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Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        CBS  GENERAL FOODS     Fridays 9:00 - 9:30 pm till 10-2-48
        STARS: Lucille Ball, Richard Denning, Gale Gordon, Bea Benaderat,
               Ruth Perrott
        CREATER/PRODUCER: Jess Oppenheimer
        WRITERS: Bob Carroll Jr., Madelyn Pugh
        "Two People Who Live Together and Like It"                               
111      "THE CUGAT'S TENTH WEDDING      AUD  07-05-48  :24:30* Lee Bowman plays the part of George,
         ANNIVERSARY"                                           Hal March, Hans Conried.  Instead of
                                                                celebrating their tenth wedding
                                                                anniversary, George takes Liz to a
                                                                party to see his old flame, Myra

*na*     "LITERARY CLUB'S SPEAKER COMES    1  07-23-48  :24:30* Hal March, Doris Singleton, Joseph
         TO DINNER"                                             Kerns.  Liz invites the Literary
                                                                Club's guest speaker, big game hunter
                                                                and author Captain Derek Allingham,
                                                                over to the house for dinner.

*na*     "THE MAGAZINE PHOTOGRAPHER"       2  07-30-48  :24:30* Hal March, Hans Conried, William
                                                                Johnston.  With George sick in bed, a
                                                                magazine photographer is coming to
                                                                take pictures of the Cugat home.

98417B   "THE PORTRAIT ARTIST"             3  08-06-48  :24:30* John Hiestand, Jeff Chandler, William
                                                                Johnston, Mary Shipp.  George pretends
                                                                to be sick to keep an eye on the
                                                                handsome artist who is spending all
                                                                day at the house, painting Liz's

98418A   "THE CHARITY BAZAAR KISSING       4  08-13-48  :24:30* Isobel Randolph, Jay Novello, Mary
         BOOTH"                                                 Shipp, Jack Carroll, Harry Bartel.
                                                                George and Liz both think helping out
                                                                the local charity bazaar is a great
                                                                idea, until each finds out that the
                                                                other one volunteered to run a kissing

*na*     "LIZ TEACHES THE SAMBA"           5  08-20-48  :24:30* John Hiestand, Dick Crenna, Jack
                                                                Carroll.  George talks Liz into
                                                                teaching Wally, the son of the bank's'
                                                                First Vice President, Mr. Kimbrough,
                                                                how to dance the Samba, and Wally gets
                                                                a crush on Liz.

*na*     "IS YOUR SHIP OF MATRIMONY ON     6  08-27-48  :24:30* John Hiestand.  Liz buys a book called
         THE ROCKS?"                                            "Is Your Ship of Matrimony on the
                                                                Rocks", and George goes to talk to the
                                                                psychiatrist author, who turns out to
                                                                be a gorgeous female.

*na*     "LIZ'S MOTHER HAS SECOND          7  09-03-48  :24:30* John Hiestand, Bill Johnston.  Liz's
         THOUGHTS"                                              mother is all set to marry Houston oil
                                                                man Dan Carson, but suddenly gets
                                                                second thoughts.

*na*     "LIZ HAS HER FORTUNE TOLD"        8  09-10-48  :24:30* John Hiestand, Hans Conried, Joseph
                                                                Kearns.  A swami at the Gypsy Tea Room
                                                                predicts that one of Liz's old flames
                                                                will reappear to menace her marriage

*na*     "LIZ AND THE GENERAL"             9  09-17-48  :24:30* John Hiestand, Hans Conried .  Liz
                                                                befriends her eccentric old neighbor,
                                                                General Timberlake.

*na*     "KNITTING BABY BOOTIES"          10  09-24-48  :24:30* Hans Conried, Jean VanderPyl, Laurette
                                                                Fillbrandt.  Liz is knitting baby
                                                                booties for an expectant friend, and
                                                                George and Mr. Atterbury think Liz is

111      "YOUNG MATRON LEAGUE TRYOUTS"    11  10-02-48  :29:58  Show moves to Saturdays 7:00 - 7:30 pm
                                                                 John Hiestand, Hans Conried, Bea
                                                                Benaderet, and Jean VanderPyl.  Liz
                                                                secretly tries out for a role in the
                                                                Young Matron's League play in an
                                                                attempt to impress visiting Hollywood
                                                                director Anatole Brodney.

*na*     "GEORGE'S OLD FLAME"             12  10-09-48  :24:30* John Hiestand, Jay Novello, Janet
                                                                Scott, and Hans Conried.  Instead of
                                                                celebrating their tenth wedding
                                                                anniversary, George takes Liz to a
                                                                party to see his old flame, Myra

*na*     "YOUNG MATRONS' LEAGUE GAME"     13  10-09-48  :24:30* John Hiestand, Hans Conried, Bea
                                                                Benaderet.  George not only finds out
                                                                that Liz is in the Young Matron's
                                                                League play -- he gets a role in it

98423A   "LIZ SELLS DRESSES"              14  10-16-48  :24:30* John Hiestand (as Cory Cartwright),
                                                                Hans Conried, Bea Benaderet, Frank
                                                                Nelson, and Sandra Gould  Liz
                                                                inadvertently returns a dress to a
                                                                more expensive store than where she
                                                                bought it, and makes money on the
                                                                deal. So she decides to go into
                                                                business buying dresses at one store
                                                                and returning them at the other.

