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    Post or Modify Date: January 27, 17
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        CBS   DUZ
90164B1  "BRUCE CAN'T MARRY EMMA"                       :15:00   

90164B2  "MOLLY TRIES TO MATCH BRUCE                    :11:40   
         AND EMMA"

90165A1  "PASSOVER BEGINS"              4417  04-13-34  :14:40   

 Series: "GOLDBERGS"
        CBS  OXYDOL   Five-Days-A-Week
        Stars: Gertrude Berg As Molly, James R. Waters As Jake, Everett
        Sloane as Sammy, Roslyn Silber As Rosalie, Menasha Skulnik As Uncle
8835 A2  "MONEY FOR SEEDS"               AUD  03-18-38  :15:00  Raising money for seeds.  Oxydol

8835 A3  "ROSALIE ILL"                   AUD  04-05-38  :15:00  Rosalie is ill. Money for a plant.
                                                                Audition 1 for "The Rise of the

8835 A4  "OPENING DAY OF MILL"           AUD  04-13-38  :15:00  Opening Day at the Mill.  Audition 2
                                                                for "The Rise of the Goldbergs"

8835 A5  "JOYCE SENATOR'S DAUGHTER            07-12-38  :15:00  Is Joyce the Senator's Daughter?
         (HAYRIDE)"                                             (hayride)

8835 B1  "SAMMY RUNS AWAY WITH JOYCE"         07-26-38  :15:00  Rehearsal - Sammy Runs Away With Joyce
                                                                who is menatally ill.

         "DRIVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY"         09-21-39  :15:00  Driving Across The Country

   Total Number of Titles:   6                                * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 6
   Total Possible Episodes Are Unknown  Missing Programs: N/A     Total Programs in Collection: 6

 Series: "GOLDBERGS"
         "SYLVIA ALLISON A HOUSE GUEST"  841  12-10-40  :15:00  Sylvia Allison A House Guest

         "SAMMY IN LOVE WITH SYLVIA"     842  12-11-40  :15:00  Sammy In Love With Sylvia

8835 B4  "SEYMOUR MEETS HIS COUSIN"      849  12-20-40  :15:00  Seymour Meets His Cousin

8835 B5  "SAMMY GOES TO SOUTH CAROLINA"  878  01-26-41  :15:00  Sammy Goes to South Carolina

8835 B6  "MOLLIE WORRIES ABOUT SAMMY"    879  01-27-41  :15:00  Mollie Worried About Sammy

8835 C1  "SAMMY LEAVES SYLVIA"           936  04-16-41  :15:00  Sammy leaves Sylvia after discovering
                                                                deception/Goldbergs coming

8835 C2  "SYLVIA LEARNS SAMMY IS GONE"   937  04-17-41  :15:00  Sylvia learns Sammy is gone/Goldbergs
                                                                stop for breakfast

8835 C3  "MR ALLYSON LEARNS SAMMY GONE"  938  04-18-41  :15:00  Mr. Allyson learns Sammy is
                                                                gone/Goldbergs are due

8835 C4  "THE GOLDBERGS ARRIVE"          939  04-21-41  :15:00  Goldbergs arrive. Where is Sammy?

8835 C5  "MOLLY BECOMES SUSPICIOUS"      940  04-22-41  :15:00  Molly becomes suspicious

8835 C6  "LEAH CONFRONTS HER FATHER"     941  04-23-41  :15:00  Leah confront her father and sister

8835 C7  "SYLVIA CONTINUES LYING"        942  04-24-41  :15:00  Rosalie unhappy. Sylvia continues her

8835 C8  "GOLDBERGS VISIT THE STORE"     943  04-25-41  :15:00  Goldbergs visit the store/Phone call
                                                                from Lastenberry

8835 D1  "PHOTO ALBUM MEMORIES"          944  04-28-41  :15:00  Photo album memories. Molly learns
                                                                about telegram

8835 D2  "PHONE CALL FROM ED"            945  04-29-41  :15:00  Phone call from Ed. Molly recognizes
                                                                his voice

8835 D3  "MOLLY SUSPICIOUS AFTER PHONE   946  04-30-41  :15:00  After phone call Molly is suspicious

8835 D4  "MOLLY DISCOVERS THE TRUTH"     947  05-01-41  :15:00  Molly discovers the truth

8835 D5  "SAMMY IS BACK"                 948  05-02-41  :15:00  Sammy back. Sylvia continues to plot

8835 D6  "SYLVIA PLEADS WITH SAMMY"      949  05-05-41  :15:00  Sylvia pleads with Sammy

8835 D7  "SAMMY WALKS WITH MOLLY"        950  05-06-41  :15:00  Sammy walks with Molly & Rosalie but
                                                                is non-committal

8836 A1  "THE INTRIGUE CONTINUES"        951  05-07-41  :15:00  The intrigue continues

8836 A2  "MOLLY MAKES A CALL"            952  05-08-41  :15:00  (5/6?)"l tell. all

8836 A3  "ED WILL TELL ALL"              953  05-09-41  :15:00  Sammy confesses all to Jake

8836 A4  "SAMMY CONFESSES ALL TO JAKE"   954  05-12-41  :15:00  Ed and Leah refuse to tell Molly the

8836 A5  "ED AND LEAH REFUSE TO TELL"    955  05-13-41  :15:00  Jake and Molly both know the truth

8836 A6  "JAKE AND MOLLY KNOW TRUTH"     956  05-14-41  :15:00  Sammy faces Mr. Allyson at last

8836 A7  "SAMMY FACES MR ALLYSON"        957  05-15-41  :15:00  Sammy faces Sylviayson

8836 B1  "SAMMY FACES SYLVIA"            958  05-16-41  :15:00  Molly talks to Rosalie and Jake

8836 B2  "MOLLY, ROSALIE, JAKE TALK"     959  05-19-41  :15:00  Jake is angry at Mr. Allyson

8836 B3  "SYLVIA AND MOLLY FACE EACH     960  05-20-41  :15:00  Sylvia and Molly face each other

8836 B4  "SAMMY AND SYLVIA TALK"         961  05-21-41  :15:00  Sammy and Sylvia talk

8836 B5  "MOLLY CHASTISES MR ALLYSON"    962  05-22-41  :15:00  Sammy wants to talk to Sylvia again

8836 B6  "LEAH COMES TO CALL"            963  05-23-41  :15:00  Molly gives Mr. Allyson a piece of her
                                                                mind. Sammy & Sylvia drive off

