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    Post or Modify Date: September 27, 01
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        CBS   SUSTAINING    STARS: Raymond Burr, Vic Perrin, Jack Moyles
        PRODUCED and DIRECTED by: Norman MacDonnell
        ORIGINAL MUSIC Composed and Conducted by: Amerigo Moreno
        ANNOUNCER: Dan Cubberly
        SCRIPTS: Kathleen Hite (exclusively 6-24-56 on), John Meston, John
        Dunkel, Les Crutchfield, Gil Doud, E. Jack Newman, William Robson        
83856A   "AUDITION SHOW"                 AUD  07-25-55  :31:23  John Dehner stars in this Pilot

83856B   "PLAYING INDIAN"                  1  01-22-56  :24:54  Dan Riss, Harry Bartell, Clayton Post,
                                                                Larry Dobkin, Joyce McCluskey, Paul
                                                                Dubov, James Nusser.    A Settler and
                                                                family are wiped out by Indians?
                                                                Script: John Meston

83857A   "THE BOATWRIGHT'S STORY"          2  01-29-56  :29:58  Harry Bartell, Sam Edwards, Joseph
                                                                Cranston, Lou Krugman, JAn Arvan, Bob
                                                                Sweeney.     Yellow Knife is
                                                                terrorizing the Homesteaders.  Script:
                                                                John Meston

83857B   "SQUAW MAN"                       3  02-05-56  :29:54  Eleanore Tanin, Frank Moody, Edgar
                                                                Barrier.    Will Gumby and Gray
                                                                Feather hunt Buffalo.  Script: John

83858A   "THE WOMAN AT HORSE CREEK"        4  02-12-56  :29:53  Harry Bartell, John Dehner, Virginia
                                                                Christine, Barney Phillips.     A
                                                                contribution is taken to send Mrs.
                                                                Dennis Home.  Script: Kathleen Hite

83858B   "BOREDOM"                         5  02-19-56  :29:52  Harry Bartell, Sam Edwards, Jack
                                                                Kruschen, Vivi Janiss, Howard Culver.
                                                                Script: John Meston

83859A   "CAPTAIN'S WIDOW"                 6  02-26-56  :29:59  Harry Bartell, Virginia Gregg, Joseph
                                                                Cranston, Helen Kleeb, James Nusser,
                                                                Jack Kruschen.   Captain Wintner's
                                                                Widow arrives to claim his body.
                                                                Script: John Dunkel

83859B   "SHAVETAIL"                       7  03-04-56  :30:00  Harry Bartell, John Dehner, Joseph
                                                                Cranston.    Squaw Dog Causes Trouble.
                                                                 Script: Les Crutchfield

83860A   "HATTIE PELFREY"                  8  03-11-56  :29:53  Harry Bartell, Sam Edwards, Virginia
                                                                Gregg.    Lee Quintz is Wonded and
                                                                Meets Old Hattie Pelfrey.  Script:
                                                                Kathleen Hite

83860B   "THE BEASLEY GIRLS"               9  03-18-56  :29:44  Big Elk is Traded for the Captured
                                                                Beasley Sisters

83861A   "THE COWARD"                     10  03-25-56  :29:36  John Dehner is the "COWARD"   Harry
                                                                Bartell, Lynn Allen, Paul Dubov,
                                                                Clayton Post.  Script: John Dunkel

83861B   "LOST CHILD"                     11  04-01-56  :29:42  Larry Dobkin, Clayton Post, Ralph
                                                                Moody, Richard Beals.   Billy runs
                                                                away from Step Father. Indians
                                                                suspected.  Script: Gil Doud

83862A   "STAGE COACH STOP"               12  04-15-56  :29:53  Jaenette Nolan, Harry Bartell, Sam
                                                                Edwards, Frank Cady, Shirley Mitchell,
                                                                Eleanore Tanin, Jack Kruschen, Howard
                                                                McNear.   Braves of Yellow Horse try
                                                                to Spring Him from the Stockade.
                                                                PROGRAM OF 4/8 WAS PRE-EMPTED.
                                                                Script: Kathleen Hite

83862B   "THE NEW RECRUIT"                13  04-22-56  :29:58  Paul Dubov, Larry Dobkin, James
                                                                Nusser, Sam Edwards, Lou Krugman, John
                                                                Dehner.    Will Banyon Rejoins the
                                                                Army.  Script: E. Jack Newman