98423B   "THE QUIZ SHOW"                  15  10-23-48  :24:30* John Hiestand (as Cory Cartwright),
                                                                Hans Conried, Herb Vigran, and Frank
                                                                Nelson.  Liz and George need a new
                                                                dishwasher, and Cory gets them a
                                                                chance to win one on the radio quiz
                                                                show, "His and Hers."

*na*     "THE ELECTION"                   16  10-30-48  :24:30* Elvia Allman, Hans Conried, Frank
                                                                Nelson, and Jean VanderPyl  Liz and
                                                                George run against each other in the
                                                                Sheridan Falls City Council elections.

*na*     "KATY AND ROSCOE"                17  11-06-48  :24:30* Hans Conried, Bea Benaderet, Florence
                                                                Halop, and Herb Vigran  Katy's been
                                                                writing letters to her old boyfriend
                                                                Roscoe, telling him how wealthy she
                                                                is. Now Roscoe is coming to visit, so
                                                                Liz pretends that Katy is the lady of
                                                                the house and that Liz is her maid.

98425A   "LEARNING TO DRIVE"              18  11-13-48  :24:30* Aka: Liz's Driving license  John
                                                                Hiestand (as Cory Cartwright), Bea
                                                                Benaderet, Frank Nelson, and Herb
                                                                Vigran  George teaches Liz to drive,
                                                                and then Liz goes to get her driving
                                                                license. Liz immediately gets in an
                                                                accident, but through a communications
                                                                mixup, George thinks Liz has
                                                                intentionally run over George's high
                                                                school girlfriend, Myra Ponsenby.

111      "GEORGE ATTENDS A TEEN-AGE       19  11-20-48  :24:30* Barbara Eiler, Gil Stratton, and Erwin
         DANCE"                                                 Lee  Liz gives advice to her
                                                                adolescent neighbor, Sally Hopkins, on
                                                                how to snare the boy she likes, but
                                                                her meddling only makes things worse.

98426A   "IS THERE A BABY IN THE          20  11-27-48  :24:30* John Hiestand (as Cory Cartwright) and
         HOUSE?"                                                guests Hans Conried, Frank Nelson,
                                                                Mary Lansing, and Jean VanderPyl.  Liz
                                                                goes over to meet the new neighbor and
                                                                winds up minding a four-month old baby

98426B   "BE YOUR HUSBAND'S BEST          21  12-04-48  :24:30* Hans Conried, Joe Kearns, and Jean
         FREIND"                                                VanderPyl.  Liz buys a book that says
                                                                that the way to get along with your
                                                                husband is to share all of his

*na*     "RESPECTIVE MUSTACHES"           22  12-11-48  :24:30* Frank Nelson, Florence Halop, Joe
                                                                Kearns, Frankie Albertson, Tommy
                                                                Bernard, Ed Max, and Bea Benaderet
                                                                Liz puts on a fake mustache to show
                                                                George how ridiculous his real one
                                                                looks, but by mistake she uses cement
                                                                instead of spirit gum, and it won't
                                                                come off.

98427B   "LIZ'S NEW DRESS"                23  12-18-48  :24:30* Frank Nelson (as Sylvester), Joe
                                                                Kearns (as Mr. Atterbury!), and
                                                                Frances Chaney (as Marge)  Liz is
                                                                determined to have a new dress to wear
                                                                to he Atterburys' party, even if she
                                                                has to make it herself!

111      "NUMEROLOGY"                     24  12-26-48  :24:30* Program moves to Sunday for this
                                                                program only (for Christmas Special)
                                                                John Hiestand (as Cory Cartwright) and
                                                                guests Frank Nelson (as Mr. Lawrence)
                                                                and Jay Novello (as Mr. Curry)  Mr.
                                                                Curry, George and Liz's landlord, is
                                                                raising the rent, supposedly on
                                                                instructions from his late wife,
                                                                Bernice. Liz figures that she can fix
                                                                things with a crooked Ouija Board.

*na*     "YOUNG MATRONS LEAGUE TRYOUTS"   25  01-01-49  :24:30* John Hiestand (as Cory Cartwright),
                                                                Hans Conried, Jean VanderPyl, and
                                                                Elvia Allman  Liz secretly tries out
                                                                for a role in the Young Matron's
                                                                League play in an attempt to impress
                                                                visiting Hollywood director Anatole

98429A   "OVER BUDGET - BEANS"            26  01-07-49  :24:30* Show moves to Fridays 8:30 - 9:00 pm
                                                                Frank Nelson, Parley Baer, Helen
                                                                Burke, John Hiestand  Liz goes over
                                                                her budget again (by buying six cases
                                                                of beans that are on special), and
                                                                George cuts off her allowance. Soon
                                                                they're eating nothing but beans, and
                                                                the electricity and telephone have
                                                                been disconnected.

