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    Post or Modify Date: June 25, 17
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        MUTUAL    COCA COLA       Monday-Friday 4:15 - 4:30 pm
        Stars: Morton Downey
        Host: David Ross
        With: Leah Ray, the "Listening Lady"
        Music: Jimmy Lytell and his Orchestra                                    
111      "I'LL BE WALKIN' WITH MY        157  09-11-45  :15:00* "I'll Be Walkin' With My Honey", "For
         HONEY"                                                 You", "Three Little Words"

111      "GUEST: ADA SIEGAL"             158  09-12-45  :15:00* "June Is Bustin' Out All Over",
                                                                "Hawaiian War Chant", "While You're

111      "I'M GONNA LOVE THAT GAL"       159  09-13-45  :15:00* "I'm Gonna Love That Gal", "Cuddle Up
                                                                A Little Closer", "Poinciana", "Let
                                                                Every Day Be Mother's Day"

111      "QUESTION AND ANSWER"           160  09-14-45  :15:00* "Come Thou Almighty King", "Night And
                                                                Day", "Jeannie With The Light Brown

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             161  09-17-45  :15:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             162  09-18-45  :15:00*  

111      "GUEST: PAULA BANE"             163  09-19-45  :15:00* "Once In A While", "Soeak Low",
                                                                "Homesick, That's All"

111      "DID YOU EVER GET THAT FEELING  164  09-20-45  :15:00* "Did You Ever Get That Feeling In The
         IN THE MOONLIGHT"                                      Moonlight", "A Kiss Goodnight", "The
                                                                Man I Love", "Till The End Of Time"

111      "SOME SUNDAY MORNING"           165  09-21-45  :15:00* "Some Sunday Morning", "Rodger Young",
                                                                "Home On The Range", "Goodnight

111      "GONNA BUILD A BIG FENCE        166  09-24-45  :15:00* "Gonna Build A Big Fence Around
         AROUND TEXAS"                                          Texas", "I Was Here When You Left Me",
                                                                "Deep Night"

84575A1  "CAN'T YOU READ BETWEEN THE     167  09-25-45  :14:50  "Can't You Read Between The Lines",
         LINES"                                                 "My Ship", "Indian Love Call"
                                                                (Orchestra and Chorus), "I Can't Begin
                                                                To Tell You"

84575A2  "DOUGLAS LEIGH, GENIUS OF       168  09-26-45  :14:50  "Sentimental Journey", "Shortenin'
         LIGHT"                                                 Bread" (Orchestra and Chorus), Guest
                                                                Interview: Edison Company, "When The
                                                                Lights Go On Again All Over The World"

84575B1  "I'LL BUY THAT DREAM"           169  09-27-45  :14:50  "I'll Buy That Dream", "Down In
                                                                Chi-Chi Hotcha Watchee" (Downey and
                                                                Leah Ray), "From The Land Of The Sky
                                                                Blue Water" (Orchestra and Chorus),
                                                                Poem: Versus from "The Rubalyat"
                                                                (David Ross), "Wait And See"

84575B2  "IF YOU DIDN'T CRY WHY SHOULD   170  09-28-45  :14:50  "If You Didn't Cry Why Should I",
         I"                                                     Chapel Spot - David Ross reads "Rock
                                                                Of Ages", "Stardust" (Orchestra and
                                                                Chorus), "Molly Malone"

111      "I DON'T WANT TO BE LOVED BY    171  10-01-45  :15:00* "I Don't Want To Be Loved By Anyone
         ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU"                                   Else But You", What's The Use Of
                                                                Wonderin'", Say Si-Si", "Just A

111      "HERE I GO JUST DREAMING        172  10-02-45  :15:00* "Here I Go Just Dreaming Again",
         AGAIN"                                                 "You're So Worth The Waiting For",
                                                                "Lady Of Spain", "Love Letters"

111      "GUEST: HELEN DELANEY"          173  10-03-45  :15:00* "My Pet Brunette", "Isle Of Capri",
                                                                "Call Me Darling"

111      "STARS IN YOUR EYES"            174  10-04-45  :15:00* "Stars In Your Eyes", "I Don't Know
                                                                Why", "Blow Gabriel, Blow", "Say It
                                                                Over Again"