83863A   "CAPTURE"                        14  04-29-56  :29:56  Lou Krugman, Ralph Moody, Frank Cady,
                                                                Jack Moyles, Lee Millar, Jeff Silver.
                                                                 Red Horse is Dying & Sends for Snow
                                                                Foot.  Script: Kathleen Hite

83863B   "NEVER THE TWAIN"                15  05-06-56  :29:54  Harry Bartell, Ralph Moody, Lillian
                                                                Buyeff, John Dehner, John Stephenson,
                                                                Don Diamond.    Spotted Tail's
                                                                Daughter is Treated for Snake Bite.
                                                                Script: William N. Robson

83864A   "WAR CORRESPONDENTS"             16  05-13-56  :29:57  Harry Bartell, Sam Edwards, PArley
                                                                Baer, Larry Dobkin, Lou Krugman.
                                                                David Hartness, Correspondent for
                                                                "NEW YORK STAR" DROPOUT AT 15:40.
                                                                Script: Kathleen Hite

83864B   "GOLD"                           17  05-20-56  :29:57  Harry Bartell, Frank Gerstle, Virginia
                                                                Gregg, Howard McNear, Clayton Post,
                                                                Ralph Moody.   Gold Fever on Wagon
                                                                Train & Warning from Red Cloud:
                                                                Script Kathleen Hite

83865A   "SERGEANT'S BABY"                18  05-27-56  :30:00  Harry Bartell, Ann Morrison, Virginia
                                                                Gregg, Helen Kleeb, Richard Crenna.
                                                                Stella Merchant is Expecting.  Script:
                                                                Kathleen Hite

83865B   "DON'T KICK MY HORSE"            19  06-03-56  :29:44  Harry Bartell, Jack Kruschen, Tim
                                                                Graham, Larry Dobkin, Barney Phillips.
                                                                   Joby Turler is Overly Protective of
                                                                his Horse, Bella Shannon.  Script: Les

83866A   "YOUNG TROOPER"                  20  06-10-56  :29:56  Harry Bartell, Jeff Silver, Frank
                                                                Cady, Eve McVeagh.    13 Yr Old Joins
                                                                Saying He's an Orphan & 18 Yrs Old.
                                                                Script: Kathleen Hite

83866B   "WINTER SOLDIER"                 21  06-17-56  :29:42  Harry Bartell, Joseph Cranston, Paul
                                                                Dubov, James Nusser, Howard Culver.
                                                                Winter Snow Birds (Deserters) Leave in
                                                                the Spring.  Script: John Dunkel

83867A   "THE LOVING CUP"                 22  06-24-56  :29:58  Harry Bartell, Helen Kleeb.   Major
                                                                Suspects Lt Siberts is Afraid of Lee
                                                                Quintz.  Script: Kathleen Hite

83867B   "TROOPER'S WIDOW"                23  07-01-56  :29:47  Harry Bartell, Jeanne Bates, Larry
                                                                Dobkin, Lynn Allen, Jack Moyles.
                                                                Blade Stoker Marries Hess, School
                                                                Teacher, then is Killed.  Script:
                                                                Kathleen Hite

83868A   "TALENTED RECRUITS"              24  07-08-56  :29:57  Harry Bartell, Parley Baer, John
                                                                Dehner.   Granville Merriweather &
                                                                Fennis Finney want to join the Army.
                                                                Script: Kathleen Hite

83868B   "OLD ENEMY"                      25  07-15-56  :29:45  Harry Bartell, Sam Edwards, Paul
                                                                Dupov, James Nesser, Herb Vigran.
                                                                Trooper Pachen Requests Transfer to
                                                                Lee Quintz' Troop.  Script: Kathleen

83869A   "SPOTTED TAIL'S RETURN"          26  07-22-56  :29:31  Harry Bartell, Tim Graham, John
                                                                Dehner, Lou Krugman, Ralph Moody.
                                                                Spotted Tail Gets Ready to Move Off
                                                                the Reservation.  Script: Kathleen

83869B   "NATURE BOY"                     27  07-29-56  :29:15  Harry Bartell, Howard McNear, Virginia
                                                                Gregg, Parley Baer, Shirley Mitchell,
                                                                John Dehner.   Horace & Winifred
                                                                Quiring, Bird Watchers.  Script:
                                                                Kathleen Hite