98429B   "PIANO AND VIOLIN LESSONS"       27  01-14-49  :24:30* Hans Conried  Liz find sher old piano
                                                                in the attic,and decides to take piano
                                                                lessons to prove to George how much
                                                                musical talent she has

98430A   "MARRIAGE LICENSE ERROR"         28  01-21-49  :24:30* Frank Nelson, Doris Singleton, Ted
                                                                DeCorsia  Liz and George find their
                                                                marriage license, and discover that
                                                                instead of "George H. Cooper," it says
                                                                "George C. Hooper." Now Liz is
                                                                convinced that she and George aren't
                                                                legally married!

98430B   "THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH"             29  01-28-49  :24:30* Joe Kearns, Jean VanderPyl  Liz and
                                                                George bet each other that they can
                                                                each go for 24 hours without telling a
                                                                lie. Even a little white one.

98431A   "SPEECH FOR CIVIC                30  02-04-49  :24:30* Frank Nelson, Steve Allen  Liz,
         ORGANIZATION"                                          anxious to win the approval of an
                                                                important dinner guest, simply agrees
                                                                with everything he says. The guest is
                                                                so impressed with her "intelligence"
                                                                that he invites her to be a speaker at
                                                                his next "civic forum."

98431B   "VALENTINE'S DAY"                31  02-11-49  :24:30* Hans Conried, Gale Gordon  Katy, the
                                                                Maid, is sweet on Mr. Dabney, the
                                                                butcher, and Liz offers to help. But
                                                                when Liz's valentine to George gets
                                                                switched with her check to pay the
                                                                butcher's bill, Mr. Dabney gets the
                                                                wrong idea.   Valentine's Day Program

*na*     "SECRETARIAL SCHOOL"             32  02-18-49  :24:30* Hans Conried  George needs a new
                                                                secretary, so Liz enrolls in
                                                                secretarial school so she can fill the

98432B   "ADSENTMINDEDNESS"               33  02-25-49  :24:30* Florence Halop, Shirley Mitchell,
                                                                Frank Nelson  Liz goes to see a doctor
                                                                about her absentmindedness, and then
                                                                reports her car to be stolen when she
                                                                forgets that George dropped her off at
                                                                the doctor!

98433A   "MOTHER-IN-LAW"                  34  03-04-49  :24:30* Gale Gordon & Bea Benaderet, but not
                                                                as the Atterburys. Benaderet plays
                                                                George's mother, and Gordon plays
                                                                George's mother's boyfriend.
                                                                George's mother comes to visit. Liz
                                                                hopes to drive her out by spreading
                                                                ragweed and other allergy-inducing
                                                                plants around the house, but her plan
                                                                backfires when George's mother starts
                                                                dating her allergist.

*na*     "CHARITY REVIEW"                 35  03-11-49  :24:30* Gale Gordon (in his 1st appearance as
                                                                George's boss, Mr. Atterbury), Gloria
                                                                Blondell, Gerald Mohr.  Mr. Atterbury
                                                                asks George to work up a song and
                                                                dance routine for the local Red Cross
                                                                Charity Review.

*na*     "GIVEAWAY PROGRAM"               36  03-18-49  :24:30* Frank Nelson.  Liz never misses her
                                                                favorite giveaway radio program -
                                                                "Ring the Bell With Johnny O'Dell."
                                                                She's convinced that she's going to
                                                                get called on the phone and win the
                                                                grand prize.

*na*     "OLD JOKES AND OLD STORIES"      37  03-25-49  :24:30* Gale Gordon, Bea Benaderet (in her 1st
                                                                appearance as Iris Atterbury). Gale
                                                                Gordon and Benaderet are semi-regulars
                                                                from this point on, and are not listed
                                                                as guests.  Liz keeps stepping on
                                                                George's punch lines during an evening
                                                                with the Atterburys. George finally
                                                                puts his foot down, and Liz promises
                                                                from then on to obey his every
                                                                command. Things are going fine until
                                                                George somehow gets the mistaken idea
                                                                that Liz is so upset with this new
                                                                that she is planning to run off with
                                                                the Atterburys' chauffer.

*na*     "APRIL FOOL'S DAY"               38  04-01-49  :24:30* Gerald Mohr, Jack Edwards, Jerry
                                                                Hausner.  As an April Fool's joke, Liz
                                                                plans to plant a lipstick-smeared
                                                                handkerchief in George's coat pocket.
                                                                 April Fool's Day program

98435B   "GUM MACHINE - DEMAND YOUR       39  04-08-49  :24:30* Hans Conried, Frank Nelson, Florence
         RIGHTS"                                                Halop, Johnny McGovern.  George tells
                                                                Liz that she needs to stand up for her
                                                                rights and stop letting people push
                                                                her around. So when Liz loses a penny
                                                                in a broken gum machine, she vows to
                                                                get her penny back no matter what the

98436A   "HORSEBACK RIDING"               40  04-15-49  :24:30* Frank Nelson, Doris Singleton, Alan
                                                                Reed, Pinto Colvig.  George's co-chair
                                                                for his horseback riding club's
                                                                upcoming weekend breakfast ride has
                                                                Liz so jealous that she's determined
                                                                to overcome her fear of horses and
                                                                learn to ride herself.

98436B   "TIME BUDGETING"                 41  04-22-49  :24:30* Hans Conried.  George is so fed up
                                                                with Liz's being late for everything
                                                                that he puts her on a strict schedule.

