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Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        "IT'S TIME TO SMILE"
        NBC  IPANA-SAL HEPATICA       Wednesdays 8:00-8:30 pm
        Summer Replacement for "The Fred Allen Show"
        STARS: Bud Abbott and Lou Costello
        ANNOUNCER: Harry Von Zell  (Frank Bingham after 8-21)
        MUSIC: Peter Van Steeden Orchestra     SINGER: Benay Venuta              
*na*     "THE TUNATYPE"                    1  07-03-40  :30:00* Alexander Rose presents a musical
                                                                typewriter, called the Tunatype, that
                                                                can be played by anyone who can type

*na*     "THE ROBOT"                       2  07-10-40  :30:00* A robot who does just about
                                                                everything. Inventor is a man named
                                                                Homer Thucydides Tuckahoe III. Lou
                                                                discovered him on the subway.  "Smile
                                                                Darn Ya Smile", "You Can't Brush Me
                                                                Off", "Fools Rush In", "Do Do Do",
                                                                "Wrap Up Your Troubles", "Fine and

*na*     "WHISKEY BOTTLE SONGS"            3  07-17-40  :30:00* A man who tunes whiskey bottles to
                                                                perfect pitch and plays them. He plays
                                                                a medley of tunes.

*na*     "THE WACKY MOTION PICTURE         4  07-24-40  :30:00* Abbott and Costello found The Wacky
         COMPANY"                                               Motion Picture Company.

111      "THE DANCE SCHOOL"                5  07-31-40  :30:00* The boys go to a dance school. Bud
                                                                works in the school. Tries to get Lou
                                                                to dance. Lessons are 3 for a dollar.
                                                                Last week they formed the Wacky film
                                                                company. AC do Christopher Columbus.
                                                                Lou is Columbus. Bud mistakenly calls
                                                                Lou instead of Columbus. AC present
                                                                the Whack of the week. They present
                                                                Nancy Barton. She wrote a book and
                                                                they talk to her.

*na*     "THE WACKYVILLE VOLUNTEER FIRE    6  08-07-40  :30:00* Abbott and Costello join the
         DEPARTMENT."                                           Wackyville Volunteer Fire Department.

*na*     "HEADING WEST"                    7  08-14-40  :30:00* Abbott & Costello try to find out how
                                                                to best get to California. Bud favors
                                                                hitchhiking while Lou favors a freight
                                                                train. This is the last broadcast from
                                                                New York. The boys are going out west
                                                                to start a movie.

*na*     "GUESTS: VIRGINIA BRUCE,          8  08-21-40  :30:00* First show of Time to Smile from the
         ROBERT CUMMINGS, ALLAN JONES"                          west coast. Bud and Lou try to find a
                                                                hotel to stay in.  Harry Von Zell and
                                                                Peter Van Steeden did not come out
                                                                west. Their roles taken over by Frank
                                                                Bingham (Announcer) and Victor Young
                                                                (orchestra Leader).

*na*     "HOLLYWOOD WESTERNS"              9  08-28-40  :30:00* Abbott and Costello pay tribute to
                                                                Hollywood westerns. Bud also takes Lou
                                                                on a tour of a 75 room Hollywood
                                                                mansion. Felix Mills is Orchestra
                                                                Leader.  Benay sings "I'm Stepping Out
                                                                With A Memory". Benay and Frank sing
                                                                "You Can't Brush Me Off"

*na*     "MUTINY ON THE MAINSAIL"         10  09-04-40  :30:00* Lou Costello buys a car. He takes Bud
                                                                for a ride. They also perform a play
                                                                based on The Sea Squawk or Mutiny on
                                                                The Mainsail.  Benay sings "All This
                                                                and Heaven Too" and "The Carioca"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              11  09-11-40  :30:00*  

*na*     "SCOOP COSTELLO"                 12  09-18-40  :30:00* Abbott and Costello launch a
                                                                newspaper. Bud is the publisher and
                                                                Lou is known as Scoop Costello.  Benay
                                                                sings "Alabama Bound" and "I Can't
                                                                Resist You".

*na*     "WHO'S ON FIRST?"                13  09-25-40  :30:00* Abbott and Costello perform Who's On
                                                                First.  Benay sings "That's For Me"

   Total Number of Titles:   12                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 13
   Total Possible Episodes:  13         Missing Programs: 12      Total Programs in Collection: 1

        NBC  CAMEL CIGARETTES         Thursdays 7:00-7:30 pm
        STARS: Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, Mel Blanc
        ANNOUNCER: Ken Niles                 MUSIC: Leith Stevens Orchestra
        till 11-19, Freddie Rich till 3-22-45, Will Oaborne till 12-27-45,
        Alan Roth till 5-30-46, Carl Hoff till 6-27-46, Skinnay Ennis till
        6-26-47    SINGER'S: Connie Haines, Camel Five                           
*na*     "GUEST: VERONICA LAKE"            1  10-08-42  :30:00* Lou buys presents for all the cast.
                                                                Lou buys roses for Veronica Lake. Lou
                                                                makes love to Veronica but her
                                                                boyfriend finds out. He challenges Lou
                                                                to a duel. Mel Blanc appears as Alonzo
                                                                P. Lump.  Leith Stevens plays "This Is
                                                                The Army Mr. Jones", Connie Haines
                                                                sings "A Touch Of Texas"

111      "GUEST: MARLENE DIETRICH"         2  10-15-42  :30:00* Marlene Dietrich.  Lou and Bud argue
                                                                about giving Connie Haines and Ken
                                                                Niles more to do on the show. Sound
                                                                man (Mel Blanc) wants more to do on
                                                                the show as well. Costello gets
                                                                involved in a bank robbery. AC go to
                                                                Dead Pan Gulch to capture bandits to
                                                                clear Lou Costello. Marlene is a
                                                                singer in the Red Dog Cafe. Marlene is
                                                                the bank robber.  Camel Quintet sings
                                                                "Abraham", Connie Haines sings "Cow
                                                                Cow Boogie"

*na*     "GUEST: JOHN GARFIELD"            3  10-22-42  :30:00* John Garfield.  Lou walks funny
                                                                because he has been robbed. He has
                                                                been dating Connie Haines. Ken Niles
                                                                and Lou are going to fight for
                                                                charity. Bud trains Lou for the fight.
                                                                 Camel five sings "Be Careful, It's My
                                                                Heart", Connie Haines sings "Can't Get
                                                                Out Of This Mood"

*na*     "GUEST: DIANA BARRYMORE"          4  10-29-42  :30:00* Diana Barrymore.  Lou was dancing with
                                                                Connie Haines last night. Lou has
                                                                written a play. Ken Niles would like a
                                                                part in the play. Botsford Twink the
                                                                sound man, Mel Blanc, wants a part in
                                                                the play as well. Lou is trying to
                                                                cast his play. He is going to have
                                                                Diana Barrymore as is leading lady.
                                                                Lou's play is about Pocahontas.  Camel
                                                                Five sing "Idaho", Connie Haines sings
                                                                "Keep Smiln"

*na*     "GUEST: BASIL RATHBONE"           5  11-05-42  :30:00* Basil Rathbone.  Lou went to Ken Niles
                                                                Halloween party Saturday night. Lou
                                                                ruined his couch. Lou owes $500. Lou
                                                                has to work in a pet shop to pay of
                                                                the debt. AC do peak at pike routine.
                                                                Lou looses a dog. Basil Rathbone is a
                                                                detective who will help find the dog.
                                                                They look for the dog in a haunted
                                                                house. They find the dog in a closet
                                                                with Ken Niles.  Camel Five sing "Road
                                                                To Morocco", Connie Haines sings
                                                                "Constantly"  Halloween Program

*na*     "GUEST: CARMEN MIRANDA"           6  11-12-42  :30:00* Carmen Miranda.  Broadcast from the
                                                                Reception Center at Fort MacArthur,
                                                                CA. Lou is going to show the troops
                                                                how to produce pictures. Mel Blank is
                                                                a Spanish singer and wants too sing in
                                                                Lou's picture. Carmen Miranda will
                                                                appear in the picture. She teaches Lou
                                                                how to dance. Picture is called
                                                                Strictly From Dixie.  Connie Haines
                                                                sings "There Are Such Things", Carmen
                                                                sings "Chattanooga Choo Choo"

111      "GUEST: MERLE OBERON"             7  11-19-42  :29:52  Merle Oberon.  Broadcast from 6th
                                                                Ferrying Group Air Transport Command
                                                                at Long Beach California. Chit Chat
                                                                about Lou going up in a plane. Talk
                                                                with Ken Niles about AC picture. Talk
                                                                with sound man (Mel Blanc) about being
                                                                in next AC picture. Does Porky Pig,
                                                                Bugs Bunny, electric organ, hiccups.
                                                                AC talk about Merle Oberon being in
                                                                picture and about what dress to make
                                                                for her in picture. AC talk to Merle
                                                                about picture. AC and Merle play part
                                                                from picture.  Camel Five sing "By The
                                                                Light of the Silvery Moon", Connie
                                                                Haines sings "Hasta Luego"

*na*     "GUEST: HERBERT MARSHALL"         8  11-26-42  :30:00* Herbert Marshall.  Freddie Rich takes
                                                                over as Orchestra Leader. This is
                                                                Thanksgiving. Lou was suppose to bring
                                                                a turkey. AC try to find some place to
                                                                go for dinner. No one on the staff
                                                                will have them over. AC are going to
                                                                shoot a wild turkey. They try to catch
                                                                a turkey on a coop. Herbert Marshall
                                                                catches them in his coop. Herbert
                                                                needs someone to cook and serve his
                                                                dinner tonite so he hires AC.  Camel
                                                                Five sing "Rolleo Rolling Along",
                                                                Connie Haines sings "Dearly Beloved"
                                                                Thanksgiving Program

*na*     "GUEST: BILLIE BURKE"             9  12-03-42  :30:00* Billie Burke.  AC talk about
                                                                rationing. Lou is looking for an
                                                                Apartment since he has to many
                                                                relatives at his house. Botsford
                                                                Twink, Mel Blanc, recommends an
                                                                apartment. AC rent an apartment and do
                                                                lend $50 routine. AC go to a
                                                                decorating shop. Billie Burke is the
                                                                manager. Since Miss Burke is picking
                                                                out Lou's furniture she wants to marry
                                                                him.  Camel Five sing "On The Beam",
                                                                Connie Haines sings "Mr. Five By Five"

*na*     "GUEST: ADOLPHE MENJOU"          10  12-10-42  :30:00* Adolphe Menjou.  Lou needs to get a
                                                                ride downtown. Botsford is asked and
                                                                he does a bunch of vehicle sound
                                                                effects. Lou rescues Mrs Niles son
                                                                from traffic and she is not grateful.
                                                                Lou is going to hit the boy with a
                                                                rock when Adolphe Menjou comes to the
                                                                boys rescue. Lou is taken to court
                                                                over stealing the buys cap. Adolphe is
                                                                the Judge.  Camel Five sing "Touch Of
                                                                Texas", Connie Haines sings "Can't Get
                                                                Out Of This Mood"

*na*     "GUEST: LUCILLE BALL"            11  12-17-42  :30:00* Lucille Ball.  The sound man Botsford,
                                                                Mel Blanc, wants Lou to play Santa
                                                                Claus in a play in a department store.
                                                                They rehearse the sound effects for
                                                                the play. Matilda appears. Bud takes
                                                                Lou to fill out an employment
                                                                application in the department store.
                                                                Mrs Niles works in the personnel
                                                                office. Bud and Lou to to work in the
                                                                store. Mrs Niles wants the boys to
                                                                wait on Lucille Ball. They show her
                                                                around the store.  Camel Five sing
                                                                "Liza", Connie Haines sings "Why Don't
                                                                You Fall In Love With Me"  Christmas

*na*     "GUEST: ANDY DEVINE"             12  12-24-42  :30:00* Andy Devine.  It's Christmas eve. AC
                                                                are talking about a Christmas party.
                                                                Lou is inviting people to the party.
                                                                Matilda wants to come to the party.
                                                                Andy Device arrives. He is going to
                                                                play Santa. No one shows up for Lou's
                                                                party. Lou falls asleep and dreams he
                                                                is a little boy again. Santa does not
                                                                bring Lou any gifts. Costello wakes up
                                                                and everyone has come to his party.
                                                                They sing a modified version White
                                                                Christmas and then the real one.
                                                                Camel Five sing "Jingle Bells", Connie
                                                                Haines sings "The Road To Dreamland"
                                                                Christmas Program

*na*     "GUEST: CHARLES LAUGHTON"        13  12-31-42  :30:00* Charles Laughton.  AC talk about
                                                                football. It is New Year's Eve. Lou's
                                                                resolution is to be a dramatic actor.
                                                                He is going to put on a play. Lou
                                                                can't get anyone to be in the play.
                                                                Matilda wants to be in the play.
                                                                Laughton appears. He will be in Lou's
                                                                play. The play starts. Play ends.
                                                                President of the Motion Picture
                                                                Academy of Arts and Sciences, Mr
                                                                Walter Wagner announces AC are the
                                                                favorite screen stars of 1942.  Camel
                                                                Five sing "There's A Great Day Comin,
                                                                Manana", Connie sings "I Had The
                                                                Craziest Dream"  New Year's Program

*na*     "GUEST: GEORGE RAFT"             14  01-07-43  :30:00* George Raft.  Talk about Rose Bowl
                                                                game last week. Lou lost a bet on the
                                                                game. Lou has to take everyone to a
                                                                night club. Matilda shows up under the
                                                                hood of the car they are going to take
                                                                to the night club. They all meet
                                                                George Raft. He recommends they go to
                                                                his night club.  Camel Five sing "Blow
                                                                Gabriel Blow", Connie Haines sings
                                                                "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To"

46829 A  "GUEST: CLAIRE TREVOR"           15  01-14-43  :29:40  Claire Trevor.  AC discuss the meat
                                                                shortage. They decide to go hunting
                                                                for meat. AC arrive at the Pine Tree
                                                                hunting lodge. AC talk to a child
                                                                Matilda (Billy Gray). Claire Trevor is
                                                                a hunting guide. AC and Claire hunt
                                                                bear. Lou shoots the game warden.
                                                                Niles gives announcement from
                                                                government about shortage of nurses.
                                                                Camel Five sing "Happy Go Lucky",
                                                                Connie Haines sings "Doin It For

*na*     "GUEST: MONTY WOOLEY"            16  01-28-43  :30:00* Monty Woolley.  Program of 1-21
                                                                Pre-empted for Herbert Hoover
                                                                discussing "Food Supplies for This
                                                                War" in a speech at the
                                                                Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York
                                                                City.  Betty Hutton was to have been
                                                                the guest.   AC's first broadcast from
                                                                New York. AC discuss New York. Instead
                                                                of insulting Mrs Niles he insults her
                                                                sister, Minnie Niles. AC are on their
                                                                way to the broadcast. Matilda shows up
                                                                as well. AC search for their script.
                                                                They enter a studio where Monty Wooley
                                                                is rehearsing a play.  ANNOUNCER:
                                                                Jimmy Wallington

*na*     "GUEST: CONSTANCE BENNETT"       17  02-04-43  :30:00* Constance Bennett.  Show again from
                                                                New York. AC talk about coming back
                                                                from the President's birthday ball.
                                                                Bud has a date with Constance Bennett.
                                                                She arrives for the date. Costello
                                                                wants to kiss her. She can't be on the
                                                                date since she has a comitant with the
                                                                Navy auxiliary. They all go on a ship
                                                                and Constance is the Captain. Matilda
                                                                is in the engine room running the
                                                                ship.  Freddie Rich plays "Bugle Call
                                                                Rag", Connie Haines sings "You'd Be So
                                                                Nice To Come Home To"

*na*     "GUEST: PETER LORRE"             18  02-11-43  :30:00* Peter Lorre.  Third show in a row from
                                                                New York. AC talk about rationing.
                                                                There is to much noise at AC's hotel.
                                                                Matilda shows up. There is a knock at
                                                                the door. It is Peter Lorre. He offers
                                                                Lou to stay at his house for quiet. AC
                                                                arrive at his house. It looks scary.
                                                                AC try to sleep in the house.  Connie
                                                                Haines sings I've Heard That Song
                                                                Before. Freddie Rich plays Brazil.

