Jack & his dog
Is this the real Jack French???

Hot on the Trail of ......?

Jack, the waiter
Or Is this the real Jack French???

Would you actually eat something served by this guy?

Jack in a car
Or could this even be the real Jack French???

Dig that crazy sport coat, sport!!

Cool, Daddy-O, Cool!

Jack's Formal picture
Whoa ... This guy looks pretty serious

Like some actor I've seen somewhere

Or possibly even an FBI Agent ... uh oh, better watch out!

Ahhhh ... now there's a nice friendly familiar face

You don't suppose it's ......

Could it possibly be ......

By george! I think maybe it is ......

Jack's Leasure picture

Jack leasure thumbnailJack-dog thumbnailwaiter thumbnailsportcoat thumbnailJack Formal thumbnail

/anigif/Philco RadioPhilco Radio

These are all sides of Jack French. The same Jack French that every OTR collector knows and loves.

Jack the FBI Agent, Jack the Actor, Jack the Comedian, Jack the Writer, Jack the Researcher, and best of all ... Jack the Old-Time Radio Source.

Jack has been helping OTR collectors tirelessly for a very long time now. Many of you reading this either know of or have personally been helped (unsolicited) by Jack. All of you know how many times Jack's name pops up on Lou Genco's OTR Bulletin Board. It's hard to go by a day without seeing his name up there somewhere and always helping someone.

I have been personally touched by Jack's kindness probably more then any of you. Jack has helped me in the formation of my Web-Site almost from its inception. Jack has written some really excellent and informative articles, which have been published here. If you haven't already done so, please take time to read them on your way out. Simply click on OTR Articles and you'll be there. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

In addition to the articles, Jack is my only consistent SOURCE of OTR upcoming events, an area, which is becoming more popular all the time.

Besides the obvious things, Jack is constantly providing me with valuable information of all kinds. We speak, via e-mail, almost every day. It's something I really look forward to.

Jack is married to a wonderfully understanding wife, Cathy, just as I am with my wife Elaine. We found out, coincidentally while talking one day, that we were married on the exact same day, August 16, 1958. That was pretty wild.

Actually, we are giving Jack all of the credit for this event happening, when we should probably should be honoring Jack's brother, Mark, who lives in Wisconson. It was Mark who worked on Jack for two years to get Jack to buy a computer so that he could do all of these wonderful things. So thank YOU, Mark!

I have provided a mail box, which will send e-mail directly to Jack. Please take the time to honor this great friend by sending him a thank-you note. Nothing would make me happier, then to see his incoming e-mail box become totally clogged up with notes of gratitude.

Thank you all very much for stopping by to pay tribute to a very special friend, Jack French.

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