98437A   "VACATION TIME"                  42  04-29-49  :24:30* Frank Nelson, Wally Maher, Milton
                                                                Stark.  It's It's vacation time, and
                                                                Liz and George have decidedly
                                                                different plans. He wants to go
                                                                camping with a trailer he borrowed
                                                                from a friend, while she's set on a
                                                                glamorous vacation at Moosehead Lodge.

98437B   "OVERWEIGHT"                     43  05-06-49  :24:30* Hans Conried, Peter Leeds.  After
                                                                viewing some old home movies, Liz and
                                                                Iris decide to go on a diet.

98438A   "ANNIVERSARY PRESENTS"           44  05-13-49  :24:30* Elvia Allman.  George and Mr.
                                                                Atterbury buy presents for their
                                                                wives, and Iris's present, a mink
                                                                coat, is delivered to Liz's house by

*na*     "GETTING OLD"                    45  05-20-49  :24:30* Gerald Mohr.  Scanning her old high
                                                                school yearbook, Liz decides she's
                                                                old, and everything George does to try
                                                                to snap her out of it just makes
                                                                things worse.

*na*     "LIZ IN THE HOSPITAL"            46  05-27-49  :24:30* Florence Halop, William Johnston,
                                                                Jerry Hausner.  The doctor pays a
                                                                house call to see what's wrong with
                                                                George, and discovers that Liz needs
                                                                to have her tonsils removed!

*na*     "BUDGET -- MR. ATTERBURY"        47  06-03-49  :24:30* Frank Nelson.  Even with George's
                                                                help, Liz can't balance her household
                                                                account, until the bank mistakenly
                                                                puts a thousand dollar deposit in
                                                                Liz's checking account.

*na*     "HAIR DYED"                      48  06-10-49  :24:30* Verna Felton, Ge Ge Pearson.  Liz's
                                                                gossiping hair stylist forgets what
                                                                she's doing and mistakenly dyes Liz's
                                                                hair black. Now nobody recognizes Liz,
                                                                so she decides to pose as another
                                                                woman and flirt with George to test
                                                                his faithfulness.

98440B   "TELEVISION"                     49  06-17-49  :24:30* Hans Conried, Frank Nelson, Mary
                                                                Lansing, Alan Reed.  Liz and George's
                                                                visit to their next-door neighbors,
                                                                the Stones, turns into a disaster when
                                                                George tries to repair the Stones' new
                                                                television set by himself.

98441A   "LIZ CHANGES HER MIND"           50  06-24-49  :24:30* Hans Conried.  Liz can't seem to
                                                                follow through on anything without
                                                                changing her mind. After George
                                                                complains, Liz is determined to finish
                                                                everything she starts, including an
                                                                old unfinished letter that she finds
                                                                in her desk, telling George she's
                                                                leaving him.

98441B   "REMINISCING"                    51  07-01-49  :24:30* Hans Conried, Frank Nelson.  Liz is
                                                                working on her scrapbook, and she and
                                                                George reminisce about when Liz
                                                                learned to drive and got her license,
                                                                when Liz signed an affidavit swearing
                                                                never to interrupt George's stories
                                                                again, and when the butcher thought
                                                                that Liz had a crush on him.

98442A   "THE ELVES"                      52  09-02-49  :24:30* Hans Conried, Frank Nelson, Ann
                                                                Whitfield.  Liz and George arrive home
                                                                from vacation to find that someone has
                                                                been ordering strawberry ice cream
                                                                from the milkman every day, and the
                                                                pink trail leads to the doorstep of
                                                                their new neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Wood,
                                                                and their ten children.

*na*     "THE AUCTION"                    53  09-09-49  :24:30* Wally Maher, Ann Whitfield.  Liz
                                                                promises to give up auctions, but goes
                                                                to one anyway, then hides inside a
                                                                grandfather clock to keep George and
                                                                Rudolph from catching her at the
                                                                auction house.

98443A   "BASEBALL"                       54  09-16-49  :24:30* Hans Conried.  Liz is determined not
                                                                to be left out of the baseball game at
                                                                the Annual Bank Outing, so she
                                                                persuades her neighbor Mr. Wood to
                                                                teach her how to play the game.

98443B   "THE ATTIC"                      55  09-23-49  :24:30* Hans Conried.  George and Liz
                                                                accidentally lock themselves in the
                                                                attic, and Katy is gone for the day!

98444A   "WOMAN'S CLUB ELECTION"          56  09-30-49  :24:30* Hans Conried, Frank Nelson, Elvia
                                                                Allman.  Liz expects to be elected
                                                                President of her women's club, but
                                                                ends up as Treasurer.

*na*     "GEORGE TRIES FOR A RAISE"       57  10-07-49  :24:30* Frank Nelson.  Liz tries every trick
                                                                in the book to convince Mr. Atterbury
                                                                to give George a raise.

98445A   "TELEVISION"                     58  10-14-49  :24:30* Jay Novello, Wally Maher, Peter Leeds.
                                                                 Liz can't get George interested in
                                                                getting a TV set, until they spend an
                                                                evening at the Atterburys, who have

98445B   "SUPERSTITION"                   59  10-21-49  :24:30* Frank Nelson, Anne Whitfield, Jerry
                                                                Hausner.  A chirping cricket in Liz
                                                                and George's hearth is driving George
                                                                crazy, but Liz is convinced that it
                                                                means good luck.