111      "WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY        175  10-05-45  :15:00* "What A Difference A Day Makes", "The
         MAKES"                                                 Ninety And Nine" "La Paloma", "That's
                                                                For Me"

111      "I THOUGHT YOU OUGHT TO KNOW"   176  10-06-45  :15:00* "I Thought You Ought To Know", "There
                                                                I've Said That Again", "What Makes The
                                                                Sunset", "Sigh By Night"

84576A1  "PUT ON YOUR OLD GREY BONNET"   177  10-09-45  :14:50  "Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet", "Love's
                                                                What You Make It", "Nightingale"
                                                                (Orchestra and Chorus), "For All We

84576A2  "SGT. NEWTON OLIPHANT OF "YANK  178  10-10-45  :14:50  "I'll Be Walkin' With My Honey",
         MAGAZINE""                                             "Tico-Tico" (Orchestra and Chorus),
                                                                Guest interview, "The Same Old Story"

111      "DO YOU LOVE ME"                179  10-11-45  :15:00* "Do You Love Me", "Alice Blue Gown",
                                                                Red Sails In The Sunset", "Sweet And

111      "JUST ONE MORE CHANCE"          180  10-12-45  :15:00* "Just One More Chance", "The Old
                                                                Rugged Cross", "Elegie", "In The
                                                                Valley Where The Evening Sun Goes

84576B1  "OH HOW SHE LIED TO ME"         181  10-15-45  :14:50  "Oh How She Lied To Me", "On The
                                                                Atchison, Topeka & The Santa Fe" (Leah
                                                                Ray), "My Blue Heaven" (Orchestra and
                                                                Chorus), Poem: "Song" by Henry
                                                                Wadsworth Longfellow (David Ross),
                                                                "Loch Lomond"

84576B2  "SOME SUNDAY MORNING"           182  10-16-45  :14:50  "Some Sunday Morning", "You're Nobody
                                                                Till Somebody Loves You", "Amar"
                                                                (Orchestra and Chorus), "East Of The

84577A1  "CAPT. EDDIE RICHENBACKER"      183  10-17-45  :14:50  "Mandy", "Carry Me Back To Old
                                                                Virginny" (Orchestra and Chorus),
                                                                Guest interview, "While You're Away"

84577A2  "FISHIN FOR THE MOON"           184  10-18-45  :14:50  "Fishin For The Moon", "Gotta Be This
                                                                Or That" (Downey and Leah Ray), "Three
                                                                Blind Mice" (Orchestra and Chorus),
                                                                Poem: "Romance" by Robert Lewis
                                                                Stevenson (David Ross), "Where Or

84577B1  "IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY"          185  10-19-45  :14:50  "It's A Beautiful Day", Chapel Spot -
                                                                David Ross Reads "I Need Thee Every
                                                                Hour", "Doll Dance" (Orchestra and
                                                                Chorus), "All Of Me"

84577B2  "CAN'T YOU SEE BETWEEN THE      186  10-22-45  :14:50  "Can't You See Between The Lines", "No
         LINES"                                                 Can Do" (Leah Ray), "Swing Low Sweet
                                                                Chariot" (Orchestra and Chorus), Poem
                                                                - "Kate Temple's Song" (David Ross),
                                                                "If I Loved You"

   Total Number of Titles:   28                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 30
   Total Possible Episodes Are Unknown  Missing Programs: N/A     Total Programs in Collection: 28

        MUTUAL    COCA COLA       Monday-Friday 4:15 - 4:30 pm
        STARS: Morton Downey
        HOST: David Ross
        WITH Leah Ray, the "Listening Lady"
84578A1  "WHEN THE RED, RED ROBIN COMES  187  10-23-45  :14:50  "When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bobbin'
         BOBBIN' ALONG"                                         Along", "Till The End Of Time",
                                                                "Camptown Races" (Orchestra and
                                                                Chorus), "Dearest Darling"

84578A2  "SGT. MICKEY MCKEOUGH - GEN.    188  10-24-45  :14:50  "It's A Grand Night For Singing",
         EISENHOWER'S DRIVER"                                   "Georgia On My Mind" (Orchestra and
                                                                Chorus), Guest Interview, "Wait And

84578B1  "I'D DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN"      189  10-25-45  :14:50  "I'd Do It All Over Again", "Why Do I
                                                                Love You" (Downey and Leah Ray),
                                                                "Caravan" (Orchestra and Chorus), Poem
                                                                - "My Light Thou Art" (David Ross),

