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    Post or Modify Date: July 15, 07
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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 Series: "FORECAST"
8592 A3  "BATTLE OF MUSIC"                 1  07-15-40  :30:00* Symphonic Orchestra and Swing Band
                                                                battle it out.  Raymond Paige, Albert
                                                                Spaulding (violinist), Frankie Hyers,
                                                                Joe Venuti, Freda Gibson, Gordon
                                                                Gifford, Arlene Francis, DIRRECTOR:
                                                                George Zachery WRITER: George Faulkner

8592 A2  "THE AMERICAN THEATER"            2  07-15-40  :30:00* "The Gentleman from Indiana"
                                                                Frederick March, Florence Eldrich,
                                                                DIRECTOR: John Houseman  MUSIC: Lud
                                                                Luskin  WRITER: Booth Tarkington

50562 B  "WHEN YOU WERE TWENTY-ONE"        3  07-22-40  :30:00* Nostalgic look at 1919.  Danny Kaye,
                                                                Joan Edwards, Rush Hughes, Jane Cowl
                                                                MUSIC: Lynn Murray  ANNOUNCER: John
                                                                Tillman  DIRECTOR: Brewster Morgan
                                                                WRITERS: Ed Forman, Nathaniel Curtis,
                                                                Sylvia Fine

83848A   "SUSPENSE"                        4  07-22-40  :30:00  "The Lodger"  Herbert Marshall, Lurene
                                                                Tuttle, Edmund Gwenn, Noreen Gammil,
                                                                Joseph Kearns.  DIRECTOR: Alfred
                                                                Hitchcock (impersonated)  ANNOUNCER:
                                                                Thomas Freebairn-Smith as Thomas P.
                                                                Francis  MUSIC: Wilbur Hatch  WRITER:
                                                                Belloc Lowndes

83848B   "ANGEL"                           5  07-29-40  :30:00  Lorretta Young, Elliott Lewis
                                                                DIRECTOR: Glenhall Taylor  ANNOUNCER:
                                                                Dick Joy  WRITER: True Boardman

83849A   "DUFFY'S TAVERN"                  6  07-29-40  :30:00  Ed Gardner (Archie), F. Chase Taylor,
                                                                Col. Stoopnagel, Gertrude Niesen,
                                                                Larry Adler, Mel Allen  MUSIC: John
                                                                Kirby Orchestra

83849B   "OF STARS AND STATES"             7  08-05-40  :60:00* "Texas"   Mary Martin, Kitty O'Neil,
                                                                Hedda Hopper, Nan Grey, Dickie Jones,
                                                                Virginia Vail, Donald Barry, Ann
                                                                Miller, Knox Manning W. Lee O'Daniel
                                                                (Texas Governor)  HOST: John Boles
                                                                DIRECTOR : Charles Vanda  MUSIC: Lud
                                                                Glustin  "Sing Low, Sweet Chariot"
                                                                  2nd half only of an hour-long show

8592 B1  "THE LIFE OF THE PARTY"           8  08-12-40  :30:00* Hildegard, Shirley Wayne, Joseph
                                                                Julian, Fred Hall, Cortez Peters,
                                                                Brooklyn Dogers players (Dixie Walker,
                                                                Tex Carleton, Johnny Hudson, Vito
                                                                Tamulis)  HOST//PRODUCER/DIRECTOR:
                                                                Dave Ellman

83850A   "LEAVE IT TO JEEVES"              9  08-12-40  :30:00* Edward Everett Horton, Alan Mobray,
                                                                Helen Wood, Myra Marsh, Donald
                                                                Morrison  CREATOR: P.G. Wodehouse
                                                                ANNOUNCER: Ken Niles  MUSIC: Wilber
                                                                Hatch  WRITER: Stuart Palmer

8847 D1  "BACK WHERE I COME FROM"         10  08-19-40  :30:00* "Folk Music"  Woodie Guthrie, Burl
                                                                Ives, Josh White, Clifton Fadiman,
                                                                Golden Gate Quartet, John Henry Faulk,
                                                                Len Doyle  WRITER: Alan Lomax
                                                                DIRECTOR: Nicholas Ray

83850B   "DOUBLE FEATURE"                 11  08-19-40  :29:40  SHOW 1: "Ever After" by Keith Fowler.
                                                                STARS: Edna Best, Richard Whorf, Mark
                                                                Smith, Roy Atwell.     SHOW 2: "To Tim
                                                                at 20" by Norman Corwin.  STARS:
                                                                Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester

50567 A  "ALL GOD'S CHILDREN"             12  08-26-40  :30:00* Paul Robson, Eddie Greene, Earl

83851A   "BETHEL MERRIDAY"                13  08-26-40  :30:00  Margaret Sullivan, Byron Kane, Paula
                                                                Winslowe, Bob Burleson, Norman Field
                                                                DIRECTOR: Norman Corwin  AUTHOR:
                                                                Sinclair Lewis  ADAPTOR: Helen Dutch
                                                                MUSIC: Wilber Hatch