98446A   "HALLOWEEN SURPRISE PARTY"       60  10-28-49  :24:30* Hans Conried, Jay Novello.  The
                                                                Atterburys decide to throw a Halloween
                                                                surprise party for Liz and George, but
                                                                Liz hears about their party and thinks
                                                                that she and George just weren't
                                                                invited.   Halloween Program

98446B   "MOTHER-IN-LAW"                  61  11-04-49  :24:30* Hans Conried, Eleanor Audley, Peter
                                                                Leeds.  George's mother decides to
                                                                move to Sheridan Falls to be close to
                                                                George, and moves in with Liz and
                                                                George while she is looking for an

98447A   "BABY SITTING"                   62  11-11-49  :24:30* Hans Conried, Jack Kruschen.  Liz
                                                                takes up baby sitting to earn money
                                                                for George's Christmas present.

98447B   "KATY AND MR. NEGLEY"            63  11-18-49  :24:30* Jay Novello, Frank Nelson, Rolfe
                                                                Sedan.  After dating Mr. Negley, the
                                                                postman, for three years, Katy feels
                                                                that their relationship is not going
                                                                anywhere, so she enlists Liz's help.

98448A   "THE QUIZ SHOW"                  64  11-25-49  :24:30* Hans Conried, Frank Nelson, Hal March.
                                                                 Liz and George a new dishwasher, and
                                                                their neighbor Mr. Wood gets them a
                                                                chance to win one on the radio quiz
                                                                show, "His and Hers."

98448B   "COLLEGE HOMECOMING"             65  12-02-49  :24:30* Dick Crenna, Jerry Hausner.  George
                                                                and Rudolph get invitations to
                                                                Homecoming Weekend at their alma
                                                                mater, State U., and now they've both
                                                                got "college-itis."

*na*     "THE FRENCH LESSONS"             66  12-09-49  :24:30* Hal March, Joe Kearns.  Liz and Iris
                                                                are humiliated when they can't read
                                                                the menu at a French restaurant, so
                                                                they decide to take French lessons.

98449B   "GEORGE'S CHRISTMAS PRESENTS"    67  12-16-49  :24:30* Eleanor Audley, Frank Nelson.  Liz
                                                                vows to finish knitting George a
                                                                sweater by Christmas.   Christmas

98450A   "THE SLEIGH RIDE"                68  12-23-49  :24:30* Frank Nelson, Hans Conried, Jay
                                                                Novello, Peter Leeds.  Liz is so full
                                                                of old-fashioned Christmas spirit that
                                                                she borrows an antique sleigh from a
                                                                local antique store and goes caroling.
                                                                  Christmas Program

98450B   "LIZ AND GEORGE ARE              69  12-30-49  :24:30* Hans Conried, Hal March, Johnny
         HANDCUFFED"                                            McGovern.  Liz is playing "cops and
                                                                robbers" with little Tommy Wood from
                                                                next door, and lets him handcuff her
                                                                and George with what turn out to be
                                                                real handcuffs!

98451A   "IS THERE ANOTHER WOMAN?"        70  01-06-50  :24:30* Liz buys a book that tells the danger
                                                                signs to look out for to tell if your
                                                                husband is being unfaithful, and
                                                                George has them all!

98451B   "LIZ TEACHES IRIS TO DRIVE"      71  01-13-50  :24:30* Frank Nelson.  The Atterburys have
                                                                bought a new car, but Rudolph refuses
                                                                to teach Iris how to drive. But Liz
                                                                readily volunteers to be Iris's
                                                                driving instructor.

98452A   "LIZ AND THE GREEN WIG"          72  01-20-50  :24:30* Hal March, Sam Hearn.  To save money,
                                                                Gorge forbids Liz to go to the beauty

98452B   "LIZ WRITES A SONG"              73  01-27-50  :24:30* Hans Conried, Hal March, Norma Zimmer.
                                                                 Liz is convinced that she is a
                                                                musical talent, but when a music
                                                                professor tells her she'll never be a
                                                                singer, she decides to take up

98453A   "THE COUNTRY CLUB DANCE"         74  02-03-50  :24:30* Dick Crenna, Sam Edwards, Leone
                                                                Ledoux.  Liz and Iris tell George and
                                                                Rudolph that if the boys won't take
                                                                them to the Country Club Dance, then
                                                                the girls will go anyway, with
                                                                somebody else!

98453B   "MRS. COOPERS BOYFRIEND"         75  02-10-50  :24:30* Eleanor Audley (as George's mother),
                                                                Hans Conried, Hal March, Frank Nelson.
                                                                 Liz decides that the only way to keep
                                                                George's mother from coming over so
                                                                often is to get her a boyfriend.

98454A   "LIZ TEACHES THE SAMBA"          76  02-17-50  :24:30* Dick Crenna, Jim Backus.  George talks
                                                                Liz into teaching Wally, the son of
                                                                the bank's newest director, Mr.
                                                                Forsyte, how to dance the Samba, and
                                                                Wally gets a crush on Liz.  This is a
                                                                rewrite of Episode #5 (8/5/48) -- the
                                                                first episode Madelyn Pugh and Bob
                                                                Carroll Jr. ever wrote for Lucy.