*na*     "GUEST: ELSA MAXWELL"            19  02-18-43  :30:00* Elsa Maxwell.  Fourth show in a row
                                                                from New York. AC talk about returning
                                                                to California next week. AC talk and
                                                                plan for their next picture. Lou is
                                                                going to write a picture. Matilda is
                                                                using Lou's typewriter. Elsa shows up
                                                                with a play for AC. They rehearse for
                                                                the play.  Freddie Rich plays "Just
                                                                One Of Those Things", Connie Haines
                                                                sings "As Time Goes By"

*na*     "GUEST: MARY BOLAND"             20  02-25-43  :30:00* Mary Boland.  AC are back from New
                                                                York. Lou finished his play on the
                                                                train and is describing it to Bud. Bud
                                                                censors parts of it. Lou is trying to
                                                                get people for his play. Mary Boland
                                                                enters. Mary has an idea for a play.
                                                                The play is about Helen of Troy and
                                                                Atlas.  Freddie Rich plays "Carioca",
                                                                Connie Haines sings "I Heard You Cry
                                                                Last Night"

*na*     "GUEST: CARMEN MIRANDA"          21  03-04-43  :30:00* Carmen Miranda.  Universal still wants
                                                                an idea for a next picture. Universal
                                                                sends a contest winner over as their
                                                                leading lady. Carmen appears at the
                                                                door. The studio sent her over with an
                                                                idea for their next picture. Carmen
                                                                sings. The play will be a version of
                                                                Romeo and Juliet. They start the play.
                                                                 Connie Haines sings "Takin A Chance
                                                                On Love", Carmen Miranda sings "Tico
                                                                Tico No Fuba"

*na*     "GUEST: JANET BLAIR"             22  03-11-43  :30:00* Janet Blair.  No Lou Costello. Bert
                                                                Lahr takes Lou's place with Bud. Bud
                                                                is still looking for a play for a new
                                                                picture. Bert plays Bud's girl in the
                                                                play. Matilda appears. Janet Blair
                                                                mistakes Bert for Lou. They start the
                                                                play.  Freddie Rich plays "Way Down
                                                                Yonder In New Orleans", Connie Haines
                                                                sings "Savin Myself For Bill"

*na*     "GUEST: VERONICA LAKE"           23  03-18-43  :30:00* Veronica Lake.  No Lou Costello. Hal
                                                                Perry substitutes. Bud makes Matilda
                                                                practice her piano. Gildersleve knocks
                                                                on door to stop the music. He
                                                                complains about Matilda ruining his
                                                                garden. Gildersleve is going to get a
                                                                petition to stop the noise. One house
                                                                is Veronica Lake. Veronica is
                                                                Matilda's piano teacher. Gildersleve
                                                                accidentally proposes to Veronica.
                                                                Veronica sues Gildersleve over breach
                                                                of contract. This is it for awhile
                                                                while Lou gets well. Jimmy Durante and
                                                                Garry Moore will take over on Thursday

111      "GUEST: LANA TURNER"             24  11-04-43  :29:57  Because of Costello's Reumatic Fever,
                                                                there were no programs between 3-18
                                                                and 11-4. Lou Costello leanrd of his
                                                                baby death by drwoning in his pool
                                                                just hours befor this broadcast went
                                                                on.  Somehow he managed to do the show

*na*     "GUEST: AKIM TAMIROFF"           25  11-11-43  :30:00* Akim Tamiroff.  Billy Gray is Little
                                                                Matilda. Lou is thinking about women
                                                                since he saw a couple kissing. Lou
                                                                fights with Mrs Niles. Mel Blanc does
                                                                Bugs Bunny. Bud is trying to find a
                                                                big star for the program. Bud gets the
                                                                Russian actor Akim Tamiroff. Little
                                                                Matilda talks with AC. Blanc plays
                                                                someone from the audience, Herkimer
                                                                Higby. Tamiroff finally appears on the
                                                                show. He has brought a play with him
                                                                tonite, For Whom The Bell Tolls.
                                                                Camels salutes Merchant Marine Captain
                                                                Jonathan Wainwright Fifth.

111      "LUCILLE BALL'S NYLON            26  11-18-43  :30:00* Lucille Ball.  Lou's mind is on women.
         STOCKINGS"                                             Lou can go out on a date with Connie
                                                                Haines if he gets her a pair of nylon
                                                                stockings. AC talk to Little Matilda
                                                                (Billy Gray). AC go to Beaglebottom's
                                                                department store for nylons. AC talk
                                                                to Bugs Bunny (Mel Blanc). Lucille
                                                                Ball beats Lou to the nylons in the
                                                                department store. AC goes to Lucille
                                                                Ball's house to try and get nylons.
                                                                Camels salutes Marine Private John
                                                                Elzer.  Freddie Rich plays "No Love No
                                                                Lovers", Connie Haines sings "The
                                                                Surrey With the Fringe on Top"

111      "GUEST: JANE WYMAN"              27  11-25-43  :30:00* Jane Wyman.  Thanksgiving day. AC
                                                                discuss Thanksgiving dinner. AC
                                                                discuss killing Ingrid, Lou's turkey.
                                                                Jane Wyman is Lou's next door
                                                                neighbor. AC and Jane do wind routine.
                                                                Bugs Bunny (Mel Blanc) visits AC. AC
                                                                call cop to look for missing turkey.
                                                                AC talk to Matilda. Camels salutes
                                                                Captain Clark M. Sykes.  Freddie Rich
                                                                plays "Praise The Lord And Pass The
                                                                Ammunition", Connie Haines sings "Shoo
                                                                Shoo Baby"     Thanksgiving Program

111      "GUEST: VERONICA LAKE"           28  12-02-43  :30:00* Veronica Lake.  AC have to go to Palm
                                                                Springs. Lou ran over Mrs. Niles with
                                                                the car. Lou accidentally reads Bud's
                                                                line. AC do Hertz U-Drive routine. AC
                                                                arrive at the Lone Palm hotel. AC want
                                                                Veronica Lake to be in their picture.
                                                                Matilda is in AC's room. Lou reads
                                                                Veronica's line by mistake. AC are in
                                                                the desert doing their picture. AC do
                                                                dating two girls routine. Mr Nazaro
                                                                does crazy talk. Then Veronica and Lou
                                                                do crazy talk. Camels salutes Cavalry
                                                                Lieutenant David C. Waybur.  "Dancing
                                                                In The Dark", "My Heart Tells Me"

46830 A  "GUEST: ARTHUR TREACHER"         29  12-09-43  :30:00* Arthur Treacher.  Lou is taking a
                                                                bath. Lou wants to hire a butler for a
                                                                party. Hugo routine. AC go to an
                                                                employment agency. Lynn Bari is coming
                                                                to party they say. Crazy talk from Mr.
                                                                Nazaro. Arthur Treacher is Lynn Bari's
                                                                butler. He arrives at the door. Lou
                                                                goes crazy imitating English Treacher.
                                                                Mr & Mrs Niles arrive at the door.
                                                                Arthur kisses Mrs Niles. Camels
                                                                salutes Marine Private John Perella.
                                                                Freddie Rich plays "I Get A Kick Out
                                                                Of You", Connie Haines sings "If
                                                                That's The Way You Want It, Baby"

46830 B  "GUEST: LYNN BARI"               30  12-16-43  :30:00* Lynn Bari.  Lou is looking forward to
                                                                show with Lynn Bari. Lou is trying to
                                                                find a suit to ware. Lou compares Mrs
                                                                Niles to a horse. AC are in Myer's
                                                                butcher shop. Lynn Bari appears in the
                                                                Butcher shop. They talk to Lynn Bari
                                                                about being in a play. Play about
                                                                Buffalo Bill and the Wild West.
                                                                Camel's salutes Liberty Ship Captain
                                                                Henry A. Fritz.  Freddie Rich plays
                                                                "I've Got You Under My Skin",  Connie
                                                                Haines sings "My Ideal"

111      "GUEST: EDWARD ARNOLD"           31  12-23-43  :30:00* Edward Arnold.  It's Christmas Eve.
                                                                Lou is going to have a party. Lou
                                                                rehearses a Christmas play with
                                                                Botsford Twink. Edward Arnold is going
                                                                to play Santa Claus. No one is at
                                                                Lou's party. He falls asleep. He
                                                                dreams he is a kid and Santa comes and
                                                                leaves him no presents. He wakes up
                                                                and his cast s all at his party.
                                                                Camels salutes Firemen First Class
                                                                Aurelio Tassone.  Connie Haines sings
                                                                "Hit The Road To Dreamland"  Christmas

46831 A  "GUEST: BERT GORDON"             32  12-30-43  :30:00* Bert Gordon.  Mrs Niles gives Lou a
                                                                dog for Christmas. Dialog about AC and
                                                                Mr & Mrs Niles and dog. AC look for a
                                                                Baristor. AC do Lou want money for
                                                                year routine. Burt Gordon in the
                                                                lawyer. Lou can get off by paying a
                                                                dollar but instead fights the case
                                                                with the Mad Russian. Lou loses case.
                                                                Taken to Supreme court. Lou is found
                                                                guilty of murder. Lou is freed after
                                                                Mrs Niles pays $1 fine for Lou.
                                                                Camel's salutes First Lieutenant
                                                                Thomas H. Regan.  "Holiday For
                                                                Strings", "You've Got To Talk Me Into
                                                                It, Baby"  Christmas Program.

46831 B  "GUEST: JUDY CANOVA"             33  01-06-44  :29:59  Judy Canova.  It's Leap Year. AC talk
                                                                about marriage. Mr & Mrs Niles talk
                                                                about marriage as well. Bud gives Lou
                                                                advice on taking out a girl. Lou has
                                                                to marry someones daughter from skunk
                                                                hollow. Judy Canova is the daughter.
                                                                Camels salutes  Nicholas Timmens.
                                                                Freddie Rich plays "Just One Of Those
                                                                Things", Connie Haines sings "How
                                                                Sweet You Are"

111      "GUEST: PETER LORRE"             34  01-13-44  :29:58  Peter Lorre.  Lou is catching a cold.
                                                                AC do flu flee routine. Bud puts Lou
                                                                on a program to get rid of his cold.
                                                                Lou talks to Hercules. Peter Lorre
                                                                runs a sanitarium and offers it to
                                                                Lou. Camels salute Marine Private
                                                                Donald L. Ewers.  Freddie Rich plays
                                                                "Alone Together", Connie Haines sings
                                                                "I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Nite"

9172 B2  "GUEST: HAL PEARY"               35  01-20-44  :29:57  Hal Peary.  Lou was at the ship yard.
                                                                Mrs Niles wants Lou to take care of
                                                                little Hector. Hector shoots BB's at
                                                                Lou. Lou shoots BB's out the window
                                                                and it hits Gildersleve. Hector plays
                                                                a song. Lou kicks a football thru
                                                                Gildersleve's window. Gildersleve
                                                                played in a football game. Football
                                                                game at Google's parking lot.
                                                                Gildersleve's Nanny Goats vs. Costello
                                                                Maroons. Camel's salutes Lieutenant
                                                                Laydon Lewis.  Freddie Rich plays
                                                                "Dancing In The Dark" Connie Haines
                                                                sings "Shoo Shoo Baby"

111      "GUEST: JANET BLAIR"             36  01-27-44  :30:00* Janet Blair.  Talk about shortage of
                                                                gas. Mrs. Niles and Lou trade put
                                                                downs. Mrs. Miles asks AC to entertain
                                                                at a party. Chair of entertainment
                                                                committee is Janet Blair. Abbott will
                                                                be MC and Lou will play piano. AC do
                                                                Do Ray Me routine. Music teacher gives
                                                                Lou a piano lesson. AC do piano
                                                                routine. Piano player keeps missing
                                                                cues. Camels salutes Steward's Mate
                                                                David Jefferson.  Freddie Rich plays
                                                                "Speak Low", Connie Haines sings "My
                                                                Heart Tells Me"

*na*     "GUEST: CARMEN MIRANDA"          37  02-03-44  :30:00* Carmen Miranda.  Bud has invited
                                                                Carmen Miranda over to perform the
                                                                opera Carmen. Lou has written a play
                                                                instead but the censor has not read
                                                                it. Bud acts as the censor as Lou
                                                                reads. They do the opera instead with
                                                                Carmen. AC do number 1 to 10 routine.
                                                                Lou has to fight a bull in the opera.
                                                                Camels salutes Private Clyde L. Dunn.
                                                                Connie Haines sings "For The First
                                                                Time", Carmen Miranda sings "I'm Just
                                                                Wild About Harry"

46832 A  "GUEST: CHARLES LAUGHTON"        38  02-10-44  :29:40* Charles Laughton.  Next Monday is St.
                                                                Valentines day. Mrs. Niles is writing
                                                                a play for the show. Mel Blanc plays a
                                                                sound man on the show. AC do play my
                                                                Mrs. Niles called Robinson Caruso.
                                                                Charles Laughton will be in play as
                                                                well. Sound man inserts sounds at
                                                                various times unexpectedly. Lou is
                                                                Robinson and Charles is His Man
                                                                Friday. Camels salutes Captain
                                                                Herschell H. Green.  Freddie Rich
                                                                plays "Holiday For Strings", Connie
                                                                Haines sings "I'll Be Around"
                                                                Valentine's Day Program

53629 A  "GUEST: DOROTHY LAMOUR"          39  02-17-44  :30:00* Dorothy Lamour.  Bud has been made
                                                                mayor of Sherman Oaks California. A
                                                                Lady reads a poem. AC are looking for
                                                                a leading lady for their latest
                                                                picture. Dorothy rides into studio on
                                                                a horse. Dorothy says Bing Hope and
                                                                Bob Crosby. Dorothy is making film
                                                                Road To Utopia with Bob and Bing. Lou
                                                                reads Bud's line by mistake. Lou
                                                                kisses Dorothy. Camels salutes Grady
                                                                Robbins.  Freddie Rich plays
                                                                "Poinciana", Connie Haines sings "My
                                                                Love You Haven't Gone Away"

*na*     "GUEST: SYDNEY GREENSTREET"      40  02-24-44  :30:00* Sydney Greenstreet.  Lou gets in a
                                                                traffic accident on the show in
                                                                Sherman Oaks. Bud, who is mayor, makes
                                                                him sheriff. SG enters and has a
                                                                complaint for Sheriff Costello. SG has
                                                                the Maltese Falcon in his house. Lou
                                                                wants it out. AC go looking in SG
                                                                house for the Falcon. Camels salutes
                                                                Corporal Richard Fisco.  Freddie Rich
                                                                plays "I Get A Kick Out Of You",
                                                                Connie Haines sings "Beseme Mucho"

53629 B  "GUEST: HEDDA HOPPER"            41  03-02-44  :30:00* Hedda Hopper.  As mayor of Sherman
                                                                Oaks, Bud is going to start a
                                                                newspaper. Lou misses his line. Mrs.
                                                                Niles will be fashion editor. Paper is
                                                                Sherman Oaks Gazette. Heda Hopper is
                                                                offered gossip column on paper. Lou
                                                                losses place in script. AC look for
                                                                front page story. AC goes to Dutches
                                                                of Frapingham party to get story. Heda
                                                                has AC thrown out of party. Heda then
                                                                sneaks them in the side door. Camel's
                                                                salutes Navy Lieutenant Nathan Gordon.
                                                                 Freddie Rich plays "I Love You",
                                                                Connie Haines sings "Spring Will Be A
                                                                Little Late This Year"

46832 B  "BLONDIE AND DAGWOOD"            42  03-09-44  :29:40* Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake.  Lou
                                                                just came back from a Navy base is San
                                                                Diego. Mayor Abbott  has started a
                                                                waste paper drive. Blondie and Dagwood
                                                                are helping Bud with waste paper
                                                                drive. AC have to get to the broadcast
                                                                but can't find their script. They
                                                                think the Dagwood's took it for their
                                                                waste paper drive. AC will do
                                                                Snowwhite and the Seven Dwarves. Lou
                                                                kisses Blondie. Camel's salutes second
                                                                lieutenant Paul M Koerner.  Connie
                                                                Haines sings "Take It Easy"

46029 B  "GUESTS: ALAN HALE, SALLY        43  03-16-44  :29:45  Alan Hale and Sally Eilers (MARK
         EILERS"                                                TWAIN).  Lou was watching a circus
                                                                parade. Lou was a trick horse rider.
                                                                AC go to the circus. Sally Eilers is
                                                                the circus manager. She tries to get
                                                                Lou to be a lion tamer. Instead AC run
                                                                a baseball booth. AC are going to
                                                                wrestle in the circus. Alan Hale
                                                                wrestles Lou instead. Camels salutes
                                                                Lieutenant colonel William Leverette.
                                                                Freddie Rich plays Speak Low. Connie
                                                                Haines sings Salt Water Cowboy.

