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    Post or Modify Date:January 30, 12
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        US Tire Dealer Syndication
        Stars: Hildegarde and the Lynn Murray Chorus
        Announcer: Dan Seymour
111      "THIS CAN'T BE LOVE"              1            : 4:54   

111      "MINE"                            2            : 4:55   

111      "I SEE YOUR FACE BEFORE ME"       3            : 5:02   

111      "I'LL SEE YOU AGAIN"              4            : 5:00   

111      "SHOW BOAT MEDELY"                5            : 4:59   

111      "I'VE TOLE EVERY LITTLE           6            : 5:01   

111      "SOMETIMES I'M HAPPY"             7            : 4:46   

111      "HAVE A HEART"                    8            : 5:04   

111      "I'M HAPPY ABOUT THE WHOLE        9            : 4:59   

111      "SHE DIDN'T SAY YES"             10            : 4:56   

111      "MARIE"                          11            : 4:59   

111      "HONOLULU"                       12            : 5:02   

111      "SING A SONG OF SUNBEAMS"        13            : 4:58

   Total Number of Titles:   13                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 13
   Total Possible Episodes:  13         Missing Programs: None      Total Programs in Collection: 13

        NBC   RALEIGH CIGARETTES      Tuesdays 10:30 - 11:00 pm
        HOSTESS: Hildegarde
        MUSIC DIRECTOR: Harry Sosnick
*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               1  06-13-44  :30:00* Willie Howard, Leo Durocher.  "Be
                                                                Yourself Again", "I'll Be Seeing You",
                                                                "Take Me Out To The Ball Game", "Gobs
                                                                Of Love"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               2  06-20-44  :30:00* Choo Choo Johnson, Harry Conover,
                                                                Eddie Cantor.  "I Love You", "The
                                                                Army's Made A Man Out Of You"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               3  07-04-44  :30:00* Morton Downey, Zero Mostel.  "All In
                                                                Favor Say Aye", "Goodnight Wherever
                                                                You Are", "Lili Marlene", George M.
                                                                Cohan Medley.   Show of 6-27
                                                                Pre-empted for Republican Convention

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               4  07-11-44  :30:00* Major Seversky, Jack Pepper, Hi-Lo
                                                                Jack And The Dame.  "Play, Orchestra,
                                                                Play", "I'll Get By", "Bless 'Em All",
                                                                "Dark Eyes" (Louise Sascha at the

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               5  07-18-44  :30:00* Eddie Howard, Leonard Suesse, Paul
                                                                Winchell & Jerry Mahoney.  "Sing
                                                                Everybody Sing", "Someday We'll Meet
                                                                Again", "There Must Be Someone For
                                                                Me", "Head In The Clouds", "S'

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               6  07-25-44  :30:00* Annamary Dickey, George Jessel,
                                                                Airwave Frances Doyle.  "Keep Your
                                                                Sunny Side Up", "Going My Way",
                                                                "Mussette Waltz", "By The Light Of The
                                                                Silvery Moon", "By The Beautiful Sea"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               7  08-01-44  :30:00* Minerva Pius (Mrs. Nussbaum), Patsy
                                                                Flick, Constance Bennett.  "New Sun In
                                                                The Sky", "Together", "Lilli Marlene",
                                                                "It Had To Be You"

*na*     "FROM WASHINGTON D.C."            8  08-08-44  :30:00* John Sebastion, Victor Jory.  "Sing A
                                                                Song Of Sun Beaues", "It Could Happen
                                                                To You", "Why Do They Call A Private A
                                                                Private?", "Someone To Watch Over Me"

*na*     "FROM WASHINGTON D.C."            9  08-15-44  :30:00* Minerva Pius, Patsy Flick, Jane Wyman.
                                                                 "Relax", "I'll Be Seeing You", "How
                                                                Many Hearts Have You Broken",
                                                                Madelon", "I Can't Give You Anything
                                                                But Love"

