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Series Listing for: Wormwood Forest

    Catalog Number: MP21166
    Series: Wormwood Forest
               Episode 1    01-08-49  "The Telephone Hotel Reservation"
               Episode 2    01-15-49  "Suzie Skunk's Radio Problems"
               Episode 3    01-22-49  "Dippy Dwarf's Special Letter From Walt Disney"
               Episode 4    01-29-49  "Barbara Q Pig Has Noise Problems"
               Episode 5    02-05-49  "Barbara Q Pig Wants To Build A Hotel"
               Episode 6    02-12-49  "Dippy Dwarf Needs A Valentine"
               Episode 7    02-19-49  "Barbara Q Pig Goes To The Ballet"
               Episode 8    02-26-49  "Barbara Q Pig Changes Hotel Plans"
               Episode 10   03-12-49  "The Big Amateur Show"
               Episode 11   03-19-49  "Barbara Q Pig Opens Her New Hotel"
               Episode 12   03-26-49  "Frankie And Kitty Help Suzie Skunk"
               Episode 13   04-02-49  "Frankie Frog Tries To Win Wormwood Body B
               Episode 14   04-09-49  "Frankie Frog To Become A Wrestler"
               Episode 15   04-16-49  "Gorgeous Frog Vs. The Easter Bunny"
               Episode 16   04-23-49  "Gorgeous Frog Vs. Big Boy Bear, The
               Episode 17   04-30-49  "Wrestling Match In The Brook"