46833 A  "GUEST: LINDA DARNELL"           44  03-23-44  :29:34  Linda Darnell.  Lou is acting strange
                                                                as though he is sick. AC do Vitamin B1
                                                                routine. Bud takes Lou to a
                                                                psychiatrist. Nurse is Linda Darnell.
                                                                Nurse Darnel takes Lou to a rest home.
                                                                Lou has to do Connie Haines lines
                                                                since she was not ready. Camels
                                                                salutes Private First Class Guadelepe
                                                                Merquez. Music at end, they must have
                                                                been short.  Freddie Rich plays "I've
                                                                Got You Under My Skin", Connie Haines
                                                                sings "A Lovely Way To Spend An

46833 B  "GUEST: ALAN LADD"               45  03-30-44  :30:00* Alan Ladd.  Lou's uncle Oscar leaves
                                                                him money. Bud flubs line
                                                                "toothpaste". Lou is going to buy a
                                                                radio station with half the money. The
                                                                other half he is going to buy bonds.
                                                                There is going to be a contest for an
                                                                announcing job. Alan Ladd shows up at
                                                                the radio station. Lou thinks he is
                                                                being robbed. Alan is looking for a
                                                                job. Alan tries out for a DJ job. Alan
                                                                tries out for a daytime drama. Lou
                                                                made a mistake and does not inherit a
                                                                million dollars. Camels salutes Marine
                                                                Captain Harold Seagal.  Connie sings
                                                                "San Fernando Valley"

46834 A  "GUEST: CARY GRANT"              46  04-06-44  :30:00* Cary Grant.  Lou needs to get to his
                                                                radio station. AC do Watt is Voltage
                                                                routine. Cary Grant shows up at Lou's
                                                                radio station. Cary introduces Don
                                                                Barcley. They do juggling act. Cary
                                                                has a writer for Lou's radio station.
                                                                Lou does an all night record program.
                                                                Camels salutes Private William Page.
                                                                Connie Haines sings "Two Heavens"

*na*     "GUEST: GEORGE BRENT"            47  04-13-44  :30:00* GUEST: George Brent.  AC argue over
                                                                who gets to play the love scene in
                                                                their next picture. Bud says MGM won't
                                                                let Lou play the love scene. Somebody
                                                                called Kelly comes in playing the part
                                                                of Charles Reisner, the director of
                                                                their next picture. George Brent comes
                                                                in and Bud asks him to coach Lou on
                                                                love scenes. They rehearse a play "The
                                                                Courtship of Miles Standish". Camels
                                                                salutes Ensign Cedric Janien.  Freddie
                                                                Rich plays "I Love You", Connie Haines
                                                                sings "You Gotta Talk Me Into It"

111      "GUEST: GEORGE RAFT"             48  04-20-44  :30:00* George Raft.  Lou needs a place to
                                                                live since 93 relatives are at his
                                                                house. AC do alone in the bank
                                                                routine. Lou looks at a house. Raft
                                                                shows up and wants to rent the house.
                                                                George and Lou both rent the house.
                                                                Camels salutes Technical Sergeant John
                                                                T. Eylens.   Freddie Rich plays
                                                                "Exactly Like You", Connie Haines
                                                                sings "I'll Be Around"

*na*     "GUEST: HENNY YOUNGMAN"          49  04-27-44  :30:00* Henny Youngman.  Bud scolds Lou for
                                                                not saving his money. Bud tells Lou he
                                                                is not spending enough time of the
                                                                radio program. AC look at people for
                                                                the program. One of them in Henny
                                                                Youngman. Henny's idea for the program
                                                                is an audience participation show.
                                                                Camels salutes Technician Robert F.
                                                                Winter.  Freddie Rich plays "Long Ago
                                                                And Far Away", Connie Haines sings
                                                                Tess "Torch Song"

46834 B  "GUEST: JOHN GARFIELD"           50  05-04-44  :30:00* John Garfield.  AC do bigamy routine.
                                                                Lou is talking about getting married.
                                                                Lou invites out Connie Haines out on a
                                                                date. Connie already has a girlfriend,
                                                                John Garfield. Garfield warns Lou to
                                                                stay away from Connie Haines. Lou
                                                                tries to take Connie away from John
                                                                Garfield. But, Garfield shows up. Lou
                                                                dresses up as Bud's girlfriend. Camels
                                                                salutes Private William J. Crawford.
                                                                Freddie Rich plays "I'll Get By",
                                                                Connie Haines sings "Time Will Tell"

46835 A  "GUEST: CLAIRE TREVOR"           51  05-11-44  :30:00* Claire Trevor.  Lou was at his uncle
                                                                Artie Stebens ranch. Sunday is Mothers
                                                                day. Lou reads a poem to Mrs. Niles.
                                                                Lou says the wrong uncles name for the
                                                                ranch. Bud and Lou go to work in a
                                                                department store. Bud and Lou has to
                                                                wait on a customer, Claire Trevor.
                                                                Camels salutes Marine Second
                                                                Lieutenant James D. Feltman.  Freddie
                                                                Rich plays The Way You Look Tonight.
                                                                Connie Haines sings Goodnight Wherever
                                                                You Are.  Freddie Rich plays "The Way
                                                                You Look Tonight", Connie Haines sings
                                                                "Goodnight Wherever You Are" Mother's
                                                                Day Program

*na*     "GUEST: LAIRD CREGAR"            52  05-18-44  :30:00* Laird Cregar.  Lou can't sleep at
                                                                night. Lou gets to sleep but Bud wakes
                                                                him up to take a sleeping pill. Bud
                                                                sends for a psychiatrist, Kitzel. I
                                                                believe this to be the first
                                                                appearance of Kitzel on the Abbott &
                                                                Costello show. They find an empty
                                                                studio to sleep in. Laird mistakes AC
                                                                for two janitors. AC go to Laird's
                                                                house for a s‚ance. Camels salutes
                                                                Private First Class Warren L.
                                                                Watsabaugh.  Freddie Rich plays Sweet
                                                                Lorraine. Connie Haines sings Since
                                                                You Went Away.

*na*     "GUEST: ROBERT YOUNG"            53  05-25-44  :30:00* Robert Young.  Lou is late because he
                                                                is having car troubles. Lou is out of
                                                                gas. AC need a ride out to MGM
                                                                studios. AC go to the ration board to
                                                                get more coupons. They join a car pool
                                                                and pick up Robert Young. They get
                                                                lost and end up in Pomona. Camels
                                                                Marine Lieutenant Mitchell Paige.
                                                                Freddie Rich plays "Long Ago And Far
                                                                Away", Connie Haines sings "Gee I Love
                                                                My GI Guy"

*na*     "GUEST: ADOLPHE MENJOU"          54  06-01-44  :30:00* Adolphe Menjou.  Lou is late again
                                                                having been pulled over by a
                                                                policeman. AC plan a benefit at
                                                                Hollywood bowl. Mr and Mrs Niles want
                                                                to be in the show. AC rehearse a mind
                                                                reading act they are going to do.
                                                                Adolphe enters and he is going to
                                                                direct the benefit. Camels salutes
                                                                First Lieutenant Joseph A. Selan.
                                                                Freddie Rich plays "Just One Of Those
                                                                Things", Connie Haines sings "Salt
                                                                Water Cowboy"

111      "WHO'S ON FIRST?"                55  06-08-44  :30:00* Script says first 5 minutes taken with
                                                                NBC news bulletin . Ken Niles mentions
                                                                this is last broadcast till fall. AC
                                                                talk about what they are going to do
                                                                during the summer. Lou bought a gift
                                                                for everybody in the cast. Kitzel
                                                                appears as a salesman. After Connie
                                                                sings AC do Who's On First. Script has
                                                                a couple of entry lines and exit lines
                                                                and in-between is the statement (INTO
                                                                BASEBALL ROUTINE). Camels salutes
                                                                Chief Warrant Officer Don Rhodes. Next
                                                                Thursday a new comedy show with Harry
                                                                Savoy.  "I Know That You Know", "Two

111      "WHO'S ON FIRST AS OLD MEN"      56  10-05-44  :30:00* Lou at Los Angeles railroad station
                                                                coming back from trip. Lou was at his
                                                                uncles farm. AC do Sow the Seed
                                                                routine. Ken Niles says he is glad to
                                                                be back at the microphone. AC look to
                                                                invest Lou's $75. AC are going to
                                                                invest in war bonds. Lou falls asleep
                                                                and dreams 10 years later, 1954.
                                                                Listens to AC on radio. They do Who's
                                                                on first as old men. Mel Blanc is from
                                                                the bank about war bonds. Camels
                                                                salutes Corporal Frank J. Laureta.
                                                                Program directed by Dick Mac.  Freddie
                                                                Rich plays "I'll Walk Alone", Connie
                                                                Haines sings Swingin On A Star"

111      "COSTELLO'S GOLD MINE"           57  10-12-44  :30:00* Bud is going to invest Lou's $75. AC
                                                                do gold orr routine. Bud has convinced
                                                                Lou to invest his $75 in a gold mine.
                                                                Kitzel is selling blankets. AC arrive
                                                                in Gold Tooth. They go to the Red Dog
                                                                saloon. They then start mining for
                                                                gold in the mine. The mine is giving
                                                                way. It was just a dream. Camels
                                                                salutes Private First Class Alton W.
                                                                Knappenberger.  Freddie Rich play
                                                                "Straighten Up And Fly Right" Connie
                                                                Haines sings "It Could Happen To You"

111      "COSTELLO'S MATH ABILITIES"      58  10-19-44  :30:00* AC do a bunch of their routines. AC
                                                                get lost in their scripts. AC are
                                                                going to the bank to put Lou's $75 in
                                                                the bank. Lou gets pulled over by a
                                                                cop. AC are looking for a lawyer.
                                                                Kitzel appears. Lou is in court. Lou
                                                                is convicted for 90 days. Camels
                                                                salutes Lieutenant J G Milton Hines.
                                                                Freddie Rich plays "I'll Be Seeing
                                                                You", Connie Haines sings "Is You Is
                                                                Or Is You Ain't"

111      "MATRIMONIAL AGENCY"             59  10-26-44  :30:00* Ken Niles says that Halloween is fast
                                                                approaching. Lou came from cousin
                                                                Hugo's wedding. Lou still has $75 in
                                                                the bank. AC are going to open a
                                                                matrimonial agency. Kitzel appears at
                                                                agency. Mr Niles neise wants to marry
                                                                and she is rich. AC try to convince
                                                                her that they are the ones to hire.
                                                                Camels salutes Corporal Robert H.
                                                                True.  Freddie Rich plays "The Very
                                                                Thought Of You", Connie Haines sings
                                                                "It Had To Be You"

57060 B  "LOU'S DOG HECTOR"               60  11-02-44  :24:54  Election day right around the corner
                                                                says Ken Niles. Lou found a dog called
                                                                Hector. Lou tries to auction off dog.
                                                                Bud auctions and Lou is the shill. Lou
                                                                takes the lost dog to Red Morton's pet
                                                                shop. But Lou wants to buy the dog. AC
                                                                go to work in the pet shop. AC do peak
                                                                at pike routine. Lou takes Hector to a
                                                                dog judging contest to win $200 to buy
                                                                the dog. Camels salutes Sergent
                                                                Phillip R. Hampe.  Connie Haines sings
                                                                "Dance With The Dolly"

83925A   "COSTELLO'S HORSE"               61  11-09-44  :29:40  Lou is riding a horse called Peanut
                                                                Butter. Lou got horse from a street
                                                                cleaner. AC do horse eats fodder
                                                                routine. Lou is going to enter his
                                                                horse at the Hollywood race track. AC
                                                                look for jockey, they find Kitzel. AC
                                                                choose little Sebastian instead. Lou's
                                                                horse has rickets. Lou talks to a
                                                                veterinarian. Lou bets money on the
                                                                horse racing. Camels salutes Marine
                                                                Corporal George Y. Mazarakos.  Freddie
                                                                Rich plays "Tico Tico", Connie Haines
                                                                sings "The Trolley Song"

46836 B  "LOU VISITS HIS GRADE SCHOOL"    62  11-16-44  :30:00* Lou gets a telegram. Lou's grade
                                                                school wants him to appear in annual
                                                                school play. AC do higher/lower
                                                                routine. AC go to Patterson NJ. Lou's
                                                                old school is PS 15. Lou visits an old
                                                                teacher. Mel Blanc is the principal.
                                                                Kitzel is also teaching in the school.
                                                                Sebastian is going to substitute for
                                                                Lou who is not around. They find Lou
                                                                in a classroom with a teacher. Camels
                                                                salutes Technical Sergeant James M.
                                                                Logan.  Freddie Rich plays "Sweet And
                                                                Lovely", Connie Haines sings

111      "THANKSGIVING DINNER AT BUD'S    63  11-23-44  :30:00* It is Thanksgiving day. Lou wants to
         HOUSE"                                                 eat Thanksgiving dinner at Bud's
                                                                house. Lou helps in the kitchen in
                                                                Bud's house. Kitzel is the chef. Lou
                                                                announces the guests as they arrive.
                                                                Lady Jennifer's pearl necklace is
                                                                stolen. The police are called. The
                                                                police investigate. Lady Jennifer's
                                                                necklace was found in her tapioca.
                                                                Camels salutes Lieutenant Thomas A.
                                                                McKenzie.  Freddie Rich plays "Java
                                                                Junction", Connie Haines sings "The
                                                                Sunny Side of the Street"
                                                                Thanksgiving Program

*na*     "THE BANK ROBBERY"               64  11-30-44  :30:00* Lou was at a bank that was robbed.
                                                                There is a reward for their capture.
                                                                AC go to the police station to report
                                                                the robbery. Kitzel is chief of
                                                                detectives. Lou, the fat boy, tracks
                                                                the bank robber Rocky Crumbcake. AC go
                                                                to a Chinese restaurant where a
                                                                Chinese version of Who's on first is
                                                                being done. Camels salutes Private
                                                                First Class Frank Ninucci. AC make a
                                                                sick boy, Joey Stazenski, a member of
                                                                the Get Well Club.  Freddie Rich plays
                                                                "Let Me Love You Tonight", Connie
                                                                Haines sings "I Dream Of You"

46837 A  "LOU'S VOCAL COACH"              65  12-07-44  :30:00* Lou opens singing like Bing Crosby.
                                                                Bud tries to get Lou to read music.
                                                                Lou wants to sing on the program. AC
                                                                go to the Ned Blanc Music Company in
                                                                Tin Pan Alley. Kitzel is the head song
                                                                writer. Lou mentions that Freddie
                                                                Rich's script was shaking. Bud hires a
                                                                vocal coach for Lou. Camels salutes
                                                                Technical Sergeant Henry Schauer.
                                                                Freddie Rich plays "Don't Fence Me
                                                                In", "Connie Haines sings "I'm Making

111      "CHRISTMAS SHOPPING"             66  12-14-44  :30:00* Bud says there are only 8 shopping
                                                                days left till Christmas. AC talk
                                                                about Christmas presents. AC do owe
                                                                $50 routine. AC go Christmas shopping.
                                                                Kitzel is manager of a department
                                                                store. AC do pair of mules routine.
                                                                Lou losses place in script. Camels
                                                                salutes Sergeant Benjamin F. Lambeth.
                                                                AC gives plug for Army nurse corps.
                                                                Connie Haines sings "Trolley Song",
                                                                Freddie Rich plays "Whispering"
                                                                Christmas Program

46837 B  "LOU'S CHRISTMAS PARTY"          67  12-21-44  :30:00* Lou is dressed up as Santa Claus. Lou
                                                                loses place in script. Lou bought a
                                                                Christmas tree. Lou is preparing for a
                                                                Christmas party. Kitzel is a florist.
                                                                Nobody has shown up for Lou's party.
                                                                Lou dreams he is a little kid. Little
                                                                Bud and Lou wait up for Santa. Mel
                                                                Blanc is Santa. Lou doesn't get any
                                                                presents because he is a bad boy. Lou
                                                                wakes up and everybody is there for
                                                                his Christmas party. Camels salutes
                                                                Samuel R Harris.  Connie Haines sings
                                                                "I'll Be Home For Christmas", Cast
                                                                sings "White Christmas"  Christmas

*na*     "NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS"         68  12-28-44  :30:00* Sunday night is last day of 1944. AC
                                                                talk about father time. AC talk about
                                                                last years new years eve party that
                                                                Lou went to. Lou is not going out this
                                                                new years eve. AC do routine about Lou
                                                                getting paid. Kitzel appears saying he
                                                                is the income tax man. Kitzel explains
                                                                income tax rules to Lou. AC talk about
                                                                new years resolutions. Bud takes Lou
                                                                to an Astrologer. Camels salutes Staff
                                                                Sergeant Walter D. Elhers.  Freddie
                                                                Rich plays "More And More", Connie
                                                                Haines sings "Together"  New Year's

*na*     "FLEE THE FLU"                   69  01-04-45  :30:00* Lou has a cold. AC do Flee the Flu
                                                                routine. Bud tries to help Lou with
                                                                his cold. Bud sends for a physical
                                                                instructor, Kitzel to help Lou. Bud
                                                                takes Lou to a doctor about is cold.
                                                                Camels salutes Lieutenant Russell O.
                                                                Wirtz.  Freddie Rich plays "Tico
                                                                Tico", Connie Haines sings "There Goes
                                                                That Song Again"

111      "LOU'S RANCH HOUSE"              70  01-11-45  :30:00* Lou bought a ranch out in the country
                                                                and has been moving. AC talk about
                                                                Lou's new house. Lou's house does not
                                                                have a bathtub. AC try to find a
                                                                bathtub. They go to a swap shop which
                                                                is run by Kitzel. AC buy a tub for
                                                                $10. AC try to take the tub home on
                                                                top of Lou's car. They get pulled over
                                                                by a cop. AC try to install the tub in
                                                                the house. Camels salutes Lieutenant
                                                                Charles S. Potter.  Freddie Rich plays
                                                                "Don't Fence Me In", Connie Haines
                                                                sings "Waiting"