83870A   "THE MASSACRE"                   28  08-05-56  :30:03  Sam Edwards, Harry Bartell, Larry
                                                                Dobkin, John Dehner, Lou Krugman, Tim
                                                                Graham.   Major Petrie's Army of God
                                                                Chase White Dog.  Script: Kathleen

83870B   "THE ASSEMBLY LINE"              29  08-12-56  :29:43  Harry Bartell, John Dehner, Joseph
                                                                Kearns, Vivi Janis.    Mr. Lack
                                                                Reports Guns Missing from Agency.
                                                                Script: Kathleen Hite

83871A   "GOODBYE WILLA"                  30  08-19-56  :29:53  Harry Bartell, John Dehner, Parley
                                                                Baer, Virginia Gregg, Paul Dubov.
                                                                Miss Willa is Leaving for San
                                                                Francisco.  Script: Kathleen Hite
                                                                 BAD SPOTS ON MASTER-VOL FLUC &
                                                                GARBELED SOUND

83871B   "THE CHAPLAIN"                   31  08-26-56  :29:43  Harry Bartell, John Dehner, Parley
                                                                Baer, Virginia Gregg, Dolores Brown.
                                                                Scurvey is Diagnosed as Fatigue &
                                                                Boredom.  Script: Kathleen Hite

83872A   "THE RETURN OF HATTIE PELFREY"   32  09-02-56  :29:47  Harry Bartell, Sam Edwards, Virginia
                                                                gregg, Paul Dubov.   Hattie Shows up
                                                                at Fort Hospital Claiming to be Lee
                                                                Quintz' Mother.  Script: Kathleen Hite

83872B   "THE BUFFALO HUNTERS"            33  09-09-56  :29:47  Harry Bartell, James Nusser, Barney
                                                                Phillips.   Jake Cuppy, Buffalo
                                                                Hunter. A Very Descriptive Explanation
                                                                of Buffalo Skinning!  Script: Kathleen

83873A   "THE PAYROLL"                    34  09-16-56  :29:47  Jack Moyles, Harry Bartell, Howard
                                                                McNear, Sam Edwards, Clayton Post.
                                                                Pay Master is 4 Months Late.   BRIEF
                                                                HISTORY OF THE ACTUAL FORT IS GIVEN AT
                                                                THE END AS A TRIBUTE TO THE 67th
                                                                ANNIVERSARY OF THE CLOSING OF "FORT
                                                                LARAMIE".  Script: Kathleen Hite

83873B   "THE WOMAN AT HORSE CREEK"       35  09-23-56  :29:39  Harry Bartell, John Dehner, Virginia
                                                                Christine, Barney Phillips.   A
                                                                contribution is taken to send Mrs.
                                                                Dennis Home REPEAT OF EPISODE 4
                                                                2/12/56.  Script: Kathleen Hite

83874A   "A SMALL BEGINNING"              36  09-30-56  :29:51  Harry Bartell, Sam Edwards, Jess
                                                                Kirkpatrick, Jack Kruschen, Howard
                                                                Culver, Larry Dobkin, John Dehner.
                                                                Lee Quintz & 12 Troopers Search for
                                                                Sitting Bull.  Script: Kathleen Hite

83874B   "GALVANIZED YANKEE"              37  10-07-56  :24:54  Harry Bartell, Sam Edwards, Frank
                                                                Cady, Paul Dupov, Parley Baer, Larry
                                                                Dobkin.    Spencer & Medford are
                                                                Transferred to the Fort from Prison.
                                                                Script: Kathleen Hite

83875A   "STILL WATERS"                   38  10-14-56  :24:53  Harry Bartell, Howard McNear, Jaenette
                                                                Nolan, San Edwards.   No More Beer for
                                                                Sale at Fort Laramie.  Script:
                                                                Kathleen Hite

83875B   "INDIAN SCOUT"                   39  10-21-56  :24:55  Harry Bartell, Larry Dobkin.   Quintz
                                                                & Gortz Find Wounded Indian Named
                                                                Charley.  Script: Kathleen Hite

83876A   "ARMY WIFE"                      40  10-28-56  :24:40  Harry Bartell, Helen Kleeb, Parley
                                                                Baer, Sammie Hill.   Major Hales
                                                                Widow, Jesse, Stays to Help Mrs
                                                                Winton.  Script: Kathleen Hite

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