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Metropolitan Opera Auditions Of the Air

    Catalog Number: MP20338

    Series: Metropolitan Opera Auditions

            Of the Air    Volume 1

               Episode 01  01-05-53  Heidi Krall and Albert Palumbo

               Episode 03  01-19-53  Marie Traficante and Alan Beiser

               Episode 05  02-02-53  Jan Gabor and Irene Patti

               Episode 06  02-09-53  Marvin Warden and Dorothy Inglis

               Episode 08  02-23-53  Marjorie Gordon and Caspare Vecchioni

               Episode 09  03-02-53  Eva Bober, and Hugo Abodano

               Episode 10  03-09-53  Jeanne Grant and Richard Cassilly

               Episode 12  03-23-53  Carmelotta Oradasi, Jon Rubish, Heidi Krall

    Catalog Number: MP20339

    Series: Metropolitan Opera Auditions

            Of the Air    Volume 2

               02-01-57  Bette June Hodges and William T. Flavin

               01-05-58  Sophia Stephan and John McCurdy

               01-12-58  Martha Stotler and Robert Kirkman

               01-19-58  Maxine Norman and Anne Stephenson

               02-09-58  Micheline Tessier and William Bruce Murray

               02-16-58  Georgia Davis and Carla Riesley

               02-23-58  Barbera Leichsenring and John Arthur

               03-02-58  Lillian Massina and Louise Pearl

               03-09-58  Olona Kombrink and Jefferson Morris

               03-16-58  Helen Cox Raab and Barbara Faulkner

               03-30-58  Final Show of the Season - Finalists announced

                         Finalists: Lillian Massina, Grace Bumbry, Charles Davis

                          Announcer: Rudolph Bing

                          Conductor: Max Rudolph