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Series Listing for: Scout About Town

    Catalog Number: MP20325

    Series: Scout About Town

                              Host: Hunt Stromberg, Jr.

               Episode 01  10-10-46  Guest: Monica Lewis

               Episode 02  10-17-46  Guest: Annamary Dickey

               Episode 03  10-31-46  Guest: Paul Vallard

                              Host: Barry Gray

               Episode 01  07-01-47  Guest: Mitzi Green

               Episode 03  07-16-47  Guests: Patricia Bright, Larry Douglas

               Episode 04  07-30-47  Guests: Bobby Breen, Arty Dunn

               Episode 05  08-05-47  Guests: Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Dorothy Sarnoff

               Episode 08  08-26-47  Guest: Beatrice Kay

               Episode 09  09-03-47  Guests: Morey Amsterdam, The Three Flames

               Episode 11  09-19-47  Guests: Peggy Mann, Terry Allen

               Extra: Barry Gray on Broadway with Guest Al Jolson 10-27-46