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    Post or Modify Date: July 5, 14
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        "Jane Froman Show"
        CBS  Texaco  Sunday 9:30 - 10:00 pm.
        Summer Replacement for the "Fred Allen Show"
        Stars: Jane Froman, Bob Hannon
        Music : Al Goodman Orchestra
        Announcer: Jimmy Wallington                                              
58674 A  "SHOWBOAT"                        1  07-05-42  :30:00* "I've Got Spurs That Jingle, Jangle,
                                                                Jingle", "Begin The Beguine", "Victory
                                                                Gardens", "Medley from Showboat",
                                                                "Sleepy Lagoon", "Anchors Away"

58674 B  "PORGY AND BESS"                  2  07-12-42  :30:00* "Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Jeep",
                                                                "I've Got You Under My Skin", Medley
                                                                from "Porgy And Bess", "Comin' Through
                                                                the Rye", "Skylark", "Salute to George
                                                                M. Cohan"

58675 A  "ROBERTA"                         3  07-19-42  :30:00* "Put Your Arms Around Me", "He Wears A
                                                                Pair Of Silver Wings", "Two Guitars",
                                                                Medley from "Roberta", "Strictly
                                                                Instrumental", "This Is The Army, Mr.
                                                                Jones", "I Left My Heart At The Stage
                                                                Door Canteen"

58675 B  "BITTERSWEET"                     4  07-26-42  :30:00* "I'm Dancing With The Mamas With The
                                                                Moolah", "Stormy Weather", "Three
                                                                Blind Mice", Medley from
                                                                "Bittersweet", "The Jersey Bounce",
                                                                "You Are A;ways In My Heart", "Rythms
                                                                of South America"

58676 A  "TRIBUTE TO RED CROSS NURSES"     5  08-02-42  :30:00* "There's A Great Day Coming Manana",
                                                                "The Man I Love", "A String Of
                                                                Pearls", "The Rose Of No Man's Land",
                                                                "Angels Of Mercy", Medey from "South
                                                                Of The Border", "I Dream Of You",
                                                                Medley of songs from Rogers and Heart.

58676 B  "THE CAT AND THE FIDDLE"          6  08-09-42  :30:00* "Idaho", "Dancing In The Dark", "Don't
                                                                Sit Under The Apple Tree With Anyone
                                                                Else But Me", Medley from "The Cat And
                                                                The fiddle", "Tales Of Hoffman",
                                                                "Daybreak", Medley of "Negro

58677 A  "SALUTE TO VINCENT YOUMANS"       7  08-16-42  :30:00* "The Ferris Wheel", "These Foolish
                                                                Things Remind Me Of You", Medley of
                                                                Vincent Youmans songs, "Honeysuckle
                                                                Rose", "This Is Worth Fighting For",
                                                                "Music Of The West"

58677 B  "MUSIC IN THE AIR"                8  08-23-42  :30:00* "I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo", "You Go
                                                                To My Head", Medley from "Music In The
                                                                Air", "Three Little Words", "He Wears
                                                                A Pair Of Silver Wings", "The Concert
                                                                In The Park"

58678 A  "SALUTE TO IRVING BERLIN"         9  08-30-42  :30:00* "Conchita Lopez", "Might And Day",
                                                                "Holiday For Strings", "Sleepy
                                                                Lagoon", "Nursury Rhymes", Medley of
                                                                Irving Berlin Songs

58678 B  "A VICTOR HERBERT CAVALCADE"     10  09-06-42  :30:00* "I Met Her On Monday", "I Cover The
                                                                Waterfront", Medely of Victor Herbert
                                                                Songs, "At Last My Love Has Come
                                                                Along", "Songs Of The First World War"

58679 A  "TRIBUTE TO FLORENZ ZIEGFELD"    11  09-13-42  :30:00* Martha Mears fills in for Jane Froman.
                                                                 "Who Wouldn't Love You", "Johnny
                                                                Doughboy Found A Rose In Ireland",
                                                                Medley of Florenz Ziegfeld songs,  "I
                                                                Know That You Know", Be Careful, It's
                                                                My Heart", "Babalu"

9339 D2  "WALT DISNEY PARADE"             12  09-20-42  :30:00* "Ten Little Soldiers", "A Cottage For
                                                                Sale", "Brazil", "Walt Disney Parade",
                                                                "Strictly Instrumental", "My
                                                                Devotion", "Buckle Down, Winsocki"

58680 A  "TRIBUTE TO GEORGE GERSHWIN"     13  09-27-42  :30:00* "Everything I've Got Belongs To You",
                                                                "Just As Though You Were Here",
                                                                "Jingle Jangle Jingle", Medley of
                                                                George Gershwin Songs, "Intermezzo"
                                                                from "The Jewels Of The Madona", "I'm
                                                                Saving A Dime Out Of Every Dollar"

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