*na*     "LIZ REDECORATES THE HOUSE"      77  02-24-50  :24:30* Hans Conried, GeGe Pearson.  Liz wants
                                                                to hire the town's new interior
                                                                decorator, Andrew, to redecorate her
                                                                house, but George tells her she'll
                                                                have to do the job all by herself.

98455A   "WOMEN'S RIGHTS  PART 1"         78  03-03-50  :24:30* Joe Forte.  Liz and Iris are excited
                                                                about the equal rights amendment.

98455B   "WOMEN'S RIGHTS  PART 2"         79  03-10-50  :24:30* Frank Nelson, Elvia Allman.  Liz and
                                                                Iris have bet George and Rudolph that
                                                                they can hold down a job, and the boys
                                                                have bet the girls that they can take
                                                                care of the housework and cooking.

98456A   "THE WILLS"                      80  03-17-50  :24:30* Herb Vigran.  After Liz and George
                                                                make out their wills, Liz is convinced
                                                                that George intends to do away with

98456B   "LIZ'S RADIO SCRIPT"             81  03-24-50  :24:30* Mary Jane Croft.  Liz's entry is a
                                                                finalist in a playwriting contest, and
                                                                George, Liz, Iris, and Rudolph perform
                                                                it on the local radio station.

*na*     "APRIL FOOL"                     82  04-02-50  :24:30* Show moves to Sundays 6:00 - 6:30 pm.
                                                                Hans Conried, Hal March.  Liz and
                                                                George get into an escalating battle
                                                                of April Fool jokes.  April Fool's Day

*na*     "HOBBIES"                        83  04-09-50  :24:30* Arthur Q. Bryan, Jack Moyles.  Liz and
                                                                Iris are tired of waiting at home on
                                                                weekends while George and Rudolph are
                                                                at the golf course, so they decide to
                                                                leave half-smoked cigars around the
                                                                house to make the boys jealous.

*na*     "ANNIVERSARY"                    84  04-16-50  :24:30* Hans Conried.  Liz convinces George to
                                                                celebrate their wedding anniversary by
                                                                reliving "the happiest day of her
                                                                life"--when George proposed. But in
                                                                the meantime Liz insists on pretending
                                                                that she and George aren't married!

98458B   "THE FRIENDSHIP AWARD"           85  04-23-50  :24:30* Frank Nelson.  Liz and Iris make an
                                                                appearance on a television show
                                                                celebrating Friendship Week. Their
                                                                friendship is tested, though, when
                                                                they discover they've bought the same
                                                                dress for the occasion.

98459A   "SPRING CLEANING"                86  04-30-50  :24:30* Liz sends George an anonymous love
                                                                letter that she wrote to him during
                                                                his bachelor days, and he thinks its
                                                                from his secretary, Gladys.

*na*     "THE HEALTH FARM"                87  05-07-50  :24:30* Elvia Allman.  Liz and Iris are fed up
                                                                with their husbands taking them for
                                                                granted, so they check in to "Fataway

*na*     "NUMEROLOGY"                     88  05-14-50  :24:30* Hans Conried, Jay Novello, and Hal
                                                                March.  Mr. Curry, George and Liz's
                                                                landlord, is raising the rent,
                                                                supposedly on instructions from his
                                                                late wife, Bernice. Liz figures that
                                                                she can fix things with a crooked
                                                                Ouija Board.

*na*     "MRS. COOPER THINKS LIZ IS       89  05-21-50  :24:30* Eleanor Audley.  Liz tells George's
         PREGNANT"                                              mother that she's ill so the older
                                                                Mrs. Cooper won't try to come to Liz's
                                                                bridge game, but George's Mother
                                                                thinks Liz is really pregnant, and
                                                                tells all of Liz's friends what she

98461A   "SELLING DRESSES"                90  05-28-50  :24:30* Hans Conried, Florence Halop, Vivi
                                                                Janiss, Barney Phillips.  Liz
                                                                inadvertently returns a dress to a
                                                                more expensive store than where she
                                                                bought it, and makes money on the
                                                                deal. So she decides to go into
                                                                business buying dresses at one store
                                                                and returning them at the other.

98461B   "GEORGE IS MESSY"                91  06-04-50  :24:30* Eleanor Audley (as George's mother),
                                                                Doris Singleton (as Grace Davis), and
                                                                Harry Bartell (as the drunk).  Liz is
                                                                fed up with George's messy habits
                                                                around the house, so she draws a line
                                                                down the middle of the living room and
                                                                divides the house in two--her half and

98462A   "LIZ LEARNS TO SWIM"             92  06-11-50  :24:30* Hans Conried, Herb Vigran.  George
                                                                makes a bargain with Liz: If she'll
                                                                learn to swim, they can go to the
                                                                beach with the Atterburys for their

98462B   "BE A PAL"                       93  06-18-50  :24:30* Hans Conried.  Professor Millmoss, a
                                                                speaker at Liz's women's club,
                                                                convinces Liz that the way to have a
                                                                happy marriage is for her to be
                                                                interested in everything that
                                                                interests George.

