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    The radio script writers were the gas station attendents of OTR, except that they pumped words instead of gasoline. Without their words the wheels of radio would have slowed down and stopped. The actors (at least in front of the microphone) would have nothing to say. There would be no stories or plots, no lines to make us laugh or cry, to astound us or make us angry or scare the pants off of us. Without script writers there would be no radio, period.

    Luckily for us, there were many excellent writers in the radio field, and their scripts gave us hours of happiness and sorrow and pride and laughter and brought us back to the radio time and time again for good, quality entertainment.

    This page is dedicated to those writers of yesteryear, but it is also dedicated to today's writers, to amateur radio script writers who are doing their level best to keep radio alive, to keep new scripts coming in the hopes that they may be someday produced in front of a live audience or even for some advanced thinking radio station.

    We will be posting scripts from amateur writers, and we invite you to try your hand at it. Send all scripts to:


    Ever had the writing bug? Ever said "I could do better than that?" Ever wanted something written by you published (at least on the Internet)? Here's your chance. I'll be waiting to hear from you. What have you got to lose?

Jack Mann

Published Scripts

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1-28-98 "Imaginary Numbers" William H. Kincaid
1-30-98 "The JuJu" Jim Cort
1-30-98 "Encounter At Sea" Jim Cort
2-28-98 "Judzirkus" Daniel J. Geduld
2-28-98 "Inquest: The Gun Fight at the OK Corral" Jim Cort
6-22-98 "The Night Owl Radio Mystery Theatre" Episode 1
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Jim Sedgewick
7-12-98 "Actpot, Actpot! Ben Ohmart
6-22-98 "The Night Owl Radio Mystery Theatre" Episode 2 Jim Sedgewick
10-20-98 "Other Peoples' Dreams" Jim Cort

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