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Series Listing for: True Detective Mysteries

    Catalog Number: MP21075
    Series: True Detective Mysteries
               Episode 1    03-18-37  "The Rattlesnake & The Barefoot Bride"
               Episode 2    03-25-37  "Horror In A Hospital Ward"
               Episode 3    04-01-37  "Secrets Never Told Before"
               Episode 4    04-08-37  "The Buddha Man Mystery"
               Episode 5    04-15-37  "The Girl In The Iron Mask"
               Episode 6    04-22-37  "The Helen Clevenger Case"
               Episode 7    04-29-37  "Trailing Red Ryan"
               Episode 8    05-06-37  "Death In Step-Ins"
               Episode 22   08-12-37  "Who Killed Bonnie Collins?"
               Episode 23   08-19-37  "Murder In The Horror House"
               Episode 24   08-26-37  "Shipboard Beauty"
               Episode 25   09-02-37  "The Repressed Wife"