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Series Listing for: Miscellaneous Programs

    Catalog Number: MP21196
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 1
               A And P Gypsies  1929
               Champion  Episode 1  08-29-49  "The Ghost Of Black Mountain"
               "Christmas At The Radio"   12-24-59
               "Jesse Crawford Dedication Special"  03-01-36
               Kaltenmeyer's Kindergarten  12-12-36  "A Letter To Santa"
               Philadelphia Orchestra  11-26-55  "A Faust Overture"
               Riverside Rancho  Episode 46  11-12-49  "Covered Wagon Rolled Along"
               Rosa Rio Rhythm Time  07-01-47  "You With The Halo"
               Rosa Rio Rhythm Time  07-14-47  "This Is The Mrs."
               Thirteenth Juror  Episode 1  04-23-49  "What Really Happened-John Wilkes
               Those Mad Masters  03-19-46  "World Speed Writing Contest"
               Under Arrest  Episode 1  06-06-48  "Van Gogh's Paris Road"
               Under Arrest  Episode 14  09-05-48  "Max Kemp"

    Catalog Number: MP21197
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 2
               Cheloni Skin Program  1932  "I'm Playing With Fire"
               Cheloni Skin Program  1932  "La Rosita"
               Curtain Of Time  04-07-49  "In The Face Of Death"
               Curtain Of Time  04-21-49  "The Saga Of The Shenandoah"
               Curtain Of Time  04-28-49  "The War On Chicago"
               Don Winslow Of The Navy  Audition  1937  "Audition Show"
               Don Winslow Of The Navy  "The Small Plane"
               Don Winslow Of The Navy  "The Small Submarine"
               Education In The News  03-09-36  "Little Red Schoolhouse"
               Faultless Starch Time  05-15-49
               Hollywood Tour  03-11-47  "Andy Russell"
               Hollywood Tour  04-16-47  "Hurd Hatfield"
               Hollywood Tour  04-18-47  "Dale Evans"
               Kilroy And Prickly Pete  04-23-47
               "The Life Of Emile Zola"   1937
               Marmola Entertainers  1931
               Nobody's Children  Episode 99  10-15-41  "This Little Piggy"
               Raffles  Episode 20  11-04-42  "The Imposter"
               Sara's Private Caper  Episode 1  06-15-50  "Premiere Perform

    Catalog Number: MP21208
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 3
               American Eagle Club  Episode   07-04-41  "Independence Day Program"
               "The Chicago Railroad Fair"  07-04-48
               Federal Radio Theater  Episode 36  04-08-37  "Story Of Alexander Graham
               "Glenn Miller (Memorial) Tribute"  06-05-45
               Lawless Twenties  Episode 11    "The 1928 Saxon Case"
               Lawless Twenties  Episode 12    "The Flood Of Bottleg Gold"
               Mary Small Show  Episode 33  10-08-44  "Junior Miss Skit-Pta Speech"
               Mary Small Show  Episode 34  10-15-44  "Junior Miss Skit-Double Or Lose
               Take A Record Please  Episode 59    "Lional Hampton"
               Twilight Tales  Episode     "The Emperor's New Clothes"
               Twilight Tales  Episode     "The Young King"

    Catalog Number: MP21209
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 4
               Ascap Carnegie Hall Concert  10-06-39  "Host: Gene Buck Ascap President"
               By Popular Demand  Episode 1  02-22-45  "The Coffee Song"
               "Mayor Cermak Memoral Procedings"  03-11-33
               Paul Whiteman's Christmas Party  12-24-45
               Voice In The Night  05-03-46  Episode 1

    Catalog Number: MP21210
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 5
               "Humphrey Bogart Memorial Tribute"  01-16-57
               "Mccoesker-Hershfield Cardiac Foundation Dinner"  12-05-37
               "National Defense Day Broadcast"  09-12-24
               NBC Radio Institute  Episode 1  07-27-46  "Hunger"
               NBC Radio Institute  Episode 2  08-03-49  "Decision"
               NBC Radio Institute  Episode 4  08-17-49  "The Taming Of Juliette"
               Professor Quiz  Episode 24  07-04-46  "A Display Of Pyrotecnics?"
               Professor Quiz  Episode 26  07-18-46  "Reach To The Green With A Spoon"
               Professor Quiz  Episode 27  07-25-46  "The Philly At The Pole Too
               Zane Grey Show  Episode 2  09-30-47  "The Feud"
               Zeke Manners Show  07-14-47

    Catalog Number: MP21325
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 6
               "Actual Air Attack Aboard A Ship"  07-07-44
               "Babe Ruth Memorial Tribute"  08-17-48
               "Canadian Dominion Day Broadcast"  07-01-27
               "Colonel Jacob Rupert Memorial Tribute"  01-15-39
               The Croupier  Episode 1  09-28-49  "The Roman"
               "Easter Seal Parade Of Stars"  03-12-52
               "Easter Seal Parade Of Stars"  03-11-55
               "International Relay Broadcast"  03-15-25
               "Japanese Surrender At Tokyo Bay"  09-02-45
               Let's Face The Facts  Episode 11  09-29-40  "There Shall Be No Ni
               "Oscar Hamerstein, A Portrait"  11-09-57