*na*     "DANCING LESSONS"                94  06-25-50  :24:30* Veola Von, Hal March, Peter Leeds.
                                                                After an embarrassing evening at a
                                                                local night club, the girls arrange
                                                                for the boys to take dancing lessons.

98463B   "OLD CLOTHES SOLD TO THE         95  09-02-50  :24:30* Hans Conried.  Liz and Iris sell their
         JUNKMAN"                                               husbands' old clothes to the junkman.
                                                                Show moves to Saturdays 9:30 - 10:00

98464A   "GOSSIP"                         96  09-09-50  :24:30* Jerry Hausner.  The boys bet the girls
                                                                $25 that the girls will be caught
                                                                gossiping before the boys are, then
                                                                pretend to talk in their sleep about a
                                                                juicy story, which they made up.

*na*     "MOVIES"                         97  09-16-50  :24:30* Bob Lemond.  The Coopers and the
                                                                Atterburys get in an argument after
                                                                they can't agree on what movie to go
                                                                to together. Liz plans to get them all
                                                                to make up by having everyone meet at
                                                                the Green Room, where George is
                                                                supposed to be having a drink with "an
                                                                old college team-mate," who turns out
                                                                to be his college friend Betty Lou

*na*     "THE FULLER BRUSH SHOW"          98  09-23-50  :24:30* Frank Nelson, Jack Moyles  Given an
                                                                ultimatum by George to put her
                                                                household accounts in order or else,
                                                                Liz gets a job as a Fuller Brush Girl.
                                                                Inspired by the motion picture The
                                                                Fuller Brush Girl, in which Lucille
                                                                Ball was starring at the time this
                                                                show aired.

*na*     "LIZ CHANGES HER MIND"           99  09-30-50  :24:30* Frank Nelson  Liz can't seem to follow
                                                                through on anything without changing
                                                                her mind. After George complains about
                                                                this, Liz is determined to finish
                                                                everything she starts, including an
                                                                old unfinished letter that she finds
                                                                in her desk, telling George that she's
                                                                leaving him.

98466A   "LIZ BECOMES A SCULPTRESS"      100  10-07-50  :24:30* Hans Conried  Liz decides that she
                                                                needs a hobby, and the proprietor of
                                                                the local arts & crafts store
                                                                convinces her she's a natural artistic
                                                                genius when it comes to sculpting clay

98466B   "LIZ COOKS DINNER FOR TWELVE"   101  10-14-50  :24:30* Eleanor Audley, Dick Crenna  George
                                                                has invited ten dinner guests on
                                                                Katy's day off, and Liz is determined
                                                                to prove to George's mother that she
                                                                can prepare a dinner for twelve
                                                                without any help.

98467A   "SAFETY DRIVE"                  102  10-21-50  :24:30* Elvia Allman, Sheldon Leonard  When
                                                                Liz gets a traffic ticket on the day
                                                                George is "Safety Week" chairman,
                                                                George decides to lock the car in the
                                                                garage and hide the key.

*na*     "THE FOOTBALL GAME"             103  10-28-50  :24:30* Frank Nelson, GeGe Pearson, Jerry
                                                                Hausner  Liz and Iris are determined
                                                                not to go to the annual State U.
                                                                homecoming football game with the
                                                                boys, until the boys tell them they
                                                                aren't planning to take them along
                                                                this time.

*na*     "THE TWO MRS. COOPERS"          104  11-04-50  :24:30* Elvia Allman, Jay Novello, GeGe
                                                                Pearson  Liz gets a bill from Miller's
                                                                Department Store that was meant for
                                                                another Mrs. George Cooper, and now
                                                                she's convinced that George is a

*na*     "VACATION FROM MARRIAGE"        105  11-11-50  :24:30* Jerry Hausner  Liz reads article that
                                                                suggests married couples should spend
                                                                time away from each other to
                                                                reinvigorate their marriage, so Liz
                                                                and Iris plan a weekend away from the
                                                                George and Rudolph.

98469A   "LIZ GOES TO NIGHT SCHOOL"      106  11-18-50  :24:30* Aka: "Balancing the Checkbook"  Frank
                                                                Nelson, Shimen Ruskin  After listening
                                                                to Liz explain how she balances her
                                                                checkbook, George sends her to night
                                                                school to learn arithmetic.

98469B   "LIZ'S BIRTHDAY"                107  11-25-50  :24:30* GeGe Pearson  George forgets Liz's
                                                                birthday, and what's worse, when she
                                                                sends an anonymous reminder that it's
                                                                someone's birthday, George thinks it's
                                                                his mother's.

*na*     "TRYING TO MARRY OFF PEGGY      108  12-02-50  :24:30* Hans Conried, Sandra Gould, Leone
         MARTIN"                                                Ledoux  Liz tries to play matchmaker
                                                                for Peggy Martin with one of George's
                                                                clients, but both the client and
                                                                George think that Liz is going after
                                                                the guy for herself.

98470B   "TRYING TO CASH THE PRIZE       109  12-09-50  :24:30* Frank Nelson, Bobby Jellison, Wally
         CHECK"                                                 Maher, Jerry Hausner, Sandra Gould
                                                                Liz goes on the radio quiz show,
                                                                "Everybody Wins," and wins a check for
                                                                $500, but she only gets to keep it if
                                                                she can cash it within 25 minutes, and
                                                                the banks are closed!