111      "LOU PREPARES FOR A DATE WITH    71  01-18-45  :30:00* Lou opens show singing. Lou has a new
         MISS TINFOIL"                                          girlfriend, Tessie Tinfoil. Lou broke
                                                                up with Ruby Poolcue. Mel Blanc calls
                                                                Lou accusing him of taking his girl.
                                                                Bud takes Lou to a barbershop to get
                                                                fixed up for a dance. Kitzel is the
                                                                barber. Mentions that today is 1945 in
                                                                Camel's commercial. Sebastion tears
                                                                Lou's suit. AC go to a dancing
                                                                teacher. Lou losses his place in the
                                                                script. Camels salutes Private First
                                                                Class Lloyd C. Hawks.  Freddie Rich
                                                                plays "Don't You Know I Care", Connie
                                                                Haines sings "Don't Ever Change"

83925B   "COSTELLO TRIES TO JOIN          72  01-25-45  :30:30  Lou wants to join the Merchant
         MERCHANT MARINES"                                      Marines. AC do knots routine. AC go
                                                                down to the docks. Kitzel appears and
                                                                is head of personnel. Nobody wants to
                                                                hire Lou as a sailor. Lou finds a ship
                                                                and sails it. Camels salutes
                                                                Lieutenant Everett E. Pruitt.  Freddie
                                                                Rich plays "Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart",
                                                                Connie Haines sings "I'm Making

111      "MRS. BEANBAG VS. COSTELLO"      73  02-01-45  :29:42  AC do bit on sawing limbs off an
                                                                orange tree. Lou shoots at a crow at
                                                                an orange tree. Mrs Beanbag was up in
                                                                the tree. Mrs Beanbag takes Lou to
                                                                court. Bud hires Kitzel for Lou as the
                                                                lawyer. Lou is found guilty and must
                                                                pay $.50 or 30 days in jail. Kitzel
                                                                wants to appeal. They go to the
                                                                supreme court. He is found guilty. Lou
                                                                does slowly I turned routine. Lou has
                                                                been exonerated and is released.
                                                                Camels salutes Lieutenant Betty Berry.
                                                                 Freddie Rich plays "Begin The
                                                                Beguine", Connie Haines sings "The
                                                                Trolley Song"

83926A   "GUEST: RUDY VALLEE"             74  02-15-45  :29:50  Program of 2-8 Pre-empted for Thomas
                                                                E. Dewey at Lincoln Day Dinner.
                                                                Rudy's program follows this one.
                                                                Professor Melonhead comes in ahead of
                                                                Rudy to work on Lou's diction. Rudy's
                                                                business manager enters and introduces
                                                                Rudy's head writer to AC, Kitzel. Rudy
                                                                enters singing My Time Is Your Time.
                                                                Rudy has written a play for the show,
                                                                Jack And The Beanstalk. Lou plays the
                                                                part of Jack. Camels salutes
                                                                Lieutenant Lee A. Archer. AC say they
                                                                are to Rudy Vallee's show right now.
                                                                Freddie: "The Very Thought Of You",
                                                                Connie: "Accentuate The Positive"

*na*     "GEORGE WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY"   75  02-22-45  :30:00* Bud says that this is George
                                                                Washington's birthday. Lou tries to
                                                                tell a story about George Washington
                                                                but Bud keeps interrupting. AC mention
                                                                that next weeks guest is Frank
                                                                Sinatra. Lou thinks he can sing like
                                                                him. Lou goes to a singing school. Bud
                                                                takes Lou to a gym to get him in
                                                                shape. Lou has a fight in the gym. Lou
                                                                has to go to the hospital after the
                                                                fight. It wakes up and thinks he is
                                                                Frank Sinatra. Camels salutes
                                                                Technical Sergeant Jerry J. O'Donnell.
                                                                 Connie Haines sings "Saturday Night"

111      "GUEST: FRANK SINATRA"           76  03-01-45  :30:00* Frank Sinatra.  AC talk about Frank
                                                                being on the show. They prepare for
                                                                his appearance. Frank appears and
                                                                knows Connie. Lou and Frank remember
                                                                when they were kids in New Jersey.
                                                                Frank and Lou sing One Meat Ball.
                                                                Camels salutes Marine Corps Private
                                                                First Class Carl C. Smith.  Connie
                                                                Haines sings "My Heart Sings", Frank
                                                                Sinatra sings "If You Are But A Dream"

111      "THE TWO DIRTY BEDOUINS"         77  03-08-45  :30:00* Bud tells Lou he only has 1 week to
                                                                file his income tax. Bud helps Lou
                                                                with his taxes. They state this is
                                                                1945. Bud brings in a publicity man
                                                                for Lou. Publicity man has arranged
                                                                for guest next week to be Turhan Bey.
                                                                They do a play called "The Two Dirty
                                                                Bedouins" or "It's Time To Change The
                                                                Shieks". Camels salutes Owen H.
                                                                Bahnken.  Pianist Miss Rosa Linda
                                                                plays "Carmen On A Spree", Connie
                                                                Haines sings "I'm Confessin"

*na*     "GUEST: TURHAN BEY"              78  03-15-45  :30:00* Turhan Bey.  AC talk about there being
                                                                a 12 PM curfew. AC talk about hunting.
                                                                A fan enters and insults Lou. Turhan
                                                                Bey enters and Bud asks him to help
                                                                Lou improve himself. They rehearse a
                                                                scene from a picture. Script is not
                                                                complete and ends here. The end of the
                                                                script is at the end of the 4/5/45
                                                                script. Camels salutes Lieutenant Leo
                                                                S. Korpanty.  Connie Haines sings
                                                                "Don't Ever Change"

111      "COSTELLO THE COWBOY"            79  03-22-45  :30:00* Broadcast from Davis Monthan Air Base
                                                                Tucson Az. Lou talks about a horse he
                                                                rode. Lou wants to build a house in
                                                                the desert. Lou needs to get a loan
                                                                for his new house. Lou can't afford
                                                                the payments. Lou has a dream that he
                                                                is in the Air Force. Camels salutes
                                                                Platoon Sergeant Ernest I. Thomas.
                                                                Freddie Rich plays "Evalina", Connie
                                                                Haines sings "Sunny Side Of The

*na*     "EASTER SUIT"                    80  03-29-45  :30:00* Will Osborne takes over as Orchestra
                                                                Leader. Lou has been out with girls.
                                                                AC do B one routine. Bud says next
                                                                Sunday is Easter. Lou needs a suit for
                                                                Easter. AC mention their latest film
                                                                Here come the coeds. AC go to a movie
                                                                studio. Camels salutes Lieutenant
                                                                Roscoe Allen.  Will Osborne plays
                                                                "I'll Be Seeing You", Connie Haines
                                                                sings "Accentuate The Positive"
                                                                Easter Program

111      "ANDREW BROTHERS OR ANDREWS      81  04-05-45  :30:00* Lou runs over Mr and Mrs Niles in car.
         SISTERS?"                                              AC need to rent a car. AC do U Drive
                                                                routine. They are going to the Andrews
                                                                sisters ranch. AC check into a hotel
                                                                while looking for the ranch. They have
                                                                the Andrews Brothers on this show
                                                                instead. They are played By Ken Niles,
                                                                Mel Blanc, and Will Osborne. Camels
                                                                salutes Lieutenant John Battenfield
                                                                Mitchell.  Will Osborne plays "My
                                                                Dreams Are Getting Better All The
                                                                Time", Connie Haines sings "I'm
                                                                Beginning To See The Light"

9172 A1  "CHARM SCHOOL"                   82  04-19-45  :30:00* Program of 4-8 Pre-empted for News
                                                                reports on the death of FDR.  Lou
                                                                talks about his Uncles divorce. Lou
                                                                talks about his engagement to Tessie
                                                                Tinfoil. Bud arranges a date for Lou.
                                                                Bud takes Lou to a charm school. Bud
                                                                takes Lou to a night club to meet
                                                                Connie. AC can't pay the check for the
                                                                dinner. Camels salutes Lieutenant
                                                                Joseph W. Wright.  Will Osborne plays
                                                                "Candy", Connie Haines sings "Hubba
                                                                Hubba Hoy"

9172 A2  "GUESTS: THE ANDREW SISTERS"     83  04-26-45  :29:40  The Andrew Sisters.  Bud is going to
                                                                help Lou sing. An Attorney
                                                                representing the Andrews Sisters
                                                                appears on show. They are suing AC for
                                                                slander for having the Andrew Brothers
                                                                on the show 3 weeks ago. Andrew
                                                                Sisters say they will drop the suit if
                                                                Lou appears in one of their pictures.
                                                                They meet a double-talking director
                                                                (Cliff Nazarro). Camels salutes
                                                                Private James C. Paterson.  Connie
                                                                Haines sings "Close As Pages In A
                                                                Book", Andrews Sisters sing "I'm
                                                                Beginning To See The Light", Lou sings
                                                                with "Andrew Sisters Sonny Boy"

111      "THE SCHOOL OF SPANISH ACTING"   84  05-03-45  :30:00* Bob Matthews joins the cast as a
                                                                singer.  AC talk about girls. Lou
                                                                wants to be a dramatic actor. Lou
                                                                introduces Bob Mathews as an ex aerial
                                                                gunner. AC mention their latest film,
                                                                Naughty Nineties. Lou is going to try
                                                                and be an actress. He goes to a school
                                                                of Spanish acting. AC arrive at the
                                                                studio with Lou dressed as a Spanish
                                                                lady. Lou throws a pie at Mel Blanc at
                                                                the end. Camels salutes Staff Sergeant
                                                                Raymond Simmons.  Bob Matthews sings
                                                                "I Should Care", Connie Haines sings
                                                                "Every Time"

*na*     "THE LUNCH WAGON"                85  05-10-45  :30:00* AC are running a lunch wagon. For
                                                                several shows, including this one, Lou
                                                                yells "Banana" during the show. Lou
                                                                waits on the customers. Bud hires
                                                                someone to teach Lou how to cook. AC
                                                                want to get a watch dog for the lunch
                                                                wagon. Camels salutes Sergeant Henry
                                                                E. Erwin. AC talk about the war in
                                                                Germany being over last Tuesday.  Bob
                                                                Matthews sings "A Little On The Lonely
                                                                Side", Connie Haines sings "Dream"

*na*     "AUNT MAE VISITS"                86  05-17-45  :30:00* Lou talks about all his relatives. AC
                                                                do teller routine. Aunt Mae is going
                                                                to visit Lou. AC hire a detective to
                                                                look for a graduation ring given Lou
                                                                by Mae. Aunt Mae arrives and wants to
                                                                dance with Bob Matthews. Bud takes Lou
                                                                to a dance teacher. Camels salutes
                                                                Sergeant Sam Wolverine.  Bob Matthews
                                                                sings "Laura", Connie Haines sings "My
                                                                Dreams Are Getting Better"

*na*     "COSTELLO, THE JOCKEY"           87  05-24-45  :30:00* Lou talks about betting at Santa Anita
                                                                race track on horses. Bud shows him
                                                                around the race track and gives him
                                                                advice on what horse to bet on. Lou
                                                                wants to be a jockey so Bud takes him
                                                                to a jockey trainer. Lou is going to
                                                                be a jockey and be in a race. Lou
                                                                races and part way around the horse
                                                                gets on Lou's back and they win the
                                                                race. Camels salutes Pharmacist Mate
                                                                Third Class Lewis R. Schmidt.  Bob
                                                                Matthews sings "A Friend Of Yours",
                                                                Connie Haines sings "Sentimental

*na*     "COSTELLO, THE GOLFER"           88  05-31-45  :30:00* AC talk about Lou's fianc‚e Tessie
                                                                Tinfoil. Lou asks all the women in the
                                                                audience to whistle. Bud tells Lou to
                                                                join a country club. Bud tries to
                                                                teach Lou about sports. The teacher
                                                                teaches Lou golf. Camels salutes
                                                                Technical Sergeant Ellsworth Dalmus.
                                                                AC give a pitch for war bonds.  Bob
                                                                Matthews sings "Nearer To You", Connie
                                                                Haines sings "I Should Care"

111      "THE DREAM ANALYST"              89  06-07-45  :30:00* AC talk about Lou's girl Tessie
                                                                Tinfoil and Bud's marriage. AC plan to
                                                                go to the beach. Lou asks Connie to go
                                                                as well. Lou dreams of women and Bud
                                                                tries to get girls off his mind. Bud
                                                                takes Lou to a dream analyst. Camels
                                                                salutes Boatswain's Mate second class
                                                                Raymond J. Gendron.  Bob Matthews
                                                                sings "I Don't Care Who Knows It",
                                                                Connie Haines sings "Good Good Good"

111      "FATHER'S DAY PRESENTS"          90  06-14-45  :30:00* AC say next Sunday is fathers day.
                                                                They talk and Lou's relatives. They
                                                                talk about what to get for fathers
                                                                day. AC go to a department store to
                                                                buy a present. AC do down off a ducks
                                                                back routine. Bud says Lou needs
                                                                better clothes himself. So he has Lou
                                                                meet an authority on men's clothes.
                                                                Camels salutes Second Lieutenant
                                                                William W. Eldridge.  Bob Matthews
                                                                sings "There's No You", Connie Haines
                                                                sings "A Kiss Goodnight"  Father's Day

111      "LEAVING FOR NEW YORK"           91  06-21-45  :30:00* AC talk about Lou's girl and Bud's
                                                                wife. They say they are leaving for
                                                                New York for next weeks broadcast. AC
                                                                do dyeing routine. AC say they are
                                                                going to play the Roxy Theater while
                                                                in New York. Lou takes acting lessons.
                                                                They rehearse a sketch. Camels salutes
                                                                Lieutenant Harold E. Deskowitz.  Bob
                                                                Matthews sings "If I Loved You",
                                                                Connie Haines sings "The More I See

111      "FROM NEW YORK FOR FINAL SHOW    92  06-28-45  :30:00* This show only, Ernest Chapel is the
         OF THE SEASON"                                         Announcer and Alan Roth the Orchestra
                                                                Leader.  They talk about Mayor
                                                                Laguardia. They talk about places they
                                                                have visited. Patterson NJ has named a
                                                                Lou Costello day. Lou might have to
                                                                give a speech so they get an authority
                                                                on public speaking. AC plug summer
                                                                replacement show Mystery In The Air.
                                                                Patterson wants Lou to be in a
                                                                pageant. They want Lou to christen a
                                                                new garbage scow. Camels salutes Army
                                                                Private Richard Arnold McCurdy.  Bob
                                                                sings "A Friend Of Yours", Connie
                                                                sings "Sentimental Journey"

111      "COSTELLO OWNS THE NBC           93  10-04-45  :30:00* First broadcast of new season. They
         NETWORK"                                               talk about their trip to New York. Lou
                                                                promised a girl to get her into
                                                                pictures. AC talk to a producer about
                                                                the job. The girl shows up, Lena
                                                                Genster. Lou told her that he owns the
                                                                NBC network. Lou takes her to
                                                                Universal studios. Camels salutes the
                                                                One Hundred Third Division.  Will
                                                                Osborne plays "Atchision Topeka And
                                                                The Santa Fe", Connie Haines sings
                                                                "I'll Buy That Dream"  Bob Matthews no
                                                                longer part of the cast.

