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All mp3 files are sampled at 44.1 Khz and encoded at 256 Kbps Bitrate.

These are very high quality files and are all first generation encodes directly from our restored CD Masters. None have ever been encoded previously and no downloads have been used. For further information on mp3 files and the encoding process, please click here.

Sleep No More

    Catalog Number: MP20157

    Series: Sleep No More

            Stories by Nelson Almstead  Volume 1

               Episode 03  11-21-56  "Conquerer's Isle"

               Episode 04  11-28-56  "Mr. Mergenthurker's Loblies" "August Heat"

               Episode 05  12-05-56  "Over the Hill" "The Man in the Black Hat"

               Episode 06  12-12-56  "Three O'Clock"

               Episode 07  12-19-56  "The Storm"

               Episode 08  12-26-56  "Death of Olivia Bicai" "Fishhead"

               Episode 10  01-09-57  "Waxwork" "The Man and the Snake"

               Episode 11  01-23-57  "I am Waiting" "Browdian Farm"

               Episode 12  01-30-57  "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall" "Escape"

    Catalog Number: MP20158

    Series: Sleep No More

            Stories by Nelson Almstead  Volume 2

               Episode 13  02-06-57  "Banquo's Chair" "The Coward"

               Episode 14  02-27-57  "To Build a Fire" "Three Skeleton Key"

               Episode 15  03-06-57  "Thus I Refute Beasley" "The Book Shop"

               Episode 16  03-13-57  "The Escape of Mr. Trim"

               Episode 17  03-20-57  "Woman In Gray" "A Suspicious Gift"

               Episode 18  04-03-57  "The Bet" "The Clerk's Quest"

               Episode 19  04-10-57  "A Passanger to Bali"

               Episode 20  04-17-57  "Homecoming" Aunt Tessie"

               Episode 21  04-24-57  "The Evening" "Flowering of Strange Orchid"