8836 B7  "MOLLY UPSET WAITING"           964  05-26-41  :15:00  Molly Upset Waiting

8836 C1  "SYLVIA CRASHES CAR"            965  05-27-41  :15:00  Sylvia Crashes Car

8836 C2  "FAMILY LEARNS OF CRASH"        966  05-28-41  :15:00  Family Learns of Crash

8836 C3  "AT THE HOSPITAL"               967  05-29-41  :15:00  At the Hospital

8836 C4  "WORRIED THOUGHTS"              968  05-30-41  :15:00  Worried Thoughts

8836 C5  "SAMMY EXPRESSES LOVE"          969  06-02-41  :15:00  Sammy Expresses Love

8836 C6  "MOLLY TALKS TO SYLVIA"         970  06-03-41  :15:00  Molly Talks to Sylvia

8836 D1  "ARRANGING TRIP HOME"           971  06-04-41  :15:00   Arranging Trip Home

8836 D2  "FAMILY DIFFERS ON SYLVIA"      972  06-05-41  :15:00  Family Differs on Sylvia

8836 D3  "ALLYSON TALKS TO HIS           973  06-06-41  :15:00  Allyson Talks to His Children

8836 D4  "DOCTOR'S WARNING"              974  06-09-41  :15:00  Doctor's Warning

8836 D5  "BACK HOME IN LASTENBERRY"      975  06-10-41  :15:00  Back Home in Lastenberry

8836 D6  "SAMMY IS DESPONDENT"           976  06-11-41  :15:00  Sammy Is Despondent

                                         977  06-12-41  :15:00   

                                         978  06-13-41  :15:00   

                                         979  06-16-41  :15:00   

                                         980  06-17-41  :15:00   

90164A1  "SYLVIA GOES TO SEE DR. CATOR"  981  06-18-41  :10:30  Show body only

90164A2  "SYLVIA GOES TO SEE DR. CATOR"  982  06-19-41  : 9:40  Show body only

8837 A1  "MOLLY'S QUESTION"              983  06-20-41  :15:00  Molly's Question

8837 A2  "SYLVIA IS NOT WELL"            984  06-23-41  :15:00  Sylvia Is Not Well

8837 A3  "SAMMY UPSET WITH DR CATER"     985  06-24-41  :15:00  Sammy Upset with Dr Cater

8837 A4  "DR CATER EXPLAINS"             986  06-25-41  :15:00  Dr Cater Explains

8837 A5  "MR ALLYSON COMING"             987  06-26-41  :15:00  Mr Allyson Coming

8837 A6  "DR CATER'S FATHER"             989  06-27-41  :15:00  Dr Cater's Father

         "EPISODE 990"                   990  06-30-41  :15:00   

8837 A7  "ALLYSON AND DR CATER ARGUE"    991  07-01-41  :15:00  Allyson and Dr Cater Argue

8837 B1  "SAMMY AND SYLVIA TALK"         992  07-02-41  :15:00  Sammy and Sylvia Talk

8837 B2  "SYLVIA WON'T LEAVE"            993  07-03-41  :15:00  Sylvia Won't Leave

8837 B3  "DR CATER AND HIS FATHER"       994  07-04-41  :15:00  Dr Cater and His Father

8837 B4  "SAMMY CONFRONTS CATER AND      995  07-07-41  :15:00  Sammy Confronts Cater and Sylvia

8837 B5  "SAMMY AND DR CATER TALK"       996  07-08-41  :15:00  Sammy and Dr Cater Talk

8837 B6  "PICNIC PLANS"                  997  07-09-41  :15:00  Picnic Plans

8837 C1  "SYLVIA LOVES DR CATER"         998  07-10-41  :15:00  Sylvia Loves Dr Cater

8837 C2  "SAMMY AND CATER DISCUSS        999  07-11-41  :15:00  Sammy and Cater Discuss Sylvia

8837 C3  "SYLVIA NEEDS A FATHER"        1000  07-14-41  :15:00  Sylvia Needs a Father

8837 C4  "BREAKFAST WITH THE GOLDBERGS" 1001  07-15-41  :15:00  Breakfast with the Goldbergs

8837 C5  "SYLVIA'S PAST"                1002  07-16-41  :15:00  Sylvia's Past

                                        1003  07-17-41  :15:00   

                                        1004  07-18-41  :15:00   

                                        1005  07-21-41  :15:00   

                                        1006  07-22-41  :15:00   

                                        1007  07-23-41  :15:00   

8837 C6  "WOMAN IN MR ALLYSON'S PAST"   1008  07-24-41  :15:00  Woman in Mr Allyson's Past

8837 C7  "ESTHER MILLER EXPECTED"       1009  07-25-41  :15:00  Esther Miller Epected

8837 D1  "MR ALLYSON'S COLD FEET"       1010  07-28-41  :15:00  Mr Allyson's Cold Feet

8837 D2  "ESTHER MILLER ARRIVES"        1011  07-29-41  :15:00  Esther Miller Arrives

8837 D3  "SYLVIA DOESN'T TELL"          1012  07-30-41  :15:00  Sylvia Doesn't Tell

8837 D4  "ESTHER AND ALLYSON MEET"      1013  07-31-41  :15:00  Esther and Allyson Meet

8837 D5  "SYLVIA'S TANTRUM"             1014  08-01-41  :15:00  Sylvia's Tantrum

8837 D6  "AFTER DINNER CONFRONTATION"   1015  08-04-41  :15:00  After Dinner Confrontation

8838 A1  "MOLLY THE MATCHMAKER"         1016  08-05-41  :15:00  Molly the Matchmaker

8838 A2  "MOLLY SHARES HER PLANS"       1017  08-06-41  :15:00  Molly Shares Her Plans

8838 A3  "MR ALLYSON AND ESTHER ARE     1018  08-07-41  :15:00  Mr Allyson and Esther Are Leaving

8838 A4  "DR CATER TALKS TO SYLVIA"     1019  08-08-41  :15:00  Dr Cater Talks to Sylvia

8838 A5  "THE REVEREND ARRIVES"         1020  08-11-41  :15:00  The Reverend Arrives

         "MOLLY SHARES HER WISDOM"      1021  08-12-41  :15:00  Molly Shares Her Wisdom

                                        1022  08-13-41  :15:00   

                                        1023  08-14-41  :15:00   

8838 A6  "THE WEDDING MUST GO ON"       1024  08-15-41  :15:00   

8838 B1  "LEAH'S STROKE"                1025  08-18-41  :15:00  Leah's Stroke

8838 B2  "SYLVIA GOES HOME"             1026  08-19-41  :15:00  Sylvia Goes Home

8838 B3  "MR ALLYSON HEARS ABOUT LEAH"  1027  08-20-41  :15:00  Mr Allyson Hears About Leah

                                        1028  08-21-41  :15:00   

8838 B4  "SEYMOUR INVITES ROSIE TO A    1029  08-22-41  :15:00  Seymour Invites Rosie to a Movie

                                        1030  08-25-41  :15:00   

8838 B5  "SEYMOUR LOVES ROSIE"          1031  08-26-41  :15:00  Seymour Loves Rosie

8838 B6  "IS SEYMOUR ELIGIBLE"          1032  08-27-41  :15:00  Is Seymour Eligible

8838 C1  "JAKES WANTS PANCAKES"         1033  08-28-41  :15:00  Jakes Wants Pancakes

8838 C2  "BEAUTY PARLOR ON WHEELS"      1034  08-29-41  :15:00  Beauty Parlor on Wheels

8838 C3  "A NOISE IN THE NIGHT"         1035  09-01-41  :15:00  A Noise in the Night

8838 C4  "WOMAN AND BOY HIDING IN BARN" 1036  09-02-41  :15:00  Woman and Boy Hiding in Barn

8838 C5  "STRANGERS ALLOWED TO STAY THE 1037  09-03-41  :15:00  Strangers Allowed to Stay the Night

8838 C6  "MOLLY TALKS TO JAKE"          1038  09-04-41  :15:00  Molly Talks to Jake

8838 D1  "MR BOUGHTON LEFT A NOTE"      1039  09-05-41  :15:00  Mr Boughton Left a Note

8838 D2  "MR BOUGHTON EXPLAINS"         1040  09-08-41  :15:00  Mr Boughton Explains

8838 D3  "DR CATER SPEAKS TO BOY"       1041  09-09-41  :15:00  Dr Cater Speaks to Boy

8838 D4  "NEWSPAPER AD"                 1042  09-10-41  :15:00  Newspaper Ad

8838 D5  "BIRDIE THE HAIRDRESSER"       1043  09-11-41  :15:00  Birdie the Hairdresser

8838 D6  "DAVID HAS A TEMPERATURE"      1044  09-12-41  :15:00  David Has a Temperature

         "AD BRINGS RESULTS"            1045  09-15-41  :15:00  Ad Brings Results

                                        1046  09-16-41  :15:00   

                                        1047  09-17-41  :15:00   

                                        1048  09-18-41  :15:00   

                                        1049  09-19-41  :15:00   

                                        1050  09-22-41  :15:00   

                                        1051  09-23-41  :15:00   

                                        1052  09-24-41  :15:00   

                                        1053  09-25-41  :15:00   

                                        1054  09-26-41  :15:00   

                                        1055  09-29-41  :15:00   

                                        1056  09-30-41  :15:00   

                                        1057  10-01-41  :15:00   

90165A2  "MR WAY COMPLAINS"             1058  10-02-41  :12:00* Dr. Cater visits the Goldbergs. Mr Way
                                                                and Dr. Cater have words.

90165B1  "MR WAY'S THOUGHTS"            1059  10-03-41  :12:00* The Goldbergs play cards;  Mr. Way
                                                                looks somewhat introspectively at

90165B2  "GOLDBERGS CAN STAY"           1060  10-06-41  :12:00* Molly Goldberg gets a surprise.

90166A1  "BACK TAXES"                   1061  10-07-41  :12:00* Originally the Goldbergs had to be out
                                                                of the house .. the home owned by Mr.
                                                                Way, but Mr. Way offers to let them
                                                                stay on for awhile, but what about the
                                                                tax situation?

90166A2  "A SOLUTION"                   1062  10-08-41  :12:00* Molly gives one of her stern lectures
                                                                on the art of being forgiving.  This
                                                                as a result of Jake's having been so
                                                                angry at Mr. Way, having gone to the
                                                                tax collector and having found out
                                                                about the back taxes.

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1063  10-09-41  :12:00*  

90166A3  "GOLDBERGS ON A WALK"          1064  10-10-41  :12:00* Molly gives one of her stern lectures
                                                                on the art of being forgiving.  This
                                                                as a result of Jake's having been so
                                                                angry at Mr. Way, having gone to the
                                                                tax collector and having found out
                                                                about the back taxes.

90166B1  "DR CATER TALKS TO ORIANNE"    1065  10-13-41  :12:00* David and Mr. Way are outside. Rosalie
                                                                and Molly are in the house talking.
                                                                Jake comes in with a lease paper,
                                                                fully expecting Mr. Way to sign it.

90166B2  "JAKE IS UPSET"                1066  10-14-41  :12:00* Jake is upset over having so many
                                                                people in the house at one time.  He
                                                                lets everyone in the house know, in a
                                                                most angry way.

90167A1  "MOLLY HELPS ORIANNE"          1067  10-15-41  :12:00* Molly has taken Orianne under her
                                                                wing, much to Jake's dismay.  In real
                                                                time Molly Goldbberg actually shampoos
                                                                Rosalie's hair ... real sounds and

90167A2  "MOLLY INVESTED IN CHICKEN     1068  10-16-41  :12:00* In talking, Jake discovers that Molly
         BUSINESS"                                              has invested some capital in Mr. Way's
                                                                chicken farm.  Just where did Molly
                                                                get the capital?

90167B1  "ORIANNE AND PARTER IN CHICKEN 1069  10-17-41  :12:00* The Goldbergs may get a little insight
         BUSIN"                                                 as to what is happening with respect
                                                                to Orianne Leland and her partner in
                                                                the chicken business, Mr Edward Way.
                                                                And ...what of Dr. Cater's interest?
                                                                His interest is quite evident, but
                                                                it's not in chickens!

90167B2  "GOLDBERGS PLAY CARDS"         1070  10-20-41  :12:00* Molly talks to Orianne Leland on the
                                                                phone.  Roselie is doing homework.
                                                                Sammy teases Rosalie to tears.  The
                                                                Goldbergs play cards.  Is Dr. Cater in

90168A1  "DR CATER AND HIS FATHER TALK" 1071  10-21-41  :09:00* Dr. Cater and his father talk.  Dr.
                                                                Cater is not terribly happy at this

90168A2  "A LITTLE PREJUDICE SURFACES"  1072  10-22-41  :09:34* A little prejudice surfaces when Molly
                                                                and Bertie Schlissel talk.

90168B1  "BERTIE TO TEACH MOLLY TO      1073  10-23-41  :07:45* Rosalie asks her mother why she
         DRIVE"                                                 doesn't learn how to drive.  Bertie
                                                                says she can teach Molly.

90168B2  "HITTING A TREE"               1074  10-24-41  :08:45* Molly is nervous, but Bertie gets
                                                                Molly behind the wheel.  Well ...

90169A1  "MOLLY RECUPERATES"            1075  10-27-41  :09:25* Molly is sore as a result of her first
                                                                driving lesson with Bertie.  Jake is
                                                                mad, but he's also very concerned.

90169A2  "BERTHA AND MR WAY"            1076  10-28-41  :09:32* A woman has come to see Mr. Way.  She
                                                                still works for Mrs. way, and she is
                                                                the lady's cook.  What could be going

90169B1  "MRS NOLAN'S $1000"            1077  10-29-41  :09:56* Mrs Bertha Nolan, Mrs Way's cook, asks
                                                                Molly to be entrusted with $1,000
                                                                which Mr. Way would not take.  While
                                                                there, Dr. Cater comes by, and ...

90169B2  "WHERE IS MR WAY"              1078  10-30-41  :12:00* Orianne, Jake, Molly and Sammy are in
                                                                the house playing cards.  Where is Mr.
                                                                Way?  He hasn't come home from the
                                                                station as of yet.  Where could he
                                                                have gone?

90170A1  "DINNER BEGINS"                1079  10-31-41  :12:00* Molly is milking the cow.  She is
                                                                happy.  Little David is outside
                                                                watching Mr. Way saw some lumber, when
                                                                some kids come by.  They shout
                                                                something which is hurtful ...

90170A2  "DR CATER AND SAMMY TALK"      1080  11-03-41  :12:00* Dr. Cater and Sammy are talking.  Dr.
                                                                Cater does not like Mr. Way, and that
                                                                fact is obvious.  Rosalie comes in
                                                                with the news that Molly plans to tell
                                                                the woman a thing or two at the
                                                                meeting that evening.

90170B1  "MOLLY ATTENDS A MEETING"      1081  11-04-41  :12:00* Molly is preparing to go to the
                                                                meeting.  She and Rosalie talk.  An
                                                                unexpected guest appears to see Mr.
                                                                Way.  He is an old man ... a tired old
                                                                man, and ...

90170B2  "CALL OFF MEETING"             1082  11-05-41  :12:00* Jake begs Molly to call him after the
                                                                meeting .. a direct result of the
                                                                little old man who nearly wanted to
                                                                kill Mr. Way because of the swindle
                                                                Way perpetrated against him.  Dr.
                                                                Cater is even begging Orianne to
                                                                reconsider her feeling for Mr. Way.