*na*     "FROM WASHINGTON D.C."           10  08-22-44  :30:00* Johnny Johnston, Block & Sully.  "Are
                                                                You Having Any Fun?", "Darling Je Vous
                                                                Aimee Beaucoup", "Girl Friend", Pack
                                                                Up Your Troubles", "Blue Skies"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              11  08-29-44  :30:00* Willie Howard, Cliff Edwards.  "Zing
                                                                Went The Strings Of My Heart", "Going
                                                                My Way", "Red Red Robin", "How Are You
                                                                Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm After
                                                                They've Seen Paree", "Kentucky"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              12  09-05-44  :30:00* Arthur Murray, Frank Fay.  "You Can't
                                                                Have Everything", "Together", "Arthur
                                                                Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry",
                                                                "Lilli Marlene", "Sometimes I'm Happy"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              13  09-12-44  :30:00* Henny Youngman, Carol Bruce, Eddie
                                                                Howard, Mr. Kirkwood, Mr. Raleigh.
                                                                "All In Favor Say Aye", "It Could
                                                                Happen To You", Let's Go Together For
                                                                A While", "Great News Is In The
                                                                Making", "It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow"

*na*     "FROM DETROIT"                   14  09-26-44  :30:00* Edgar Guest, Bert Lahr.  "There's A
                                                                Great Day Coming Manana", "I'll Get
                                                                By", "How Many Jearts Have You
                                                                Broken", "Bless 'Em All", "Is You Is
                                                                Or Is You Ain't My Baby", "Someone To
                                                                Watch Over Me"    Show of 9-19
                                                                Pre-empted for Speech by Governor
                                                                Thomas E. Dewey

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              15  10-03-44  :30:00* Can You Top This Trio, Joe Laurie Jr.,
                                                                Senator Ed Ford, Harry Hersfield,
                                                                Charlie Barnett, Henry Kaiser.  "Let's
                                                                Get Together For A While", "The Very
                                                                Thought Of You", "Call Henry Kaiser",
                                                                "Trolley Song"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              16  10-10-44  :30:00* Bert Lahr, George Price, Deems Taylor.
                                                                 "Be Young Again", "All Of A Sudden My
                                                                Heart Sings", "Grief Piano Concerto",
                                                                "Bye Bye Blackbird", La Donn Mobilem

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              17  10-17-44  :30:00* Patsy Kelly, Barry Wood, Vronska &
                                                                Bain.  "Sing Everybody Sing",
                                                                "Suddenly My Heart Sings", Up Up Up

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              18  10-31-44  :30:00* Victor Borge, Three Suns, Marion
                                                                Mason, hero Sailor.  "Relax", "All Of
                                                                A Sudden My Heart Sings", "See That
                                                                You're Born In Texas", German Fera
                                                                Bit, "Trolley Song"   Show of 10-24
                                                                Pre-empted for Speech by Governor
                                                                Thomas E. Dewey

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              19  11-14-44  :30:00* Oscar Levant, Louise Rainer, Block &
                                                                Sully.  "There'll Be A Great Day
                                                                Tomorrow", "The Very Thought Of You",
                                                                "Lady Play Your Mandolin", "I'm Going
                                                                To Be A Mother", "What'll We Do With
                                                                All The Jeeps", "S' Wonderful"    Show
                                                                of 11-7 Pre-empted for National
                                                                Election coverage

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              20  11-21-44  :30:00* Billie Burke, Harry Savoy, Phil Brito.
                                                                 "I've Got A Million Dollars Worth Of
                                                                Love", "A Wonderful Winter", "Lili
                                                                Marlene", "Rain On My Brain"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              21  11-28-44  :30:00* John Garfield, Carmel Myers, Shirley
                                                                Booth  "Pack Up Your Troubles",
                                                                "Strange Music", Silent Film Piano
                                                                Music, "Blue Skies", Irving Berlin

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              22  12-05-44  :30:00* Elsa Maxwell, Gregory Ratoff, Joseph
                                                                Szaghetti.  "Yankee Christmas",
                                                                "Always", "Volga Boatman", "Trolley

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              23  12-12-44  :30:00* Mary Boland, Bob Considine, Barry
                                                                Sullivan.  "Let's Get Together For
                                                                Awhile", "White Christmas", "When The
                                                                Boys Come Home", "Swinging On A Star",
                                                                "Brahms 5th Hungarian Ghoulash"
                                                                Christmas Program

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              24  12-19-44  :30:00* Eghel Merman, Paul Winchell, John
                                                                Mason Brown  "Jingle Bells", "I'm In
                                                                Love", "Sweet Dreams", "Sweetheart",
                                                                "Trolley Song", "Silent Night",
                                                                "Friendship"   Christmas Program