84578B2  "DAYBREAK"                      190  10-26-45  :14:50  "Daybreak", Chapel Spot: David Ross
                                                                Reads "Were You There?", "Andante
                                                                Cantabile" (Orchestra and Chorus), "I
                                                                Can't Begin To Tell You"

111      "SWEETEN UP YOUR SMILE"         191  10-29-45  :14:50  "Sweeten Up Your Smile", "Gee It's
                                                                Grand To Hold You", "Ay, Ay, Ay",
                                                                Poem: "A Love Symphony" by Arthur
                                                                O'Shaughnessy (David Ross), "Small

111      "AN OLD TIME GET-TOGETHER"      192  10-30-45  :14:50  "An Old Time Get-Together", "Love
                                                                Letters", "Frenesi", "How Deep Is The

84579A1  "LUCILLE PETRY - DIRECTOR OF    193  10-31-45  :14:50  "But I Did", "Three Little Words"
         NURSE CORPS"                                           (Orchestra and Chorus), Guest
                                                                Interview, "Say It Over Again"

84579A2  "HERE I GO JUST DREAMING        194  11-01-45  :14:50  "Here I Go Just Dreaming Again", "I
         AGAIN"                                                 Could Write A Book" (Downey and Leah
                                                                Ray, "At Sundown" (Orchestra and
                                                                Chorus), Poem: "The Children's Hour"
                                                                (David Ross), "Take All"

84579B1  "MISS YOU"                      195  11-02-45  :14:50  "Miss You", Chapel Spot - David Ross
                                                                Reads: "Now That The Day Is Over",
                                                                "Yesterdays" (Orchestra and Chorus),
                                                                "The Last Time I Saw You"

84579B2  "GIVE ME THE SIMPLE LIFE"       196  11-05-45  :14:50  "Give Me The Simple Life", "Oh
                                                                Brother" (Leah Ray), "Lady Play Your
                                                                Mandolin" (Orchestra and Chorus",
                                                                Poem: "A Contented Mind" ("David
                                                                Ross", "Into The Night"

84580A1  "IN THE MIDDLE OF MAY"          197  11-06-45  :14:50  "In The Middle Of May", "Sunbonnet
                                                                Sue", "Baia" (Orchestra and Chorus),
                                                                "These Foolish Things"

84580A2  "LIEUT. COMMANDER JOEL FISHER   198  11-07-45  :14:50  "I Thought You Ought To Know", "The
         - US COAST GUARD"                                      Moon Is Yellow" (Orchestra and
                                                                Chorus), Guest Interview - Where did
                                                                the Nazi's hide their gold?, "I Wish I
                                                                Could Tell You"

84580B1  "I DON'T WANNA BE LOVED BY      199  11-08-45  :14:50  "I Don't Wanna Be Loved By Anyone Else
         ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU"                                   But You", "Have You Got An;y Castles"
                                                                (Downey and Leah Ray), "Rancho Grande"
                                                                (Orchestra and Chorus), Poem: "How Do
                                                                I Love Thee?" (David Ross), "By The
                                                                River Sainte Marie"

84580B2  "ALONG THE NAVAJO TRAIL"        200  11-09-45  :14:50  "Along The Navajo Trail", Chapel Spot
                                                                - David Ross "Precious Lord", "When
                                                                Day Is Done" (Orchestra and Chorus),
                                                                "The Very Thought Or You"

111      "BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY    201  11-12-45  :14:50  "By The Light Of The Silvery Moon",
         MOON"                                                  "You Never Miss The Water Till The
                                                                Well Runs Dry", "The Lamp Is Low",
                                                                Poem: "Beloved I Dream Of Your Face"
                                                                (David Ross), "Dream"

111      "DID YOU EVER GET THAT FEELING  202  11-13-45  :14:50  "Did You Ever Get That Feeling In The
         IN THE MOONLIGHT"                                      Moonlight", "Your Nobody Till Somebody
                                                                Loves You", "Adios", "Love Me"

111      "MY BEST GIRL"                  203  11-14-45  :14:50  "My Best Girl", The Whistler And His
                                                                Dog", Guest Interview, "Are These
                                                                Really Mine"