90171A1  "MOLLY ATTENDS MEETING"        1083  11-06-41  :12:00* Molly attends the meeting, and on the
                                                                way there, walks with Dr. Cater
                                                                Senior, played by Edgar Stahli.  Cater
                                                                Senior is talking with Orianne and
                                                                Molly.  Dr. Cater Junior comes along,
                                                                and while walking home, he proposes to

90171A2  "WAITING FOR FAMILY"           1084  11-07-41  :12:00* Sammy, Rosalie, and Seymour are
                                                                waiting for the rest of the Goldberg
                                                                family to arrive.  Seymour ends
                                                                talking to Mr. Way about a certain
                                                                woman he loves and wants to marry.

90171B1  "ORIANNE REFUSES TO MARRY"     1085  11-10-41  :12:00* Orianne refuses to marry Dr. Cater,
                                                                and gives him a piece of her mind.

90171B2  "ROSALIE GIVEN WHAT FOR"       1086  11-11-41  :12:00* Rosalie, dressed for school, is being
                                                                given what for by Molly.  Jake is mad
                                                                again, and it's because he can't live
                                                                his own life.  This happened as a
                                                                result of Sammy's storming out.

90172A1  "PHONE CALL FROM JAKE"         1087  11-12-41  :12:00* While giving Mr. Way his breakfast,
                                                                Molly receives a phone call from Jake,
                                                                saying that he is going to build a new
                                                                house.  This is all because of Molly's

90172A2  "WRONG IDEA"                   1088  11-13-41  :12:00* Orianne learns that she might have
                                                                given Mr. Way the wrong idea about

90172B1  "GOLDBERGS GO BOWLING"         1089  11-14-41  :12:00* The Goldbergs are at the bowling
                                                                alley.  Jake shows Roselie how to
                                                                bowl.  Where is Mr. Way?

90172B2  "RED CROSS NIGHT"              1090  11-17-41  :12:00* During Red Cross night at the bowling
                                                                alley, Mr. Way appears in public for
                                                                the first time in a long time.  He
                                                                even tries his hand at bowling.

90173A1  "MRS WAY IN TOWN"              1091  11-18-41  :12:00* It appears that now, Mrs. Way has come
                                                                to town.  She is parked in front of
                                                                the Goldberg/Way house.  The chaufeur
                                                                comes in and talks for a while with

90173A2  "JAKE IS SORE"                 1092  11-19-41  :12:00* Jake is sore ... too much bowling.
                                                                After much discussion, Jake goes to
                                                                bed.  Orianne and Mr. Way come home.
                                                                Orianne answers the phone only to find
                                                                out that it was Mrs. Way wanting to
                                                                talk to Mr. Way, who refuses to talk
                                                                to anyone.

90173B1  "MRS WAY CALLS"                1093  11-20-41  :12:00* Mrs. Way kept calling all night long.
                                                                Dr. Cater comes over, and later, in a
                                                                talk with Orianne, he kisses her.  She
                                                                fends him off.

90173B2  "THANKSGIVING DINNER"          1094  11-21-41  :12:00* Molly has Thanksgiving dinner, but ...
                                                                will the Turkey be enough?
                                                                Thanksgiving Program

90174A1  "MOLLY DICTATES A LETTER"      1095  11-24-41  :12:00* Molly asks Rosalie to write her a
                                                                letter.  She cannot.  She asks Sammy.
                                                                He cannot ... he's palying cards with
                                                                his father.  Seymour takes a hand.
                                                                Mr. Way phones, but he doesn't know
                                                                about the message from his wife, but
                                                                Mrs. Way also takes a hand, and comes
                                                                over to the Goldberg house.

90174A2  "MRS WAY IN PARLOR"            1096  11-25-41  :12:00* Mrs. Way sits in the parlor, and
                                                                everything is chaotic.  Molly goes in
                                                                to talk with her.  Orianne and Mr. Way

90174B1  "MR AND MRS WAY"               1097  11-26-41  :12:00* Mr. and Mrs. Way confront one another
                                                                in the Goldberg parlor.

90174B2  "ARIANNE NOT WELL"             1098  11-27-41  :12:00* Orianne is not feeling well ... a
                                                                headache.  Seymour and Rosalie sit and
                                                                talk.  Molly and Jake also talk, and
                                                                while playing cards, Jake again tells
                                                                Molly not to meddle in other people's
                                                                business.  Molly wants to go and see
                                                                Mrs. Way to say that Orianne is not
                                                                interested in Mr. Way.

90175A1  "JAKE IS PERTURBED"            1099  11-28-41  :12:00* Jake is perturbed because Seymour has
                                                                asked for a raise at the mill.
                                                                Seymour, it seems, has designs on
                                                                Rosalie.  Molly is concerned, but ...

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1100  12-01-41  :15:00   

90175A2  "MOLLY WARNS ORIANNE"          1101  12-03-41  :12:00* Molly warns Orianne to be aware of her
                                                                feelings about Mr. Way; they are not
                                                                genuine.  Dr. Cater comes over, and
                                                                sees Orianne crying.  Cater plans to
                                                                help both Mr. and Mrs. Way, but with

90175B1  "DR CATER SEES MRS WAY"        1102  12-04-41  :12:00* Dr. Cater goes to see Mrs. Way. He
                                                                psychoanalyses her, and ...

90175B2  "ORIANNE STRUGGLES WITH        1103  12-05-41  :12:00* Molly pretends to be playing cards,
         FEELINGS"                                              while in the background, Orianne is
                                                                struggling with her feelings, and Dr.
                                                                Way has decided to go and see his
                                                                former wife.  So, it seems, has

90176A1  "JAKE EXPRESSES LOVE"          1104  12-08-41  :12:00* Jake tells Molly he is deeply in love
                                                                with her ... something you don't hear
                                                                from somebody over 40.  Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                Way are together in her hotel room.
                                                                They sit and talk, and Mrs. Way tells
                                                                Mr. Way that Dr. Cater is her new

90176A2  "MOLLY'S INSPIRATION"          1105  12-09-41  :12:00* Molly tries to talk about an
                                                                inspiration she has, but the family is
                                                                laughing, and Molly is not.  Molly
                                                                goes over to Dr. Cater Senior, and
                                                                tells him of a plan she has.

90176B1  "GOLDBERGS GO TO MOVIES"       1106  12-10-41  :12:00* The Goldbergs are going to the movies,
                                                                but then, she sits and talks with Mr.
                                                                Way, and movies?  Well ...

90176B2  "TO THE MOVIES"                1107  12-11-41  :12:00* Molly goes to the movies after all.
                                                                Apparently, Mrs. Way has told Dr.
                                                                Cater that Orianne is interested in
                                                                marrying Mr. Way.  Dr. Cater picks up
                                                                Orianne and while driving home ...

90177A1  "IN CAR TALKING"               1108  12-12-41  :12:00* It's bedtime.  Orianne is out in the
                                                                car talking with Dr. Cater.  Molly is
                                                                restless. Dr. Cater and Mr. Way square
                                                                off again.  Molly speaks with Dr.
                                                                Cater about her plan.

90177A2  "GOLDBERGS EATING LUNCH"       1109  12-15-41  :12:00* The Goldbergs are eating lunch.  Mr.
                                                                Way is at the parole board.  Molly
                                                                again approaches Orianne about her
                                                                making a mistake because she plans to
                                                                marry Mr. Way.

90177B1  "PAROLE OFFICER"               1110  12-16-41  :12:00* The parole officer is in the living
                                                                room.  He has come to visit Mr. Way
                                                                and Orianne.

90177B2  "TO HELP MR WAY"               1111  12-17-41  :12:00* Jake is curious.  How can Dr. Cater
                                                                help Mr. Way .  Molly, Sammy and Jake
                                                                talk vigorously about Molly's seeing
                                                                Dr. Cater.  Jake refuses to go to the
                                                                mill, leaving Sammy to go off to work
                                                                by himself.

90178A1  "ORIANNE MUST NOT MARRY"       1112  12-18-41  :12:00* Dr. Cater tells Molly emphatically,
                                                                that Orianne must not marry Edward
                                                                Way.  Molly agrees, but ...   Molly
                                                                tells Dr. Cater that if Mrs. Way were
                                                                to sacrifice her money for her
                                                                happiness ...

90178A2  "WALKING DOWN ROAD"            1113  12-19-41  :12:00* Molly and Dr. Cater are walking down
                                                                the road towards the village, where
                                                                Mrs. Way is at the hotel.  But where
                                                                are Roslie and Jake going?  It seems
                                                                that she ran into them conveniently on
                                                                the road.  Molly contiuues her plan to
                                                                get Mrs. Way to pay back the debts
                                                                incurred by Mr. Way.  And, by the way,
                                                                where are Orianne and Mr. Way going?

90178B1  "MRS WAY REFUSES"              1114  12-22-41  :12:00* Mrs. Way has refused to see Molly,
                                                                much to the relief of Jake and the
                                                                family.  Then Mrs. Way appears at the
                                                                Goldberg home, asking why Mr. Way
                                                                needs an agent to talk to her.

90178B2  "JAKES YELLS AT MOLLY"         1115  12-23-41  :12:00* Jake is yelling at Molly because of
                                                                her plan.  Jake thinks Molly's heart
                                                                will get her into deep trouble.  Molly
                                                                tries her hand with Mr. Way, and ...
                                                                she gets an answer.

90179A1  "PREPARING TO SEE MRS WAY"     1116  12-24-41  :12:00* Molly is preparing to go and see Mrs.
                                                                Way at the hotel.  Jake protests.
                                                                Mrs. Way calls, and Jake takes the
                                                                phone ... telling Mrs. Way what he
                                                                really feels.  Mr. Way tells his
                                                                former wife there is she can do, he
                                                                will marry Orianne.  At the hotel, Mrs
                                                                Way. and Molly talk and ...

90179A2  "STILL CAN'T HELP"             1117  12-25-41  :12:00* Molly is still not able to help the
                                                                situation.  Margaret Way refuses to
                                                                budge on her position to hurt her
                                                                former husband.  At the Goldbergs, the
                                                                family learns from a call by Molly
                                                                that Mr. Way is on his way to the

90179B1  "A  REVOLT BREWING"            1118  12-26-41  :12:00* A revolt seems to be brewing at the
                                                                Goldberg home.  All the upbringing in
                                                                the world doesn't stop Rosalie from
                                                                reading out her father.  Jake is
                                                                shocked.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Way is ready
                                                                to say goodbye to Molly at the hotel
                                                                when Mr. Way arrives at her room.

90179B2  "WAY CONFRONTS MOLLY"          1119  12-29-41  :12:00* Mr. Way tells Jake that Molly should
                                                                stop seeing Mrs. Way to continue the
                                                                formulation of any plan.  Mr. Way
                                                                confronts Molly at the same time she
                                                                is trying to comfort little David
                                                                Leland over all of the tumult
                                                                occurring in the Goldberg home.  Mr.
                                                                Way is not very happy with Molly.

