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Series Listing for: Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter

    Catalog Number: MP21363
    Series: Mary Foster, Editor's Daughter
               Episode 2195 1948  "Fred Is Jealous Of Bill"
               Episode 2196 1948  "Henry Loses The Golf Match"
               Episode 2197 1948  "Mary Wants To Move Out"
               Episode 2198 1948  "Amelia Tells All"
               Episode 2199 1948  "Edna And Mary Talk"
               Episode 2200 1948  "Tom And Mary Talk About Edna"
               Episode 2201 1948  "Talk About Amelia And Tom"
               Episode 2202 1948  "Tom And Mary Quitting"
               Episode 2203 1948  "Fred And Henry"
               Episode 2204 1948  "Amelia Gets Mary To Go"
               Episode 2205 1948  "Bill Loves Mary"
               Episode 2206 1948  "Mary And Sandra Fight"
               Episode 2207 1948  "Sandra Gloats To Henry"
               Episode 2208 1948  "Jim Has Scarlet Fever"
               Episode 2209 1948  "Jim And Mary Talk Marriage"
               Episode 2210 1948  "Henry Gets Involved"
               Episode 2211 1948  "Sandra Comes Back"
               Episode 2212 1948  "Fred Asks About Marriage"
               Episode 2213 1948  "Amelia Meets Up With Bill"
               Episode 2214 1948  "Henry Calls Edna"
               Episode 2215 1948  "Hires A New Office Boy"
               Episode 2216 1948  "Refuses To Print Column"
               Episode 2217 1948  "Mary Sells Dorothy A Car"
               Episode 2218 1948  "Car Sold By Mary's Salesman"