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              25  12-26-44  :30:00* Shirley Booth, Mark Sandrich, Oscar
                                                                Levant.  "Great News In The Making",
                                                                "Every Time I Say Goodbye", "I'll See
                                                                You Again", "Tomorrow Is A Lonely Day"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              26  01-02-45  :30:00* Ben Grauer, Bud Collyer, Ed Herlehy,
                                                                Melton Cross (announcers), Edward
                                                                Everett Horton, Tallulah Bankhead.
                                                                "All In Favor Say Aye", "Who Are We To
                                                                Say", "Dolly With The Hole In The
                                                                Stocking", "Whispering"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              27  01-09-45  :30:00* Kay Francis, Edward Everett Horton,
                                                                Bobby Hookey, Woody Herman.  "Be Young
                                                                Again", "Always", "Hold It"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              28  01-16-45  :30:00* Tallulah Bankhead, Clifton Webb, Lt.
                                                                Robert Taylor.  "Hold It", "Strange
                                                                Music", "I'll Be Seeing You", "When
                                                                The Boys Come Home", "Darling"

*na*     "FROM CHICAGO"                   29  01-23-45  :30:00* Mayor Edward Kelly, Don McNeill,
                                                                Carmen Cavelaro, 93-year-old man, Joe
                                                                Hardy.  "Hold It", "Who Are We To
                                                                Say", "Handsome Young Soldier", Love

*na*                                      30  01-30-45  :30:00* Frank McCue, Oscar Levant, Russell
                                                                Swann.  "Great Day", "All Of A
                                                                Sudden", "Home On The Range",
                                                                "McNamara's Band"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              31  02-06-45  :30:00* Jane Wyman, Victor Moore, Maxie
                                                                Rosenbloom.  "Let's Get Together",
                                                                "Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart",
                                                                "You Do Something To Me", "Take Me In
                                                                Your Arms", "Saturday Night Is The
                                                                Loneliest Night Of The Week"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              32  02-13-45  :30:00* Willie Howard, Al Kelly, Virginia
                                                                Mayo, Dana Seussa.  "I Feel A Song
                                                                Coming On", "All Of A Sudden", "Hold
                                                                It", "The Night Is Young And You're So

53545 A  "TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT"           33  02-20-45  :30:00* Shirley Booth, Stu Erwin.  "You", "Who
                                                                Are We To Say", "Brahms Hungarian
                                                                Ghoulash", "I'll See You In My Dreams"

*na*                                      34  02-27-45  :30:00* Patsy Kelly, Barry Wood, Betty Smith.
                                                                "Sing Everybody Sing", "Everytime We
                                                                Say Goodbye", "Are You Having Any
                                                                Fun?", "I'm Gonna Hang My Hat On A
                                                                Tree That Grows In Brooklyn",

*na*     "FROM SERVICE CENTER IN          35  03-06-45  :30:00* Hugh Herbert, Binnie Barnes, Joe
         CHICAGO"                                               Raieff, Mayor & Mrs. Kelly.  "All In
                                                                Favor Say Aye", "Sweet Dreams
                                                                Sweetheart", "Down On The Farm", "Take
                                                                Me In Your Arms"

*na*     "FROM SERVICE CENTER IN          36  03-13-45  :30:00* Andy Devine, Dick Powell, Arlene
         CHICAGO"                                               Whelan.  "There's Gonna Be A Great
                                                                Day", "Pages In A Book", "I I I I Like
                                                                You Very Much", "I Couldn't Sleep A
                                                                Wink Last Night", "Always"

*na*     "FROM THE MERCHANDISE MART,      37  03-20-45  :30:00* Lou Holtz, Gypsy Rose Lee, Philip
         CHICAGO"                                               Mervale.  "Let's Sing A Gay Little
                                                                Song", "Strange Music", "Little White
                                                                Room", "Easter Sunday With You"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              38  03-27-45  :30:00* Mary Boland, Victor Moore, Willie
                                                                Shore.  "I've Got Music In My Heart",
                                                                "All Of My Life", "Bless 'Em All", "It
                                                                Doesn't Cost You Anything To Dream"

*na*                                      39  04-03-45  :30:00* Roland Young, Chico Marx.  "Why", "You
                                                                Belong To My Heart", "Crazy Things",
                                                                "April Showers"