90180A1  "STOP TRY TO FIX WORLD"        1120  12-30-41  :12:00* Jake speaks to Molly gently, urging
                                                                her to please not continue butting in
                                                                and trying to always make the world
                                                                right.  Jake wants to go to the movies
                                                                with Molly, but lombego creeps up, or
                                                                does it.  Mrs. Way comes over to see

90180A2  "MRS WAY COMING OVER"          1121  12-31-41  :12:00* Molly didn't know Mrs. Way was coming
                                                                over.  Jake doesn't want to go to the
                                                                movies after all, and he continues to
                                                                discuss Molly's meddling at his
                                                                expense.  To a very tearful Orianne,
                                                                Molly tries to explain the facts.
                                                                Mrs. Way and Orianne confront one
                                                                another, and it is Orianne who is

90180B1  "HOW LONG CAN MESS CONTINUE"   1122  01-01-42  :12:00* Jake asks for his bicarbonate again.
                                                                How long can this mess with Molly, the
                                                                Ways and Orianne go on?  Molly tells
                                                                Sammy that love is what is right with
                                                                the world, and just in the nick of
                                                                time, Dr. Cater arrives.  Dr. Cater
                                                                and Orianne are again talking and it
                                                                is Dr. Cater who has the floor.  He
                                                                insists that since Mrs. Way is there
                                                                that Orianne go in and say she will
                                                                not marry Mr. Way.

90180B2  "STILL AT GOLDBERG HOME"       1123  01-02-42  :12:00* The Ways, Orianne, and Dr. Cater are
                                                                still at the Goldberg home.  Jake
                                                                wishes to have Sammy take a letter to
                                                                Mrs. Bloom, asking her to look for an
                                                                apartment, because he cannot live in a
                                                                small town.

90181A1  "THROUGH WITH ORIANNE"         1124  01-05-42  :12:00* Can it be true?  Is Dr. Cater really
                                                                through with Orianne?  It seems so,
                                                                for Dr. Cater storms out of the house
                                                                after giving Orianne the tonguelashing
                                                                of her life.

90181A2  "MOLLY ADMITS TO BEING WRONG"  1125  01-06-42  :12:00* Molly admits she was wrong, but
                                                                Margaret Way tells Mr. Way that she
                                                                still loves him, and makes the present
                                                                to Mr. Way and Orianne of paying off
                                                                the debts to satisfy Mr. Way's moral
                                                                debt to society.

90181B1  "STAY FOR COFFEE"              1126  01-07-42  :12:00* Molly begs Mrs. Way to stay for coffee
                                                                and not go home in a state of anger
                                                                and dismay.  Seymour tells Molly that
                                                                he is enlisting in the Navy.

90181B2  "UPSET OVER SEYMOUR'S          1127  01-08-42  :12:00* Molly is upset over Seymour's
         ENLISTING"                                             enlistng.  She also asks Orianne to go
                                                                and talk to Mrs. Way who is still in
                                                                the parlor waiting to go home.  Mrs.
                                                                Way tells Orianne of the gift of
                                                                paying off the debts.  She also warns
                                                                Orianne of the consequences of pity.

90182A1  "LETTER TO MRS BLOOM"          1128  01-09-42  :15:00* Rosalie is writing to Mrs. Brown for
                                                                her mother.  Molly talks with Mrs.
                                                                Way.  Mr. Way calls as she is saying

90182A2  "WAY WILL NOT LEAVE ORIANNE"   1129  01-12-42  :15:00* Edward Way vows that he will never
                                                                give up Orianne, but ...

90182B1  "MR AND MRS WAY TALK"          1130  01-13-42  :15:00* Margaret Way assures Mr. Way that she
                                                                wants Orianne to marry him.  Orianne
                                                                begs Mrs. Way to let Mr. Way accept
                                                                Mrs. Way's wedding gift.  Molly also
                                                                begs Margaret Way to stay her course
                                                                and not give up.  Margaret Way is now
                                                                pleading with Mr. Way to please,
                                                                please get back together with her.

90182B2  "MR WAY TO RECEIVE A PARDON"   1131  01-14-42  :15:00* Rawlins, the chafeur, calls and it
                                                                seems that Mr. Way will be given a
                                                                pardon, thanks to some maneuvering by
                                                                Mrs. Way.

90183A1  "FATHERLY TALK WITH MR WAY"    1132  01-15-42  :15:00* Jake has a friendly fatherly talk with
                                                                Mr. Way ... all about love.  Mr. Way
                                                                states that he is living for himself,
                                                                much to the surprise of Jake.

90183A2  "MOLLY IS SEWING BUTTONS"      1133  01-16-42  :15:00* Molly is sewing on buttons.  Dr. Cater
                                                                is called upon by Mrs. Goldberg to
                                                                give Orianne one last pep talk.  Will
                                                                Orianne finally give up Mr. Way and
                                                                let him go home with Margaret?

90183B1  "SAMMY'S LATITUDE"             1134  01-19-42  :15:00* Molly does not like her son Sammy's
                                                                "attitude" as she puts it.  Roaalie
                                                                comes home, having forgotten her gym
                                                                clothes.  Orianne is happy because of
                                                                the pep talk.  Dr. Cater has convinced
                                                                Orianne to tell Mr. Way that it is the
                                                                woman who is giving herself up; that
                                                                Orianne is giving up her love for Dr.

90183B2  "ANOTHER TALK"                 1135  01-20-42  :15:00* Dr. Cater has to give Orianne another
                                                                talk, but he has to push her to decide
                                                                whether to give up Mr. Way.  It is his
                                                                love for her that causes Dr. Cater to
                                                                be so on fire with his temper.  Jake
                                                                comes in and asks Molly to please
                                                                restore sanity to their home; finish
                                                                the job with Orianne, the Ways and Dr.
                                                                Cater.  Dr. Cater finally tells Mr.
                                                                Way exactly what he should do.

90184A1  "WAY AND ORIANNE TALK"         1136  01-21-42  :15:00* Edward Way and Orianne have a talk.
                                                                Mr. Way knows Orianne loves Dr. Cater,
                                                                and urges her to choose between pity
                                                                and love.

90184A2  "ORIANNE MAKES HER DECISION"   1137  01-22-42  :15:00* On this day, Orianne Leland, after
                                                                months of struggling, finally makes
                                                                her decision ... or is the decision
                                                                being made for her?

90184B1  "NORMALCY RETURNS"             1138  01-23-42  :15:00* Well, it seems normalcy is back in the
                                                                Goldberg's home once again.  Dr. Cater
                                                                Senior comes to visit, with the news
                                                                that since the war is on, the Army
                                                                needs Doctors.

90184B2  "MOLLY AND DAVID TALK WITH     1139  01-26-42  :15:00* The Doctors Cater are talking, when
         CATER"                                                 Molly and David come over.  Jake and
                                                                Rosalie join the gathering, and
                                                                Rosalie tells the gathering that Mr.
                                                                Way has sent Orianne a letter.

90185A1  "JAKE AND MOLLY PLAY CARDS"    1140  01-27-42  :15:00* Molly and Jake are playing cards.
                                                                Orianne is happy that Dr. Cater is
                                                                coming to visit her, but he only drops
                                                                off David, and does not come in.  Does
                                                                this say what he is really thinking?

90185A2  "DR CATER SR CALLS"            1141  01-28-42  :15:00* Dr. Cater Senior calls asking Jake to
                                                                come over to his house for a little
                                                                meeting, but Jake has a sniffle.  Jake
                                                                tells Molly he got a call from the
                                                                mill ... something is going on there.

90185B1  "JAKE WANTS MOLLY TO GO TO     1142  01-29-42  :15:00* Jake wants Molly to go to the movies,
         MOVIES"                                                but now, coughing and gasping for
                                                                breath, Molly offers hot lemonade and
                                                                a mustard plaster.  Is Jake really
                                                                coughing?  Where is he going?  Could
                                                                it be to a meeting at Cater's
                                                                regarding Orianne?  Seymour Fingerhood
                                                                is asked to take part in the
                                                                conspiracy and stay while Jake sneaks

90185B2  "SEYMOUR TALKS TO MOLLY"       1143  01-30-42  :15:00* Seymour has told Molly that Jake went
                                                                to the mill to deal with a machine
                                                                part called a "minister."  He is
                                                                really over at ...   Just what is a
                                                                "minister?"  Seymour has to try and
                                                                explain a "minister" to Rosalie, and
                                                                Seymour is nervous.  By the way ...
                                                                who is driving up outside?

90186A1  "MOLLY THINKS WHAT'S GOING ON" 1144  02-02-42  :15:00* Rosalie and Molly now begin to think
                                                                about what is really going on.  They
                                                                know that Jake is not really at the
                                                                mill.  Is he at Dr. Cater's home?

90186A2  "JAKE'S SECRET SPRINGS LEAK"   1145  02-03-42  :15:00* Jake's little secret seems to have
                                                                sprung a leak.  There's no one who
                                                                maneuvers better than Molly Goldberg.
                                                                But ... it seems that Orianne Leland
                                                                is going to leave in the next day's
                                                                train.  What will Jake Goldberg do

90186B1  "KEEPING MOLLY FROM SECRET"    1146  02-04-42  :15:00* Jake is still trying to keep Molly out
                                                                of the little secret Jake and the men
                                                                folk have planned.  Knowing that Molly
                                                                and Rosalie are being kept out of the
                                                                conspiracy, the two women plan a
                                                                little conspiracy of their own, but

90186B2  "JAKES SENDS AN SOS"           1147  02-05-42  :15:00* Jake sends out an SOS, but will Moly
                                                                intercept it?  No one seems to be able
                                                                to sleep, and Jake has gone

90187A1  "MOLLY ADMITS BEING WRONG"     1148  02-06-42  :15:00* Roaalie and Molly seem to know that
                                                                the male conspirators will soon arrive
                                                                at their home.  Dr. Cater comes over,
                                                                but it's Dr. Cater Senior!

90187A2  "LETTER TO MRS BLOOM"          1149  02-09-42  :15:00* Orianne is going to be leaving on the
                                                                morning train, but the mail
                                                                conspirators are silent, and Molly is
                                                                worried.  What does Sammy know about
                                                                this game?  Dr. Cater calls Jake with
                                                                his plans about Orianne's train trip.

90187B1  "ORIANNE LEAVES HEARTBROKEN"   1150  02-10-42  :15:00* Orianne is leaving, heartbroken, and
                                                                she doesn't know about Dr. Cater
                                                                Junior's plan.  At the train station
                                                                all are waiting.  Christopher Cater,
                                                                on the other hand, is ...   Molly
                                                                makes one final pleading to Orianne,
                                                                regarding Chris Cater.

90187B2  "TRAIN LEAVES STATION"         1151  02-11-42  :15:00* The train pulls out of the station.
                                                                Orianne and David aren't on it, but
                                                                Chris Cater is.  Jake makes a
                                                                last-ditch effort to save his plan and
                                                                foil Molly's latest maneuver.

90188A1  "ORIANNE MAKES TRAIN WITH      1152  02-12-42  :15:00* Orianne makes the train with david,
         DAVID"                                                 and Orianne must now tell David he is
                                                                on his way to New York.  But who
                                                                should appear in the coach, to
                                                                Orianne's wonderful surprise?

