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    Post or Modify Date: March 18, 19                  
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        MUTUAL  FEEN-A-MINT    Sundays 3:30 - 4:00 pm
        HOST: Ray Perkins
        MUSIC: Arnold Johnson and His Orchestra
        ANNOUNCER: Harry Von Zell
        Broadcast live from the Majestic Theatre in New York City
54907 A                                    1  02-24-35  :29:59  This is actually a national
                                                                continuation of the local WINS
                                                                "Amateur Night" series which had been
                                                                on the air for 60 weeks.  Amateurs:
                                                                "Miss Brazil," The Roche String
                                                                Quartet, Jimmy Jackson, Joanne Jackson
                                                                (singer), Goode and Beard
                                                                (duo-pianists), Milton Wiser
                                                                (harmonica), Lillian Turner (a 230
                                                                pound blues singer)

54907 B                                    8  04-14-35  :29:52  Amateurs: Bernard Scherer sings
                                                                "Shortnin' Bread," John Riley plays
                                                                two flutes at once, Lamar and Corro
                                                                (duo-pianists). Dorothy Stein sings,
                                                                "We Met One Amateur Night," Otto
                                                                Kearns (singer), Betsy Snider plays a
                                                                balloon, The Playboy Quartet, Samuel
                                                                Lockhart (Singer)

111                                       11  05-05-35  :30:00* Amateurs: Joseph Rovero (tenor), Jane
                                                                Holden (singer), Lawrence Villar (and
                                                                his son: guitar and banjo duo), Gloria
                                                                Burger (soprano), Jack Simpson (water
                                                                glass player), Jimmy Timmons (uke),
                                                                Marion Kaye.

111                                       17  06-16-35  :30:00* Amateurs: Charles Rader (a double-tone
                                                                whistler), soprano Audrey Armstrong, a
                                                                Russian accordion player, an un-named
                                                                Negro quartet from Pennsylvania and
                                                                The Ritmer Twins.

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