*na*     "FIGHTING OVER COSTELLO"         94  10-11-45  :30:00* AC talk about baseball season being
                                                                over. AC talk about Lou's girlfriend.
                                                                She wants to be taken to a fancy
                                                                restaurant. On the way Lou has a car
                                                                accident with Connie. Lou has a date
                                                                with Connie and his girlfriend at the
                                                                same restaurant. The two girls stage a
                                                                fight over Lou and fake shooting
                                                                themselves. Camels salutes Seventieth
                                                                Division.  Will Osborne plays "Til The
                                                                End Of Time", Connie Haines sings "I'm
                                                                Gonna Love That Guy"

*na*     "COSTELLO, THE HUMAN             95  10-18-45  :30:00* Lou's girlfriend, Lena Genster, is
         CANONBALL"                                             leaving California and going back to
                                                                Brooklyn. AC decided to go to Lena's
                                                                house to stop her. Bud gets Lena to
                                                                give Lou 24 hours to make something of
                                                                himself. Professor Melonhead tells Lou
                                                                to be shot out of a human canon.
                                                                Camels salutes First Marine Division.
                                                                Will Osborne plays "How Deep Is The
                                                                Ocean", Connie Haines sings "Along The
                                                                Navajo Trail"

*na*     "THE $1,000 ENGAGEMENT RING"     96  10-25-45  :30:00* AC talk about Lena Gentser, Lou's
                                                                girlfriend. Lou and Lena are engaged.
                                                                Lena wants a thousand dollar
                                                                engagement ring. Lou tries to get
                                                                $1000. Lou assists bank robbers and
                                                                gets in jail. Bud gets a lawyer for
                                                                Lou. The robbers confess and Lou is
                                                                free. Camels salutes men of the
                                                                Aircraft Carrier Franklin.  Will
                                                                Osborne plays "Gotta Be This Or That",
                                                                Connie Haines sings "Love Letters"

111      "LATIN AMERICAN EMBASSY PARTY"   97  11-01-45  :30:00* AC have been invited to a party at the
                                                                Latin American Embassy. Lou does not
                                                                want to go to the party unless his
                                                                girlfriend can come. AC try to go
                                                                without Lena. AC arrive at the party.
                                                                Lou finds a pretty girl at the party.
                                                                Lou has to have a pistol duel with the
                                                                girls boyfriend. Camels salutes the
                                                                crew of aircraft carrier Enterprise.
                                                                Will Osborne plays "Atchison, Topeka
                                                                and Santa Fe", Connie Haines sings
                                                                "Dearest Darling"

*na*     "THE SANITARIUM"                 98  11-08-45  :30:00* AC need to go to Universal studios.
                                                                Lou has to ride a horse in the
                                                                picture. Lou's girlfriend, Lena, shows
                                                                up at the picture location and wants
                                                                Lou to get her a job. AC have to leave
                                                                their hotel room and stay in a cabin.
                                                                It turns out to be a trailer. When
                                                                they wake up it is moving. They wind
                                                                up in a sanitarium where they are
                                                                eventually released. Camels salutes
                                                                the Second Marine Division.  Will
                                                                Osborne plays "Blue Skies", Connie
                                                                Haines sings "It's Been A Long Long

111      "UNCLE ARTIE STEBBINS RANCH"     99  11-15-45  :30:00* AC talk about flowers and bees on a
                                                                farm. AC go to Uncle Artie Stebbins
                                                                Ranch. Lou thinks Lena can't find him
                                                                at the ranch. Lena arrives being
                                                                driven by Scotty McBrown. Camels
                                                                salutes Eighty-Third "Ohio" Division.
                                                                Will Osborne sings "Waitin' For The
                                                                Train To Come In", Connie Haines sings
                                                                "That's For Me"

*na*     "THE BUTCHER SHOP"              100  11-22-45  :30:00* AC are working in a butcher shop. Bud
                                                                pretends to be a customer to test
                                                                Lou's salesmanship. Bud threatens to
                                                                fire Lou. Lou waits on several
                                                                customers. Lou asks Bud to have
                                                                Thanksgiving dinner at Bud's house.
                                                                Lou announces Bud's guests as they
                                                                arrive. Mrs Niles (Elvia Allman)
                                                                returns to the show from being off for
                                                                a long time. Camels salutes
                                                                Eighty-Fifth "Custer" Division.  Will
                                                                Osborne plays "Take The A Train",
                                                                Connie Haines sings "That Old Feelin'"
                                                                 Thanksgiving Program

111      "THE GAS STATION"               101  11-29-45  :30:00* AC have bought a gas station. Bud
                                                                fires Lou. Bud gives Lou another
                                                                chance. Lou waits on several cars. Mr
                                                                and Mrs Niles show up at the gas
                                                                station. Lou ruins the Niles car. He
                                                                gets in his car and hits a pedestrian.
                                                                The police pull him over. Camels
                                                                salutes Thirty-Eight "Cyclone"
                                                                Division.  Will Osborne plays
                                                                "Tampico", Connie Haines sings "Along
                                                                The Navajo Trail"

111      "THE FIREHOUSE"                 102  12-06-45  :30:00* AC are working in a firehouse. Bud
                                                                wants Lou to get more exersize. AC do
                                                                B1 routine. Bud fires Lou from the
                                                                firehouse. Lena shows up at the
                                                                firehouse. There is a three alarm fire
                                                                and Lou gets in an argument with
                                                                Melonhead. AC go to a fire and arrive
                                                                at Mrs O'lay Hee's house. Camels
                                                                salutes the Fighting Sixty-Ninth
                                                                Division.  Will Osborne plays "Oh
                                                                Brother", Connie Haines sings "Rip Van

111      "COSTELLO LEARNS HOW TO BE A    103  12-13-45  :30:00* AC are working in Melonhead's
         SALESMAN"                                              department store. AC talk about buying
                                                                things in the store. Lou waits on a
                                                                customer. Lou's girlfriend, Lena,
                                                                shows up. Melonhead tells Lou to turn
                                                                in his pencil and dixiecup. Melonhead
                                                                wants Lou to try and sell an umbrella.
                                                                Lou is now playing with the toys. Lou
                                                                is finally fired. Camels salutes
                                                                Thirty-Sixth "Texas" Division.  Will
                                                                Osborne plays "Just A Little Fond
                                                                Affection", Connie Haines sings "It
                                                                Might As Well Be Spring"

111      "1945 CHRISTMAS SHOW"           104  12-20-45  :30:00* Lou is going to have a Christmas
                                                                party. Lou got a tree. Lou is inviting
                                                                people to his party. It's midnight and
                                                                nobody shows up for Lou's party. Lou
                                                                tells when he was a little kid. Lou
                                                                gets no presents for Christmas.
                                                                Costello finishes is story. Now all
                                                                his guests all arrive. They all sing
                                                                modified version of White Christmas.
                                                                Camels salutes the Sixty-Sixth "Black
                                                                Panther" Division.  Connie Haines
                                                                sings "The Trolley Song"  Christmas

111      "LOU BUYS A BEAUTY SHOP"        105  12-27-45  :30:00* Lou buys a beauty shop. 1946 is the
                                                                new year next Monday night. Lena comes
                                                                into the beauty shop and walks out on
                                                                Lou. Lou thinks he is a failure. Bud
                                                                is going to help Lou sell beauty
                                                                treatments house to house. They arrive
                                                                at Mrs Niles and give her a beauty
                                                                treatment. Camels salutes the
                                                                Thirty-Fourth "Red Bull" Division. End
                                                                of radio shop and Mike Roy giving
                                                                announcement.  Will Osborne plays "How
                                                                Deep Is The Ocean", Connie Haines
                                                                sings "Love Letters"

*na*     "COSTELLO'S SINGING LESSON"     106  01-10-46  :30:00* Program of 1-3 Pre-empted for Radio
                                                                address by President Truman.  Carl
                                                                Hoff becomes new Orchestra leader and
                                                                the new singers are Amy Arnell and Bob
                                                                Matthews in place of Connie Haines.
                                                                Lou wants to sing on the program. Carl
                                                                Hoff is introduced. AC go to a music
                                                                company to get a song written for Lou.
                                                                Mrs Niles helps Lou with singing.
                                                                Professor Melonhead gives Lou a
                                                                singing lesson. Camels salutes crew of
                                                                the Aircraft Carrier Essex.  Amy
                                                                Arnell sings "No Can Do", Bob Matthews
                                                                sings "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows"

*na*     "COSTELLO WINS A HORSE,         107  01-17-46  :30:00* Lou brings in a horse, girdle, that he
         GIRDLE"                                                won into the studio. AC do mudder
                                                                routine. AC talk Girdle to Santa
                                                                Anita. They take him to a horse
                                                                trainer. AC go to bet on the horse. AC
                                                                do betting routine. Camels salutes the
                                                                Forth Division of the Third Army. At
                                                                end Wendell Niles says he was pinch
                                                                hitting for his brother Ken as
                                                                announcer.  Bob Matthews sings
                                                                "Symphony", Amy Arnell sings "Come To
                                                                Baby Do"

*na*     "MELONHEAD'S RESTAURANT"        108  01-24-46  :30:00* AC are working in Melonhead's
                                                                restaurant. Bud tries to show Lou how
                                                                to wait on tables. Lou waits on some
                                                                customers. AC deliver food for Mrs
                                                                Niles party. AC help Melonhead server
                                                                dinner at the party. Camels salutes
                                                                the Ninety-Sixth "Deadeye" Division.
                                                                Bob Matthews sings "I Can't Begin To
                                                                Tell You", Amy Arnell sings "Let It

*na*     "ABBOTT AND COSTELLO DETECTIVE  109  01-31-46  :30:00* AC start their own detective agency.
         AGENCY"                                                Lou was in a bank while it was being
                                                                held up and did not know it. AC get a
                                                                customer and try and catch the masked
                                                                bandit. While looking for the bandit
                                                                they meet officer Melonhead. AC catch
                                                                the bandit. Camels salutes First
                                                                Armored Division.  Bob Matthews sings
                                                                "Day By Day", Amy Arnell sings "Put
                                                                That Ring On Your Finger"

111      "LOOKING FOR AN APARTMENT"      110  02-07-46  :30:00* Lou just came back from his Artie
                                                                Stebbins farm. AC do sow the seed
                                                                routine. Lou brings a pig from the
                                                                farm. AC get kicked out of their
                                                                apartment because of the pig. So they
                                                                look for a new apartment. They try to
                                                                rent an apartment from Mrs Niles. Mrs
                                                                Niles finds the pig in the apartment.
                                                                Camels salutes the Navy's Carrier Air
                                                                Group Eighty-Three.  Bob Matthews
                                                                sings "Wait And See", Amy Arnell sings
                                                                "Waitin' For The Train To Come In"

111      "MRS. NILES GIVES THE BOYS A    111  02-14-46  :30:00* AC are working in Mrs Niles apartment
         JOB"                                                   hotel. AC practice welcoming new
                                                                tenants. Commercial says tomorrow is
                                                                the 15th of February. AC try to help
                                                                get rid of Bees in Mrs Niles room.
                                                                Camels salutes the Eighty-Sixth "Black
                                                                Hawk" Division.  Bob Matthews sings
                                                                "Slowly", Amy Arnell sings "Aren't You
                                                                Glad Your Not"

111      "COSTELLO LOOKS FOR A LEADING   112  02-21-46  :30:00* Lou is going to put on his annual
         LADY"                                                  spring play. Bud says he can't put it
                                                                on because the NBC censor has not seen
                                                                it. Bud reviews the play with Lou. Lou
                                                                is trying to find a leading lady for
                                                                the play. Professor Melonhead will
                                                                direct the play. Camels salutes the
                                                                Ninety-Fourth Division.  Bob Matthews
                                                                sings "Blue", Amy Arnell sings "Give
                                                                Me The Simple Life"

111      "COSTELLO DISCOVER URANIUM"     113  03-07-46  :30:00* Program of 2-28 Pre-empted for speech
                                                                by Secretary of State James F. Byrnes
                                                                on "The United Nations Organization."
                                                                Bob Matthews leaves the show.  AC are
                                                                working in Lou's drug store. AC do
                                                                watt routine. Lou waits on several
                                                                customers. Mrs Niles shows up and
                                                                wants her rent money. She is going to
                                                                throw them out and attach the drug
                                                                store if they don't pay the rent. Bud
                                                                finds a sack of Uranium. With
                                                                professor Melonhead they make an
                                                                atomic bomb and go to the Mojave
                                                                desert to test it. Camels salutes the
                                                                Fifth Infantry "Red Diamond" Division.

111      "LOU HAS TO PAY HIS INCOME      114  03-14-46  :30:00* Lou is trying to figure out his income
         TAX"                                                   tax. Bud helps Lou with his taxes.
                                                                Tomorrow is the deadline to pay income
                                                                taxes. Lou does not have the money to
                                                                pay his taxes. Lou tries to borrow the
                                                                money from people. Lou tries to get a
                                                                Loan from a loan company from a man
                                                                who is the Loan Arranger. At the end
                                                                the Loan arranger is yelling out the
                                                                window that Lou is broke and needs
                                                                $500. Camels salutes the One Hundred
                                                                and Second "Ozark" Division.  Carl
                                                                Hoff plays "Who's Sorry Now", Amy
                                                                Arnell sings "Onezy Twozy"

111      "MINDING THE BABY"              115  03-21-46  :30:00* AC try to take care of a baby. AC need
                                                                to go to the premier of their latest
                                                                movie and try to find someone to mind
                                                                the baby. AC take the baby to the
                                                                premier. AC wind up at the wrong
                                                                theater. It is for Laurel and Hardy.
                                                                Camels salutes the Fifteenth Air
                                                                Force.  Carl Hoff plays "Aren't You
                                                                Glad You're You", Amy Arnell sings
                                                                "Give Me A Little Kiss"

83926B   "COSTELLO'S SISTER'S WEDDING"   116  03-28-46  :29:40  Lou's sister is getting married. Lou
                                                                does not like her future husband. He
                                                                want Lou to shorten his pants legs by
                                                                4 inches. AC do dyeing routine. Lou
                                                                tries to find someone to shorten the
                                                                pants. Lou can't find anyone to
                                                                shorten the pants. His father kicks
                                                                him out of the house. Everyone feels
                                                                sorry for Lou so they each shorten the
                                                                pants 4 inches. Camels salutes the men
                                                                of the USS Columbia.   Carl Hoff plays
                                                                "Give Me The Simple Life", Amy Arnell
                                                                sings "Atlanta, Ga"

*na*     "DELICATESSEN SALESMAN"         117  04-04-46  :30:00* Bud hired Lou to work in his bakery
                                                                and delicatessen. Bud tries to teach
                                                                Lou how to sell things in the store.
                                                                Lout waits on customers. AC have to
                                                                bake a cake for Mrs Niles. Camels
                                                                salutes Navy's Minesweeper YMS
                                                                Three-Two-Five.  Carl Hoff plays
                                                                "Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief", Amy
                                                                Arnell sings "Onezy Twozy"

111      "COSTELLO IN COURT"             118  04-11-46  :30:00* Lou has been out planting in the
                                                                garden. Lou shoots at a crow in the
                                                                garden. He hits Mrs Niles and she
                                                                threatens to sue him. Lou has to go to
                                                                court. He goes looking for character
                                                                witnesses. Lou is in court. Bud gets
                                                                him Melonhead for a lawyer. Camels
                                                                salutes the One Hundred-Sixth Infantry
                                                                "Golden Lion" Division.  Carl Hoff
                                                                plays "Let It Snow", Amy Arnell sings

111      "PET SHOP"                      119  04-18-46  :30:00* AC are running a pet shop and Lou
                                                                brings in a dog. AC do peak at Mrs
                                                                Pike routine. Costello waits on
                                                                customers. Mrs Niles brings in a dog
                                                                for AC to take care of. Lou goes to
                                                                get a license for the dog. Lou shows
                                                                up at the marriage license area. He
                                                                loses the dog. AC go looking for the
                                                                dog. They search for the dog in a
                                                                deserted house. They find the dog with
                                                                Ken Niles. Camels salutes the
                                                                Eighty-Ninth "Middle West" Division.
                                                                Carl Hoff plays "Come To Baby Do", Amy
                                                                Arnell sings "You Won't Be Satisfied"

111      "THE SHERIFF OF NORTH           120  04-25-46  :30:00* Lou says he has been made Sheriff of
         HOLLYWOOD"                                             North Hollywood. AC do a routine about
                                                                fighting Indians. AC go out to Mrs
                                                                Niles ranch to go after cattle
                                                                rustlers. The bad man is Cactus Pete.
                                                                AC go after him. Camels salutes the
                                                                Eleventh Airborne Division.
                                                                Announcement about changing to
                                                                Daylight Savings Time.  Carl Hoff
                                                                plays "Who's Sorry Now", Amy Arnell
                                                                sings "I'm A Big Girl Now"

111      "NAPOLEON AND JOSEPHINE"        121  05-02-46  :30:00* Lou is dressed up like Napoleon. He
                                                                wants that part in a movie. Bud says
                                                                he is not the type. Bud rehearses Lou
                                                                on how to be romantic. Lou asks people
                                                                if they would like him to be Napoleon.
                                                                They enact the play with Melonhead
                                                                being the director. Camels salutes the
                                                                One Hundred First "Screaming Eagle"
                                                                Airborne Division.  Carl Hoff plays
                                                                "You've Got Me Crying Again", Amy
                                                                Arnell sings "Give Me A Little Kiss"

111      "LOU WANTS TO JOIN THE CIRCUS"  122  05-09-46  :30:00* Lou wants to join the circus. Bud says
                                                                he can get him a part in a Tarzan
                                                                picture as a stunt man. Lou gets a job
                                                                in the circus. Mrs Niles tries to get
                                                                Lou fired from the circus. Camels
                                                                salutes the Air Transport Evacuation
                                                                Squadron One.  Carl Hoff plays "Sioux
                                                                City Sue", Amy Arnell sings "Shoe Fly

111      "COSTELLO RUNS FOR MAYOR"       123  05-16-46  :30:00* A lady wants Lou to run for mayor of
                                                                south Patterson New Jersey. AC will go
                                                                by train to Patterson. They do upper
                                                                lower berth routine. Lou says goodbye
                                                                to all his friends. AC are at the
                                                                depot buying their tickets. AC get
                                                                stuck in a cattle car on the train.
                                                                Camels salutes the Seventh Armor
                                                                Division. Next Thursday will be from
                                                                New York.  Carl Hoff plays "Seems Like
                                                                Old Times", Amy Arnell sings "Coax Me
                                                                A Little Bit"