*na*     "FROM THE MERCHANDISE MART,      40  04-10-45  :30:00* Walter Abel, Patsy Kelly, Woody
         CHICAGO"                                               Herman, Sgt. Buddy Clark.  "I Feel A
                                                                Song Coming On", "I'll Be Yours",
                                                                "This Heart Of Mine"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              41  04-17-45  :30:00* Lou Holtz, Clifton Utley, Nana.  "I
                                                                Know That You Know", "I'll Be Yours",
                                                                "When The Boys Come Home", "I'll Be
                                                                Seeing You"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              42  04-24-45  :30:00* Xavier Cugat, Phil Silvers.  "There'll
                                                                Be A Great Day Tomorrow", "All Of My
                                                                Life", "Crazy Things", "United

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              43  05-01-45  :30:00* Oscar Levant, Ed Fitzgerald & Pegeen
                                                                Fitzgerald.  "You Belong To My Heart",
                                                                "Allright Sit Tight", "S' Wonderful",
                                                                "You Can't Take That Away From Me"

*na*     "V.E. DAY"                       44  05-08-45  :30:00* Milton Berle, John Sebastion, J.
                                                                Carroll Naish.  "Great Day", "This
                                                                Heart Of Mine", "Leave The Dishes In
                                                                The Sink Ma", George M. Cohan Medley

53424    "PATSY KELLY, CLIFTON WEBB,      45  05-15-45  :30:00* Patsy Kelly, Clifton Webb, Xavier
         XAVIER CUGAT, MARCIA                                   Cugat, Marcia Davenport.  "Who", "All
         DAVENPORT"                                             Of A Suddan My Heart Sings", "Take It
                                                                Easy", "Give Me Something To Remember
                                                                You By

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              46  05-22-45  :30:00* Bert Lahr, Ann Sothern, Commodore
                                                                Stedman.  "Let's Sing A Little Spring
                                                                Song", "Close As Pages In A Book",
                                                                "Gobs Of Love For The Navy", "See That
                                                                You're Born In Texas"

*na*     "CAN YOU TOP THIS"               47  05-29-45  :30:00* Joe Laurie Jr., Senator Ed Ford, Harry
                                                                Hershfield, Rosemarie Goodman
                                                                (secretary to Ernie Pyle), Dudley King
                                                                Choir.  "I Feel A Song Coming On",
                                                                "Counting The Days", "Sit Tight",

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              48  06-05-45  :30:00* Diana Lynn, Jerry Cooper, Dorothy
                                                                Fields & Herbert Fields, Sigmond
                                                                Romberg, Dean Murphy.  "June Is
                                                                Busting Out All Over", "I'll Be
                                                                Yours", "Up In Central Park", "It
                                                                Doesn't Cost Anything To Dream",
                                                                "Fireman's Bride", "Close As Pages In
                                                                A Book"  Final Show of the Season.

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              49  09-11-45  :30:00* Tallulah Bankhead, Edward Everett
                                                                Horton, Dorothy Kilgallen, Danton
                                                                Walker, Maurice Zolotow, Mr. Wagner of
                                                                'Pix' magazine, Hattie Carnegie, Toots
                                                                Shor, Ben Gross.  "Let's Get Together
                                                                For A While", "Dream", "Cab Song",
                                                                "Acapulco"   First Show of the Second

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              50  09-18-45  :30:00* Commissioner Lewis J. Valentine, Lou
                                                                Holtz, Victor Cordova, Vernon Duke.
                                                                "I've Got Music In My Heart", "How
                                                                Deep Is The Ocean", "It Was A Real
                                                                Nice Clambake", Vernon Duke Medley,
                                                                "April In Paris", "Taking A Chance On

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              51  09-25-45  :30:00* Paulette Goddard, Willie Howard, Al
                                                                Kelly, Harry Conover, Marsha
                                                                McClellan.  "Hap Hap Happy Day", "Till
                                                                The End Of Time", "Victory Polka",
                                                                "Sigh By Nite"

53545 B  "GUESTS: GEORGE JESSEL, BILL     53  10-02-45  :30:00* George Jessel, Bill Stern, Milton
         STERN, MILTON CROSS"                                   Cross, Ed Herlehy, Bud Collier,  James
                                                                Herndon of the Plaza Hotel.  "You",
                                                                "I'll Be Yours", "Take Me Out To The
                                                                Ball Game", "I'm Always Chasing
                                                                Rainbows", "It's Only A Paper Moon"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              54  10-09-45  :30:00* Burgess Merideth, Walter Abel, Lee
                                                                Sullivan, Patsy Kelly, Jack Kapp.
                                                                "Sing Everybody Sing A Song", "I'll
                                                                Buy That Dream", "The Girl Friend", "A
                                                                Fine Romance, Acapulco