90188A2  "DR CATER PROPOSES ON TRAIN"   1153  02-13-42  :15:00* Dr. Cater proposes to Orianne on the
                                                                train ... Orianne says no, but then
                                                                says she will tell Dr. Cater when they
                                                                get to New York.

90188B1  "WILL THERE BE A WEDDING"      1154  02-16-42  :15:00* Molly is planning for quite a feed,
                                                                the result of Orianne and Dr. Cater
                                                                becoming man and wife.  But will they
                                                                get together?  It seems that there
                                                                will not be one, but ...

90188B2  "SAMMY MEETS MAN ON TRAIN"     1155  02-17-42  :15:00* Sammy meets a man on the train; he
                                                                also sees Dr. Cater, and Cater
                                                                introduces the man, Walter Jerome, to
                                                                both Sammy and ... his wife.

90189A1  "A NON EVENT"                  1156  02-18-42  :15:00* Molly is downhearted.  The butcher
                                                                delivers the turkeys to a non-event.
                                                                Molly and Jake want to go and meet the
                                                                train, the train carrying Sammy
                                                                Goldberg back from the little
                                                                conspiracy that seems to have failed.
                                                                The phone keeps ringing and ringing
                                                                and ringing.  Could it be? ...

90189A2  "EVERYONE KNOWS THE GOOD NEWS" 1157  02-19-42  :15:00* Everyone knows the good news, but Jake
                                                                and Molly cannot understand why
                                                                everyone seems to be gravitating
                                                                toward the train station.  Molly still
                                                                thinks the wedding is off.  While on
                                                                the train, Orianne and Christopher
                                                                Cater are lost ...deep in love.  Boy
                                                                will they be surprised!

90189B1  "MR AND MRS CATER TO MARRY"    1158  02-20-42  :15:00* Yes ... now Mr. and Mrs. Cater will be
                                                                married officially in the church.  But
                                                                ... Orianne does not have a dress.
                                                                Ah, it's Jake to the rescue.

90189B2  "ORIANNE CAN'T WEAR WHITE"     1159  02-23-42  :15:00* Orianne Cater was once a widow, and
                                                                widows cannot wear white.  But a
                                                                proper wedding dress was found and you
                                                                will hear the wedding performed on the

90190A1  "ROSIE AND HER BROTHER ARGUE"  1160  02-24-42  :15:00* Rosalie and her brother argue.  It
                                                                seems that Sammy and Walter Jerome are
                                                                going to the movies.  Meanwhile, a
                                                                letter has come from the honeymooners,
                                                                Orianne and Chris Cater.  Meanwhile,
                                                                Rosalie and Seymour are together,
                                                                Sammy phones from Dr. Cater Senior's
                                                                home.  It seems that he and Walter did
                                                                not go to the movies.  Rosalie ushers
                                                                Seymour out of the house.  Is she in
                                                                love ... and if so, with whom?

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1161  02-25-42  :15:00   

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1162  02-26-42  :15:00   

90190A2  "GOLDBERGS GO TO THE CATER     1163  02-27-42  :15:00* The Goldbergs go over to the Cater
         HOUSE"                                                 house.  Walter Jerome and Rosalie
                                                                stand before one another, and Rosalie
                                                                ... well ...

90190B1  "ROSALIE ON PHONE WITH WALTER" 1164  03-02-42  :15:00* Rosalie is on the phone with Walter,
                                                                and Jake is not happy.  He times the
                                                                conversation, and he and Molly are
                                                                trying to sit for tea.  Sammy is
                                                                encouraging Jake to dissuade Rosalie
                                                                from becoming involved with Walter.

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1165  03-03-42  :15:00   

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1166  03-04-42  :15:00   

90190B2  "GOLDBERG HOME UPSIDE DOWN"    1167  03-05-42  :15:00* Once again, love has turned the
                                                                Goldberg home upside down.  Rosalie is
                                                                spinning out of control, and it is
                                                                reflected by the way she reacts to
                                                                Walter's coming for dinner.  This
                                                                upheavel is not pleasing to Jake.  He
                                                                resents starched collars and high
                                                                hats.  He only wants to be at home in
                                                                his own home.  Walter's mother calls
                                                                the Goldberg home.  What's wrong?

90191A1  "ROSALIE IN LOVE"              1168  03-06-42  :15:00* Rosalie is in love, and she confides
                                                                in her brother Sammy about Walter.
                                                                Sammy doesn't want to hurt Roaslie's
                                                                feelings, but he doesn't think Rosalie
                                                                should have asked Walter to take her
                                                                to the dance.  Rosalie and Sammy have
                                                                a heart-to-heart talk.  Is Rosalie
                                                                trying to make an impression on
                                                                someone, and to what avail?

90191A2  "ROSALIE GOING TO DANCE"       1169  03-09-42  :15:00* Rosalie is going to the dance with
                                                                Walter, and all is in a frenzy.  Dr.
                                                                Cater Senior tells the Goldbergs that
                                                                Rosalie should really think twice
                                                                before continuing with Walter.  It all
                                                                has to do with Walter's mother.

90191B1  "GOLDBERGS DON'T WANT ROSIE    1170  03-10-42  :15:00* The Goldbergs do not want Rosalie to
         HURT"                                                  be hurt.  Rosalie comes home from the
                                                                dance, and she is floating on a cloud.
                                                                 Molly knows that Rosalie is in love,
                                                                and she finally admits it.

90191B2  "ROSALIE TO FLORIDA"           1171  03-11-42  :15:00* After a long talk, Jake and Molly
                                                                intend to send Rosalie to Florida to
                                                                vacation with her Aunt Elka Sherman.

90192A1  "ROSALIE NOT GOING TO FLORIDA" 1172  03-12-42  :15:00* According to Rosalie, she is "not"
                                                                going to Florida.  And ... what is all
                                                                this about Walter being a fiancee?
                                                                Walter has never confided this fact to

90192A2  "SAMMY AND WALTER TALK"        1173  03-13-42  :15:00* Sammy and Walter talk at the
                                                                Goldberg's home.  Sammy finds out that
                                                                his mother is coming the next day with
                                                                Norma, the woman Walter is purported
                                                                to be engaged to marry.  Walter still
                                                                doesn't know what he wants to do.

90192B1  "ROSIE LEAVING FOR FLORIDA"    1174  03-16-42  :15:00* Rosalie is leaving for Florida.  Jake
                                                                and Molly still don't know that
                                                                Rosalie actually knows about Walter
                                                                and Norma and their purported plans.
                                                                Rosalie is heartsick.  Molly asks Jake
                                                                whether in fact Rosalie doesn't really

90192B2  "SAMMY AND SEYMOUR TALK"       1175  03-17-42  :15:00* Sammy and Seymour are talking.  Jake
                                                                wonders on what train Molly is
                                                                returning.  Sammy and Seymour talk.
                                                                It is Seymour who is said to have
                                                                "inadvertently" told Rosalie about
                                                                Walter being a fiancee to Norma.

90193A1  "MOLLY IN NEW YORK"            1176  03-18-42  :15:00* Molly is in New York, having gotten
                                                                there on her way back from flordia.
                                                                She stops off to see her old

90193A2  "ROSALIE WANTS TO COME HOME"   1177  03-19-42  :15:00* Rosalie wants to come home.  Jake, in
                                                                talking to Molly in New York, suggests
                                                                that Molly go to Florida.  Molly is in
                                                                New York, stranded, because of no
                                                                available trains.  Mikey Bloom is home
                                                                on furlow ... what a surprise to
                                                                Molly.  Jake is on the phone on the
                                                                other end, having a tough time
                                                                controlling Molly's emotions.

90193B1  "SEYMOUR CALLS HIS MOTHER"     1178  03-20-42  :15:00* Seymour calls his mother in New York.
                                                                He also talks to his sister Bertie.
                                                                Meanwhile, Molly returns home from New
                                                                York.  It looks like the whole village
                                                                is starting a journey to florida.

90193B2  "MOLLY TRIES TO UNDERSTAND"    1179  03-23-42  :15:00* Molly tries to understand her
                                                                position, while Walter is creating a
                                                                whold new position with his mother.

90194A1  "MOLLY GETS INVOLVED"          1180  03-24-42  :15:00* As if it wern't enough, Molly now
                                                                finds herself involved with the

90194A2  "MOLLY HAS TO DECIDE ABOUT     1181  03-25-42  :15:00* Molly has to make up her mind about
         SAMMY"                                                 Sammy's decision

90194B1  "MOLLY MEETS WALTER'S MOTHER"  1182  03-26-42  :15:00* Molly meets Walter's mother and she
                                                                has a talk with Walter ... about

90194B2  "INDICATION OF MRS JEROME"     1183  03-27-42  :15:00* Molly gets a few indications of the
                                                                kind of a woman Mrs. Jerome is, and
                                                                Molly thinks about Rosalie.

90195A1  "DINNER BEGINS"                1184  03-30-42  :15:00* The dinner begins, and it really isn't
                                                                pleasant ... especially when and
                                                                uninvited guest comes in and talks to
                                                                much to Walter's mother.

90195A2  "ROSIE STILL IN FLORIDA"       1185  03-31-42  :15:00* Rosalie is still in Florida.  All is
                                                                happy with Jake, who is estatic
                                                                because of Bertie Schlissel's entrance
                                                                into the dinner with the Jeromes.
                                                                Molly is not happy at all.  A telegram
                                                                comes; Rosalie is coming home.

90195B1  "JAKE CALLED ON"               1186  04-13-42  :15:00* Jake decides to pay a call, and gets
                                                                called on instead.

90195B2  "MOLLY IN NEW YORK"            1187  04-14-42  :15:00* Molly has a visit in New York from the
                                                                Jeromes on Passover.

90196A1  "JAKE QUIETS DOWN"             1188  04-15-42  :15:00* The last member of the Jerome family
                                                                makes his impression on Jake, and Jake
                                                                quiets down.

90196A2  "MR JEROME'S ATTITUDE"         1189  04-16-42  :15:00* Molly hears Mr. Jerome's attitude
                                                                toward the romance, and we hear Mrs.
                                                                Jerome's attuted toward everything.

90196B1  "ROSALIE BACK HOME"            1190  04-17-42  :15:00* Rosalie arrives back home, and she
                                                                brings the problem back from the
                                                                future to the immediate present.

90196B2  "JAKE'S WARNING"               1191  04-20-42  :15:00* Jake delivers a warning and an

90197A1  "A STERN LECTURE"              1192  04-21-42  :15:00* Molly gives Rosalie a stern lecture on
                                                                "doing unto others", and Rosalie is
                                                                still heartsick and downcast.

90197A2  "A LITTLE TALKING"             1193  04-22-42  :15:00* A little talking doesn't help, but it
                                                                seems that a lot of talking might.

90197B1  "A DECISIVE STEP"              1194  04-23-42  :15:00* Walter takes a decisive step that
                                                                matches Jake's.

