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     Post or Modify Date: January 29, 08
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        NBC in cooporation with the University of North Carolina
        Thursdays 8:30 - 9:00pm
        "A Study of Man in the New World"
        DIRECTOR: John Clayton       WRITER: John Ehle
98614A   "KING WITH A CROWN"               1  07-28-55  :29:00  Dignity and self-sacrifice.  A slave
                                                                boy on a slave ship and the man who
                                                                helps him

98614B   "HEARTHFIRE"                      2  08-04-55  :29:30  Of home and family.  A Tennessee
                                                                family must leave its homestead when
                                                                the TVA constructs Norris Dam.

98615A   "BUILDERS ON THE RIVER"           3  08-11-55  :29:30  The artisan in our society.  A
                                                                carpenter in the Depression builds
                                                                himself a house.

*na*     "THE ECCENTRIC"                   4  08-18-55  :29:30* The eccentric in our society.  The
                                                                story of an outspoken philosphy

98615B   "STORY OF A POET"                 5  08-25-55  :29:30  The artist in our society.  Edgar
                                                                Allen Poe.

98616A   "GRANDFATHER JEFFERSON"           6  09-01-55  :29:30  Jefferson's love for his

98616B   "GRENADE"                         7  09-08-55  :29:30  An aspect of basic patriotism.  A
                                                                Negro soldier in World War I has no
                                                                stock reasons for fighting.

*na*     "THE JUDAS TREE"                  8  09-15-55  :29:30  Loyality to one's country.  The
                                                                crucial decision of Robert E. Lee.

98617A   "THE RAT ON LINCOLN AVENUE"       9  09-22-55  :29:30  Attitudes toward authority.  The death
                                                                of an outlaw.

98617B   "APPOINTMENT AT FORDS"           10  09-29-55  :29:30  Man's attitude toward his destiny.
                                                                The latter days of Lincoln

98618A   "DIAL EMERGENCY"                 11  10-06-55  :29:30  Jean Shenken  Neighborliness.  A young
                                                                lady must find her brother "somewhere
                                                                in Maryland."  The people who help her
                                                                [Became the short story "Emergency
                                                                Call" addapted for television's Heinz
                                                                57 Workshop."]

*na*     "LEADER OF A DREAM"              12  10-13-55  :29:30* The visionary planner.  A man who
                                                                failed but whose plans lived after

98618B   "JONNY APPLESEED"                13  10-20-55  :29:30  The individualist.  Pioneer Johnny

98619A   "THE BATTLE"                     14  10-27-55  :29:30  Les Casey  War!  A family and the
                                                                Battle of New Orleans

98619B   "THE YANKEE LOVES A LADY"        15  11-03-55  :29:30  Love and Duty.  A Northern general
                                                                falls in love with a southern girl
                                                                just after the Civil War.

98620A   "THE FEDERAL LION"               16  11-17-55  :25:30  Popular attitudes toward politics.  A
                                                                male lion, Memorn Bashaw, a gift from
                                                                the Emperor of Morocco to President
                                                                Andrew Jackson, and the resulting
                                                                tempest in a teapot.

98620B   "THE ORCHID"                     17  11-24-55  :24:00  The early life of George Washington
                                                                Carver.  No Close

98621A   "THE ZENGER TRAIL"               18  12-01-55  :24:00* Faith in the Common Man.  An historic
                                                                incident in the struggle between
                                                                authority and freedom of the press.

98621B   "AN UNFOUND DOOR"                19  12-08-55  :24:00* The dedicated spirit.  Novelist Thomas
                                                                Wolfe as a young man offered security
                                                                at the price of his dream

98622A   "THE RESOLUTE"                   20  12-15-55  :24:30  Cyrus Field, on his fifth attempt,
                                                                lays the Atlantic Cable.

98622B   "PAINT THE BIG CANVAS"           21  12-29-55  :24:30* Visionary planning.  Pierre L'Enfant,
                                                                the designer and founder of Washington

98623A   "THE FREE MAN"                   22  01-05-56  :24:30* The citizen who stands against social
                                                                pressures.  Joseph Palmer insists on
                                                                his right to wear a beard.

98623B   "RUNAWAY JUSTICE"                23  01-12-56  :24:30* Loyalty to State and justice.  John
                                                                Williams, a southern plantation owner
                                                                aids two runaway slaves.

98624A   "THE DEMAGOGUE"                  24  01-26-56  :24:00* A warped policical campaign.  The man
                                                                who has to win at any cost.

98624B   "PIONEER CALL"                   25  02-02-56  :24:00* The challenge of new frontiers.  Eli
                                                                Lige, the son who can never be

98625A   "MAN OF IRON"                    26  02-09-56  :24:00* Courage.  Ezra Lee and the first
                                                                submarine mission.

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