99324A   "HANK GREENBERG, SIGMOND         55  10-16-45  :30:20  Hank Greenberg, Sigmond Romberg, Les
         ROMBERG, LES TREMAINE, CLAUDIA                         Tremaine, Claudia Morgan, Jack Kelk,
         MORGAN"                                                Ned Sparks, Paul McGrath.  "It's A
                                                                Grand Night For Singing", "And There
                                                                You Are", "You", "Are You HAving Any
                                                                Fun?", "It Doesn't Cost You Anything
                                                                To Dream

99324B   "BORIS KARLOFF, OSCAR LEVANT,    56  10-23-45  :29:40  Boris Karloff, Oscar Levant, Perc
         PERC WESTMORE"                                         Westmore.  "Gobs Of Love", "How Deep
                                                                Is The Ocean", "Cab Song", "That's For

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              57  10-30-45  :30:00* Miriam Hopkins, Robert Benchley, Henny
                                                                Youngman, Renee Clair.  "Why", Till
                                                                The End Of Time", "I Want To Be
                                                                Happy", "J'attandrai", "Only A Paper

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              58  11-06-45  :30:00* Walter Houston, Alan Young, Earl
                                                                Wilson, Brock Pemberton, Ann Fromer,
                                                                Ham Fisher, Ted Gamble of the U.S.
                                                                Treasury Dept.  "I Know That You
                                                                Know", "It's Been A Long Long Time",
                                                                "It Was Just One Of Those Things",
                                                                "Sometimes I'm Happy"

54035 A  "JEROME KERN TRIBUTE"            59  11-13-45  :29:58  Straud Twins, Frances Faye, Captain
                                                                Tom Harmon, Henry Morgan.  "Welcome
                                                                Home", "It Might As Well Be Spring",
                                                                Tribute to Gus Edwards, "By The Light
                                                                Of The Silvery Moon", Tribute to
                                                                Jerome Kern, "The Last Time I Saw

*na*                                      60  11-20-45  :30:00* Franchot Tone, Leonard Sues, Buddy
                                                                Rich, Edith Head, Henny Youngman.
                                                                "Sing A Song Of Sunbeams", "I'll Be
                                                                Yours", "Did You Ever Have That
                                                                Feeling In The Moonlight", "That's For

*na*                                      61  11-27-45  :30:00* Bert Lahr, George McManus, Catalino
                                                                and his Rhumbas, Doris Lee, Arnold
                                                                Blanch, Russell Patterson.  "Sing
                                                                Neighbor Sing", "White Christmas",
                                                                "Too Marvelous For Words", "God's
                                                                Green World"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              62  12-05-45  :30:00* Show moves to Wednesdays 8:30 - 9:00
                                                                Eddie Cantor, Bert Gordon (The Mad
                                                                Russian), The Honorable James J. Lyons
                                                                (President of the Bronx), John W.
                                                                Vandercook, Governor Charles Polette,
                                                                Harlan Lafan (editor of Look
                                                                Magazine).  "I Want To Be Happy", "And
                                                                There You Are", "It's Been A Long Long
                                                                Time", There'll Be A Yankee Christmas

*na*                                      63  12-12-45  :30:00* Judy Canova, Eddie Cantor, Major John
                                                                L. Bohr of Milwaukee, Irving Pitchel.
                                                                "Why", "It Might As Well Be Spring",
                                                                "Let It Snow", "Sigh By Night

*na*     "CHRISTMAS PROGRAM"              64  12-19-45  :30:00* Eddie Cantor, Joseph Curtin & Alice
                                                                Frost (Mr. & Mrs. North), Jay Joclyn
                                                                (Mr. District Attorney, Buddy Clark,
                                                                Robert Crumm.  "Jingle Bells", "I'm In
                                                                Love", "White Christmas", "Jingle
                                                                Bells", "Silent Night"   Christmas

*na*                                      65  12-26-45  :30:00* Paulette Goddard, Burgess Merideth,
                                                                Johnny Morgan.  "I Want To Be Happy",
                                                                "That's For Me", "All In Favor Say
                                                                Aye", "God's Green World"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              66  01-02-46  :30:00* GUEST HOST: Buddy Clark (Hildegarde is
                                                                ill), Carmel Meyers, Joan Crawford,
                                                                Joe Fay