    Catalog Number: MP21326
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 7
               American Pilgrimage 11-19-44  "Parents Of Soldiers Across The Country"
               Annie Oakley And Tagg  Audition Show  10-09-51  "Poisoning At Whistling
               Beatrice Fairfax Show  Episode 41  10-19-47  "Affection"
               Black Chapel  Episode 19  12-23-37  "The Crawling Terror"
               Darling And Dearie  Audition Show  05-12-38
               Feen-A-Mint National Amateur Night  Episode 1  02-24-35
               Feen-A-Mint National Amateur Night  Episode 10  04-14-35
               Fifth Wheel  Episode 2  06-12-39  "Mary Washes Baby"
               Ghost Walks  09-12-46  "A Sort Life In Infamy"
               Ghost Walks  01-18-47  "Power Of Attorney"
               Grandma Travels  04-01-40  "The Inn On The Lonely Road"
               "A Halloween Story" Live from The Magic Castle in Hollywood
               Husbands And Wives  02-12-36  "Flirting"
               Madison, That's Me  Audition Show  01-09-52  "Mink In The Af
               "Sir Harry Lauder"  04-28-38
               Sunshine Inn  Audition Show  11-03-39  "Lost Jobs"
               Willie Piper  07-17-47  "Master In His Own House"

    Catalog Number: MP21327
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 8
               "The AFRS Story"  01-01-53
               Cloudchaser  "Audition Show"
               Do You Want To Be An Actor?  Audition Show  02-06-46  "Audition Show"
               Don Ameche Show  Audition Show 1  06-24-46  "The Highwayman"
               Don Ameche Show  Audition Show 2  06-24-46  "The Highwayman"
               Follow The Moon  Episode 127  06-29-37  "County Shakeup"
               Hit Of The Evening  Episode 1  07-10-48  "First Electronic Harmonica"
               I Fly Anything  Episode 7  01-30-51  "Date With Death Matter"
               I Fly Anything  Episode 15  03-27-51  "3700 Pounds Of Diving Equipment"
               "Japanese Surrender At Tokyo Bay" Part 1  09-02-45
               "Japanese Surrender At Tokyo Bay" Part 2  09-02-45
               It's Always Sunday  Audition Show  09-30-51  "Trust Your Fellow M
               It's Always Sunday  Episode 2  11-18-51  "Nancy Bowman's Bab

    Catalog Number: MP21328
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 9
               "Mayor Cermak Memoral Procedings"  03-11-33
               Meet The Stars  Episode 8  05-28-40  Guests: Joan Woodbury, Montegu Love
               "National Defense Day Broadcast" Part 1  09-12-24
               "National Defense Day Broadcast" Part 2  09-12-24
               Ralph Ellison Interview "Invisible Man" To "Playing Jass Trumpet"  1965

    Catalog Number: MP21329
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 10
               Abie's Irish Rose  Episode   01-13-43
               "Cascade Tunnel Program"  01-29-29
               Club Matinee  Episode   08-18-37
               Court Of Human Relations  12-17-37  "For Love Of Me"
               Do You Want To Be An Actor?  Audition Show  02-06-46  "Audition Show"
               Elsa Maxwell's Party Line  08-13-45  "Pride Of The Marine
               Elsa Maxwell's Party Line  10-11-45  Profiles: George Jessel
               Every Day's A Holiday  08-13-49  "103 Years Ago"
               Fighting Parson  Audition Show  1938  "Audition Show"
               Free Company  Episode 6  03-30-41  "The Ox-Bow Incident"
               Gentleman Adventurer  02-06-48  "The Bandit And The Blonde"
               Honeymoon In New York  07-28-48  "The Mcquarters"
               Isham Jones Program  Episode 1  1935  "Four Or Five Times"
               Isham Jones Program  Episode 2  1935  "You're O.K."

    Catalog Number: MP21330
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 11
               Intrigue  Episode 3  08-14-46  "Sinister Errand"
               Intrigue  Episode 4  08-21-46  "The Great Impersonation"
               Intrigue  Episode 7  09-11-46  "Satan Was A Salesman"
               Junior Hobby Lobby  Audition Show  09-30-46
               Li'l Abner  Episode 36  01-08-40  "I Hate To See The Evening Sun Go Down"
               Li'l Abner  Episode 90  03-22-40  "Technique"
               O'neills   06-08-43
               Piano Playhouse  06-21-47
               "Ray Bradbury 75th Birthday Tribute"  08-22-95
               "Red Cross Flood Relief Program"  02-01-37

    Catalog Number: MP21386
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 12
               Stoopnagle And Budd  Episode 1  03-08-35  "Dead Air, Incorporated"
               Stoopnagle And Budd  Episode 2  03-15-35  "No Name, Incorporated"
               Tales Of Fatima  Episode 20  05-21-49  "A Much Expected Murder"
               Tales Of Fatima  Episode 21  05-28-49  "Time To Kill"
               Theater U.S.A.  Episode 23  04-14-49  "Petticoat Fever"
               Theater U.S.A.  Episode 33  06-23-49  "Hay Fever"
               "This Living Flag"   06-13-48
               "The Three Musketeers"
               Treasury Hour  Episode 1  07-02-41  "Information Please"
               "The Waking Giant"   10-04-48
               Win, Place Or Show  Audition  07-06-46  "Where Would You Cash $50