111      "COSTELLO WANTS TO RUN FOR      124  05-23-46  :30:00* AC are in New York. AC get acquainted
         MAYOR"                                                 with the audience. Lou wants to run
                                                                for Mayor. Bud says he should be a
                                                                policeman. Music is interrupted by
                                                                lady who presents from Magazine Digest
                                                                an award to AC for Outstanding Comedy
                                                                Team of the Air. Melonhead gives Lou a
                                                                Diction lesson. Lou gives a speech to
                                                                the Womens Voters League for his
                                                                campaign. Camels salutes the Twelfth
                                                                Armor Hell Cat Division.  Allen Roth
                                                                plays "Aren't You Glad You're You",
                                                                Amy Arnell sings "I'm A Big Girl Now"

111      "GUEST: ELSA MAXWELL"           125  05-30-46  :30:00* Elsa Maxwell.  From Radio City New
                                                                York studio 6A. Bud says second week
                                                                from New York. AC are invited to a big
                                                                party at Elsa Maxwell's house. Bud is
                                                                going to teach Lou how to dance. They
                                                                arrive at Elsa's party and she wants
                                                                them to put on a play for the guests.
                                                                They do Anthony and Cleopatra  Camels
                                                                salutes the Ninety-Ninth Division.
                                                                Last night in New York. They say they
                                                                will do 4 more shows from Hollywood.
                                                                Allen Roth plays "Doctor, Lawyer,
                                                                Indian Chief",  Amy Arnell sings

*na*     "LOCKED OUT OF THEIR ROOM"      126  06-06-46  :30:00* AC are back in Hollywood. They talk
                                                                about their trip. Lou does not have
                                                                money for room rent. AC do knead dough
                                                                routine. Mrs Niles locks AC in their
                                                                room until they pay their rent. AC
                                                                sneak out and look for a room. Camels
                                                                salutes patrol bombing squadron twenty
                                                                eight.  Carl Hoff plays "Liza", Amy
                                                                Arnell sings "I Don't Know Enough
                                                                About You"

*na*     "A DATE WITH CHARLES BOYERS     127  06-13-46  :30:00* Lou gets a date with Charles Boyers
         GIRL"                                                  girl. Lou is going to take her to the
                                                                beach but he can't find his swim
                                                                trunks. He tries to borrow a pair. AC
                                                                arrive at the beach. Lou rents a
                                                                bathing suit. Camels salutes the
                                                                Fortieth Infantry "Sunburst" Division.
                                                                 Carl Hoff plays "All The Cats Join
                                                                In", Amy Arnell sings "Ashby De La

*na*     "COSTELLO, THE BUTLER"          128  06-20-46  :30:00* AC talk about Louis-Conn fight. Bud
                                                                has bought an engagement ring. Bud is
                                                                going to bring his girl to dinner and
                                                                wants Lou to be the butler. AC go look
                                                                for someone to cook dinner. Melonhead
                                                                comes over to show Lou how to be a
                                                                butler. Cames salutes the Fifth
                                                                Auxiliary Surgical group.  Carl Hoff
                                                                plays "A Penny In Your Pocket", Amy
                                                                Arnell sings "Coax Me A Little Bit"

111      "ABBOTT'S BIG DATE"             129  06-27-46  :30:00* AC start their summer vacation
                                                                tomorrow. AC decided to go to Mexico.
                                                                Pitch that AC will be back after
                                                                summer break. In their place will be
                                                                Vaughn Monroe. AC say goodbye to
                                                                everyone. AC get Spanish lessons from
                                                                Melonhead. Camels salutes the USS
                                                                submarine Sealion. Bud says they will
                                                                be back October 3.  Carl Hoff plays
                                                                "Sioux City Sue", Amy Arnell sings
                                                                "Got The Sun In The Morning"

111      "COSTELLO IS INCORRIGIBLE"      130  10-03-46  :30:00* Bud starts out mad at Lou. They then
                                                                talk about new band leader Skinnay
                                                                Ennis and singer Marilyn Maxwell. Bud
                                                                threatens to leave Lou and Lou gives a
                                                                sad story of his growing up. Lou
                                                                starts to dream. Lou is shown bad and
                                                                good things he has done. We awakes
                                                                from is dream.  New Announcer is Jim
                                                                Doyle.  Skinnay Ennis sings "Five
                                                                Minutes More", Marilyn Maxwell sings
                                                                "I've Got The Sun In The Morning"

111      "COSTELLO HEARS HORNS"          131  10-10-46  :30:00* Lou is at his house and not feeling
                                                                good. Every time he tells a lie he
                                                                hears a horn. Bud feels Lou should
                                                                take care of his estate. Bud hires a
                                                                lawyer to handle the estate. Bud takes
                                                                Lou to see someone about his
                                                                condition.  Skinnay Ennis plays "I
                                                                Don't Know Why", Marilyn Maxwell sings
                                                                "It's A Pity To Say Goodnight"

*na*     "TRYING TO GET COSTELLO         132  10-17-46  :30:00* Bud is going to try and get Lou
         MARRIED"                                               married. Lou does not want to be
                                                                married. Bud has a girl for him but he
                                                                is just trying to get $28 from Lou.
                                                                They try to trap Lou but it does not
                                                                work.  Skinnay Ennis plays "Oh,
                                                                Buttermilk Sky", Marilyn Maxwell sings
                                                                "Linger A Little Longer In My Arms"

*na*     "TO FIGHT OR NOT TO FIGHT"      133  10-24-46  :30:00* Lou promised to fight someone. Bud
                                                                gets him ready for the fight and Lou
                                                                does not want to fight. Lou shows up
                                                                for the fight and now Bud tries to
                                                                talk Lou out of fighting. Marilyn gets
                                                                him to not fight. Next Thursday is
                                                                Halloween.  Skinnay Ennis plays "I
                                                                Guess I'll Get The Papers", Marilyn
                                                                Maxwell sings "Just Squeeze Me"

*na*     "HALLOWEEN PARTY"               134  10-31-46  :30:00* Lou says tonite is Halloween. AC do
                                                                routine where Lou tries to tell a
                                                                story but Bud keeps interrupting.
                                                                Nobody comes to Lou's Halloween party.
                                                                Bud coaxes Lou into tearing down a
                                                                fence. Lou is arrested.  Skinnay Ennis
                                                                plays "The Things We Did Last Summer",
                                                                Marilyn Maxwell sings "Wherever
                                                                There's Me There's You"

111      "MARILYN MAXWELL'S APARTMENT"   135  11-07-46  :30:00* Lou has his mind on girls. Especially
                                                                Marilyn Maxwell. She is moving into
                                                                the apartment above Lou's. AC go up to
                                                                inspect the room. AC try to find out
                                                                who rented the room next to Marilyn's.
                                                                They all crash through the door to
                                                                find only a woman.  Skinnay Ennis
                                                                plays "Why Does It Get So Late So
                                                                Early", Marilyn Maxwell sings

*na*     "THE UNDERTAKER'S NATIONAL      136  11-14-46  :30:00*  Lou tells the story of Romeo and
         ORGANIZATION"                                          Juliet and Bud keeps interrupting. Lou
                                                                has been asked to serve at the UNO.
                                                                Bud has Lou go to a tailor to get a
                                                                new suit. Bud then takes him to get
                                                                French lessons. Everybody gives Lou a
                                                                send off. Its not the United Nations
                                                                but the Undertaker's National
                                                                Organization.  Skinnay Ennis sings
                                                                "You'll Always Be The One I Love",
                                                                Marilyn Maxwell sings "The Coffee

*na*     "THE UCLA FOOTBALL TEAM"        137  11-21-46  :30:00* AC talk about football. Marilyn has
                                                                fallen in love with a football player.
                                                                Lou takes love lessons. Bud has got
                                                                Lou on the UCLA football team. Lou
                                                                shows up and he got him as a vendor.
                                                                They say next Thursday is
                                                                Thanksgiving.  Skinnay Ennis sings
                                                                "The Best Man", Marilyn Maxwell sings
                                                                "My Sugar Is So Refined"

*na*     "THANKSGIVING PLAY"             138  11-28-46  :30:00* Bud wishes Lou a Happy Thanksgiving.
                                                                AC do routine where Lou tells a story
                                                                and Bud keeps interrupting. Lou puts
                                                                on a Thanksgiving play.  Skinnay Ennis
                                                                sings "For You For Me Forever More",
                                                                Marilyn Maxwell sings "So They Tell
                                                                Me"  Thanksgiving Program

83927A   "HUNTING SKIT"                  139  12-05-46  :30:00* AC talk about hunting. Bud asks Lou to
                                                                go hunting with him. They meet Marilyn
                                                                and Skinnay at the lodge in the
                                                                mountains. There is a $1000 reward for
                                                                shooting a mountain lion. Lou has to
                                                                go into a cave to get the lion. Lou
                                                                talks to lion into giving him his
                                                                skin.  Skinnay Ennis sings "For
                                                                Sentimental Reasons", Marilyn Maxwell
                                                                sings "Blue Skies"

111      "ROCKET TO THE MOON"            140  12-12-46  :30:00* Lou was driving his car. Lou tells a
                                                                story about Aladdin and his lamp. Bud
                                                                keeps interrupting. Lou has invented a
                                                                new machine. Bud has an idea to get
                                                                $10,000. They are going to shoot Lou
                                                                to the moon in a rocket. Lou gets
                                                                ready to go. Lou and Marilyn do a
                                                                little musical. Lou refuses to go.
                                                                Skinnay Ennis sings "Met A Gal",
                                                                Marilyn Maxwell sings "Oh, Buttermilk

*na*     "CHRISTMAS GIFTS"               141  12-19-46  :30:00* Bud says that it is Christmas week. AC
                                                                talk about Christmas gifts. AC do
                                                                routine where Lou tells a story and
                                                                Bud keeps interrupting. They talk
                                                                about last week in the story.  Skinnay
                                                                Ennis sings "Winter Wonderland",
                                                                Marilyn Maxwell sings "Let It Snow"
                                                                Christmas Program

111      "GUEST: KAY KYSER"              142  12-26-46  :30:00* Kay Kyser.  Lou needs money since he
                                                                bought presents on the installment
                                                                plan. AC does routine where Lou tells
                                                                a story, Little Red Riding Hood, and
                                                                Bud keeps interrupting. He is going to
                                                                tell the story to Drip magazine. Bud
                                                                takes Lou to NBC's College Of Musical
                                                                Knowledge show to get money. Lou wins
                                                                $250 on the show.  Skinnay Ennis sings
                                                                "Among My Souvenirs", Marilyn Maxwell
                                                                sings "Hitch Up The Sleigh"

*na*     "HAPPY NEW YEAR"                143  01-02-47  :30:00* Lou says its the day after New Years.
                                                                AC do routine again where Lou tells a
                                                                story and Bud keeps interrupting. AC
                                                                go to Palm Springs to be in a picture
                                                                with Marilyn. They arrive at the
                                                                hotel. Marilyn introduces them to the
                                                                director who speaks double talk to AC.
                                                                Everybody wishes Happy New Year. AC
                                                                says its their eleventh year in
                                                                Hollywood.  Skinnay Ennis sings "And
                                                                So To Bed", Marilyn Maxwell sings "My
                                                                Sugar Is So Refined"  New Year's

111      "CINDERELLA"                    144  01-09-47  :30:00* AC do routine again where Lou tells a
                                                                story, Cinderella, and Bud keeps
                                                                interrupting. Lou wants to go to
                                                                Washington to help the teachers. AC go
                                                                to Washington. They go to the Senate
                                                                building. Then the FBI.  Skinnay Ennis
                                                                sings "Gotta Get Me Somebody To Love",
                                                                Marilyn Maxwell sings "The More I Go
                                                                Out With Somebody Else"

*na*     "BUD'S BROTHER, NORMAN VISITS"  145  01-16-47  :30:00* Michael Roy is the new Announcer in
                                                                Hollywood.  Bud's brother Norman is
                                                                coming to meet Bud. He needs to find a
                                                                place for him to live. AC again do
                                                                routine where Lou tells a story and
                                                                Bud keeps interrupting. AC are at the
                                                                train station to meet Norman. AC meet
                                                                Norman and talk to him. They decide
                                                                that Noman will stay with Lou.
                                                                Skinnay Ennis sings "It's A Good Day",
                                                                Marilyn Maxwell sings "They Didn't
                                                                Believe Me"

111      "TRYINT TO MARRY OFF NORMAN"    146  01-23-47  :30:00* Lou is mad since Bud's brother Norman
                                                                is still living at Lou's house. Lou
                                                                tells a story and Bud keeps
                                                                interrupting. AC try to get Norman
                                                                married. They take him to a party by
                                                                widow Wetwash. Widow Wetwash falls in
                                                                Love with Lou. Next weeks show will
                                                                come from New York.  Skinnay Ennis
                                                                sings "Life Can Be Beautiful", Marilyn
                                                                Maxwell sings "Zip A De Doo Dah"

*na*     "COSTELLO, THE STUNT MAN"       147  01-30-47  :30:00* Show is from New York.  Announcer in
                                                                New York is Bert Parks.  AC talk about
                                                                New York and Patterson New Jersey.
                                                                They Lou tries to tell a story and Bud
                                                                keeps interrupting. Lou is to get an
                                                                award from Patterson. Bud gets Lou a
                                                                part in Skinnay Ennis's picture. Lou
                                                                turns out to be his stunt man. They
                                                                don't give Lou an award the put him in
                                                                a ward.  Skinnay Ennis sings "Gal In
                                                                Calico", Marilyn Maxwell sings "Rainy
                                                                Night In Rio"

46839 B  "COSTELLO'S RELATIVES WRITE A   148  02-06-47  :30:00* Show is from New York again. Bert
         MOVIE SCRIPT"                                          Parks is the Announcer.  AC talk about
                                                                who has the better family. They Lou
                                                                tries to tell a story while Bud keeps
                                                                interrupting. AC do dying routine.
                                                                Lou's family is coming to visit Lou.
                                                                Lou's family has written a sketch for
                                                                them to do. Lou worries that the
                                                                sponsor won't like the show with his
                                                                relatives. But the sponsor likes it.
                                                                Next week will be from Hollywood.
                                                                Skinnay Ennis sings "I'll Close My
                                                                Eyes", Marilyn Maxwell sings "He's
                                                                Just My Kind"

111      "COSTELLO THE SAILOR"           149  02-13-47  :30:00* AC are back in California. Lou tries
                                                                to tell a story about Moby Dick and
                                                                Bud keeps interrupting. Lou has bought
                                                                a boat. Bud sends him done to get a
                                                                license but he ends up in the Marriage
                                                                license department. They decide to go
                                                                on boat for a fishing trip. They get
                                                                ship-wrecked on an island. Tomorrow is
                                                                Valentines day. Bud messes up many
                                                                lines in this show.  Skinnay Ennis
                                                                sings "You'll Aways Be The One I
                                                                Love", Marilyn Maxwell sings Wish "I
                                                                May, Wish I Might". Valentine's Day

111      "SKI-JUMP CONTEST"              150  02-20-47  :30:00* Mrs Wetwash invites AC to her winter
                                                                lodge for Washington's birthday. She
                                                                has entered Lou in a ski jump. Lou
                                                                tells a story about George Washington
                                                                and Bud keeps interrupting. AC arrive
                                                                at Sun Valley. Lou and Mrs Wetwash go
                                                                skiing. Lou does the ski jump.
                                                                Skinnay Ennis sings "So Would I",
                                                                Marilyn Maxwell sings "You Broke The
                                                                Only Heart That Evey Loved You"

111      "TEACHING MARILYN MAXWELL TO    151  02-27-47  :30:00* Lou tells a story of Anie Oakley and
         DRIVE"                                                 Bud keeps interrupting. Marilyn wants
                                                                Lou to teach her how to drive. But Lou
                                                                does not have a drivers license or a
                                                                car. AC do U Drive routine. Lou tries
                                                                to borrow a car. He can't so AC try to
                                                                buy one. They get a $50 car. Now they
                                                                go for a license. Lou now takes
                                                                Marilyn for a drive. AC end show with
                                                                teller routine.  Skinnay Ennis sings
                                                                "Gotta Get Me Somebody To Love",
                                                                Marilyn Maxwell sings "Basin Street"

111      "INCOME TAX TROUBLES"           152  03-06-47  :30:00* AC talk about paying their income tax.
                                                                Lou tells the story Jack In The
                                                                Beanstalk and Bud keeps interrupting.
                                                                AC do teller routine. Bud takes Lou to
                                                                a tax accountant. Lou finds he owes no
                                                                income tax if he makes no money.
                                                                People keep giving Lou money that they
                                                                owe him. Lou wins $3000 in a raffle.
                                                                Lou tries to give the money away but
                                                                can't, he just gets more. Plug at end
                                                                for AC new picture Buck Privates Come
                                                                Home.  Skinnay Ennis sings "If This
                                                                Isn't Love", Marilyn Maxwell sings "I

