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        NBC    MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE     Thursdays 8:30 - 9:00 pm

        Summer Replacement for "BURNS AND ALLEN SHOW"

        ANNOUNCER: Toby Reed        Writer: Jean Holloway

        MUSIC: Carmon Dragon, Dick Davis Chorus (Called "Eloise and the

               Maxwell House Coffee Chorus" on the show)

        WITH: Earle Ross, Sam Edwards                                            


83917A   "GOING TO A BASEBALL GAME"        1  06-05-47  :29:50  "It's a Good Day", "Lady of Spain"

83917B   "HOLLY'S GRADUATION"              2  06-12-47  :29:50  Featuring tunes by George Gershwin -

                                                                "There's No Business Like Show


83918A   "FAMILY PICNIC"                   3  06-19-47  :29:50  Earle Ross   Featuring tunes by

                                                                Vincent Neuman - "Can't See the Sun

                                                                When You're Cryin'"

83918B   "FATHER IS TO GIVE THE BRIDE      4  06-26-47  :29:50  Earle Ross, Sam Edwards, Barbara

         AWAY"                                                  Fuller   Features tunes of the West -

                                                                "June is Bustin' Out All Over"

83919A   "TAKING HOLLY TO FIRST COUNTRY    5  07-03-47  :29:40  Earle Ross, Carmen Dragon, Sam Edwards

         CLUB DANCE"                                              Features medley of songs by George

                                                                M. Cohan - "Almost Like Being in Love"

83919B   "SUMMER BARBEQUE"                 6  07-10-47  :29:40  Earle Ross, Carmen Dragon, Sam Edwards

                                                                  Features medley of songs by Rogers

                                                                and Hart - "I Know That You Know"

83920A   "SUNDAY EVENING CONCERT IN THE    7  07-17-47  :29:40  "The Best Things In Life Are Free"


83920B   "PERFORMING MACBETH FOR THE       8  07-24-47  :29:40  Features the Songs of Jerome Kern.

         WOMEN'S CLUB"                                          "Who"

83921A   "FOUNDERS' DAY PARADE"            9  07-31-47  :29:40  Featuring a Medley of Songs from the

                                                                Tropics. - "I Haven't Got A Worry In

                                                                The World", "I'm Always Blowing


83921B   "SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR     10  08-07-47  :29:40  Featuring Songs especially written for

         FRANCES"                                               Hollywood Pictures.  "You Were Meant

                                                                For Me", "I'm A Dreamer, Aren't We

                                                                All", "The Time Of Your Life"

83922A   "CHURCH SOCIAL"                  11  08-14-47  :29:40  Featuring a Medley of Blues Songs -

                                                                "Exactly Like You", "Always"

83922B   "CLEANING THE HOUSE AND GOING    12  08-21-47  :29:40  Medley of Old and New American Songs.

         ON HAYRIDE"                                            - "Blue Skies"

83923A   "COLLEGE DAYS"                   13  08-28-47  :29:40  "Just One Of Those Things"   Final

                                                                Show of the Series


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