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              67  01-09-46  :30:00* Buddy Lester, Ralph Morgan, Jacquiline
                                                                Horner, Howard Johnson, Neil Hamilton,
                                                                Tito Vuolo.  "It's A Hap Hap Happy
                                                                Day", "It's Been A Long Long Time",
                                                                "Old Man River", "Cab Song", "Just One
                                                                Of Those Things"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              68  01-16-46  :30:00* Walter Abel, Stuart Erwin, Vera Vague,
                                                                Phil Gallico, Bill Slater.  "Sing
                                                                Neighbor Sing", "I Can't Begin To Tell
                                                                You", "Gotta Learn How To Love You",
                                                                "Hold It", "How Deep Is The Ocean"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              69  01-23-46  :30:00* Gypsy Rose Lee, Arlene Francis, Johnny
                                                                Morgan, Tom Helmore.  "Relax", "Let's
                                                                Try Again", "Gypsy In My Soul",

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              70  01-30-46  :30:00* Henry Kaiser, John Mayfair, Paul
                                                                Winchell & Jerry Mahoney, Lyne Duddy &
                                                                The Swing Choir, John Lazer
                                                                (8-year-old).  "Let's Get Together",
                                                                "Chasing Rainbows", "That Feeling In
                                                                The Moonlight", Life of Hildegarde,

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              71  02-06-46  :30:00* Lauritz Melchoir, Jan Murray, Ted
                                                                Straeter.  "Why", "Tomorrow Is
                                                                Forever", "Onezy Twozy I Love Youzy",
                                                                "Some Sunday Morning"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              72  02-13-46  :30:00* Gil Lamb, Paul Refair, Maurice Lahue.
                                                                "Be Young Again", "Day By Day", "Gypsy
                                                                In My Soul", "All Of A Sudden My Heart
                                                                Sings", "Penthouse Serenade

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              73  02-20-46  :30:00* Colonel Stoopnagel, Buddyb Lester.  "I
                                                                Feel A Song Coming On", "I Can't Begin
                                                                To Tell You", "Without A Penny In Your
                                                                Pocket", "Symphony"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              74  02-27-46  :30:00* Victor Moore, Paul Regan, Jack Smart
                                                                as Hollywood Producer Clifford Wilson.
                                                                 "I've Got Music In My Heart", "I'll
                                                                Be Yours", "Zing Went The Strings Of
                                                                My Heart", "45 Minutes From
                                                                Hollywood", "Some Sunday Morning"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              75  03-06-46  :30:00* Jackie Gleason, Rosemarie, John
                                                                Carradine.  "Welcome Home", "Day By
                                                                Day", "Let It Snow", "S' Wonderful"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              76  03-13-46  :30:00* Tallulah Bankhead, Victor Moore, John
                                                                Conte.  "Relax", "Wait And See",
                                                                "Without A Penny In Your Pocket", "Tea
                                                                For Two"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              77  03-20-46  :30:00* Ben Hecht, Charles MacArthur,
                                                                Jacqueline Horner, Henny Youngman.
                                                                "Let's Sing A Gay Little Shrimp Song",
                                                                "One More Tomorrow", "Onezy Twozy I
                                                                Love Youzy", "How Deep Is The Ocean",
                                                                "A Young Man's Fancy Lightly Turns To
                                                                Love.  Hildegarde has a bad cold.

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              78  03-27-46  :30:00* Max Baer, Maxie Rosenbloom, Odette
                                                                Myrtil, Emil Hartman, Kitty Carlysle,
                                                                Ann Dalefield, Mrs. Thoruton, Maggie
                                                                McNellis, Fashion Academy Winners.
                                                                "Who Cares", "I Can't Begin To Tell
                                                                You", "Gotta Learn How To Love You",
                                                                "I'm Going To See You Today",

   Total Number of Titles:   18                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 77
   Total Possible Episodes:  77         Missing Programs: 71      Total Programs in Collection: 6