111      "COSTELLO CAN'T LOSE"           153  03-13-47  :30:00* Lou has to get rid of all the money he
                                                                won last show before income tax day.
                                                                Bud suggests they go to the racetrack
                                                                to lose the money. Lou tries to tell
                                                                the story of Black Beauty and Bud
                                                                keeps interrupting. AC are at the
                                                                racetrack and bet on the horses. They
                                                                do nothing but win.  Skinnay Ennis
                                                                sings "Linda", Marilyn Maxwell sings
                                                                "That's The Beginning Of The End"

111      "HANLEY STAFFORD SUBS FOR BUD   154  03-20-47  :30:00* Hanley Stafford subs for Bud Abbott.
         ABBOTT"                                                Script says Bud has a bad case of
                                                                laryngitis. Tomorrow is the first day
                                                                of Spring. Lou has Spring fever.
                                                                Hanley is going to help Lou plant a
                                                                garden. They do sew the seed routine.
                                                                They do more talk about the garden.
                                                                They find bones buried in the garden
                                                                and suspect Mrs Wetwash of murder.
                                                                They are bones buried by Mrs Wetwash's
                                                                dog.  Skinnay Ennis sings "It's The
                                                                Same Old Dream", Marilyn Maxwell sings
                                                                "How Come You Do Me Like You Do"

111      "COSTELLO INVESTS IN THE STOCK  155  03-27-47  :30:00* AC both sound sick. Tomorrow is
         MARKET"                                                Marilyn Maxwell's birthday. Bud wants
                                                                to help Lou make some money so he can
                                                                buy Marilyn a present. They go to the
                                                                stock market. Lou buys a stock and
                                                                then buys a mink coat for Marilyn. Lou
                                                                loses all his money in the stock
                                                                market. AC break into Marilyn's house
                                                                to steal back the coat. They get
                                                                arrested.  Skinnay Ennis sings
                                                                "Heartaches", Marilyn Maxwell sings
                                                                "For Sentimental Reasons"

*na*     "DRUGSTORE DISASTER"            156  04-03-47  :30:00* Lou tries to tell a story and Bud
                                                                keeps interrupting. Bud wants Lou to
                                                                get a job. AC get hired by a
                                                                drugstore. Lou waits on customers. Lou
                                                                gets fired.  Skinnay Ennis sings "It
                                                                Takes Time", Marilyn Maxwell sings
                                                                "What Am I Gonna Do About You"

46839 A  "COSTELLO TELLS ABBOTT ABOUT    157  04-10-47  :30:00* Bud tries to get Lou a job. AC do
         "PILOT GAL""                                           nuttin routine. AC go to sell spot
                                                                remover. Lou sold all his spot remover
                                                                and wants his prize. Now Lou has to
                                                                sell Indian water. They say next week
                                                                will be their famous baseball routine.
                                                                 Skinnay Ennis sings My Number One
                                                                Dream Came True. Marilyn Maxwell sings
                                                                No Greater Love.

46839 B  "WHO'S ON FIRST?"               158  04-17-47  :30:00* Lou gets a telegram from Joe DiMaggio.
                                                                Joe is ill and wants Lou to takes his
                                                                place on the New York Yankees. AC go
                                                                to a sporting goods store to get Lou
                                                                baseball equipment. AC do Who's On
                                                                First routine. Script has first couple
                                                                of lines of routine then it says 3
                                                                minutes 50 seconds of the routine.
                                                                Skinnay Ennis sings "Linda", Marilyn
                                                                Maxwell sings "New Orleans"

111      "THE PREFABRICATED HOUSE"       159  04-24-47  :30:00* Bud thinks Lou should own his own
                                                                home. AC decide to build Lou's home.
                                                                AC go looking for a lot. Lou buys a
                                                                lot. They now look for a contractor.
                                                                Lou needs a co-signer in order to
                                                                build a house. AC build a little shack
                                                                themselves until Lou's house gets
                                                                built. Lou buys a prefabricated house.
                                                                Announcement that if your community
                                                                stays on standard time then AC will be
                                                                on an hour earlier next week.  Skinnay
                                                                Ennis sings "Ivy", Marilyn Maxwell
                                                                sings "When Am I Gonna Kiss You Good

*na*     "'QUEEN OF THE MAY' CONTEST"    160  05-01-47  :30:00* Script has time as 6PM. Must be a time
                                                                change thing. Mrs Wetwash invites AC
                                                                to her May festival. Marilyn is going
                                                                to the party and is running in the
                                                                Queen of the May contest. Lou tries to
                                                                get votes for her. AC are at the
                                                                party. AC see a fortune teller. Lou
                                                                wins the Queen of the May contest.
                                                                Skinnay Ennis sings "It's A Good Day",
                                                                Marilyn Maxwell sings "Old Devil Moon"

111      "THE HAUNTED HOUSE"             161  05-08-47  :30:00* They say next Sunday is Mother's day.
                                                                They talk about what present to get.
                                                                Lou needs money for a present and Bud
                                                                asks him live in a haunted house. AC
                                                                go to the house. The ghost turns out
                                                                to be Mrs Wetwash. She is looking for
                                                                a treasure map. Lou finds it.  Skinnay
                                                                Ennis sings "Mam'selle", Marilyn
                                                                Maxwell sings "Beware My Hat"
                                                                Mother's Day Program

*na*     "THE VOCATION EXPERT"           162  05-15-47  :30:00* Bud tells Lou he needs to stop chasing
                                                                girls. Bud takes Lou to a vocation
                                                                expert. The expert gives Lou an
                                                                adaptability test. The expert says
                                                                that Lou is qualified for one job, a
                                                                radio actor. Lou gets a letter of
                                                                recommendation from Mrs Wetwash. Lou
                                                                gets a radio job with announcer
                                                                Wendall Niles.  Skinnay Ennis plays "I
                                                                Wonder As I  Wander", Marilyn Maxwell
                                                                sings "Sunday Kind Of Love"

111      "WILL MARILYN MAXWELL MARRY     163  05-22-47  :30:00* Bud encourages Lou to ask Marilyn to
         COSTELLO?"                                             marry him. She turns him down. AC try
                                                                to think of a way to win her back. Bud
                                                                suggests that Lou get his name in the
                                                                paper. Bud takes Lou to a publicity
                                                                man. He is going to have Lou fly
                                                                around the world in a jet. Lou flies
                                                                from Los Angeles to Glendale in 67
                                                                hours.  Skinnay Ennis sings "It's The
                                                                Same Old Dream", Marilyn Maxwell sings
                                                                "Mama Mama, Do I Gotta"

*na*     "COSTELLO, THE LIFEGUARD"       164  05-29-47  :30:00* Lou has an accident with Bud's car.
                                                                Bud asks if Lou has asked Marilyn to
                                                                marry him. Lou is going to become a
                                                                lifeguard to impress Marilyn. Lou
                                                                takes swimming lessons from Mrs
                                                                Wetwash. Lou gets a job as a
                                                                lifeguard. Lou rescues a woman and is
                                                                told he has to marry her. It is Mrs
                                                                Wetwash.  Skinnay Ennis sings "That's
                                                                My Desire", Marilyn Maxwell sings
                                                                "Beside You"

111      "BUD AND LOU NEED SOME DOUGH"   165  06-05-47  :30:00*  

*na*     "60 MILLION DOLLAR              166  06-12-47  :30:00* There is a reference about there being
         INHERITANCE"                                           only two more shows after this one. AC
                                                                are trying to decide what to do. AC
                                                                decide to listen to the radio. Lou
                                                                listens to the radio and thinks he has
                                                                inherited sixty million dollars. They
                                                                say today is the twelveth of the
                                                                month. When they get to the lawyers
                                                                office they find he has inherited
                                                                sixty million matches.   Skinnay Ennis
                                                                sings "As Long As I'm Dreaming",
                                                                Marilyn Maxwell sings her own
                                                                composition, "Never Again"

*na*     "MOVIE NIGHTMARES"              167  06-19-47  :30:00* AC are thinking of going to the
                                                                movies. Lou has three passes. AC can't
                                                                get anybody to go with them. They are
                                                                going to see a murder mystery but a
                                                                stranger tells them the ending. AC go
                                                                to the movies. Lou has nightmares
                                                                later about the movie.  Skinnay Ennis
                                                                sings "Mam'selle", Marilyn Maxwell
                                                                sings "I Wonder, I Wonder"

*na*     "GUEST: PETER LORRE"            168  06-26-47  :30:00* Patterson New Jersey wants to honor
                                                                AC. They talk about taking the train.
                                                                They say goodbye before the train trip
                                                                and say it is the last show of the
                                                                season. Marilyn Maxwell sings
                                                                Summertime. They take the train and
                                                                arrive in Patterson. AC go to a
                                                                banquet in Lou's honor. AC introduce
                                                                Peter Lorre star of the summer
                                                                replacement show Mystery In The Air.
                                                                Skinnay Ennis sings "Gotta Date With
                                                                An Angel", Marilyn Maxwell sings

   Total Number of Titles:   168                              * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 168
   Total Possible Episodes:  168        Missing Programs: 68      Total Programs in Collection: 100

        ABC  VARIOUS SPONSORS         Wednesdays 9:00-9:30 pm
        STARS: Bud Abbott and Lou Costello
        MUSIC: Les Baxter Singers till 12-17-47, then Matty Malneck Orchestra
        SINGER: Susan Miller till 9-30-48, Marilyn Williams till 11-4-48,
        Virginia Maxey till 11-18-48, Hal Winters till 6-9-49
        ANNOUNCER: Michael Roy                                                   
*na*     "LIVE FROM THE EL CAPITAN"      169  10-01-47  :30:00* From El Capitan theater in Hollywood
                                                                (I think live). Opening night of new
                                                                programe new on ABC Wednesday nights.
                                                                No music just the Les Baxter singers.
                                                                AC go to the radio studio. They are in
                                                                studio H. Bud tells Lou the peoples
                                                                names on ABC. It sounds a little like
                                                                Who's On First. Lou makes joke about
                                                                PDQ. Susan Miller is the new singer.
                                                                Lou says ABC stands for Abbott Bores
                                                                Costello. AC go into the studio to
                                                                meet the audience. They start the
                                                                show. Its over just as it starts. Jack
                                                                Paar show is next.

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             170  10-08-47  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             171  10-15-47  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             172  10-22-47  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             173  10-29-47  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             174  11-05-47  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             175  11-12-47  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             176  11-19-47  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             177  11-26-47  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             178  12-03-47  :30:00*  

111      "1946 CALANDERS"                179  12-10-47  :30:00* Announcer says show is transcribed.
                                                                Says this is the new AC show. AC talk
                                                                about Christmas presents. Local
                                                                commercial is PDQ gasoline. Lou's
                                                                uncle Mike is in the hospital. Lou
                                                                puts down marriage. Bud wants Lou to
                                                                open a bank account. No music. There
                                                                is a trio instead. The banker is
                                                                Melonhead. Lou has bought 1946
                                                                calendars. Bud says 1946 is gone. Bud
                                                                takes Lou to a psychiatrist to cure
                                                                him of going out with girls. Lou tells
                                                                stories of the girls he has gone out
                                                                with. AC talk about their new kids
                                                                show on Saturday morning.

*na*     "GUEST: LOUANNA PATTEN"         180  12-17-47  :30:00*  

83927B   "CHRISTMAS SHOW"                181  12-24-47  :29:00  Matty Malneck is new Orchestra Leader.
                                                                 AC say it is 8 PM for PDQ gasoline.
                                                                AC talk about presents. Bud says it is
                                                                Christmas Eve. Lou talks about his
                                                                relatives. They talk about AC new
                                                                picture Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap.
                                                                Lou tells a Christmas story. Bud keeps
                                                                interrupting. AC throw a Christmas
                                                                party. Lou takes a nap before the
                                                                party. Lou dreams no one comes to his
                                                                party. Lou wakes up and everyone came
                                                                to his party. They all sing modified
                                                                version of White Christmas.  Susan
                                                                Miller sings "Winter Wonderland"
                                                                Christmas Program

111      "ROSE BOWL GAME"                182  12-31-47  :30:00* AC say it is New Years eve. They talk
                                                                about celebrating New Years. Lou tells
                                                                what a day in his life is like. Bud
                                                                tells Lou to take Susan Miller to the
                                                                Rose Bowl game. AC talk about
                                                                football. AC talk about resolutions.
                                                                They talk about father time. 1948 is
                                                                the new year. It will be a leap year.
                                                                AC visit an astrologer. They go to a
                                                                party and throw things out the window.
                                                                Produced by Charles Vanda.   Susan
                                                                Miller sings a "Pass That Peace Pipe"
                                                                New Year's Program

111      "COSTELLO WANTS TO BE A         183  01-07-48  :30:00* AC start out with chit chat. They talk
         DRAMATIC ACTOR"                                        about New Years Eve. Bud wants Lou to
                                                                get married this year. They talk about
                                                                Bud's nephew. Sounds like a lot of
                                                                kids in the audience. AC talk with
                                                                Susan Miller. Lou wants to be a
                                                                dramatic actor. Bud pretends to be a
                                                                girl to help Lou play a love scene
                                                                with a girl. Lou tries to convince Bud
                                                                he is a dramatic actor. Bud takes him
                                                                to an agent. The agent takes AC to the
                                                                studio to get Lou a job. Lou gets a
                                                                screen test.  Susan Miller sings "June
                                                                In January"  New Year's Program

111      "NATIONAL DOG WEEK"             184  01-14-48  :30:00* Bud says it is national dog week. Talk
                                                                about Lou's relatives. AC talk with
                                                                Susan Miller. Susan is taking a room
                                                                above Lou. AC do room and board
                                                                routine. Bud asks Lou about being a
                                                                landlord. Lou looks into buying an
                                                                apartment house. Lou buys one but it
                                                                is full and he has no place to live.
                                                                He tries to throw out someone. He
                                                                can't do it.  Matty Malneck plays "The
                                                                Best Things In Life", Susan Miller
                                                                sings "Sometimes I'm Happy"

*na*     "DIAMOND JIM COSTELLO"          185  01-21-48  :30:00* Lou tries to sing. AC do dying
                                                                routine. Lou makes fun of Bud
                                                                mumbling. Lawyer Melonhead appears and
                                                                says that Lou inherits 800,000 dollars
                                                                from Grandfather diamond Jim Costello.
                                                                Twin brother Dewey claims that the
                                                                money is his since he is older. AC go
                                                                to find Lou's birth certificate. They
                                                                go to a Chinese Laundry. AC go to
                                                                China.  Susan Miller sings "I'm In

111      "GUEST: ERSKINE JOHNSON"        186  01-28-48  :30:00* Ad for PDQ. Lou is taking a driving
                                                                test. Uncle Bud's nephew reads a poem.
                                                                Lou owes Bud $14. Bud thinks he can
                                                                tell jokes better than Lou. Lou gets
                                                                telegram from Erskine Johnson. Lou is
                                                                going to help Erskine dig up the dirt
                                                                for his column. Erskine appears. AC
                                                                have a new picture The Noose Hangs
                                                                High. It's 8:30 at KECA.