90197B2  "DR CATER AND JAKE TALK"       1195  04-24-42  :15:00* Dr. Cater Senior and Jake have a talk.
                                                                 Cater cools off Jake a bit.  Jake has
                                                                made an appoingment with Mrs. Jerome
                                                                ... what can that mean?

90198A1  "CHANGE OF TACTICS"            1196  04-27-42  :15:00* A change of tactics brings a change of
                                                                pace, and the love affair gets a new
                                                                lease on life.

90198A2  "INTERVENTION"                 1197  04-28-42  :15:00* The new treatment continues, and
                                                                Walter's mother starts her on brand of

90198B1  "JAKE'S MANEUVER"              1198  04-29-42  :15:00* Jake makes a small maneuver against
                                                                the Jeromes ... and Molly.

90198B2  "THE TWILIGHT"                 1199  04-30-42  :15:00* The Goldberg's walk through the
                                                                twilight turns into a running retreat
                                                                back home.

90199A1  "ULTIMATUM EXCHANGE"           1200  05-01-42  :15:00* The Goldbergs and the Jeromes exchange
                                                                ultimatums, and an unexpected ally
                                                                turns up for Rosalie.

90199A2  "TRUMP CARD"                   1201  05-04-42  :15:00* Jake produces a trump card.  Can this
                                                                mean more trouble for the Goldbergs?

90199B1  "BERTHA"                       1202  05-05-42  :15:00* Mr. Jerome walks in on an unspecting
                                                                Bertha Jerome.  Bertha cries.  Are
                                                                they tears for her son, or herself?
                                                                Molly has a stern talk with Mrs.
                                                                Jerome, and the talk is about Mrs.
                                                                Jerom's poverty.

90199B2  "BICARBONATE"                  1203  05-06-42  :15:00* Another dealing with the Walter Jerome
                                                                in question, and Jake takes a whole
                                                                box of bicarbonate.

90200A1  "THE OTHER GIRL"               1204  05-07-42  :15:00* Molly hears the story ... from another

90200A2  "NEW SITUATION"                1205  05-08-42  :15:00* The new situation forced on Walter,
                                                                like the old one from which he
                                                                escaped, arouses nes obstacles, and
                                                                new hopes.

90200B1  "LETTERS COMPARED"             1206  05-11-42  :15:00* The letters are read, and the letters
                                                                are compared,  And ... decisions are

90200B2  "SECRET LETTER"                1207  05-12-42  :15:00* Molly is filled to bursting with this
                                                                secret letter.  The letter is exposed.

90201A1  "WALTER EXPLAINS"              1208  05-13-42  :15:00* Walter does some explaining and
                                                                convincing, but comprehension seems
                                                                different on both sides.

90201A2  "MIKEY BLOOM ARRIVES FROM NEW  1209  05-14-42  :15:00* Mickey Bloom arrives from New York,
         YORK"                                                  and Walter hears some disturbing news
                                                                from Norma.

90201B1  "WALTER JEROME'S DEBTS"        1210  05-15-42  :15:00* Sammy and Molly talk about the ethics
                                                                of paying off Walter's debts.  But,
                                                                just what was this call that Walter
                                                                made on the phone about?  Meanwhile,
                                                                Molly and Sammy have hatched a plan
                                                                for walter to help around the house
                                                                but ... Sammy breaks the news to
                                                                Walter about his debts being paid off.

90201B2  "WALTER CONFIDES IN SAMMY"     1211  05-18-42  :15:00* In desperation, Walter confides in
                                                                Sammy, and Sammy is placed in a

90202A1  "UNINTENDED RING"              1212  05-19-42  :15:00* Since the ring wasn't intended for
                                                                Rosalie, it brings up a new problem
                                                                ... and a call from Mrs. Jerome.

90202A2  "ROSIE SOLVES THE PROBLEM"     1213  05-20-42  :15:00* Rosalie solves her own problem,
                                                                without even knowing she is doing it.

90202B1  "ONLY THE FIRST STEP"          1214  05-21-42  :15:00* Handing the ring back is one step, but
                                                                stopping Mrs. Jerome is quite another
                                                                ... as Molly discovers.

90202B2  "ROSALIE IS DEEPLY UPSET"      1215  05-22-42  :15:00* Rosalie is deeply upset.  Everyone is
                                                                concerned for her feelings, but how
                                                                will the Boldberg-Jerome situation be
                                                                solved?  Does Walter only like Rosalie
                                                                because he is getting back at his

90203A1  "SAMMY AND NORMA TALK WITH     1216  05-25-42  :15:00* Sammy and Norma talk with Walter.  And
         WALTER"                                                Walter acts in his own determined

90203A2  "MOLLY ASKS WHAT SAMMY SAID"   1217  05-26-42  :15:00* Molly inquires as to what Sammy said
                                                                to Walter.  Rosalie once more becomes
                                                                upset.  Walter's father calls, and
                                                                Jake urges Molly to "hang up" the
                                                                phone.  The Jeromes are not to darken
                                                                his threshold with their presence.

90203B1  "JAKE TALKS WITH WALTER"       1218  05-27-42  :15:00* Jake has a heart-to-heart talk,
                                                                without anger, with Walter, and the
                                                                talk points to a serious love affair
                                                                with Rosalie.

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1219  05-28-42  :15:00   

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1220  05-29-42  :15:00   

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1221  06-01-42  :15:00   

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1222  06-02-42  :15:00   

90203B2  "JAKE AND MOLLY TALK WITH      1223  06-03-42  :13:48  Jake and Molly have a talk with
         ROSALIE"                                               Rosalie.  Molly and Jake urge Rosalie
                                                                to go slow, and be aware.  For it is
                                                                Rosalie's happiness at stake.  Walter
                                                                comes in after the talk, and Rosalie
                                                                wondered why Bertha wanted Walter to
                                                                marry Norma.

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1224  06-11-42  :15:00   

90204A1  "SEYMOUR COMES INTO THE HOUSE" 1225  06-12-42  :13:22  Seymour comes into the house. Jake is
                                                                not feeling very well.  It is no
                                                                wonder to Seymour, who gives Molly
                                                                some sage advice, at least from his
                                                                younger perspective.

90204A2  "MOLLY IS SEWING"              1226  06-15-42  :12:58  Molly is sewing.  Sher is not in the
                                                                mood for cards.  Jake is upset and
                                                                confused.  Just what kind of
                                                                responsibility will Walter be to Jake
                                                                and his family.  Then Mr. Jerome calls
                                                                before leaving.

90204B1  "WALTER WANTS A JOB AT THE     1227  06-16-42  :13:17  Walter wants to take a job at the
         MILL"                                                  mill, but Rosalie hopes he will not
                                                                start sweeping floors.  But what has
                                                                happened Walter?

90204B2  "THE LIE BLOWS UP"             1228  06-17-42  :13:01  The lie blows uo like a bubble, and
                                                                Molly finds a pin with which to burst

90205A1  "SAMMY MUST MAKE UP HIS MIND"  1229  06-18-42  :11:46  Sammy feels he has to make up his own
                                                                mind and speak openly about Emma.

90205A2  "ROSIE HEARS A CONFESSION"     1230  06-19-42  :12:15  Rosalie hears a confession from Sammy,
                                                                and draws her own conclusions about

90205B1  "MIKEY'S STRANGE ACTIONS"      1231  06-22-42  :13:15  Mickey's strange actions begin to have
                                                                their effect, mostly on Rosalie, and
                                                                Emma's return from the ride takes on a
                                                                new dramatic importance.

90205B2  "HANDS OF A FIXED DEAL"        1232  06-23-42  :15:00* Mickey starts dealing out the hands in
                                                                a fixed deal, but her forgets  that
                                                                more than one person is playing.

90206A1  "DOES MIKEY LOVE EMMA"         1233  06-24-42  :15:00* Mickey is with Emma.  Does her really
                                                                love her?  Or are his advances a
                                                                shadow play?

90206A2  "MOLLY IS CONVINCED MIKEY IS   1234  06-25-42  :15:00* Molly becomes more and more convinced
         IN LOVE"                                               that Mickey is in love with Emma, and
                                                                Sammy becomes more and more convinced
                                                                that Mickey is playing the part of the
                                                                hero.  Emma seems to be able to find a
                                                                middle ground in which she can eat her
                                                                cake ... and have it too.

90206B1  "THINGS COME TO A HEAD"        1235  06-26-42  :15:00* Mickey finds Sammy all ready to open
                                                                an offensive, and things come to a

90206B2  "DEFINITE ACTION DECIDED ON"   1236  06-29-42  :15:00* A definite action is decided upon ...
                                                                one that effects everybody's future.

90207A1  "BOTH BOYS START TALKING"      1237  06-30-42  :15:00* Both Boys start talking.  Rosalie

90207A2  "EMMA WON'T LEAVE"             1238  07-01-42  :15:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1239  07-02-42  :15:00   

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1240  07-03-42  :15:00   

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1241  07-06-42  :15:00   

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1242  07-07-42  :15:00   

90207B1  "SAMMY GETS A LETTER"          1243  07-08-42  :15:00* Sammy gets a letter ... the all
                                                                important letter ... the one that says
                                                                he is in the war.

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1244  07-09-42  :15:00   

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1245  07-10-42  :15:00   

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1246  07-13-42  :15:00   

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1247  07-14-42  :15:00   

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1248  07-15-42  :15:00   

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??            1249  07-16-42  :15:00   

90207B2  "ONE MORE HEATED TALK"         1250  07-17-42  :15:00* Mickey and Emma have one more heated
                                                                discussion.  Mickey now knows what
                                                                kind of woman Emma is.

90208A1  "NASTY SHOCK TO SAMMY"         1251  07-20-42  :15:00* Mickey administers a quick nasty shock
                                                                to Sammy.  Can Sammy see that Emma is
                                                                no good?

90208A2  "SAMMY HAS A LOT TO SAY"       1252  07-21-42  :15:00* Sammy finds out how much he has to say
                                                                to, and about Emma.

90208B1  "SAMMY HAS CLEARED HIS MIND"   1253  07-22-42  :15:00* Sammy has cleared his mind of Emma
                                                                now, but as he says his goodbyes, it
                                                                is clear that Emma has not yet cleared
                                                                her mind of him.

90208B2  "SAMMY GOING AWAY TO ARMY"     1254  07-23-42  :15:00* Sammy is going away to join the Army.
                                                                Molly gives a stirring speech to a
                                                                lonely woman whose son is also off to

90209A1  "ANNE KNOWS WHERE GENE IS"     1255  07-24-42  :15:00* Anne, Geen's secretary knows exactly
                                                                where Gene is.  It seems that Gene and
                                                                Florence will divorce.  The family is
                                                                at the Goldberg farm, and so is Geen's

90209A2  "MOLLY ON A NEW JOURNEY"       1256  07-27-42  :15:00* Molly embarks on her new journey, by
                                                                first taking a detour.

90209B1  "MOLLY MATCHES MANEUVERS WITH  1257  07-28-42  :15:00* Molly matches maneuvers with Anne.

