuable Cups"
               Episode 27   03-31-43  "Bob Hope Visits"
               Episode 29   04-14-43  "The Mayor Tries To Spend A Quiet Night At Home"
               Episode 31   04-28-43  "Mayor Recalls Scenes Of Love In Springdale"
               Episode 32   05-05-43  "Susie Robertson Enters An Amateur Contest"
               Episode 33   05-12-43  "Susie's Engagement To A Movie Star"
               Episode 39   06-23-43  "The Mayor Takes Care Of Five Cats"
               Episode 40   06-30-43  "Toni Mccafferty Falls For Captain Bill Ke
               Episode      04-15-46  "All On An April Evening"
               Episode      07-07-46  "The Rocking Chair"