    Catalog Number: MP21387
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 13
               Meet Millie  Episode   10-22-53  "Painting The Town Red"
               Moving Stories Of Life  Episode 35  1935  "Mother Feigns Illness"
               Moving Stories Of Life  Episode 36  1935  "Gypsy Carnival"
               Night Hawk Rides  Episode 1  01-15-34  "The Secret Of The Lost Mine"
               Night Hawk Rides  Episode 2  01-22-34  "The Bet"
               "Paul Whihteman's Housewarming Party"   04-10-43
               Radio's Biggest Show  Episode 1  06-21-46  "Bob Hope's Grand Hotel"
               "Rexall's Parade Of Stars"  1942     Part 1
               "Rexall's Parade Of Stars"  1942     Part 2
               "Salute To Phil Harris"   07-29-51
               Scarlet Cloak  Episode -1  02-15-50  "Parents Revenge"
               "Show Boat"   1936

    Catalog Number: MP21388
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 14
               Action Eighty  Audition  03-26-52  "Project Sailfish"
               Adolph Hitler Speaks  09-01-39  "Adolph Hitler's Berliner Sportpalast"
               Adolph Hitler Speaks  10-02-33  "Berliner Sportpalast"
               Adolph Hitler Speaks  09-01-39  "Adolph Hitler's Reichstag Speech"
               At Home With The Crabtrees  Audition  1951  "New Dress For The High Schoool"
               Baker's Chocolate Broadcast  Episode 1  1930  "Simply Delish"
               Baker's Chocolate Broadcast  Episode 2  1930  "Good Evening"
               Brunswick Breviaties  1929
               Cambells  Episode 1  08-15-42  "I Got Spurs"
               Chase And Sanborn Anniversary Shows  Episode 100  11-15-64  "100t
               "A Christmas Carol"   12-24-31  Special Broadcast

    Catalog Number: MP21389
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 15
               The Circle  Episode 2  01-22-39  "In The Fog"
               The Cobbs  Episode -1  05-04-54  "The Hot Water Heater"
               The Cobbs  Episode 1  06-06-54  "John Wayne-Hero"
               The Cobbs  "Drive-In Movie"
               Coca Cola Top Notchers  Episode 1  03-19-30  "Baseball And The Coming Season"
               Coca Cola Top Notchers  Episode 2  03-26-30  "Man Who Gave Bobby Jones His Start"
               Country Editor  Episode 1  07-17-48  "Mrs. Bentley's Multiple Weddings"
               Dear John  Episode 4  10-06-40
               Man And Superman  Act III  10-22-51  "Don Juan In Hell"
               Doris Day Show  Episode   03-28-52  "Danny Thomas"
               Doris Day Show  Episode   11-25-52  "Kirk Douglas"

    Catalog Number: MP21390
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 16
               Fourth Estate  Audition  06-27-46  "The Tip Off"
               "Freedom Under God"   07-01-51
               "F.T.A. Show - Jane Fonda & Company"   11-18-65
               Gateway To Hollywood  Episode 13  12-31-39  "From The Mountain Top"
               Harry Von Zell Show  Audition  03-18-46  "Audition Show"
               Here Comes Mcbride  Episode 1  05-19-49  "There's A Body In My Room"
               Here Comes Mr. Kitzel  Audition  12-27-50  "The Honorary Mayor Of Boyle Hts"
               Hollywood Casting Office  Episode 11  1932  "Experience"
               Hollywood Casting Office  Episode 12  1932  "Man's Head In Lion's Mouth"
               Hotpoint Holiday Hour  Episode   12-25-49  "The Man Who Came To Dinner"
               House Of Mystery  Episode   05-08-45  "Monster In The Lake"
               I Cover The Waterfront  Audition  08-29-55  "Brother's Keeper"
               "Johnny Carson Audition Show"   12-08-54

    Catalog Number: MP21391
    Series: Miscellaneous Programs
            Volume 17
               "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"   11-24-72  Part 1
               "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"   11-24-72  Part 2
               The Judge  Audition  02-13-52  "Audition Show"
               Keep It In The Family  Audition  02-16-53  "The Kelly Family"
               Ken Dodd Show  "A Christmas Carol"
               Laugh With Ken Murray  Episode 1  03-24-36
               Leo And The Blonde  Audition  06-13-47  "Leo Discovers Hester"
               Leo And The Blonde  Audition  08-12-47  "Hester Lester From Luxembourg"
               Let's Go To Slapsie's  Audition  08-16-46  "The Rich Prince"
               Listening Post  07-31-47  "Come Be My Love"
               Man Of Magic  Episode 1  03-16-44  "Smiling Irish Eyes"
               Mary Lee Taylor  12-30-50  "Return To The Past"
               Maytag Frolics  1929
               Tuesday Night Party  Episode 3  10-03-39  "Life And Loves Of Rudy Vallee"