98471A   "CHRISTMAS CARD PICTURES"       110  12-16-50  :24:30* Jay Novello  Liz and George have their
                                                                pictures taken for their Chritmas
                                                                cards, but then can't agree on which
                                                                shot to use.    Christmas Program

98471B   "THE CHRISTMAS STAG"            111  12-23-50  :24:30* Liz Plays Santa.  Christmas Program

98472A   "LIZ HAS THE FLIMJABS"          112  12-30-50  :24:30* Frank Nelson  Liz fakes illness in an
                                                                effort to convince George to buy her a
                                                                mink coat.

*na*     "LIZ SUBSTITUTES AT A CLUB      113  01-06-51  :24:30* Mary Shipp, Herb Vigran  Liz is
         PLAY"                                                  determined to play the lead in the
                                                                women's club play, even if she has to
                                                                keep the leading lady from showing up.
                                                                There's only one problem: Liz has
                                                                learned the lines for the wrong play!

9134 D1  "THE CUCKOO CLOCK"              114  01-13-51  :29:46  Hans Conried, GeGe Pearson, June
                                                                Foray, Ken Christy  Liz bought
                                                                George's Christmas present, a cuckoo
                                                                clock, with a rubber check, and now
                                                                she needs to figure out a way to make
                                                                good on it so the store owner won't
                                                                repossess the clock.

*na*     "LIZ STRECHES THE TRUTH"        115  01-20-51  :24:30* Shirley Mitchell, Alan Reed  Liz's
                                                                exaggerations become so bad that
                                                                George cuts off Liz's allowance until
                                                                she can prove that she can
                                                                consistently tell nothing but the

98474A   "GEORGE IS DRAFTED - LIZ'S      116  01-27-51  :24:30* George gets a letter asking him to
         BABY"                                                  serve on the local draft board, and
                                                                Liz thinks he's been drafted

98464B   "LIZ DEVELOPS INFERIORITY       117  02-03-51  :24:40   

98474B   "LIZ'S INFERIORITY COMPLEX"     117  02-03-51  :24:30* Alan Reed  After messing up a joke,
                                                                bombing at bridge, and lousing up
                                                                George's breakfast, Liz develops an
                                                                inferiority complex

*na*     "THE MISUNDERSTANDING OF THE    118  02-10-51  :24:30* Bobby Jellison (as the florist),
         BLACK EYE"                                             Lester Jay  When Iris and Rudolph ask
                                                                where Liz got her black eye, Liz
                                                                jokingly answers "Oh, George slugged
                                                                me," and now they won't believe any
                                                                other explanation

*na*     "RENEWAL OF DRIVER'S LICENSE"   119  02-17-51  :24:30* Frank Nelson (as the policeman)  Liz
                                                                drives downtown, forgetting her
                                                                license has expired, and gets a
                                                                parking ticket from a policeman who
                                                                wants to see her license.

*na*     "THE TWO MOTHERS-IN-LAW"        120  02-24-51  :24:30* Eleanor Audley (as George's mother),
                                                                Sarah Selby, Shimen Ruskin  When
                                                                George's mother comes to stay at the
                                                                Cooper residence for a while, Liz
                                                                decides to fight fire with fire, and
                                                                invites HER mother to come as well

*na*     "THE PASSPORTS"                 121  03-03-51  :24:30* Sarah Selby, Jerry Hausner  Liz is all
                                                                set to get her passport and join
                                                                George on a trip to Paris, until she
                                                                discovers that the Hall of Records has
                                                                no record of her birth!

*na*     "THE SURPRISE PARTY"            122  03-10-51  :24:30* Elvia Allman, Shirley Mitchell  Iris
                                                                lets slip that one of Liz's friends is
                                                                throwing a party Saturday night, and
                                                                Liz and George aren't invited. But
                                                                which friend is it?

*na*     "LIZ HIRES A NEW SECRETARY FOR  123  03-17-51  :24:30* Janet Waldo, Viola Vonn, GeGe Pearson,
         GEORGE"                                                Frances Chaney  Liz takes one look at
                                                                George's young, pretty new secretary
                                                                and decides that he needs a new
                                                                one--to be selected by Liz

98478A   "IRIS AND LIZ'S EASTER"         124  03-24-51  :24:30* Frank Nelson, Shirley Mitchell  The
                                                                boys make a deal with the girls-if Liz
                                                                and Iris can slim down to the same
                                                                dress size they wore ten years ago,
                                                                George and Rudolph will buy each of
                                                                them a whole new Easter outfit
                                                                Easter Program

*na*     "APRIL FOOL JOKE"               125  03-31-51  :24:30* Aka: "The Silk Stokings"  Cliff
                                                                Arquette, GeGe Pearson  Rudolph's
                                                                April Fool's joke on George--putting a
                                                                silk stocking in his coat pocket for
                                                                Liz to find--backfires when Iris finds
                                                                the other stocking in RUDOLPH's coat
                                                                pocket.   Final Program of the Series.
                                                                  April Fool's Day Program

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