111      "CUDDLES"                       204  11-15-45  :14:50  "Cuddles", "Watcha Say", "Kerry
                                                                Dances", Poem: "Summer Sun" by Robert
                                                                Louis Stevenson (David Ross), "Autumn

84581A1  "SWEETHEART OF ALL MY DREAMS"   205  11-16-45  :14:50  "Sweetheart Of All My Dreams", Chapel
                                                                Spot - David Ross: "What A Friend We
                                                                Have In Jesus", "Serenade" (Orchestra
                                                                and Chorus), "If I Had A Dozen Hearts"

84581A2  "CHICKERY CHICK"                206  11-19-45  :14:50  "Chickery Chick", "It's Been A Long
                                                                Long Time" (Leah Ray), "In The Still
                                                                Of The Night" (Orchestra and Chorus),
                                                                Poem: "How Do I Love Thee?" (David
                                                                Ross), "More Than Yesterday"

84581B1  "JUST AROUND THE CORNER"        207  11-20-45  :14:50  "Just Around The Corner", "Homesick,
                                                                That's All", "That Old Black Magic"
                                                                (Orchestra and Chorus), "Carolina

84581B2  "JAMES STEWART-GORDON; PICTURE  208  11-21-45  :14:50  "It's A Grand Night For Singing", "Say
         EDITOR OF AMERICAN MAGAZINE"                           Si-Si" (Orchestra and Chorus), Guest
                                                                Interview, "Be Still My Heart"

*na*     "THANKSGIVING SHOW"             209  11-22-45  :14:50  "Just A Blue Serge Suit", "Gotta Be
                                                                This Or That", "Deep Night", Poem:
                                                                "Thanksgiving Poem" (David Ross),
                                                                Praise God From Whom All Blessings
                                                                Flow"   Thanksgiving Program

*na*     "I'D DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN"      210  11-23-45  :14:50  "I'd Do It All Over Again", "My Faith
                                                                Looks Up To Thee", "Trees", "That's
                                                                For Me"

84582A1  "OLD TIME GET-TOGETHER"         211  11-26-45  :14:50  "Old Time Get-Together", "I Used To
                                                                Love You", "Besame Mucho" (Orchestra
                                                                and Chorus), Poem: "She Walks In
                                                                Beauty" (David Ross), "Till The End Of

84582A2  "IT'S DE-LOVELY"                212  11-27-45  :14:50  "It's De-Lovely", "Gee It's Good To
                                                                Hold You", (Leah Ray), "Sunrise
                                                                Serenade" (Orchestra and Chorus), "Say
                                                                It Over Again"

84582B1  "JOY HODGES - ACTRESS"          213  11-28-45  :14:50  "But I Did", "All Through The Night"
                                                                (Orchestra and Chorus), Guest
                                                                Interview - Broadway Show "Anything
                                                                Goes", "Prove It By The Things You Do"

84582B2  "I LOVE HER OH, OH, OH!"        214  11-29-45  :14:50  "I Love Her Oh, Oh, Oh!", "A Little
                                                                Bit Independent" (Downey and Leah
                                                                Ray), "Louisiana Hayride" (Orchestra
                                                                and Chorus), Poem: "So We'll Go No
                                                                More A-Roving" (David Ross), "The Last
                                                                Time I Saw You"

111      "AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU'RE YOU"    215  11-30-45  :14:50  "Aren't You Glad You're You", "In The
                                                                Garden", "Indian Summer", "Take All"

111      "CALIFORNIA HERE I COME"        216  12-03-45  :14:50  "California Here I Come", "I've An
                                                                Angel", "Moonglow", Poem "In The
                                                                Quiet, In The Stillness", "I Can't
                                                                Begin To Tell You"

111      "SWEETEN UP YOUR SMILE"         217  12-04-45  :14:50  "Sweeten Up Your Smile", "Promises",
                                                                "Suppertime", "I Wish I Could Tell

111      "IN THE MIDDLE OF MAY"          218  12-05-45  :14:50  "In The Middle Of May", "Soft Lights
                                                                And Sweet Music", Guest Interview,
                                                                "Into The Night"

111      "GIVE ME THE SIMPLE LIFE"       219  12-06-45  :14:50  "Give Me The Simple Life", "You Made
                                                                Me Love You", "Deep River", Poem:
                                                                "Home" by David Ross (David Ross),