90209B2  "THE KEY IS ANNE"              1258  07-29-42  :15:00* At last, Molly determines that if
                                                                there is a key, the key is Anne, and
                                                                therefore, Anne must be found out for
                                                                what she is, and for what she wants,
                                                                before Florence will have a chance to
                                                                be herself.

90210A1  "SOMETHING WRONG WITH ANNE"    1259  07-30-42  :15:00* Molly tells David that there is
                                                                something deeply wrong with Anne, and
                                                                that only Dr. Cater, the great
                                                                psychiatrist can figure it out.

90210A2  "JAKE'S OWN CONFERENCE"        1260  07-31-42  :15:00* Jake holds aconference of hi own, on
                                                                Molly's case, as well as Anne's.

90210B1  "DINNER IS AT EIGHT"           1261  08-03-42  :15:00* Dinner at 8 or thereabouts, and once
                                                                again, Molly is meddling.

90210B2  "GUERILLA WARFARE"             1262  08-04-42  :15:00* Suave, clever Dr. Cater does a little
                                                                guerilla warfare on Anne's
                                                                consciousness ... with the help of

90211A1  "CATER FINDS A REAL CLUE"      1263  08-05-42  :15:00* Molly's hopes rise high, as Dr. Cater
                                                                suddenly finds a real clue.

90211A2  "MOLLY AND CATER MATCH         1264  08-06-42  :15:00* Molly and Dr. Cater compare opinions,
         OPINIONS"                                              with surprising results.

90211B1  "MOLLY AND CATER EXCHANGE      1265  08-07-42  :15:00* Molly and Dr. Cater exchange names,
         PLANS"                                                 and find one in common.

90211B2  "MOLLY LEARNS CATER'S PLAN"    1266  08-10-42  :15:00* Molly learns what Dr. Cater's plans
                                                                are, and Jake ... well, Jake walks the
                                                                house like an unexploded bomb.

90212A1  "EUGENE CALLS ANNE"            1267  08-11-42  :15:00* Eugene calls Anne.  Molly thinks that
                                                                divorce is terrible, and Anne is given
                                                                a good chewing out by Eugene over the

90212A2  "CATER'S PROVERBIAL RABBIT"    1268  08-12-42  :15:00* Molly explains, and gets nowhere.  And
                                                                then Dr. Cater produces one of his
                                                                proverbial rabbits ...  and a

90212B1  "CAT OUT OF THE BAG"           1269  08-13-42  :15:00* Molly sees the cat ... get out of the

90212B2  "GREAT EXPLOSION TO COME"      1270  08-14-42  :15:00* Molly begins preparing for the great
                                                                explosion to come ... the arrival of
                                                                Henry Clay ... and Eugene

8839 A1  "MRS JEROME SEES HUSBAND"      1271  08-17-42  :15:00  Mrs Jerome Sees Husband

8839 A2  "ROSIE AND WALTER SAY GOODBYE" 1272  08-18-42  :15:00  Rosie And Walter Say Goodbye

8839 A3  "AT THE DINNER TABLE"          1273  08-19-42  :15:00  At The Dinner Table

8839 A4  "TO THE TRAIN STATION"         1274  08-20-42  :15:00  To The Train Station

8839 A5  "UNCLE DAVID'S VISIT"          1275  08-21-42  :15:00  Uncle David's Visit

8839 B1  "JAKE SAYS NO TO EMMA"         1276  08-24-42  :15:00  Jake Says No to Emma

8839 B2  "EMMA CAN STAY"                1277  08-25-42  :15:00  Emma Can Stay

8839 B3  "EMMA TO STAY AND HELP MOLLY"  1278  08-26-42  :15:00  Emma to Stay and Help Molly

8839 B4  "BIRDIE WARNS AGAINST EMMA"    1279  08-27-42  :15:00  Birdie Warns Against Emma

8839 B5  "NO ONE EATS WHILE EMMA        1280  08-28-42  :15:00  No One Eats While Emma Serves

8839 C1  "MICKIE SUSPICIOUS"            1281  08-31-42  :15:00  Mickie Suspicious

8839 C2  "PLANS FOR A HAY RIDE"         1282  09-01-42  :15:00  Plans for a Hay Ride

8839 C3  "SAMMY TO TAKE EMMA"           1283  09-02-42  :15:00  Sammy to Take Emma

8839 C4  "MICKIE WARNS SAMMY"           1284  09-03-42  :15:00  Mickie Warns Sammy

8839 C5  "AT THE HAY RIDE"              1285  09-04-42  :15:00  At the Hay Ride

8839 D1  "MORNING AFTER HAY RIDE"       1286  09-07-42  :15:00  Morning After Hay Ride

8839 D2  "MATCHMAKING"                  1287  09-08-42  :15:00  Matchmaking

8839 D3  "IS SAMMY IN LOVE"             1288  09-09-42  :15:00  Is Sammy in Love

8839 D4  "CALLING EMMA"                 1289  09-10-42  :15:00  Calling Emma

8839 D5  "BASHFUL BRUCE AND EMMA"       1290  09-11-42  :15:00  Bashful Bruce and Emma

8840 A1  "SAMMY TELLS EMMA TO GO"       1291  09-14-42  :15:00  Sammy Tells Emma to Go

8840 A2  "SAMMY DRAFTED"                1292  09-15-42  :15:00  Sammy Drafted

8840 A3  "GETTING READY TO LEAVE"       1293  09-16-42  :15:00  Getting Ready to Leave

8840 A4  "WHY WON'T EMMA GO"            1294  09-17-42  :15:00  Why Won't Emma Go

8840 A5  "EMMA BREAKS DOWN"             1295  09-18-42  :15:00  Emma Breaks Down

8840 B1  "MOLLY CAN'T SLEEP"            1296  09-21-42  :15:00  Molly Can't Sleep

8840 B2  "EVERYONE AT TRAIN STATION"    1297  09-22-42  :15:00  Everyone at Train Station

8840 B3  "EMMA LIES TO MOLLY"           1298  09-23-42  :15:00  Emma Lies to Molly

8840 B4  "MOLLY BELIEVES THE LIE"       1299  09-24-42  :15:00  Molly Believes the Lie

8840 B5  "JAKE TELLS MOLLY THE TRUTH"   1300  09-25-42  :15:00  Jake Tells Molly the Truth

8840 C1  "EMMA WITHHOLDS TELEGRAM"      1301  09-28-42  :15:00  Emma Withholds Telegram

8840 C2  "EMMA SNATCHES LETTER FROM     1302  09-29-42  :15:00  Emma Snatches Letter from Seymour

8840 C3  "JAKE URGES MOLLY TO GET RID   1303  09-30-42  :15:00  Jake Urges Molly to Get Rid of Emma
         OF EMMA"

8840 C4  "EMMA CAUGHT IN A LIE"         1304  10-01-42  :15:00  Emma Caught in a Lie

8840 C5  "TRUTH ABOUT TELEGRAMS"        1305  10-02-42  :15:00  Truth About Telegrams

8840 D1  "MICKIE LEARNS HE IS AWOL"     1306  10-05-42  :15:00  Mickie Learns He Is AWOL

8840 D2  "EMMA LOCKED IN ROOM"          1307  10-06-42  :15:00  Emma Locked in Room

8840 D3  "EMMA IS HYSTERICAL"           1308  10-07-42  :15:00  Emma Is Hysterical

8840 D4  "MOLLY FORGIVES EMMA"          1309  10-08-42  :15:00  Molly Forgives Emma

8840 D5  "PHONE CALL FROM SAMMY"        1310  10-09-42  :15:00  Phone Call from Sammy

         "EMILY AND CAPT BERKOFF"       1744  06-07-44  :15:00  Emily and Capt Berkoff

8841 A1  "JOE ELLIS SHOWS UP"           1862  11-21-44  :15:00  Joe Ellis Shows Up

8841 A2  "MARY ARRIVES AND MOLLY IS     1863  11-22-44  :15:00  Mary Arrives and Molly Is Teased

8841 A3  "MARY WILL GIVE UP MONEY FOR   1864  11-23-44  :15:00  Mary Will Give up Money for Jake's
         JAKE'S LOVE"                                           Love