*na*     "BIRTH OF A NATION"              14  09-02-40  :60:00* Mary Astor, Frank Craven, Gene
                                                                Lockhart, Burgess Merideth, Thomas

   Total Number of Titles:   14                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 14
   Total Possible Episodes:  14         Missing Programs: 1       Total Programs in Collection: 13

 Series: "FORECAST"
83852    "THE ARABIAN NIGHTS"              1  07-14-41  :43:40  Marlene Dietrich as "Scheherezade"
                                                                Last 15 minutes (disc 4) missing - 3
                                                                parts only of an hour-long program

50570 A  "FIFTY ONE EAST FIFTY ONE"        2  07-21-41  :30:00  Kay Thompson

83851B   "MEMOIRS OF MISCHA THE            3  07-21-41  :30:00  Mischa Auer, Arthur Q. Bryan
         MAGNIFICENT"                                           DIRECTOR: Sterling Tracy  ANNOUNCER:
                                                                Frank Goss  MUSIC: Wilber Hatch
                                                                WRITERS: Rosewell Rogers and Carl

50571 A  "PIBBY AND THE HOULIHANS"         4  07-28-41  :30:00* Dudley Diggs   DIRECTOR: Earle McGill
                                                                MUSIC: Charles Paul  WRITER" George

8592 A1  "DEDUCTIONS DELUX"                5  07-28-41  :30:00* "The Mystery of the Painted Poodle"
                                                                Adolphe Menjou, Verree Teasdale, Verna
                                                                Felton, Arthur Q. Bryan, Edwin Max,
                                                                Jerry Moore, Kathleen Fitz  ANNOUNCER:
                                                                Frank Goss  MUSIC: Wilber Hatch

83853    "SONG WITHOUT END"                6  08-04-41 1:01:20  "Reverie"- The Story of Claude Achille
                                                                Debussy.  Burgess Meredith, Margo

8755 B2  "CLASS OF 41"                     7  08-11-41  :30:00  "Newcomers to Show Business"  Al
                                                                Bernie, Arnold Stang, Ben Little, Jim
                                                                Backus, Gwen Davies, Abe Burrows, Lyn
                                                                Murray Orchestra, The Choralites, Jack
                                                                Jordan, Timmy Hidren, Eddie O'Shea
                                                                PRODUCER: Mac Benoff  DIRECTOR: Perry
                                                                Lafferty  ANNOUNCER: Jackson Wheeler
                                                                WRITERS: Herb Rickles, Sid Rogers,
                                                                Ernest Lehman, Sid Garfield, Larry

83854A   "HOPALONG CASSIDY"                8  08-11-41  :30:00  Lou Merrill and Gerald Mohr
                                                                ANNOUNCER: Art Gilmore
                                                                DIRECTOR/WRITER: Paul Pierce  MUSIC:
                                                                Wilber Hatch  ANNOUNCER: Bob Moon

83855    "COUNTRY LAWYER"                  9  08-18-41  :59:00  Raymond Massey, Knox Manning, Arthur
                                                                Q. Bryan, Joseph Kearns, Frank Graham,
                                                                Kathleen Fitz, Earle Ross, Benny
                                                                Rubin, Edgar Barrier, Berry Kroeger,
                                                                Ed Max, Grace Leonard, Bea Benaderet,
                                                                Jerry Hausner  PRODUCER: Charles Vanda

*na*     "THREE WISHES"                   10  08-25-41  :30:00* Alladin's Lamp by Alexander Wolcott
                                                                Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne, Moss Hart,
                                                                Russell Krause, Carl Van Doren,
                                                                Maxwell Anderson

53118    "A TOUR OF HOLLYWOOD"            11  08-25-41  :30:00* Tony Martin, Bert Lahr, Linda Ware,
                                                                David Rose Orchestra  DIRECTOR: Herb
                                                                Polesie  ANNOUNCER: Frank Goss
                                                                WRITER: Sam Perrin

8755 B1  "JUBILEE"                        12  09-02-41  :60:00* "Negro Variety Review"  Ethel Waters,
                                                                Duke Ellington, Hall Johnson Choir,
                                                                Hamtree Harrington, Flourney Miller,
                                                                Juanita Hall Choir, Wonderful Smith
                                                                New York and Hollywood

   Total Number of Titles:   12                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 12
   Total Possible Episodes:  12         Missing Programs: 1       Total Programs in Collection: 11
   Overall Series Totals
    Total Number of Titles:   26
    Total Number of Programs: 26
    Total Possible Episodes:  26        Missing Programs: 2       Total Programs in Collection: 24
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