111      "YOU AND I"                     220  12-07-45  :14:50  "You And I", "Let's Sing A Hymn To
                                                                G.I. Jim", "When Day Is Done", "Blue

84583A1  "PRETTY KITTY KELLY"            221  12-10-45  :14:50  "Pretty Kitty Kelly", "Adios Mariquita
                                                                Linda", "Whispering" (Orchestra and
                                                                Chorus), Poem: "Song" (David Ross),
                                                                "Love Me"

84583A2  "CHICKERY CHICK"                222  12-11-45  :14:50  "Chickery Chick", "It's Been A Long
                                                                Time" (Leah Ray), "Smoke Rings"
                                                                (Orchestra and Chorus), "Now I Know
                                                                Your Face By Heart"

111      "GUEST: THOMAS MCCARTHY"        223  12-12-45  :15:00* "Just A Little Fond Affection", "Carry
                                                                Me Back To Old Virginny", "More Than

111      "SOMEONE IS WALKING IN MY       224  12-13-45  :15:00* "Someone Is Walking In My Dreams", "I
         DREAMS"                                                Don't Know Why", "La Paloma",

111      "HERE COMES HEAVEN AGAIN"       225  12-14-45  :15:00* "Here Comes Heaven Again", "Nobody
                                                                Knows The Trouble I've Seen", "Country
                                                                Gardens", "That's Love"

111      "JUST A BLUE SERGE SUIT"        226  12-17-45  :15:00* "Just A Blue Serge Suit", Wait And
                                                                See", "Lonesome Road", "All By Myself"

111      "CUDDLES"                       227  12-18-45  :15:00* "Cuddles", "You Neve Miss The Water
                                                                Till The Well Runs Dry", "Wabash
                                                                Blues", "Oh What I Dreamed About You"

111      "GUEST: SERGEANT ROBERT         228  12-19-45  :15:00* "Did You Ever Get That Feeling In The
         TOLLEY"                                                Moonlight", "Oh Susannah", "If I Had a
                                                                Dozen Hearts"

111      "JUST AROUND THE CORNER"        229  12-20-45  :15:00* "Just Around The Corner", "You Do
                                                                Something To Me", "Say Si-Si", "As
                                                                Long As I Live"

111      "SHOULD I"                      230  12-21-45  :15:00* "Should I", "Come All Ye Faithful",
                                                                "Beautiful Dreamer", "Molly Malone"

111      "CHRISTMAS EVE"                 231  12-24-45  :15:00* "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", "Hark
                                                                The Harold Angels Sing", "Parade Of
                                                                The Wooden Soldiers", "Christopher
                                                                Robin Is Saying His Prayers"
                                                                Christmas Program

111      "CHRISTMAS DAY"                 232  12-25-45  :15:00* "Winter Wonderland", "Silent Night",
                                                                "Jingle Bells", White Christmas"
                                                                Christmas Program

84583B1  "ANN FARRELL - TOY DESIGNER"    233  12-26-45  :14:50  "It Might As Well Be Spring",
                                                                "Stardust" (Orchestra and Chorus),
                                                                Guest Interview - "How do you make a
                                                                career out of making toys?", "Sigh By

84583B2  "AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU'RE YOU"    234  12-27-45  :14:50  "Aren't You Glad You're You", "Gotta
                                                                Be This Or That" (Downey and Leah
                                                                Ray), "The Sheik Of Araby" (Orchestra
                                                                and Chorus), Poem: "The Heart Has Its
                                                                Own Time" (David Ross), "Prove It By
                                                                The Things You Do"

84584A1  "IT'S A GRAND NITE FOR          235  12-28-45  :14:50  "It's A Grand Nite For Singing",
         SINGING"                                               Chapel Spot - David Ross "Guide Me O
                                                                Thou Great Jehovah", "Ramona"
                                                                (Orchestra and Chorus), "I'll Take You
                                                                Home Again Kathleen"

84584A2  "THE WONDER OF YOU"             236  12-31-45  :14:50  "The Wonder Of You", "Sweet And
                                                                Lovely", "By Heck" (Orchestra and
                                                                Chorus), Poem: "Song" (David Ross), "I
                                                                Can't Begin To Tell You"