8841 A4  "MOLLY GETS SLAPPED AROUND"    1865  11-24-44  :15:00  Molly Gets Slapped Around

8841 A5  "JAKE HAS THE MONEY"           1866  11-27-44  :15:00  Jake Has the Money

8841 B1  "CROOKS FALL OUT"              1867  11-28-44  :15:00  Crooks Fall Out

8841 B2  "JOE THREATENS TO CALL POLICE" 1868  11-29-44  :15:00  Joe Threatens to Call Police

8841 B3  "THERE ARE GOLDBERGS           1869  11-30-44  :15:00  There Are Goldbergs Everywhere

8841 B4  "WAITING FOR JAKE GOLDBERG TO  1870  12-01-44  :15:00  Waiting for Jake Goldberg to Call

8841 B5  "JOE IS DOUBLE CROSSED"        1871  12-04-44  :15:00  Joe Is Double Crossed

8841 C1  "MARY ESCAPES"                 1872  12-05-44  :15:00  Mary Escapes

8841 C2  "JAKE GOLDBERG SHOWS UP"       1873  12-06-44  :15:00  Jake Goldberg Shows Up

8841 C3  "POLICE FIND JAKE'S CLOTHES"   1874  12-07-44  :15:00  Police Find Jake's Clothes

8841 C4  "MOLLY SEES JAKE'S CLOTHES AND 1875  12-08-44  :15:00  Molly Sees Jake's Clothes and Screams

8841 C5  "IS JAKE DEAD"                 1876  12-11-44  :15:00  Is Jake Dead

8841 D1  "THE DOCTOR ARRIVES"           1877  12-12-44  :15:00  The Doctor Arrives

8841 D2  "HILLCREST REST HOME"          1878  12-13-44  :15:00  Hillcrest Rest Home

8841 D3  "UNCLE DAVID REMEMBERS"        1879  12-14-44  :15:00  Uncle David Remembers

8841 D4  "MOLLY TAKEN TO HILLCREST"     1880  12-15-44  :15:00  Molly Taken to Hillcrest

8841 D5  "IS JAKE ALSO AT HILLCREST"    1881  12-18-44  :15:00  Is Jake Also at Hillcrest

8842 A1  "MOLLY'S ROOMMATE JAKE LEAVES" 1882  12-19-44  :15:00  Molly's Roommate Jake Leaves

8842 A2  "MOLLY WANTS OUT"              1883  12-20-44  :15:00  Molly Wants Out

8842 A3  "MOLLY ESCAPES FROM HILLCREST" 1884  12-21-44  :15:00  Molly Escapes from Hillcrest

8842 A4  "MOLLY REPORTS TO THE POLICE"  1885  12-22-44  :15:00  Molly Reports to the Police

8842 A5  "MIKE AND ELSIE TALK ON PHONE" 1886  12-25-44  :15:00  Mike and Elsie Talk on Phone

8842 B1  "MIKE NEEDS HELP"              1887  12-26-44  :15:00  Mike Needs Help

8842 B2  "JAKE TALKS TO ELSIE"          1888  12-27-44  :15:00  Jake Talks to Elsie

8842 B3  "JAKE AND ELSIE TALK TO        1889  12-28-44  :15:00  Jake and Elsie Talk to Seymour

8842 B4  "JAKE TALKS TO ELSIE"          1890  12-29-44  :15:00  Jake Talks to Elsie

8842 B5  "JOE ELLIS THREATENS ELSIE"    1891  01-01-45  :15:00  Joe Ellis Threatens Elsie

8842 C1  "MOLLY TELLS THE TRUTH"        1892  01-02-45  :15:00  Molly Tells the Truth

8842 C2  "JAKE AND MOLLY SPEAK"         1893  01-03-45  :15:00  Jake and Molly Speak

8842 C3  "MIKE AND ELSIE FACE EACH      1894  01-04-45  :15:00  Mike and Elsie Face Each Other

8842 C4  "MOLLY TO SOOTHE THINGS"       1895  01-05-45  :15:00  Molly to Soothe Things

8842 C5  "JAKE AND MOLLY TOGETHER AT    1896  01-08-45  :15:00  Jake and Molly Together at Last

8842 D1  "MIKE INVITED TO LASTENBERRY"  1897  01-09-45  :15:00  Mike Invited to Lastenberry

8842 D2  "BIRDIE RENTS ROOM IN MOLLY'S  1898  01-10-45  :15:00  Birdie Rents Room in Molly's House

8842 D3  "MIKE BREAKS WITH JOE"         1899  01-11-45  :15:00  Mike Breaks with Joe

8842 D4  "MIKE PLEADS WITH ELSIE"       1900  01-12-45  :15:00  Mike Pleads with Elsie

8842 D5  "LETTER TO MRS BLOOM"          1901  01-15-45  :15:00  Letter to Mrs Bloom

111      "GAMBLE MONEY FOR A GOOD       1902  01-16-45  :15:00  Gamble Money for a Good Cause

111      "ELSIE LEARNS ABOUT MIKE'S     1903  01-17-45  :15:00  Elsie Learns About Mike's Bet

111      "UNCLE DAVID PLAYS SOLITAIRE"  1904  01-18-45  :15:00  Uncle David Plays Solitaire

111      "JAKE FLYING TO MEXICO"        1905  01-19-45  :15:00  Jake Flying to Mexico

111      "ROSIE TRYING TO READ"         1906  01-22-45  :15:00  Rosie Trying to Read

111      "BOY FROM MEXICO SPEAKS        1907  01-23-45  :15:00  Boy from Mexico Speaks Spanish to Mike
         SPANISH TO MIKE"                                        

111      "MIKE SAYS GOODBY TO ELSIE"    1908  01-24-45  :15:00  Mike Says Goodby to Elsie

111      "TRAIN HOME, MISSING           1909  01-25-45  :15:00  Train Home, Missing Purse,Insurance

111      "SEYMOUR AND BIRDIE AT HOME"   1910  01-26-45  :15:00  Seymour and Birdie at Home

111      "TRAIN ARRIVES, ALL ROOMS      1911  01-29-45  :15:00  Train Arrives, All Rooms Rented

111                                     1912  01-30-45  :15:00  episode 1912

111                                     1913  01-31-45  :15:00  episode 1913

111                                     1914  02-01-45  :15:00  episode 1914

111                                     1915  02-02-45  :15:00  episode 1915

111                                     1916  02-05-45  :15:00  episode 1916

111                                     1917  02-06-45  :15:00  episode 1917

111                                     1918  02-07-45  :15:00  episode 1918

111                                     1919  02-08-45  :15:00  episode 1919

8844 A1  "MOLLY ASKED TO RUN FOR TOWN   1920  02-09-45  :15:00  Molly Asked to Run for Town Council

8844 A2  "AMADAO'S FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL" 1921  02-12-45  :15:00  Amadao's First Day at School

8844 A3  "THE OTHER WOMAN, ELIZABETH    1922  02-13-45  :15:00  The Other Woman, Elizabeth Neil

8844 A4  "MOLLY AND DAVID DISCUSS THE   1923  02-14-45  :15:00  Molly and David Discuss the Other
         OTHER WOMAN"                                           Woman

8844 B1  "REYNOLDS WANTS MOLLY TO RUN"  1924  02-15-45  :15:00  Reynolds Wants Molly to Run

8844 B2  "REYNOLDS WANTS ELIZABETH TO   1925  02-16-45  :15:00  Reynolds Wants Elizabeth to Leave Town
         LEAVE TOWN"                                             

8844 B3  "WILL MOLLY RUN FOR OFFICE"    1926  02-19-45  :15:00  Will Molly Run for Office

8844 B4  "ELIZABETH NEIL WANTS TO SEE   1927  02-20-45  :15:00  Elizabeth Neil Wants to See Molly

8844 C1  "THERESA ARRIVES"              1928  02-21-45  :15:00  Theresa Arrives

8844 C2  "ELIZABETH COMES TO VISIT"     1929  02-22-45  :15:00  Elizabeth Comes to Visit

8844 C3  "ELIZABETH WANTS REYNOLDS      1930  02-23-45  :15:00  Elizabeth Wants Reynolds Defeated

8844 C4  "NEIGHBORS CALL MOLLY"         1931  02-26-45  :15:00  Neighbors Call Molly

8844 D1  "BRUCE COMES TO VISIT"         1932  02-27-45  :15:00  Bruce Comes to Visit

8844 D2  "MOLLY AND ROSIE DISCUSS LOVE  1933  02-28-45  :15:00  Molly and Rosie Discuss Love Letter

8844 D3  "MIKE TALKS ABOUT MR REYNOLDS" 1934  03-01-45  :15:00  Mike Talks About Mr Reynolds

8844 D4  "EVENING OF CIVIC MEETING"     1935  03-02-45  :15:00  Evening of Civic Meeting

8845 A1  "EXCUSE NOT TO ATTEND MEETING" 1936  03-05-45  :15:00  Excuse Not to Attend Meeting

8845 A2  "RIDE TO THE MEETING"          1937  03-06-45  :15:00  Ride to the Meeting

8845 A3  "REYNOLDS SCARES ELIZABETH"    1938  03-07-45  :15:00  Reynolds Scares Elizabeth

8845 A4  "WHERE IS MR REYNOLDS"         1939  03-08-45  :15:00  Where Is Mr Reynolds

8845 B1  "THE MEETING BEGINS"           1940  03-09-45  :15:00  The Meeting Begins

8845 B2  "MR FERNANDEZ LEAVES MEETING"  1941  03-12-45  :15:00  Mr Fernandez Leaves Meeting

8845 B3  "MOLLY EXPLAINS HER            1942  03-13-45  :15:00  Molly Explains Her Reluctance

8845 B4  "MOLLY CALLS FERNANDEZ HOUSE"  1943  03-14-45  :15:00  Molly Calls Fernandez House

8845 C1  "MOLLY CALLS HOME"             1944  03-15-45  :15:00  Molly Calls Home

8845 C2  "LIGHTS ON IN EMPTY HOUSE"     1945  03-16-45  :15:00  Lights on in Empty House

8845 C3  "SEYMOUR BLURTS OUT NEWS"      1946  03-19-45  :15:00  Seymour Blurts out News

8845 C4  "JAKE IS ANGRY"                1947  03-20-45  :15:00  Jake Is Angry

8845 D1  "ROSIE TO WARN MOLLY"          1948  03-21-45  :15:00  Rosie to Warn Molly

8845 D2  "PHONE UNANSWERED AT CIVIC     1949  03-22-45  :15:00  Phone Unanswered at Civic Center

8845 D3  "ROSIE SHOWS UP AT MEETING"    1950  03-23-45  :15:00  Rosie Shows up at Meeting

8845 D4  "MOLLY WORKS ON ACCEPTANCE     1951  03-26-45  :15:00  Molly Works on Acceptance Speech

                                        1952  03-27-45  :15:00  episode 1952

                                        1953  03-28-45  :15:00  episode 1953

                                        1954  03-29-45  :15:00  episode 1954

                                        1955  03-30-45  :15:00  episode 1955

8846 A1  "ROSIE AND UNCLE DAVID TALK"   1956  04-02-45  :15:00  Rosie and Uncle David Talk

8846 A2  "MOLLY STANDS UP TO JAKE"      1957  04-03-45  :15:00  Molly Stands up to Jake

8846 A3  "EDWARD REYNOLDS ARRIVES"      1958  04-04-45  :15:00  Edward Reynolds Arrives

8846 A4  "ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO ARREST     1959  04-05-45  :15:00  Enough Evidence to Arrest Reynolds

8846 B1  "MR REYNOLDS ARRESTED"         1960  04-06-45  :15:00   Mr Reynolds Arrested

8846 B2                                 1961  04-09-45  :15:00  episode 1961

8846 B3                                 1962  04-10-45  :15:00  episode 1962

8846 B4  "AMADAO TELLS"                 1963  04-11-45  :15:00  Amadao Tells

8846 C1  "BIRDIE TO REVEAL SECRET"      1964  04-12-45  :15:00  Birdie to Reveal Secret

8846 C2  "DAVID REPORTS CONFESSION"     1965  04-13-45  :15:00  David Reports Confession

8846 C3  "ELIZABETH IS ALIVE"           1966  04-16-45  :15:00  Elizabeth Is Alive

8846 C4  "GUESTS EXPECTED"              1967  04-17-45  :15:00  Guests Expected

                                              04-01-42  :15:00   

                                              04-02-42  :15:00   

                                              04-03-42  :15:00   

                                              04-06-42  :15:00   

                                              04-07-42  :15:00   

                                              04-08-42  :15:00   

                                              04-09-42  :15:00   

                                              04-10-42  :15:00   

                                              06-04-42  :15:00   

                                              06-05-42  :15:00   

                                              06-08-42  :15:00   

                                              06-09-42  :15:00   

                                              06-10-42  :15:00   

   Total Number of Titles:   426                              * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 499
   Total Possible Episodes Are Unknown  Missing Programs: N/A     Total Programs in Collection: 478

        CBS  SANKA COFFEE    Saturdays 8:30-9:00 pm
        STARS: Gertrude Berg as Molly, Philip Loeb as Jake, Larry Robinson as
        Sammy, Arlene McQuade as Rosalie, Eli Mintz as Uncle David.
        Created by Gertrude Berg
8846 D1  "INCOME TAX TIME"                 5  03-11-50  :29:31   

8846 D2  "MOLLY'S DRIVING TEST"            6  03-18-50  :29:46   

   Total Number of Titles:   2                                * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 2
   Total Possible Episodes Are Unknown  Missing Programs: N/A     Total Programs in Collection: 2
   Overall Series Totals
    Total Number of Titles:   437
    Total Number of Programs: 510
    Total Possible Episodes Are Unk     Missing Programs: 21      Total Programs in Collection: 489
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