        NBC   KOOL CIGARETTES      Wednesdays 8:30 - 9:00 pm
        HOSTESS: Hildegarde
        MUSIC DIRECTOR: Harry Sosnick
*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               1  04-03-46  :30:00* Lauretz Melchoir, Milton Berle.  "You
                                                                Can't Have Everything", "Give Me A
                                                                Little Kiss Will Ya Huh", "Viva La
                                                                Compagnee", Opera with Melchoir &
                                                                Berle, "April Showers"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               2  04-10-46  :30:00* Taylor Caldwell, Willie Howard, Al
                                                                Kelly, John Conte & The Five Goldwyn
                                                                Girls.  "It Was Just One Of Those
                                                                Things", "The Gypsy, "I'm Going To See
                                                                You Today", "Who Do You Love I Hope",
                                                                "Tea For Two"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               3  04-17-46  :30:00* Alex Templeton, Jan Murray, Bud
                                                                Collyer.  "I Knoe That You Know",
                                                                "Wait And See", "Vienna In The
                                                                Springtime", "One Look At You",
                                                                "Easter Parade"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               4  04-24-46  :30:00* Don McNeill, Patsy Kelly, Irving
                                                                Berlin.  "All In Favor Say Aye", "Day
                                                                By Day", "Who Do You Love I Hope",
                                                                "Cab Song", "They Say It's Wonderful"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               5  05-01-46  :30:00* Paulette Goddard, Burgess Merideth,
                                                                George Jessel.  "Zing Went The Strings
                                                                Of My Heart", "You Stole My Heart",
                                                                "Nothing Could Be Finer Than To Be In
                                                                Carolina In The Morning", "Dou You
                                                                Love Me", "One Look At You",

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               6  05-08-46  :30:00* Guy Lombardo, Carmen Cavelaro,
                                                                Catalino, Ted Lewis.  "Who", "The
                                                                Gypsy", "Gimme A Little Kiss", "I'll
                                                                Be Yours", "Mary Had A Little Lamb",
                                                                "In The Spring A Young Man's Fancy"

54035 B  "TALLULAH BANKHEAD"               7  05-15-46  :29:58  Tallulah Bankhead, Victor Moore,
                                                                Shiela Barrett.  "Great Day", "One
                                                                More Tomorrow", "I'm Gonna See You
                                                                Today", "I've Got The Sun In The
                                                                Morning", "Some Sunday Morning"

99325A   "BUDDY CLARK, LAWRENCE &          9  05-29-46  :30:00  AFRS 56  Buddy Clark, Lawrence &
         MARLEY, MICHAEL & MALONEY"                             Marley, Michael & Maloney.  "Who
                                                                Cares", "They Say It's Wonderful",
                                                                "South America Take It Away", "Why
                                                                Shouldn't It Happen To Us", "It Was
                                                                Just One Of Those Things"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              10  06-05-46  :30:00* Lizbeth Scott, Art Linkletter.  "June
                                                                Is Bustin' Out All Over", "Day By
                                                                Day", "Melencholy Baby",
                                                                Contestant-Mr. Lacy, "Gypsy In My
                                                                Soul", "There's No Business Like Show

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              11  06-12-46  :30:00* Toots Shor, Rags Ragland, Ella Logan.
                                                                "Let's Get Together For A While", "The
                                                                Gypsy", "Do You Love Me", "June Night"

99325B   "JOHN SEBASTION, HARVEY STONE"   12  06-19-46  :30:00  AFRS 59  John Sebastion, Harvey Stone.
                                                                 "I Want To Be Happy", "They Say That
                                                                Falling In Love Is Wonderful", "Who Do
                                                                You Love I Hope",  Piano Medley,
                                                                "Swanee", "Why Di I Love You",
                                                                "Alabamy Bound"

99326A   "JAN MURRAY, PATSY KELLY,        13  06-26-46  :30:00  AFRS 60  Jan Murray, Patsy Kelly,
         CATHY ENDER"                                           Cathy Ender.  "Relax", "Full Moon",
                                                                "I've Got The Sun In The Morning",
                                                                "Cathy Theme Song", "Sometimes I'm

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              14  07-03-46  :30:00* Bert Lahr, Marc Blitztien, Uncle Don
                                                                Carney.  "Emily"

*na*     "FROM DETROIT"                   15  07-10-46  :30:00* Jan Murray, Paul Winchell, Catalino.
                                                                "I Know That You Know", "In Love In
                                                                Vain", "Do You Love Me", "The Gypsy"

*na*     "FROM DETROIT"                   16  07-17-46  :30:00* Patsy Kelly, Jan Murray, Alan Stephan,
                                                                Mr. America