84584B1  "MY DREAMS ARE GETTING BETTER   237  01-01-46  :14:50  "My Dreams Are Getting Better All The
         ALL THE TIME"                                          Time", "Bell Bottom Trousers" (Leah
                                                                Ray and Downey), "Good, Good, Good"
                                                                (Orchestra and Chorus), "Till The End
                                                                Of Time"

84584B2  "EDWARD KOSOWER"                238  01-02-46  :14:50  "On The Sunny Side Of The Street",
                                                                "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" (Orchestra
                                                                and Chorus), Guest Interview, "The
                                                                Last Time I Saw You"

111      "LONG DISTANCE LOVE"            239  01-03-46  :14:50  "Long Distance Love", "I've Got A
                                                                Feeling I'm Falling", "Beyond The Blue
                                                                Horizon", Poem: "If Thou Must Love Me"
                                                                by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (David
                                                                Ross), "I Wish I Could Tell You"

111      "BUT I DID"                     240  01-04-46  :14:50  "But I Did", "Holy Ghost With Light
                                                                Divine", "Liebestraum", "If There Is
                                                                Someone Lovlier Than You"

111      "GIVE ME THE SIMPLE LIFE"       241  01-07-46  :14:50  "Give Me The Simple Life", "I Fall In
                                                                Love With You Every Day", "Brazil",
                                                                Poem: "Ode" by Arthur O'Shaughnessy
                                                                (David Ross)

111      "SWEET GEORGIA BROWN"           242  01-08-46  :14:50  "Sweet Georgia Brown", "Promises",
                                                                "The Moon Was Yellow", "Love Me"

*na*     "IF I COULD BE WITH YOU ONE     243  01-09-46  :14:50  "If I Could Be With You One Hour
         HOUR TONIGHT"                                          Tonight", "Oh Dem Golden Slippers",
                                                                Guest Interview, "Under A Blanket Of

*na*     "ZING WENT THE STRINGS OF MY    244  01-10-46  :14:50  "Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart",
         HEART"                                                 "An Apple For The Teacher", "The Lamp
                                                                Is Low", Poem: "False Poets And True"
                                                                by Thomas Hood (David Ross), "That's

*na*     "HERE COMES HEAVEN AGAIN"       245  01-11-46  :14:50  "Here Comes Heaven Again", "Just As I
                                                                Am", "Intermezzo", "The Rose Of

*na*     "JUST A LITTLE FOND AFFECTION"  246  01-14-46  :14:50  "Just A Little Fond Affection", "To
                                                                You Sweetheart Aloha", "Come Back To
                                                                Sorrento", Poem: "Last Night" by
                                                                George Darby (David Ross), "Somebody's
                                                                Walkin' In My Dreams"

*na*     "CHICKERY CHICK"                247  01-15-46  :14:50  "Chickery Chick", "Shine On Harvest
                                                                Moon", "Dark Eyes", "All By Myself"

*na*     "ONCE IN AWHILE"                248  01-16-46  :14:50  "Once In Awhile", "Holiday For
                                                                Strings", Guest Interview, "As Long As
                                                                I Love"

111      "DO YOU LOVE ME"                249  01-17-46  :15:00* "Do You Love Me", "I've Told Every
                                                                Little Star", "Hindustan", "The Indian
                                                                Serenade", "The Touch Of Your Lips"

111      "I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS"     250  01-18-46  :15:00* "I'll See You In My Dreams", "Sweet
                                                                Hour Of Prayer" "Melody In F", "Are
                                                                These Really Mine"

111      "HERE I JUST GO DREAMING"       251  01-21-46  :15:00* "Here I Just Go Dreaming", "Isle Of
                                                                Capri", "Dancing Trombone", "Kate
                                                                Temple's Song", "More Than Yesterday"

111      "BACK TO DONNEGAL"              252  01-22-46  :15:00* "Back To Donnegal", "This Is My
                                                                Beloved", "Ciribribin", Now I Know
                                                                Your Face By Heart"

111      "GUEST: JOSEPH D. NUNAN, JR."   253  01-23-46  :15:00* "Cinderella Jones", "Frenesi", "Just A

111      "DOWN BY THE O-HI-O"            254  01-24-46  :15:00* "Down By The O-Hi-O", "Here I Go
                                                                Again", "Amopola" "In The Dark, In The
                                                                Dew", "A Garden In The Rain"

111      "JUST ONE MORE CHANCE"          255  01-25-46  :15:00* "Just One More Chance", "God Be Be
                                                                With You Until We Meet Again",
                                                                "Pavanne", "The Bells Of St. Mary"

