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Series Listing for: Mystery Is My Hobby

    Catalog Number: MP20551

    Series: Mystery Is My Hobby

            Volume 1

               Episode 01             "June-January Marriage Spells Murder"

               Episode 02             "Mr. Michaels, Murder Suspect"

               Episode 03             "Dr. Finn Mcnutt, Constable"

               Episode 04             "Welcome U Dude Ranch Adventure"

               Episode 05             "K.O. Brown"

               Episode 06             "Who Killed David Austin"

               Episode 07             "Murder Bound"

               Episode 08             "Short Distance To Murder"

               Episode 09             "Blackmail"

               Episode 10             "The Case Of The Walking Corpse"

               Episode 11             "Greenwich Village Artist Killed"

               Episode 12             "Engaged To Death"

               Episode 13             "Who Shot Ben Curtis?"

    Catalog Number: MP20552

    Series: Mystery Is My Hobby

            Volume 2

               Episode 14             "Peter Sidney's Faithless Wife"

               Episode 15             "Jeff And Peggy Kill Peter Wade"

               Episode 16             "Prove Convicted Killer Innocent"

               Episode 17             "Some Fatherly Advice"

               Episode 18             "The Mystery Of The Burning Light"

               Episode 19             "Arthur Gideon's Memoirs"

               Episode 20             "Phony Husband"

               Episode 21             "Cinderella For A Day"

               Episode 22             "The Mink Coat"

               Episode 23             "Stella Dix Murdered"

               Episode 24             "Hit Plan Gone Astray"

               Episode 25             "Murder At Asa Clark's House"

               Episode 26             "Wife And Her Friends"

    Catalog Number: MP20553

    Series: Mystery Is My Hobby

            Volume 3

               Episode 27             "Woman Shoots Herself"

               Episode 28             "Andrew Bradford"

               Episode 29             "Murder At Folsom Point"

               Episode 30             "Blue Jay Dude Ranch"

               Episode 31             "Ben Cramer"

               Episode 32             "Chris Pomeroy"

               Episode 33             "Sally Anders Murdered"

               Episode 34             "Uncle Howard's Treasure Map"

               Episode 35             "Murder At The Arnold House"

               Episode 36             "The Mysterious Madame Valentine"

               Episode 37             "Death Of An Old Prospector"

               Episode 38             "The Thief And The Paintings"

               Episode 39             "Fishing Trip Ends In Murder"

               Episode 40             "Voice Of Doom"

    Catalog Number: MP20555

    Series: Mystery Is My Hobby

            Volume 5

               Episode 116            "Death Is A Twin"

               Episode 117            "Murder Can Sometimes Be Pleasent"

               Episode 126            "Death Asks Questions"

               Episode 127            "Death Is A Grain Of Sand"

               Episode 129            "Death Has Blue Eyes"

               Episode 130            "Death Has A Hotfoot"

               Episode 132            "Death Is One And Three"

               Episode 133            "Death Loses The Body"

               Episode 134            "Death Goes Before Pride"

               Episode 135            "Death Writes An Epitaph"