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              17  07-24-46  :30:00* Jan Murray, Cliff Edwards, Stepetron &
                                                                Shefter (dual pianists)

   Total Number of Titles:   6                                * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 16
   Total Possible Episodes:  16         Missing Programs: 12      Total Programs in Collection: 4

        NBC   CAMPBELL SOUP        Sundays 9:00 - 9:30 pm
        HOSTESS: Hildegarde
        MUSIC DIRECTOR: Harry Sosnick
        ANNOUNCER: Ernest Chappell
*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               1  10-06-46  :30:00* Tallulah Bankhead, Bert Lahr, Dixie

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               2  10-13-46  :30:00* Irving Berlin, Basil Rathbone, Tito
                                                                Guizar, Dave Appelton

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               3  10-20-46  :30:00* Roddy McDowall, Virginia Weidler,
                                                                Jackie Kelk, Earl Wilson, Lou Little,
                                                                Columbia's Football Coach

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               4  10-27-46  :30:00* Colonel Bill Irvine (Commander of the
                                                                "Dreamboat), John Carradine & Canada
                                                                Lee from "Duchess Of Malfi", Henny
                                                                Youngman (Capitol Theater)

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               5  11-03-46  :30:00* Henry Daniel, Walter Abel, Pert
                                                                Kelton, The Four Vagabonds

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               6  11-10-46  :30:00* George Jessel, Ethel Merman, Sam Birch

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               7  11-17-46  :30:00* Joe Mooney Quartette, Henny Youngman,
                                                                Frankie Hyers, Jan Murray, Jackie

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               8  11-24-46  :30:00* Tallulah Bankhead, Basil Rathbone,
                                                                Maura Laverty

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               9  12-01-46  :30:00* Gracie Fields, Bert Lahr, Alex Alstone

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              10  12-08-46  :30:00* GUEST HOSTESS: Gracie Fields
                                                                (Hildagarde is ill), Dean Murphy, Herb

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              11  12-15-46  :30:00* Victor Moore, Ethel Merman, Catalino

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              12  12-22-46  :30:00* Buddy Clark, Father Folay & The
                                                                Paulist Choristers

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              13  12-29-46  :30:00* Marlene Dietrich, Arthur Schwartz,
                                                                Bert Lahr.  Willie howard & Al Kelly
                                                                had been scheduled, but Willie got

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              14  01-05-47  :30:00* Betty Garrett, Edward Everett Horton,
                                                                Kitty Carlysle, Moss Hart

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              15  01-12-47  :30:00* Sandra Gould of Duffy's Tavern, Oscar

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              16  01-19-47  :30:00* Florence Desmond, Robert Maxwell,
                                                                Marias & Miranda

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              17  01-26-47  :30:00* Patsy Kelly, Barry Wood

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              18  02-02-47  :30:00* Bud Abbott & Lou Costello, Teddy
                                                                Katsoftis (Tuba Player)

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              19  02-09-47  :30:00* David Wayne, Donald Richards, Arnold

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              20  02-16-47  :30:00* Lauritz Melchoir, Arnold Stangm
                                                                Sigmund Spaeth

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              21  02-23-47  :30:00* Faye Emerson, Elliot Roosevelt, Peter
                                                                Lorre, Maud Iamy

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              22  03-02-47  :30:00* John Conte, Kay Kyser, Arnold Stang,
                                                                Mike Strong (Texan)

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              23  03-09-47  :30:00* Bert Lahr, Lucienne Boyer, Ruth
                                                                McDermitt, Arnold Stang

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              24  03-16-47  :30:00* Henry Morgan, Phil Regan, Arnold
                                                                Stang, Dayton Allen

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              25  03-23-47  :30:00* Palyna Stoska, Norman Corwin, Rolly
                                                                Rolls, Arnold Stang, Martin Wolfson

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              26  03-30-47  :30:00* Tallulah Bankhead, Herb Shriner,
                                                                Arnold Stang, William Lyman   Final
                                                                Program of the Series.

   Total Number of Titles:                                    * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 26
   Total Possible Episodes:  26         Missing Programs: 26      Total Programs in Collection: 0

   Overall Series Totals
    Total Number of Titles:   37
    Total Number of Programs: 132
    Total Possible Episodes:  132       Missing Programs: 109     Total Programs in Collection: 23
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