111      "IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SPRING"    256  01-28-46  :15:00* "It Might As Well Be Spring", "In The
                                                                Land Of Beginning Again", "It's Only A
                                                                Paper Moon", "Do I Love Thee", "Be
                                                                Still My Heart"

84585A1  "JUST AROUND THE CORNER"        261  02-04-46  :14:50  "Just Around The Corner", "Don't Blame
                                                                Me", "Alouette" (Orchestra and
                                                                Chorus), Poem: "To One In Paradise"
                                                                (David Ross), "All The Time"

84585A2  "NOSEY BODY"                    262  02-05-46  :14:50  "Nosey Body", "What's The Use Of
                                                                Wonderin'" (Leah Ray), "Mah Lindy Lou"
                                                                (Orchestra and Chorus), "Adios
                                                                Mariquita Linda"

111      "A LITTLE CONSIDERATION"        319  04-25-46  :15:00* "A Little Consideration", "If We Can't
                                                                Be The Same Old Sweethearts",
                                                                "Lonesome Road", "Integer Vitae",

111      "I LOVE YOU IN THE MORNING"     320  04-26-46  :15:00* "I Love You In The Morning", "What A
                                                                Friend We Have In Jesus", "Kashmiri
                                                                Love Song", "I Never Knew"

111      "LITTLE ROCK BIG AMERICAN       321  04-29-46  :15:00* "The Moon Peeps Over The Hill", "Who's
         STORY"                                                 Sorry Now", "The story of Robert G.
                                                                Ginocchio, Little Rock, Arkansas",

111      "IT SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES"       322  04-30-46  :15:00* "It Seems Like Old Times", "We'll
                                                                Gather Liacs", "Adios Muchachas",
                                                                "April-Time", "I'll Be Seeing You"

111      "SO IT GOES"                    380  07-19-46  :15:00* M

111      "THE GIRL THAT I MARRY"         429  09-26-46  :15:00* "The Girl I Marry", "Come To The Fair"
                                                                (Coke Club Quartet), "Brazil"
                                                                (Orchestra and Quartet), Poem: "Do I
                                                                Love Thee" (David Ross), "Blue Skies"

   Total Number of Titles:   78                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 78
   Total Possible Episodes Are Unknown  Missing Programs: N/A     Total Programs in Collection: 70

        STARS: Morton Downey
        HOST: David Ross
        WITH Leah Ray, the "Listening Lady"
54631 A  "SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PARTY"            12-20-47  :29:19  "Shake Hands With Your Uncle Mack"
                                                                Christmas Program

        NBC    COCA COLA
        Host: Harry Berge
        With Carmen Maston's Orchestra and Quartet
84585B1  "BLUE SHADOWS ON THE TRAIL"      27  08-07-48  :14:30  "Blue Shadows On The Trail", "You
                                                                Can't Be True Dear" (Quartet), There's
                                                                A Tree In The Meadow", "If I Had My
                                                                Way", "If I Love Again", "The Touch Of
                                                                Your Lips"

84585B2  "I MAY BE WRONG BUT I THINK      65  11-04-48  :14:30  "I May Be Wrong But I Think You're
         YOU'RE WONDERFUL"                                      Wonderful", "This Is My Beloved",
                                                                "Until There Are No Stars To Shine",
                                                                "Till We Meet Again" (Quartet), "Sweet
                                                                Hour Of Prayer",

111      "JUST ONCE MORE"                 68  11-11-48  :15:00* "Just Once More"

111      "LET IT RAIN"                    71  12-23-48  :14:30*  

111      "FOREVER AND EVER"                   04-16-49  :14:37   

54631 B  "SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PARTY"            12-24-49  :28:58  "Pretty Kitty Kelly"   Christmas

111      "SENTIMENTAL ME"                     03-28-50  :14:41  "Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday,
                                                                Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I love you",
                                                                "Sentimental Me"

   Total Number of Titles:   7                                * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 7
   Total Possible Episodes Are Unknown  Missing Programs: N/A     Total Programs in Collection: 7
   Overall Series Totals
    Total Number of Titles:   114
    Total Number of Programs: 116
    Total Possible Episodes Are Unk     Missing Programs: 10      Total Programs in Collection: 106
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