111      "AFRICAN DIAMOND MINE"          187  02-04-48  :30:00* Rehearsal 2-3-48  Lou talks about his
                                                                fighting career. Lou's club is going
                                                                to have a party. Lou is taking a
                                                                powers model. Lou puts down Bud's
                                                                wife, Betty. Lou gets a telegram from
                                                                an Africa diamond mine. AC go to
                                                                Africa to get a diamond. They go to
                                                                the docks to get on a ship. AC try to
                                                                work there way across on a ship. AC
                                                                are the first and second mates. AC
                                                                approach Africa. They go ashore and
                                                                try to locate the Costello diamond. It
                                                                turns out to be a baseball diamond.
                                                                Susan Miller sings "I'm Confessing
                                                                That I Love You"

*na*     "COSTELLO'S RANCH HOUSE"        188  02-11-48  :30:00* Tomorrow is Lincoln's birthday. Lou
                                                                has bought a ranch. AC talk about
                                                                Lou's house. Lou's house has no
                                                                bathtub. Lou calls people to have a
                                                                bathtub installed. They go to a swap
                                                                shop to get a bathtub. Lou buys it for
                                                                $10. AC take the tub home on top of
                                                                their car. AC try to get the tub in
                                                                the house. Then they try to hook up
                                                                the tub. They hook it up to the oil
                                                                tank instead of the water heater. This
                                                                is similar to show on 1-11-45.  Susan
                                                                Miller sings "I'm In The Mood For

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             189  02-18-48  :30:00*  

111                                      190  02-25-48  :30:00*  

111      "UNCLE MIKE'S GOLD MINE"        191  03-03-48  :30:00* Lou acts like he has a cold. He got it
                                                                running around with girls. Lou tries
                                                                to show Susan how to play pool. Lou
                                                                gets telegram from his Uncle Mike that
                                                                he has struck gold. AC arrive in
                                                                Alaska. They buy a dog sled. They go
                                                                to the lucky seven saloon. They look
                                                                for Uncle Mike, He is in jail. He is
                                                                in jail because he struck Sam Gold.
                                                                Susan Miller sings "Love Is Just
                                                                Around The Corner"

111      "THE TAX COLLECTOR"             192  03-10-48  :30:00* AC talk about their relatives. AC talk
                                                                about only a few more days to file
                                                                income tax. They talk taxes. They say
                                                                it is 1948. AC go to an income tax
                                                                accountant. Lou does not have to pay
                                                                income tax if he makes no more money.
                                                                Mrs Abbott gives Lou $20 and now he
                                                                has $20 to much. Matty Malneck gives
                                                                Lou $20. Lou buys raffle tickets. Lou
                                                                wins $3000 in the raffle. He tries to
                                                                give the money away but he ends up
                                                                with more money. He now has $45000.
                                                                This show is similar to 3-6-47.  Susan
                                                                Miller sings "Pass That Peace Pipe"

111      "LOU TAKES A DRIVING TEST"      193  03-17-48  :30:00* Lou talks about a party he was at.
                                                                They say it is St. Patrick's day. Lou
                                                                insults Mrs Abbott. Lou talks to Susan
                                                                about perfume. Lou wants to borrow
                                                                Bud's car but he does not have a
                                                                license. AC go to get Lou a license.
                                                                He gets in the car to take a test. He
                                                                gets a ticket. Lou ends up in jail and
                                                                is sentenced to death.  Susan Miller
                                                                sings "Shauney O'Shea"

111      "GUEST: FRANK NELSON"           194  03-24-48  :30:00* Frank Nelson  Bud has had a cold.
                                                                Spring is officially here. Lou is
                                                                going steady with Sylvia Specticals.
                                                                They talk about Frank Nelson coming on
                                                                the show. AC talk about hunting.
                                                                Professor Melonhead helps Lou with his
                                                                posture. Bud wants Frank Nelson to
                                                                teach Lou how to get women. A director
                                                                wants Lou to be a stunt man for Mr
                                                                Nelson.  Susan Miller sings "You Were
                                                                Meant For Me"

111      "LOU BECOMES A T-MAN"           195  03-31-48  :30:00* Lou's Uncle Mike is running for Mayor
                                                                of North Hollywood. AC talk about
                                                                Uncle Mikes political career.
                                                                Commercial talks about tomorrow being
                                                                April 1. Lou gives Susan a present.
                                                                She gives Lou a kiss. Bud gives Lou
                                                                advice on how to propose to a girl.
                                                                Lou wants to be a T-Man. AC go to the
                                                                Blue Goose Cafe. Lou tries to pick up
                                                                a lady. Lou gets in a card game. AC
                                                                were T-Men for the United Tea company.
                                                                 Susan Miller sings Hey "Hi and a Ho

111      "LOU IS NOT FEELING WELL"       196  04-07-48  :30:00* Lou has a cold. Bud thinks something
                                                                is wrong with Lou. Lou insults Mrs
                                                                Abbott. She gives Lou some pills to
                                                                take. They are moth balls. Bud says
                                                                Lou does not know how to handle women.
                                                                Bud says Lou needs more vitamins. AC
                                                                do B1 routine. Commercial talks about
                                                                April. Bud takes Lou to a
                                                                psychiatrist. Bud takes Lou to a rest
                                                                home.  Susan Miller sings "Lucky In

111      "LOU AND BUD PLAN TO GO TO      197  04-14-48  :30:00* Lou is going to Washington. Susan
         FRANCE"                                                invites Lou to dinner at her house.
                                                                Mrs Abbott sounds like Elvia Alman for
                                                                the first time on ABC. Lou gets a
                                                                telegram from an Uncle in France. He
                                                                wants Lou to help France with their
                                                                money problems. AC go to France. They
                                                                go to a cafe. In the French cafe is
                                                                someone doing the Who's on first
                                                                routine in French. The cafe is having
                                                                problems with hot dogs (franks) not
                                                                money.  Susan Miller sings "Manyana"

46841 A  "OPENING A MARRIAGE BUREAU"     198  04-21-48  :30:00* Lou comes back from a party. Lou has
                                                                come back from a wedding. AC talk
                                                                about the wedding. Susan invites Lou
                                                                to her party. AC talk about opening a
                                                                marriage bureau. They do and they try
                                                                to get Bud's older sister married.
                                                                They try to get some business. Lou
                                                                drives the customer away.  Susan
                                                                Miller sings "I'm Looking Over A Four
                                                                Leaf Clover"

46841 B  "ABBOTT TALKS COSTELLO INTO     199  04-28-48  :30:00* Lou was at the racetrack. He was out
         LOOKING FOR A JOB"                                     last night with Susan Miller.  A man
                                                                enters who tries to sell Lou all kinds
                                                                of stuff. Lou says he must have made a
                                                                mistake on his income tax last month.
                                                                Bud wants Lou to get a job. Bud tries
                                                                to get Lou a job as a babysitter. Bud
                                                                winds up doing the babysitting for a
                                                                pretty girl.  Susan Miller sings "For
                                                                Every Man There's A Woman"

111      "GUEST: BELLA LUGOSI"           200  05-05-48  :30:00* Bella Lugosi.  AC talk about girls.
                                                                Lou wants to be sheriff of Encino. Bud
                                                                makes him sheriff. Bela appears as a
                                                                mysterious man. Lou has to investigate
                                                                Bela's house. Lou is scarred. He looks
                                                                in the cellar. He finds a dead man.
                                                                They find a woman hidden behind a
                                                                panel. Susan Miller sings "The Dicky
                                                                bird Song"

111      "BUD AND LOU GET THEIR SHOW     201  05-12-48  :30:00* Lou talks about Aunt May and Uncle
         RATINGS"                                               Mike. Lou and Susan had a date last
                                                                night. Susan's father does not approve
                                                                of Lou. They talk about June weddings.
                                                                AC get a report on their ratings. They
                                                                say 12 million people listen to their
                                                                show. They decide to take their own
                                                                radio poll. They say there are 400
                                                                listeners in the audience.  Susan
                                                                Miller sings "Bahia"

111      "COSTELLO'S RACE HORSE, PEANUT  202  05-19-48  :30:00* Lou bought a horse called Peanut
         BUTTER"                                                Butter. Lou got the horse from a
                                                                street cleaner. Bud wants Lou to give
                                                                the horse back. AC do Horse Eats His
                                                                Fodder routine. Lou is going to enter
                                                                the horse in a race. They go to
                                                                Hollywood Park Racetrack. Lou's horse
                                                                can't run. They see a veterinarian. AC
                                                                bet on the horses. Ad for many shows
                                                                including Bing Crosby with guest Ethel
                                                                Merman later. Plug for AC kids show
                                                                with over $20,000 is prizes.  Susan
                                                                Miller sings "I Get A Kick Out Of You"

111      "COSTELLO JOINS THE FOREIGN     203  05-26-48  :30:00* Lou talks about Uncle Mike and Aunt
         LEGION"                                                May. Lou has got another traffic
                                                                ticket. Lou borrowed Bud's car ruined
                                                                it. Bud's house burned down. Someone
                                                                has kidnapped Bud's wife. They will
                                                                pay Bud to take her back. The Legion
                                                                wants Lou to join them. It turns out
                                                                to be the Foreign Legion. They are in
                                                                the desert. They are looking for a
                                                                camel to escape. They make a joke
                                                                about Camels carrying them for 5
                                                                years.  Susan Miller sings "Bahia"

46842 A  "GUEST: LON CHANEY JR."         204  06-02-48  :30:00* Lon Chaney Jr.  Lou is happy since he
                                                                is in love. Lou is thinking of getting
                                                                married. He has spring fever. Lou's
                                                                girl has a date tonight with Lon
                                                                Chaney. Lou talks tough and Lon Chaney
                                                                enters. Lon warns Lou to stay away
                                                                from his girl. Lou goes over to his
                                                                girls house and Lon arrives. Lou
                                                                pretends he is Bud's girlfriend. Lou
                                                                as Lulu dances with Lon. Plug for AC
                                                                kids show, prizes over $20,000.  Susan
                                                                Miller sings "Louisiana Hay Ride"

111      "LOU IS ASKED TO HELP ON UNCLE  205  06-09-48  :30:00* AC talk about Uncle Mike and Aunt May.
         TOM'S RANCH"                                           They plug their latest picture The
                                                                Noose Hangs High. Bud tells Lou he
                                                                needs to diet and exercise. Lou gets a
                                                                telegram from Uncle Tom. He invites
                                                                Lou to his ranch. AC go looking for
                                                                the ranch. They find the ranch. Lou's
                                                                Uncle wants Lou to work on the range
                                                                in the kitchen. Plug for AC kids show,
                                                                prizes over $20,000.  Susan Miller
                                                                sings "Put Em In A Box"

46842 B  "GUEST: BENNY RUBIN"            206  06-16-48  :30:00* Benny Rubin.  Lou got a black eye from
                                                                a date. Lou's running for dog catcher.
                                                                Lou is becoming an artist. Susan is
                                                                mad at Lou since he went out with
                                                                another girl. Bud wants some new ideas
                                                                for the show. Benny Rubin has an idea.
                                                                Benny says to let the audience
                                                                participate. They do several stunts.
                                                                Plug for AC kids show, prizes over
                                                                $20,000.  Susan Miller sings "I've Got
                                                                Rings On My Fingers And Bells On My

57369 A  "COSTELLO'S BIG INHERITANCE"    207  06-23-48  :30:00*  

111      "LOU TAKES IN A LOST DOG"       208  06-30-48  :30:00* Lou brings a dog, Hector, to the
                                                                studio. AC decide to auction the dog
                                                                off. Bud tells Lou to up the bidding.
                                                                The dog is sleeping with AC in the bed
                                                                room. They find a lost dog ad and
                                                                return the dog to the pet shop. Lou
                                                                wants to keep the dog. Lou agrees to
                                                                work in the pet shop to buy the dog.
                                                                AC do peek at Mrs Pike routine. Lou
                                                                takes Hector to a dog show. Lou wins
                                                                as a dog. This is similar to show
                                                                11-2-44 but with different people.
                                                                Susan Miller sings "Rhode Island"

111      "BUD AND LOU PLAN A VACATION"   209  07-07-48  :30:00* They talk about their latest picture
                                                                The Noose Hangs High. Lou wants to
                                                                sing a duet with Susan. AC talk about
                                                                were they are going on their vacation.
                                                                Lou asks for some aspirin. Bud won't
                                                                get any for him. Matty won't. The cast
                                                                won't either. A kid in the audience
                                                                says he will. It breaks up the
                                                                audience. AC go to a travel bureau.
                                                                They take a boat trip. They are left
                                                                on an island. They run into cannibals.
                                                                 Susan Miller sings "On The Sunny Side
                                                                Of The Street"

111      "THE ADVENTURES OF SAM SHOVEL,  210  07-14-48  :30:00* AC talk about Uncle Mike. AC talk
         MASTER DETECTIVE"                                      about marriage. AC say this is
                                                                summertime. Lou wants to do murder
                                                                mysteries instead of jokes. Bud does
                                                                not like the idea. AC present the
                                                                adventures of Sam Shovel, master
                                                                detective. Lou is Sam Shovel, Bud is a
                                                                police Lieutenant.  Susan Miller sings
                                                                "Mary Lou"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             211  07-21-48  :30:00*  

57369 B  "COSTELLO WANTS TO LEARN TO     212  07-28-48  :30:00*  

111      "COSTELLO IN COURT"             213  08-04-48  :30:00*  

83928A   "COSTELLO'S IN LOVE WITH        214  08-11-48  :29:20   

111      "LOU CONSIDERS GOING INTO       215  08-18-48  :30:00*  

111      "LOU LOOKS FOR A JOB"           216  08-25-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             217  09-01-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             218  09-08-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             219  09-15-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             220  09-23-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             221  09-30-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             222  10-07-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             223  10-14-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             224  10-21-48  :30:00*  

111                                      225  10-28-48  :30:00*  

111      "THE CASE OF THE GROCER WHO     226  11-04-48  :30:00*  
         FELL IN CEMENT"

46840 B  "SAM SHOVEL IN "SORRY, WRONG    227  11-11-48  :30:00*  

111      "SAM SHOVEL:CASE OF THE         228  11-18-48  :30:00*  

111      "THANKSGIVING SHOW"             229  11-25-48  :30:00* Thanksgiving Program

111      "SAM SHOVEL: CASE OF THE        230  12-02-48  :30:00*  

111      "SAM SHOVEL CASE: TWO GUN       231  12-09-48  :30:00*  

111      "SAM SHOVEL CASE: IT WAS TIME   232  12-16-48  :30:00*  
         FOR A CHANGE"

111                                      233  12-23-48  :30:00*  

111      ""MURDER ON THE RADIO QUIZ      234  12-30-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             235  01-06-49  :30:00*  

111      "SAM SHOVEL IN "SHE RUBBED HIM  236  01-13-49  :30:00*  

111                                      237  01-20-49  :30:00*  

111                                      238  01-27-49  :30:00*  

111      "HE COMMITTED CHOP SUEYCIDE"    239  02-03-49  :30:00* "The Case Of The Chinaman Who Poisoned
                                                                His Own Food," or, "He Committed Chop

111      "HE LOST HIS AUNT'S-PAY"        240  02-10-49  :30:00* "The Case Of The Nephew Who Gambled
                                                                Away His Mother's Sister's Salary,"
                                                                or, "He Lost His Aunt's-Pay."

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             241  02-17-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             242  02-24-49  :30:00*  

111                                      243  03-03-49  :30:00*  

111      "SHE TOOK OFF TOO MUCH FOR      244  03-10-49  :30:00*  

111      "IT WAS HIS FIRST SQUARE MEAL"  245  03-17-49  :30:00*  

11203 A  "SAM SHOVEL"                    246  03-24-49  :30:00* "The Case Of The Man Who Burned His
                                                                Sweetheart's Body In The Fireplace,"
                                                                or "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm."

111      "APRIL FOOL'S DAY"              247  03-31-49  :30:00*  

111      "COSTELLO REMEMBERS HIS FIRST   248  04-07-49  :30:00* Sam Shovel solves, "The Case Of The
         GIRLFRIEND"                                            Thief Who Stole The Hamburgers From
                                                                The Lunchroom," or, "He was a
                                                                short-order crook."

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             249  04-14-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             250  04-21-49  :30:00*  

111                                      251  04-28-49  :30:00*  

111      "DEDICATION OF LOU COSTELLO     252  05-05-49  :30:00*  
         YOUTH CENTER"

111                                      253  05-12-49  :30:00*  

111                                      254  05-19-49  :30:00*  

111                                      255  05-26-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             256  06-02-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             257  06-09-49  :30:00*  

   Total Number of Titles:   53                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 89
   Total Possible Episodes:  89         Missing Programs: 30      Total Programs in Collection: 59

        ABC  Abbott & Costello Kid's Show    Saturdays at various times
        STARS: Bud Abbott and Lou Costello
*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               1  12-06-47  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               2  12-13-47  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               3  12-20-47  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               4  12-27-47  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               5  01-03-48  :30:00*  

111      "GUEST: ARTHUR LAKE"              6  01-10-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               7  01-17-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               8  01-24-48  :30:00*  

111      "MOBY DICK"                       9  01-31-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              10  02-07-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              11  02-14-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              12  02-21-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              13  02-28-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              14  03-06-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              15  03-13-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              16  03-20-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              17  03-27-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              18  04-03-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              19  04-10-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              20  04-17-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              21  04-24-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              22  05-01-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              23  05-08-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              24  05-15-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              25  05-22-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              26  05-29-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              27  06-05-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              28  06-12-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              29  06-19-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              30  06-26-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              31  07-03-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              32  07-10-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              33  07-17-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              34  07-24-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              35  07-31-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              36  08-07-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              37  08-14-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              38  08-21-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              39  08-28-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              40  09-04-48  :30:00*  

111      "GUEST: RED RYDER"               41  09-11-48  :30:00*  

111                                       42  09-18-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              43  09-25-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              44  10-02-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              45  10-09-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              46  10-16-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              47  10-23-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              48  10-30-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              49  11-06-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              50  11-13-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              51  11-20-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              52  11-27-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              53  12-04-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              54  12-11-48  :30:00*  

111      "GUEST: LILLIAN ROTH"            55  12-18-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              56  12-25-48  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              57  01-01-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              58  01-08-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              59  01-15-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              60  01-22-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              61  01-29-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              62  02-05-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              63  02-12-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              64  02-19-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              65  02-26-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              66  03-05-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              67  03-12-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              68  03-19-49  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              69  03-26-49  :30:00*  

   Total Number of Titles:   4                                * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 69
   Total Possible Episodes:  69         Missing Programs: 64      Total Programs in Collection: 5

111                                      AUD    1949    :30:00*  

   Overall Series Totals
    Total Number of Titles:   237
    Total Number of Programs: 340
    Total Possible Episodes:  340       Missing Programs: 174     Total Programs in Collection: 166
A Location Number of "111" indicates I have the show in my Collection, but they haven't yet been assigned a Location number. Please order These by Description Only.

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